The features of the new Honor Band 5 smart bracelet

The Honor Band 5 features an AMOLED True Color display. It’s bright, it’s juicy, and it only draws power when you lift your hand to look at it. The screen is protected by curved glass 2.5D, scratch resistant.

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The screen at the same time is touch screen, to manage the bracelet does not need to navigate through menus using the buttons all intuitively.

Twenty days without charging

Smart gadgets are good, but if one thing smartphone can still be put on charge every night (everyone has already put up with that), then any other device such voraciousness will quickly send in a drawer.

The Honor Band 5 needs to be charged about once every 20 days. The bracelet uses the economical Bluetooth 4 communication standard.2, and its screen only consumes electricity when it shows information. In general, the bracelet only needs half an hour on a charge once every couple of weeks.

Of course, sleep and heart rate monitoring take extra energy, but even with both on, you’ll need to charge the Band 5 once every six days.

Sleep monitoring and smart alarm clock

TruSleep is Honor‘s proprietary technology for tracking sleep and its individual phases. By the way, about each of the stages of sleep, why it is needed and what it affects, you can read directly in the mobile app. It will also give you a sleep quality assessment and recommendations on how to make it better. Do not think that the duration of sleep is the only important indicator. Deep, light and fast sleep are each important. Honor developed its monitoring technology with Harvard Medical School, and those guys know how to sleep properly.

Band 5 also has a smart alarm clock function: based on the approximate wake-up time, the bracelet will find the best time to wake up in terms of sleep phases. Waking up with a smart alarm clock is much easier, and you don’t want to fall back into bed.

Ten types of workouts

The new bracelet got a few more modes of exercise, now the list looks like this

  • jogging in the street
  • jogging on a treadmill
  • Indoor walking
  • bicycle
  • exercise bike
  • Swimming in the pool
  • free workout
  • Indoor walking
  • rowing machine
  • elliptical

As you can see, the Honor Band 5 is suitable for both outdoor and gym workouts, with all the major cardio equipment supported, among other things.

Heart rate monitoring for effective and safe workouts

Even if you work out at the gym with a trainer and he oversees the technique of exercises, there is one thing that is critical to the effectiveness of training. It’s about your heart rate and the zone it hits. For each type of exercise cardio, strength, etc. д. has its own preferred range of acceptable heartbeat rates. Going out of alignment is not only bad for your heart, but also makes no sense in terms of the purpose of the workout. The Band 5 app calculates all the zones for your age and weight and while you are exercising the bracelet will show you if everything is okay or if you need to speed up or slow down.

Eight watch faces to choose from

On the Honor Band 5, you can choose from eight watch faces. Some of them show only the time and number of steps taken, while others complete the picture of the day with the distance covered and calories burned. Everything is individual, and everything changes at a moment’s notice.

Searching and controlling your smartphone

The smartphone does not just send information to the bracelet no, the communication is two-way. First, if you lose your smartphone indoors, you can send a search signal to it and it will make a sound (I wish the TV remote could do that, too!).

Secondly, you can control your smartphone’s camera from the bracelet. Group photos from a distance are definitely easier to take.

When, where, why

Honor Band 5 starts on August 16 at a price of 2,990. You can buy the bracelet at the Honor official online store and partner stores.

Follow the simple instructions to set up the gadget:

  • install and run the special application;
  • register;
  • read the rules of use, confirm that you agree to comply with the established rules;
  • Allow Smart-Watch access to display your location and make calls.
  • Click “Add device”/”Smart bracelet.
  • In the list displayed, click on the model in use.
  • Select “Pair”/”Synchronize via Bluetooth”.
  • Confirm your actions by clicking on “Done”.

Which application to download

To activate the Smart watch you need to download the special application “Health” from Play Market or App Store. Keep in mind that you will not be able to install a third-party app. Any attempts may harm the correct operation of the gadget. To search for a branded application, it is enough to enter the name in the appropriate field. Also make sure that you have the latest version on your gadget. for easy use of all the features of the device. It is also possible to start downloading the program by QR code. With its help, it counts the steps walked, controls the sleep, calculates the efficiency of training and other functions.

