How to set up a children’s watch Elari Kidphone

This article is suitable for the models Kidphone 2, Kidphone Lie, Kidphone Well, wait a minute!, Fixitime Lite, Fixitime 3

Turning on/disconnecting the request of the PIN code when turning on:

  • On the clock, go to the “Binding Code” menu, draw a finger from right to left, in the menu opened, select the first “PIN” lock “, enter the SIM card PIN code, click ↵
  • On the clock, go to the “Binding Code” menu, run a finger from right to left, in the menu opened, select the second item “Change the code”, enter the old SIM-cards PIN code, then enter a new PIN code (to confirm the input of the input, press ↵)

Permissible temperatures during operation and storage

The design of the Elari watches provides for operation at ambient temperature from 0 ° to 30 ° C and storage at temperatures from.10 ° up to 40 ° C. Do not leave hours under direct sunlight for a long time. Storage and operation of the device outside the recommended temperature range can reduce the battery life or lead to other damage.

The tips listed below will help you ensure security:

  • Elari watches, charging cables heat up when connected to the power source.
  • Elari watches connected to the network, charging cables should not be in prolonged contact with the skin.
  • During charging, Elari watches, charging cables should be in a well.ventilated place. Do not cover the watch when they are connected to the power source.
  • When using cellular communication, mobile Internet, Wi-Fi, Elari watches can be felt like warm.
  • Remove the Elari watch from the hand if they are excessively heated and cause inconvenience. If your skin receptors feel warmth well, be especially careful.

How to change photos of children on the main page of the application

On the clock, open the application camera/gallery-upheat the photo and hold and hold your finger on it, upload/unload. After some time, the photo will be displayed on the main page of the application

In this menu, you can prohibit the use of games, music player, radio, voice assistant on the clock. At the moment, the prohibitions menu are available only on the Kidphone 4GR watch model. The list of models will be replenished.


You can limit access to all content using the switch to “prohibit all the days”:

To select a temporary interval and applications for the ban on use, select the day of the week, click add time (for each day you can create several temporary intervals), select applications for the ban:

You can copy time intervals on other days of the week:

iPhone, Elari Safefamily. No line of sending messages in chat

If your iPhone, in the Elari Safefamily appendix, does not have a line for sending messages for the clock, the following solutions to the problem are presented below.

Go to the settings-display and the size of the text-turn off the dwarf font and the enlarged text

Safefamily. Contact changes in the application

It is performed by the watch administrator.

Changes in the user of the watch (child contact).

To change contact, click on a line with a name that is located above the large menu icons. In the menu that opens, press the number, change it, after changing it.

Contact save in international format: the first symbol “then the country’s code, operator code, number. Example for Ukraine: 380671111111

The clock should be included, SIM card with a positive balance and “access” on the Internet.

Contact changes in the administrator of the application:

Select the menu item “My Information” in the application settings.

Contact save in international format: the first symbol “then the country’s code, operator code, number. Example for Ukraine: 380671111111

The clock should be included, SIM card with a positive balance and “access” on the Internet.

Change of contact of added users. User with the SAFEFAMILY application, with permitted functionality, location:

This user independently changes the number in his personal application.

Select the menu item “My Information” in the application settings.

Contact save in international format: the first symbol “then the country’s code, operator code, number. Example for Ukraine: 380671111111

The clock should be included, SIM card with a positive balance and “access” on the Internet.

It is performed by the watch administrator. Change of contact of added users. The user, who was added by the administrator with the permitted functionality- calls:

Contact save in international format: the first symbol “then the country’s code, operator code, number. Example for Ukraine: 380671111111

The clock should be included, SIM card with a positive balance and “access” on the Internet.

The function is available in the models Kidphone2, Kidphone Lite, Kidphone Well, wait a minute!, Fixitime3, Kidphone Fresh, Fixitime Lite

MP3 player is preinstalled in watch models Kidphone 3G, Kidphone 4G, Kidphone 4GR. Located in the watch menu-music:

Pressing on the icon will open the player and turn on the reproduction of the first composition.

Turn off the player on the “SOS” key (right lower key).

Appearance and possibilities

After the opening of a white square box of dense cardboard, it becomes clear: the buyer has a laconic accessory without unnecessary details, which is suitable for children who grew out of cute decorations with cartoon characters and bright colors. The clock is presented in two restrained shades: black and coral-red.

