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To include the date on the photo from the camera, you need to install the “Data Camera” application, it can add the current date and time to you.

Alternatively, you can add a note on the day the line is added.

You can enter anywhere in the note to display the city name, latitude and longitude. (You need to turn on internet or GPS to get location information).

You can drag the date time off the screen and restore the default position.

When finished, save the photo or share it with your friends by directly clicking the share icon.

You can also hide the date or time information by setting the format to make it invisible.

How to set date and time in Samsung Android a50 | s8 | s7 | a5 | a7 | j6 | a7 | a9 | a30

You Samsung Android can use Photo Stamper Lite app. This is a free tool that extracts the date and time a photo was taken from the file properties and then places it in the corner of the photo.

Once launched, the screen will be divided into three tabs. Before choosing a photo to apply markers, let’s first go to the middle tab with settings.

By default, the marker is set in such a format that, for example, December 9, 2014 is saved as September 9, 2014.

If you prefer a different date format, luckily you can quickly change it using the template.

In the “Stamp text” field, replace the letter order instead of y-m-d “enter, for example, d-m-y”.

In the preview below, notice that the date will now display as 9-12-2014. In addition, we can set the position of the marker on the photo using the option “Change text position”.

Then go to the first tab and select Import from Gallery. Specify the photos from the smartphone memory, on which you want to set the date and time. They will be added to the list.

Finally, go to the last tab, make sure the “Use data stored in EXIF” option is selected (this option is responsible for loading the correct shooting dates for individual photos) and click the “Start Print Images” button.

Tags will be added and our photos will be saved again in a separate album in the gallery.

How to set date and time on photo in Android Samsung a50 or others

Do you remember when you took a photo with the camera of the Samsung phone a50, s8, s7, a5 2017, a7, j6, a7, a9, a30 and others with Android OS.

In fact, the date and time on the pictures taken by digital cameras in the phone is placed in the so-called EXIF ​​tags available when displaying image properties.

If you want to put tags directly on the photo, then just install one of the programs below

There are many applications. There are those that can be set right away when photographing, there are those that will add them later.

This is what will be discussed now. Now I am holding a Samsung a50 phone in my hands, so if there are pictures, they will be taken on it.

You, of course, have another Android device in your hands, but the provided applications will not pay attention to this, you can not install and use.

NOTE: if your phone has the ability to enable a watermark in the camera settings, then it usually displays the time at the time of shooting.

This is certainly not the best solution, but you do not need to install additional programs.

Add Date & Time to Photo app on Samsung phone

If you want to automatically add the current date stamp and time stamp on your photos taken from the built-in Samsung camera a50, s8, a5, s7, a7, j6, a9, a7, a30 and others, use the application that is called.

Then get beautiful styles and colors. You do not need to dig into the settings. this is a one-time action.

Each time, time and date, they will automatically appear on them. Now, when viewing an image from trips, you no longer need to rack your brains when it was.

Adding a date and time stamp to your precious memories is a question of when you won’t be disturbed. Success.

How to set the clock on the home screen. instructions for action

Smartphone users generally want quick access to the current time. To do this, you need to put the clock on the home screen of your Samsung phone. This can be easily done using the built-in application or by installing a special program. The advantage of the second option is that you can get a more original image, including supplemented by other information (for example, the weather).

How to add, scale, or remove clocks?

With these simple steps, you can set the clock on the phone display. But sometimes their size does not suit the user, for example, if they overlap the wallpaper on the screen. But applications have a customization function, so it is possible to adjust the scales to the desired size. It is just as easy to do, just follow the instructions.

  • Press and hold on the Clock widget.
  • After this action, markers will appear around the clock, which will make it possible to adjust their size. Move the markers until you get a satisfying effect.
  • If you need to remove the widget from the smartphone screen, then it is very easy to do. Removing the watch will not harm the system, and it will be possible to return it to its original place at any time.
  • Press and hold the Clock widget on the screen.
  • Then, without releasing the press, slide your finger across the screen until it is marked “Delete”.

In the same way, you can move the watch to any place on the display.

How to set the clock on the display

Despite the convenience of the interface, smartphones with the Android operating system still have some difficulties. In particular, users may be faced with the need to install a clock widget on the phone display. Usually this setting is set automatically, but during use or after flashing it can be deleted. This is not a difficult problem, since it takes little time to reinstall the utility, and even an inexperienced user can cope with it.