Changing the language

The user does not need to Russify the device himself. The bracelet automatically chooses the language that is installed in the smartphone. But keep in mind that if you have a language on your phone that is not supported by the Smartwatch, the gadget will remain in Chinese. But some users can easily solve this problem with a VPN and a software update. But Russian is provided by the developers.

Setting the time and date

To set the time and date on the Honor Band 5, the user does not need to do anything. As soon as the user connects the bracelet to the smartphone these data are displayed correctly automatically.

Setting up Honor Band 5 notifications

To configure notifications, there is a special section with the appropriate name. In it, you can enable and disable alerts from each app separately.

Adding a watch face

Interestingly, in previous versions, the choice of dials was limited and did not exceed 4 options. The new product provides 40 options.

If you still have questions or complaints. let us know

There are several ways to change the watch face. The user determines the best option himself in the settings.

  • Press the screen with your finger, wait in this position for a while;
  • Select “”/”Dials”.
  • Open the settings of the downloaded application, open “Dials”.

Developers used an Amoled display to give users a durable and color-rich display.

Weather Setup

To display the forecast, you need to activate the function, provide Smartwatch access to geodata. For correct operation, make sure that the weather readings are not included in the list of programs that are placed in sleep mode to save battery power.

Camera control

Smartwatch can control your smartphone’s camera, but only if the gadget runs on Android. And also supports EMUI 8.1. That is, the option operates only on smartphones from Honor and Huawei.

Heart rate measurement

The device measures heart rate throughout the day at a time clearly set by the user. After displays the indicators on the screen. With proper settings can display real-time measurement.

Temperature of use

Developers assure that the device does not react to the negative effects of steam, hot water and temperature readings. The device is equipped with ip68. high “degree of protection against penetration.


It is noteworthy that this model does not have a special button “On” and “Off”. These actions are performed through the menu. To activate it, simply go to “Menu”/””/”System”/”Power off” or “Restart.

Instructions Honor Band 5 in Russian to set up a fitness bracelet

Honor Band 5 manual in Russian. a universal guide, where the user will find answers to questions about the operation of the gadget. The product itself was presented in the summer of 2022, and it was purchased by tens of thousands of fans of novelties and modern technology from Russia. In this functional review, we have created a selection of tips on use, description of tools, features of the product.

A fitness bracelet is much more effective to use with your cell phone. After synchronization, you will be able to answer calls with the Honor 5 bracelet, read SMS and control the watch with your smartphone.

Parameters: Smart tracker features:
OS compatibility: iOS (above version 9), Android (above version 4.4).
Moisture protection: IP68, WR50 (showering, swimming without diving).
Screen type: AMOLED (backlit touchscreen).
Screen resolution: 120240 mm.
Connection type: Bluetooth 4.2.

Honor Band 5 / Пошаговая настройка и сопряжение с телефоном

To connect you need to download the mobile app from Play Market. Your device came with a paper manual. It has no informational usefulness for us because of the lack of the Russian language.

But it has a QR code. Which will indicate a link to the program to connect and configure the Honor 5 tracker. Scan it with the app on your phone.

To turn on the bracelet, you need to press its touch button. If it does not turn on, it means it has been in the package long enough and its battery is dead. Connect the charger and wait a few minutes. Then try to turn Honor 5 on again. The link from the QR code will lead to the Huawei Health app.

Install and run it on your cell phone. When installing the application will also require you to specify the model of your smartphone to automatically apply the correct settings.

The app requires that your phone system grants it all the appropriate permissions. It is necessary to go to the “Security” section of the phone settings and allow the Huawei Health app to work in the background mode.

Then go back to the page of the smart bracelet and continue to register. You can use already prepared profiles (for example, Google or Mi) for quick registration.

Further procedure for setting up the Honor 5 bracelet:

  • When you have completed the registration step, find the profile icon ;
  • Select “My Devices”;
  • Select Honor Band 5 from the list.

You will see a green checkmark on the smart bracelet screen, which you need to press to confirm the connection. This completes the pairing step between the tracker and your phone. Now you need to configure it and get a closer look at the functions and features of the device.

How to connect the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet to the phone: instructions

“How to connect Honor Band 5 to your phone?”is an important question for owners of the new gadget from Huawei in 2022. The smart watch has become an important element of life. The device performs many functions: it monitors sleep quality (Trusleep sensors), measures heart rate, alarm clock and informs about the weather. Running Edition model plays an important role during workouts, recording performance. The gadget allows you to be aware of the overall condition of the body, in time to respond to negative indicators. But one of the main advantages of the new version of the fitness bracelet is the full interaction with the phone. On how to configure this process in this article.