On an elastic strap of hypoallergenic materials, which has a rough inner surface for reliable wear, there is a square case with two buttons. “Nutrition” and “SOS”. The display has sensory control and resolution 240240, the colors do not fade under bright sunlight, and the choice of several topics will allow you to choose a menu pleasant to the eye. The points are flipped to the right and left, so you can quickly return to the missed. On the main screen are located:

  • Time and date indicating the day of the week
  • Mobile network signal level
  • Internet communication indicator
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Incoming messages and missing calls

It is worth noting that the capabilities of the Elari Kidphone 3G have expanded significantly compared to other hours of watch from the manufacturer. This is not just a device for the calm of parents, but also an interesting gadget for children. The menu of the device involves a rich selection of functions that will help to have fun and bring practical benefits.

In addition to the audio calls, the device has the possibility of video communications with contacts from the address book, thanks to the front camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels, the interlocutor is clearly visible and what is around him.

Important! To protect against overheating, the clock automatically stops video calls after 3 minutes of conversation. The will be available only after 5 minutes.

Allows you to exchange your voice and text messages, send funny emoticons and share photos taken on a camera. Correspondence is stored in the contact menu and are available for viewing to parents through the installed application “Elari Safe Family.

Elari brand watches are mating among themselves for a quick exchange of information, and the Kidphone 3G model has Bluetooth 4.0 to transmit files and exchange video calls.

children, watch, elari, kidphone

Perhaps the most interesting and useful in smart wristber. The voice assistant will answer the questions of an inquisitive child, listed in memory of the program, will tell a poem, a fairy tale, a joke or play one of the 6 games (for example, in “Cities” or “Find the Excess”)

On a note! Alice in Elari Kidphone 3G does not know how to open arbitrary search queries on the Internet and lay routes in the maps. such restrictions protect the child from adult content.


Smart Gadgets for Happy Life or smart gadgets for a happy life-this is the slogan of the developer. Therefore, the standard set of sensors and modules here serves not just for communication, but for the calm of parents and the safety of children.

KidPhone 2 ELARI. Извлечение неправильно вставленной SIM карты из детских часов


Bright IPS display of watches with diagonal 1.3 ″ is about 2 cm by 2.6 cm. It is colored, with good graphics, supports sensory management. You will not have to read small letters, the maximum is the names of the contacts, but they are written large. All necessary information is presented in the form of icons and emoji. The clock intensity is simple and intuitive. Even if the child does not know how to read, he will definitely deal with the device.


The capacity of 480 mAh built in the battery. For comparison, the old.button Nokia battery has only more powerful, while they kept the charging when used for a full coil, about a week. Modern smart watches of fixation can be much larger than pipe tubes, so the batteries are enough for 5 hours of active use-conversations, voice messages, pictures, wiretap, or up to 3 days in standby mode. On average, if in the morning remove the clock from charging, it will definitely reach the evening.

Communication module and SIM card

To work in Kids Phone, you need to insert a Nano SIM card. How to do this correctly. see the instructions. It is better to do this to an adult, since the small size and design feature of the slot for SIM allow you to make a mistake. It is extremely difficult to extract an incorrectly inserted SIM card from a nest. The device operates in the GSM/GPRS (900/1800) range and supports Internet 2G. It is constantly synchronized with the application on the parent smartphone, transmitting relevant data, carries out calls, exchanges voice messages. Does not work in 3G and 4G networks.

The module of tracking

Controling the movement of the child through the application allowed by the GPS/GLONASS/LBS/Wi-Fi Tracking sensors. At the same time, tracking occurs using data obtained from satellites of the American GPS and Russian GLONASS system. LBS and Wi-Fi Tracking monitors the location of the subscriber by communication and Internet, which are continuously associated with the device. In the application on your phone, you will not get a point moving smoothly like an arrow in the navigator. But you can receive accurate data on the route, updating the card.


Elari Fixitime children’s watches combine the function of a fitness tracker. On their main screen above the time there is a step counter.

In the appendix on the parent phone, accurate data will be displayed, how much the child passed in steps and kilometers, his level of activity will be measured.

