How to change the time on your Samsung phone

After buying and turning on their next Samsung smartphone, I found that it shows the wrong time.

The minutes were correct, but the clock got ahead of the time. In the settings was an auto-detection on the network, but this function for some reason did not work correctly.

Later I figured this out, it turned out that to determine the correct time zone, it is necessary to use the mobile network, and I was connected to a Wi-Fi router the first time I turned it on.

If you have the same problem, try to turn Wi-Fi off for a while, if this does not help, set the time zone manually, I will show how to do this below.

How to change the date, time and time zone on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Open the settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Let’s go to General settings.

Open the Date and time section.

Deactivate Autodetect time.

Click on the Select line.

Now you need to click on the Region, as you see I have set Vietnam, perhaps because it was made.

In the drop-down list choose your country, for me it is Russia.

Specify your time zone.

Now that everything is correct, activate auto-detection again.

The task is done, that’s all for me, good luck.

How to add clocks for other cities

Sometimes a person needs to keep track of time in several cities at once. The functionality of smartphone allows you to display the clock of at least two cities on the screen. Here’s how the option is activated, using a Samsung brand phone as an example:

  • Hold your finger on the free area of the screen.
  • Go to the section with widgets.
  • Click on “Clock.”.
  • Among the options you are offered, select the dual clock.
  • Specify the cities for which the time will be set.

As there are various manufacturers of smartphones on the market, on some devices it is necessary to address to the help of special applications. widgets. At the same time, some gadgets allow displaying clocks of three or even four cities by default. You can specify the information through the settings of your phone, as well as in the section with widgets.

How Set Clock Widget All Samsung Devices

To set the time on Android, follow a few simple steps:

Start Settings, go to the “System and Device” category and select the “Advanced” section.

Press the “Date and time” button.

In the opened window you can set time, change date, choose format of time and date display, set time zone, and set to receive settings automatically.

Please note: date and time settings may be hidden in other subsections, for example, in the advanced settings. It depends on the Android version.

You can go to the date and time settings another way. through the Clock app:

Launch the Clock app.

Press the settings button.

Click on the “Date and time settings” button.

How to change the clock on the Samsung Galaxy lock screen?

There are many ways to change the clock on the lock screen, but there are so many that it’s easy to get confused. Now we will give you a few ways to change the clock on the Samsung lock screen.

Use other themes

Some users have managed to get rid of the unusual clock by replacing the default theme with an alternative. This, of course, is not the way out, but just a workaround that will not be to everyone’s liking.

However, there aren’t a lot of choices at the moment, so it’s worth a try. There are a few paid themes, but until we are sure that after installing them the same format will not remain, we do not recommend spending your money.

On the other hand, you can use free themes and fix the clock this way. Just follow the instructions:

  • Open the settings.
  • Item “Wallpapers and Themes.
  • Themes at the bottom.
  • Find a theme called “Simple Line Black”.
  • Set the theme and press “Apply”.

If you do not like the changed look of the icons and the background, you can always change the wallpaper, and restore the default appearance of the icons. Be sure to refer to the instructions below to change your home screen wallpaper, lock screen, and restore icons.

  • Open Gallery and choose your preferred photo for the lock screen and home screen.
  • Open the menu as 3 dots and select “Set as Wallpaper”.
  • Then go to settings.
  • Item “Wallpapers and Themes”.
  • Go to “Icons”.
  • Choose the default look and save the changes.

On the other hand, many users are happy with the pre-installed theme, but they all want to change that silly and annoying clock on the Samsung lock screen. Or, rather, make them vertical, as on all Android devices.

Changing the clock via notifications

But until Samsung fixes and adds the option to select the appearance of the watch (as in the Always On Display features), there is one loophole, so to speak, that you can take advantage of. Namely, if notifications are enabled on your lock screen, you can pin something like a weather widget there.

Thanks to its location, the clock changes its format to the standard horizontal. If this method works for you, it’s pretty easy to do. For example, let’s choose a weather application called 1Weather. Small and nice looking, it will change your clock to horizontal.

  • Install 1Weather from Play Store.
  • Open the settings.
  • Lock screen and protect” item.
  • “Notifications” item.
  • Find 1Weather.
  • Turn on notifications for 1Weather.

As long as the notifications remain on the lock screen, the annoying row should not be displayed.

Believe me, you will be able to change the correct values of the clock, which is displayed on the main screen of your smartphone and in the status bar. To change the time on your Samsung, you must take the following steps:

  • Hold the smartphone and unlock it;
  • Click on the settings icon on the home screen;
  • Go to General Settings ;
  • Look for the “Date and” tab. ;
  • Open the section and go to the “Auto-detect” line;
  • Move the slider opposite to the “Disabled” position ;
  • Other icons will appear that allow you to set the time on your Samsung and change the date.