Third-party apps

There is another option on how to change the time on Honor and Huawei. To do this, use one of the proven third-party apps. They will help to set the exact time, choose a successful design solution.


This program has won the trust of mobile device users, as evidenced by the high rating on Google Play.

Creators of the application built in technology NTP, which gives to determine the time zone on the network without errors. Particularly useful if your mobile operator works with NITZ (synchronization of time in automatic mode), which sends out irrelevant information.

The program can be used in two modes.

  • Leave “Automatic”, which implies activation of root rights (time accuracy. 1-20 milliseconds).
  • The manual mode allows you to configure different nuances, in particular comparing the time with the one set on your device.

It helps track serious time shifts. The program shows the exact value of the change, and when the procedure was performed. Reads information even when you go to sleep, so you can be sure of the accuracy of the alarm clock.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut

This program is also highly rated by users in the Android online store.

The functionality provides instant access to the “Date and time” section, where the manipulations described above are performed. It is only necessary to go into the application and click on the central button “Open!”.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet review

The Honor brand is rapidly updating its Honor Band fitness bracelet. A year ago we tested the third version, in March 2019 the fourth version was released, and at the end of the summer came the fifth. And the first batch of Band 5 sold out almost instantly. But we had to wait a little longer and now you can buy the new product in our country without any problems, and even at a very attractive price: 3000. Previously, for that kind of money, you could only count on a minimal set of features. What about now?

We must admit that in terms of features Honor Band 5 has not left much of its predecessor this is quite logical, because in a few months it was hardly possible to radically update the product. And the main feature of the Honor Band color AMOLED screen debuted in the fourth version. True, the new model claims an AMOLED True Color display probably improved. There was also water resistance, swim mode and other workouts (but the new bracelet has more of them).

Meanwhile, the Russian version of the Honor Band 5 has not received the NFC-module, which, however, in our country is practically useless, to pay with it anyway will not work.

Overall, the real differences from the Honor Band 4 here are minimal. However, even at launch, the Band 5 is cheaper than its predecessor. And since we did not have an article about Band 4, let’s see what the device is capable of and how competitive it is on its own, without the connection with the previous model.

Specifications Honor Band 5

  • Screen: AMOLED, touchscreen, color, 0.95″, 240×120
  • Water resistance: there is (5 atm)
  • Strap: removable
  • Compatibility: devices based on Android 4.4 and newer / iOS 8.0 and newer
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor
  • Cameras: no
  • Internet: no
  • Microphone: no
  • Speaker: no
  • Indication: vibration alarm
  • Battery: 100mA·ч
  • Size: 43×17×11.5 mm
  • Weight 23g

Well, everything is quite standard. But as we know, the technical specifications in the case of fitness bracelets is half the battle. No less important are the capabilities of the software and the behavior of the gadget in real operation. About this we will talk further.


The bracelet comes with a small USBMicro-USB cable and a charging element. The last one here is the same as in previous generations, it is attached to the back side so that the contacts match, and then we connect the cable Micro-USB to it.

I must say that the design of the bracelet itself has remained virtually unchanged for three generations. It is still a soft silicone strap, the halves of which are attached to the main unit.

This unit has no mechanical buttons and controls, except for the touch screen. The screen responds to touch only when it is already on. And to wake it up, you need to touch the circle-marked touch area under the screen.

The surface has a slight convexity (2.5D, as the manufacturer calls it). We have not disassembled the device and therefore can not say with certainty whether there is a similar bending of the matrix itself. Most likely, the display is still flat. In any case, and the bending of the glass is minimal.

On the back of the main unit, only the heart rate sensor and the aforementioned charging contacts.

Like the Honor Band 4, the Band 5 strap has a standard watch-type clasp, not pins like the Band 3. That’s not to say one is better than the other, they’re just two different options.

In general, the design of the bracelet is still functional, the device sits comfortably on the hand, it can swim and do sports. But the desire to admire yourself, even in the first days after purchase, the gadget does not cause.

To the question of convenience: perhaps all the same lacks at least one button, which would be able to turn on the screen.