Removing sensor

Super-pitch, which significantly reduces the risk of forgetting or losing hours. He is so small compared to the same phone. As soon as the clock is removed from the hand, by chance or intentionally, an adult comes to the application. You can call immediately, turn on the wiretap, connect to the cameras and evaluate the situation.

To configure Internet access on a watch SIM card, click the “Internet Settings in Wings/SIM” button and follow the instructions:

After successfully sending an SMS message on the watch screen, the message “Ready” will appear briefly. Please turn off and turn on the clock again by pressing the power button at the clock. After that, the Internet will be available on the clock.

Overview Elari Fixitime 2

A worthy appearance, pleasant to the touch, practical materials and an intuitively understandable integration make a children‘s clock-telephone Fixitime 2 C GPS/LBS/Wi-Fi tracker with a device that a child can easily use. Hand weight. 46 grams.

Appearance and materials

The product is certified, which means that it is made of safe and non.toxic materials. When you open the box, it does not smell with plastic. The clock can be hit, dropped, wet. they have a sufficient degree of protection according to the IPX5 standard. This is facilitated by an impact.resistant case and rubberized elements. But if you specially beat with a hammer on the screen or lower it into water, they will fail.

The manufacturer is available in four colors:

The most common for sale are black and pink (Black and Pink).


Color TFT display, the size of an inch, displays time, colored icons with a sufficient degree of detail. It is clearly visible in the rooms and on the street, in cloud weather. There are two serious flaws:

  • The screen becomes almost blind in the sun, it shoves very strongly, it is difficult to make out anything
  • The display instantly gets dirty, fingerprints remain on the screen, dust accumulates

Unpleasant, but this does not affect the functionality.

Buttons, slots and control

Children’s watches Elari Fixitime 2 are controlled using buttons. In total, the device provides 4 keys:

  • Operation confirmation button. With it, the child accepts calls, makes calls, record voice messages
  • SOS button. Returns to the menu, cancels the operation or transmits an alarm and coordinates, depending on the method of pressing
  • Two touch buttons located on the right and left of the screen. Allow you to flip through the menu, choose the necessary options

Kidphone management is not sensory, so you can take a call from your parents or press the SOS button even in gloves. Another hidden button is designed to turn on/off and rebooting the device. It is pressed only with a thin sharp object, it is simply impossible to hurt it by chance.

Since the fixation is Elari Kidphone, that is, children’s watches, then there is a mandatory slot for a SIM card on the case. It is designed for the size of Micro.

Important! Insert the SIM card yourself. The design feature of the slot allows you to insert the SIM card incorrectly, not the same side or end. It is very problematic to extract an incorrectly inserted SIM card.

Another technological hole is a charging connector. Watches have proprietary charging and a cable with a magnetic fixer. The port is located on the back of the case.

Strap and mount

Kids Watchphone from Elari sits perfectly on his hand, even on the worst. The soft elastic strap tightly wraps the wrist, but does not squeeze it. The material is very pleasant to the touch. There are plenty of fasteners on the bracelet, you can choose exactly for size.

Mounting system. classic. A needle is used. Unlike buttons and modern latches, such accessories are more convenient, the child can remove and put on a bracelet himself. In addition, a buckle with a needle does not unfasten accidentally during games, putting on a jacket or mittens.

Elari kidphone 2 possibilities

In addition to hours and alarm clock, there are many functions in smart watches.

Important: gadgets have a separate slot for SIM card. With this function, you can communicate with your child, also send him SMS. Messages and voice messages. And if you enter the numbers in his phone book, then he will be able to send SMS messages and voice messages to these numbers.

With this function, you can hear all the conversations of the child and the sounds that surround him.

The GPS module and the LBS chip are installed in smart watches, they allow you to track and establish control. You will establish a certain place for which he cannot go out, and if he crosses, the application will notify you about this. In the application, this function has 5 modes: 1, 5, 10, 30, 60 minutes. This is the frequency of updating your child’s location. Important: if you choose the first three modes, then the battery on the clock will be quickly discharged.

There is a special button on the case, holding it for 3-5 seconds. Parents will immediately come a message about the danger and coordinates of the child, as well as 15 second vocal communication in which everything that happens to the child will be heard. This is accompanied by loud sounds on the phone of one of the parent.