Sense Flip Clock Weather

A good program that most users use. Its undoubted advantage is its stylish design that will decorate the main screen of the smartphone.

The widget offers a large selection of themes with different design options, as well as several animation options. The size can be adjusted, the parameters have the following values: 4×1, 4×2 and 5×2.

To improve the accuracy of the weather forecast, automatic location of the phone is installed. But also this function can be turned off at any time.

Pay attention to utilities that have similar functions:

Retro Clock Widget. elegantly designed application will appeal to fans of retro style. Combined with themed screen wallpaper, they make a stylish pair. Here is a watch without weather information.

DIGI Clock. the undoubted advantage of the application is the variety of settings. You can choose the style you want, and this widget will become a highlight in the design of the home screen.

Installing on the lock screen

Also, Android smartphones can be installed on the lock screen. This is very convenient if you often need to check the time, but unlocking the phone is not very convenient for this. In this case, the application “Glowing Dresser Clock” will help you. It is free to install and boasts absolute ad-freedom.

Useful software

In addition to the standard hours offered by the system, there is the possibility of downloading programs, which often include other useful functions. Widgets with simultaneous display of weather and time are very popular. Let’s consider examples of such applications and their features.

How to Change Style Color of Samsung Watch

In Settings, click on the Lock Screen tab.

How to Set Clock Time On Samsung Microwave

Here you can choose a style. For example, a classic watch with moving hands, or digital.

You can change the color by clicking on the corresponding arrow below.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

Smartphone owners often ask how to set and customize the clock on the home screen on Samsung. Here you can go in two ways. use the built-in application or download another program from the Play Store. Let’s consider each of the paths in more detail. We will also analyze the configuration features.

Built-in program

To set the date and time on the home screen on Android Samsung, find an empty space on the screen, press on it with your finger and hold for 1-2 seconds until the menu appears. Next, do the following:

  • select the widget of interest and click on it;
  • wait until the main screen appears (several pictures);
  • move the widget to the place of interest.

You can move or delete the widget immediately afterwards or over time. For this:

  • press and hold the watch on Samsung;
  • move the widget to another part of the display (left or right), and to remove it, move it to the trash (Delete).

If your goal is to install other software on the home screen, you need to hide the default clock. For this:

  • go to Samsung Settings;
  • click Apps and notifications;
  • go to the Application Details section;
  • select the option you want;
  • Click Remove or Disable.

On some Samsung phones, hiding the default widget will not work.

For iPhone (watchOS)

If you are the owner of Apple products, you can only set the time on your smart watch by synchronizing with your iPhone. You can manually set the time a certain number of minutes ahead (when the user is accustomed to the fact that his watch is in a hurry). We will talk about this below.

Set time on iWatch when connected to iPhone:

Set user time manually in hours:

Autonomous clock

Smart watches that work without connecting to a smartphone, as a rule, have their own settings menu so that you can configure them without third-party tools.

Such devices must be connected to the Internet to receive the necessary data, such as time and date. Often a time zone add-on is required for this data to be displayed correctly.

For example, to set the time on a Chinese smart watch, you just need to turn it on and specify the zone at the first start when the menu for setting the date and time opens.

But you can also do this through the settings menu in the System section, where you will find the Language and time item. Here you may be able to set up automatic synchronization with the time on the Internet and select the appropriate belt for your location.

For Wear OS watches compatible with Android or iPhone

The instruction is suitable for watches with the Wear OS operating system from Google:

how to Set the time on SAMSUNG tv

If your watch displays the wrong time and date, make sure it is connected to your phone and check that the data on your smartphone is correct. Setting the time zone in the watch manually can help.

How to set the time and date on your smartwatch

In this article, you will learn how to set the time on your Smartwatch, as well as its format and date.

Let’s look at examples of several cases of how to set the time on a smart watch.

How to set the time in children’s watches

As with most models, you can set the time on the children’s smart watch immediately upon first use. It happens:

  • by entering data in the watch itself
  • synchronizing with your smartphone
  • according to mobile network data (if Baby Watch has Internet access)
  • according to GSM network data

Ways to set the time in hours

Since there are many models and types of watches on the market, there are several options for setting the time on a smart watch:

  • Automatically when syncing with a smartphone
  • Manually via the settings menu in the watch
  • Using a paired app that the wearable works with
  • By SMS command (if provided by the manufacturer)
  • Through the operator of the cellular network (with the support of the SIM card)