The screen

As noted, the bracelet has a 0.95 color touchscreen display″ and a resolution of 240×120. The display of the bracelet uses OLED matrix. A micro picture shows that the matrix is made up of equal amounts of red, green and blue sub-pixels.

The strobe effect test reveals the presence of zonal brightness modulation, and hardware testing shows that its frequency is about 230 Hz. Overall, the quality of the screen is good: it is quite bright, has good anti-reflective properties and has high definition. Colors are clearly more saturated than sRGB colors, but in this case it is not a disadvantage.

software and features

Let’s see what the bracelet can do. To work, it is necessary to connect it to the mobile application Huawei Health, familiar to us from other devices of this manufacturer.

There are no surprises here, so we will not elaborate on the general descriptions, but go straight to the most interesting training and sleep.


The Honor Band 5 has 10 workout modes.

  • running outside
  • running on a treadmill
  • outdoor walking
  • bike
  • exercise bike
  • swimming in the pool
  • free workout
  • indoor walking
  • rowing machine
  • ellipse

In most of them you can track your heart rate, including setting thresholds that the bracelet should signal when it reaches.

Since we didn’t test the Honor Band 4, we were most interested in exploring the swimming mode. The well-known problem of many fitness bracelets: even having a protection of 5 atm, allowing to immerse the device in depth, they do not give any valuable statistics on the swims at best recorded time and total distance traveled. Fortunately, the Honor Band 5 is not one of them. It’s not all smooth sailing here either, though.

In the screenshots above and below is the report of one workout, during which the 25-meter swimming pool was overcome in one direction in breaststroke and in the other on the back. You can see that the bracelet is not always correct in determining the style (you can see if the number of strokes is incorrect, not the author). But even the number of strokes is often wrong too. Because of this, all statistics are inaccurate. The author is not an athlete, but he swims much more consistently than the bracelet reports. SWOLF and stroke rate cannot vary that much.

The big plus, though, is that a 3,000 bracelet can basically collect such extensive stats. And the accuracy can be corrected in future firmware (which hopefully will be done).

From the list of workouts, which appeared only in Honor Band 5, we checked Bicycle ride outside the gym (in Honor Band 4 was available only Cycling).

Bracelet, connected to a smartphone with GPS, allows you to build a route on the map, records speed, measures heart rate, counts calories and, of course, shows the total duration and distance of the trip.

The disadvantages: the bracelet does not understand stops. Because of this, the overall statistics suffer. That is, if you just stop and stand there for five minutes, the bracelet apparently thinks that you are just driving very slowly. As a result the average speed is lower. Simply put, if you stand for five minutes and drive for five minutes at 15 km/h, the bracelet considers that your average speed for 10 minutes was 7.5 km/h. In a purely physical sense this is correct, but the usefulness of such information for fitness?

If you press pause when you stop and start again when you start moving, the data will be more revealing. But, for example, when really walking, it is, to put it mildly, not very convenient.

This complaint, however, is not about the bracelet itself, but about the app. Many sports programs have an auto-pause mode, which excludes breaks from the race statistics.

Another interesting feature of the bracelet is analysis of sleep quality. It is important that the Honor Band 5 relies here not only on the ratio of sleep phases (bad, for example, when there is very little deep sleep), but also on the quality of breathing (t. е. its stability).

The detailed sleep analysis function is called Huawei TruSleep, and, according to the disclaimer, it is only supported when resting for three hours or more. True, if you have a brief daytime nap, the bracelet will record that, too.

In general, in terms of tracking sleep there seems to be nothing revolutionary, but you get a deeper analysis of the same data that collects any similar devices, and there is help for each item (for example, you can click on the line in the app Deep Sleep and read what it is and what values are considered the norm).

The bracelet also has an alarm clock function, both regular and smart. In the latter case, the device will try to choose the best moment for a gentle awakening in a small interval relative to the set time.

Of course, like any other fitness gadget, the Honor Band 5 also tracks just steps, outside of any workouts. But here we noticed one oddity. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Everything seems normal, but do you think it’s realistic to take almost 30,000 steps in two days and never get up to at least one floor level? In fact, on both day one and day two, there were plenty of lifts. Let’s say more: that day, for which 7,333 steps were taken, there was a climb up a pretty high mountain. But for some reason the bracelet didn’t track that. Basically, it’s further confirmation that the inaccurate swim determinations weren’t an accident or the inaccuracy of a particular mode. We can only hope that the manufacturer will solve this problem with software as well.