When parents establish a certain time of studying the child, he will be limited by all functions except viewing time. This is necessary that the child is not distracted from study.

Watches are able to count the steps and physical activity.

If suddenly your child wants to turn off the gadget for some reason, then in the application you can put a box for the “shutdown ban” and he will not be able to do it.

Customer reviews

I bought a watch of Elary daughter instead of a phone and did not regret. The device performs the same functions, but only more interesting. Alice is just a miracle. Instead of sitting on the Internet, my Anya is busy with intellectual games. But the biggest plus for me is the connection. I always know where and with whom my daughter is, and it’s great!


ELARI KidPhone 2 How to use

I am against all kinds of gadgets at this age, but the still gave my son these children’s hours for her birthday. This thing really replaces the phone and even to some extent a computer, which is very convenient, especially outside the house. But! On the other hand, he constantly sits with this Alice, instead of lively communication with peers. This, in my opinion, is the biggest minus of all such devices.

children, watch, elari, kidphone


My children are just delighted with these watches. They chose the Elari Kidphone on the advice of the seller (the window was small, and these were an order of magnitude higher than the rest). They did not regret at all! The performance is excellent, the functionality is diverse, and from Alice the baby is generally delighted (he would use it himself!). We, as parents, liked the stability of communication. We have been using the third month. no failures.


Advantages and disadvantages

For budget hours, the first advantage is a color touch screen. The resolution is good, so the eyes do not get tired of the display. We also note protection against dust and water.

children, watch, elari, kidphone

Advantages of Smart watches of Elari Kidphone with 3G support:

  • Voice Assistant Alice. will help in management and will not let me bite;
  • Full functionality of control. constant stable connection with the baby;
  • Emergency help from parents. the presence of a button for a mother or dad call;
  • Audiomonitoring. remote silent wiretapping of the environment;
  • Health monitoring. tracking activity and counting the steps passed.

Testing the device did not reveal the shortcomings. The opinion of most users is positive. Responding to all the declared characteristics, the model considered is a worthy representative of children‘s gadgets at an affordable price.

Elari Safefamily Functions and Opportunities

Manage Elari Kidphone 2 from your smartphone through a free multilingual application available in the AppStore and Google Play

    By connecting the Kidphone 2 to the Elari Safefamily application: you can:

  • Set the list of contacts on the clock
  • Track the location of the child with a clock
  • Set the frequency of the position
  • Remotely set the alarm clock
  • Listen the recordings of the environment
  • To set permission of the geozone. a virtual region, which is indicated around the usual places of the child (kindergarten, school, house). In the case of a child outside the given zone, you will receive the corresponding sees
  • Get SOS-signals from hours in emergency cases: Together with the signal, you will receive data about the child’s geopolia, as well as an audio recording from a watch microphone
  • And much more!

Advantages and disadvantages of Elari Kidphone 3G with GPS and Alice, price

The device in question can become an indispensable assistant for parents and a useful toy for the child. But still he has both pros and cons of. They are presented below:

Advantages disadvantages
Pleasant design and reliable design, including a body with water protection and a high.quality strap. A little uncomfortable menu. Due to the fact that it is not looped, the child will have to turn over the sections between the extreme options for a long time.
High.quality display, having a good response and perfectly suitable for children’s fingers. The camera takes a photo with a resolution of 320×320 pixels. But if you send them to the smartphone, they will automatically stretch to 1080×855, while proportions will be broken. You understand, such “masterpieces” are unlikely to cause delight.
Good technical equipment that provides the gadget performance.
Extensive functionality (both for parental control and for the entertainment of the child). The video call can last only 3 minutes, as the clock quickly overheat. A temporary interval, which is desirable to follow between video calls, also gives certain inconvenience.
Good autonomy and rapid replenishment of the charge.
High accuracy of geopropitation (the error is a maximum of 10 m). The solid cost of the gadget.

, And in Ukraine. 3000 UAH.

In general, Elari Kidphone 3G watches can be a very useful acquisition. They can be used to control the child or for his education (or for both together). Users are available wide functionality and various setting opportunities. The main thing is that your child wants to wear this watch, knowing that you will control every step so.

children, watch, elari, kidphone

But if you wanted a Smart hour for yourself, we recommend paying attention to Amazfit Bip or Samsung Gear Sport.