You were able to open an additional menu! Now you can make the necessary adjustments to the numbers displayed on the screen of your smartphone. Here we go!

  • Look for the “Set Date” slider;
  • Move the calendar that opens to select the correct date, month and year;
  • Press the “Done” icon. to save the changes you made;
  • Go to the line “Set time on your Samsung phone” and click on it;
  • Rotate the drums to change the hours and minutes to the correct value;
  • Click on the “Done” icon ;
  • You can also select the desired time zone to display;
  • Don’t forget to activate or deactivate the 24-hour clock display format with the corresponding button.

Done, it’s done! You were able to change the time on the phone screen Samsung yourself in a few seconds.

And as a bonus we will tell you how to change the style of the clock displayed on the display (not available on all Samsung models):

  • Locate the “Clock Style” button ;
  • A new window will open. on the bottom panel find the “Style” button ;
  • Flip through the options to choose the design you want;
  • Switch to the “Color” button. To change the desired color scheme;
  • Decide on a design and click on the “Done” button.

After our instructions, you will be able to change the time on your Samsung phone with ease. we have disclosed in detail all the difficulties, found answers to questions. Do not forget to check the actual numbers on the watch to keep up with life, if the automatic data change did not work!

How to bring the clock back via widgets

On many smartphones, the clock that appears on the main display is automatically duplicated on the lock screen. If you remove them by accident or on purpose, they will disappear for both. How to display the clock on your phone screen:

Long tap in any free area on the home screen and wait for an additional menu to appear at the bottom of the screen.

Tap “Widgets” and in the screen that appears, find the Clock app.

Tap and hold on the widget you want, and then place it on a free area of the screen.

The clock should then appear on your home and lock screen. If you like, you can choose between an analog and digital display.

How to set the clock on the Samsung home screen

Setting the time and date on your Samsung Galaxy phone‘s home screen isn’t really difficult. As a result of the steps below you will get this result:

In order to do this, first of all make sure that there is enough free space on the main screen. The screen where we will add the clock widget.

Then with a long tap on the free area of your screen switch to the desktop settings mode.

Select the widgets section.

In the list of widgets either by searching or scrolling, you’ll find the clock widget.

Press and in the window that appears choose a widget date and time, which we like the most. If you want to get a widget like the one at the beginning of the article, choose the last one and click on add.

Most likely the time widget will not appear where we would like it. A long tap on our widget and drag it to the main screen of our phone.

At this stage the appearance of the clock is not as we would like it. Long tap on widget and choose Settings.

I recommend setting the transparency to 0% so you don’t see that white background around the clock. You can set this parameter to your liking.

It only remains to set the size you want. When the date and time widget is small, the day of the week is not displayed. In order to show the whole day and date, with a long tap on the widget goes into edit mode. Then use the pointers along the edges of the screen to set the size.

Press anywhere on the screen to exit this mode.

That’s it, now you know how to set the time on the home screen on your Samsung phone.

On most smartphones the clock automatically appears on the home screen and is duplicated on the lock screen. The user can accidentally disable this widget. And after the reboot do not appear on the display. There is no need to take the phone to the service center to reflash the device. You can also set the Android watch to the screen using the built-in.

The clock is a standard widget and you do not need to download it. Widgets, installed additionally, have an expanded set of functions. To install the dial on Android you need to follow these instructions:

  • Press (long press) on the free part of the display. The context menu will open.
  • You should go to the “Widgets” section. In the list of appeared applications you should select “Clock”.
  • Click on this widget and hold the icon to move it to a free part of the screen.

After these actions, the clock should appear on the main display and lock screen. The user can choose the type of clock. analog and digital.

After placing a graphic object you can change its size. In order to do this you should hold the element for a long time and pull it by one end. Then click on the free space on the display.

The Android clock settings can contain different design options. It all depends on the manufacturer and model of the smartphone. But if you want more features, you can install additional software. Also on some models, the user will have to confirm the action being performed, for example, to install a different clock design.

Screen time on Android: what it is and how to view it

Modern phones take a lot of time from their owners. Do you want to know how many hours a day you spend in a particular app or in general on your gadget screen? Read our article. In it we will tell you what the screen time is and how to view it on an Android smartphone.

Throughout the day a person regularly uses a smartphone and does not notice that he spends a rather large amount of time with it. If you want to know how many hours a day you devote to your gadget and which apps, read where to find and how to see the screen time on Android. This is a fairly new feature that allows you to see the real picture of your time in the device. With its help you will be able to make certain conclusions and, if necessary, even set restrictions on the use of the phone.