Of the other features of the Honor Band 5 note the display of notification text (without emoticons) and eight dials (previously there were fewer).

And also a timer, stopwatch, activity reminders, smartphone search and smartphone camera control mode (the latter only with Android).

Measuring oxygen levels in the blood

In August, the bracelet went on sale in Russia (incidentally, our country was the second in the world after China) without one of the interesting features mentioned during the global announcement of measuring blood oxygen saturation. As first reported by, the Band 5 hardware supported this feature, but it was disabled programmatically for the time it took to get permission to collect this kind of data in our country. Oddly enough, it took barely more than a month, and in late September a firmware update came out, bringing back the promised.

In the menu appeared another item: SpO2. Before the measurement, the bracelet warns you not to move. Actually, the same thing he says before measuring the heart rate, but in this case it is no longer a recommendation, but a requirement if you do not put your hand on the surface and do not measure, Band 5 will not give the result, but only repeat the instruction.

And the result is a number between 0 and 100 percent. precisely, you are unlikely to see 0 and other small numbers, as a level of 85% and below requires urgent medical intervention. The normal range is 95% to 100% saturation.

The app does not save measurement history, so you will not be able to see any trend. At least this is true for the current version of Huawei Health.

We didn’t have a reference oximeter to compare results, but the value changed as expected: if you went out into the fresh air or did quick deep breathing it rose to 98%-100%, and in a stuffy room or at the beginning of the exercise, when the heart had not yet had time to respond to the load, it went down to 93%-95%.

Honor notes that Band 5 is not a medical device, the bracelet is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease, and the measurement results can only be used for personal reference purposes.

Music control

This is the second feature that Band 5 did not have originally, and which appeared in the bracelet after installing the September update. The playback control was moved to another screen first, if you swipe from the top down from the main (dial). You can play or pause music, switch tracks, and change volume.

Standalone operation

We tested the bracelet by turning everything to the max except the screen (through the settings you can make it so that it will not turn off at all). So the use was very active, and in this mode, the bracelet quite lived the claimed six days. With a color screen and constant heart rate measurement is a great result. Training, understandably, reduces this time, and if you turn off the heart rate measurement, on the contrary, we get a significant increase in autonomy.

Honor Band 5 is a great device, especially at this price. And we could finish the article with the well-known meme Shut up and take my money, but we still have to add a fly in the ointment.

As our tests showed, either the bracelet does not quite accurately work sensors, or it does not flawlessly interpret the data obtained, but both in simple walking and swimming mode, we noticed some inaccuracies in the statistics. I want to believe that it is a software defect, which can be corrected remotely by updating the firmware. But one way or another, we can’t turn a blind eye to them. The second remark is a picky one: the design seems to be a bit boring, and it could be changed after three generations.

But even despite the problems noted, in terms of price and functionality Honor Band 5 now has few competitors.

Why Honor Band 5 does not show notifications?

There is a problem with the Honor Band 5 notifications are not coming to the bracelet? This failure occurs in several cases. Before fixing any problem identify the problem. The article will help figure out the main causes of the failure. First, check the Bluetooth connection of the gadgets. Go to “Settings” or “Control Panel” and see if the option works. Without Bluetooth connection, messages and calls will not come. Another option is a glitch in the smartphone’s personalization. Open “Settings” and check that the data entered is correct. Explore all social media and apps. Move the slider to “Enable” mode. After that, do a reboot of the system. Turn off and resume power to Huawei. Now check if the information is available.

How to set the Honor Band 5 smart alarm clock

Notifications will be available on the home screen, including the alarm clock. Click on the plus (“”) at the bottom, specify the time and click “OK”.

How to turn on the alarm clock

If there is already a time on the list for which you want to set the signal, just click on the slider opposite. When it becomes illuminated bright, then the command is activated.


It is possible to turn off the silent alarm clock directly on the bracelet. If you click once during the vibration, it will ring again after a while. The default interval is 10 minutes. If you hold your finger on the display for 3-5 seconds, Trusleep will turn off permanently.