Battery technology has not kept up with advances in other areas. Even the most advanced and expensive smartphone lives on a full charge a day or two.

From all of this follows. we need to know how much battery power is left in the. Will your phone make it home or will you be left without connection?? What is a man without a phone in modern society?? Not only does he disappear from the radar, it is impossible to reach him. So even lose access to information and services. Can’t call a cab, can’t pay a fare through nfs.

That’s why one of the most important indicators in a smartphone is a battery indicator.

The problem is that this battery charge is often displayed just by an icon. It is small and you can understand it only approximately. The gradation is roughly as follows: full charge, half battery and little left can turn off.

We need to know the charge more accurately and as a percentage

I myself have long used iOS and there before the battery percentage was turned on by simply toggling in the settings. In the new iPhone this item was removed, but there is still a way.

Things are different in Android. There are a lot of manufacturers and almost all have their own shells (an add-on to the standard Android). Everything is different everywhere.

  • Six new gorgeous colors
  • Anodized aluminum and 3D glass design
  • Processor A13 Bionic.
  • Graphics processor
  • New main camera
  • Ultra wide-angle camera
  • Shooting in night mode
  • 12MP front camera

How to turn on the flash for incoming calls and notifications on your iPhone

  • Open the Settings app and go to Universal Access.
  • Select Audio-visualization item.
  • Set the Alert Flash toggle to On.
  • If necessary, also activate the In silent mode option.

How to get the home button on your iPhone 11

If the above tips are not enough to quench your thirst for Home button functionality, you can consider extreme methods. For example, to have your iPhone always display the home button on the screen.

This is activated through the Accessibility section of the Settings app. Go to “Settings” “Basic” “Special Features”, then scroll down and find the “AssistiveTouch” option.

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iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max: How to Add Battery Percentage % Sign? Can View, Not Add

(It might be faster to search for AssistiveTouch on the initial settings screen.) Enable this option, and the button will appear on the right side of the screen

This is the quick version, but read “How to Get the Home Button “on iPhone X” for a more detailed explanation of how to use AssistiveTouch and what it can do.

Go to Settings → Universal Access → Touch and turn on Handy Access. 2. Pull down (swipe from top to bottom) the bar (gesture bar) at the bottom edge of the screen in any open app or under the Dock bar on the home screen.

  • Open the toggle menu by swiping from the bottom edge to the middle of the screen.
  • Tap any app until the close icon appears.
  • Tap the new icon or swipe up.
  • Open the toggle menu by swiping from the bottom edge to the middle of the screen.
  • Pinch any app until the close icon appears.
  • Tap the new icon or swipe up.

On iPhone 6 and later models after updating to iOS 11.On iPhone 3 or later, new features become available: a battery preview and notification when you need to change the battery. These functions are located in the “Settings” “Battery” “Battery status” menu.

How to make the battery percentage on your new iPhone

Many recent-generation iPhone owners are annoyed by the fact that the battery charge percentage on iPhone 11 is missing from the home screen. There’s only one battery icon left, allowing you to estimate the degree of charge only by eye and very roughly. Is it possible to return the handy indicator to the home screen? In this article we’ll find out how to put the charging percentage on the 11th generation iPhone, or call this information up on the screen.

percentage, iphone

  • Six stunning new colors
  • Anodized aluminum and 3D glass design
  • A13 Bionic processor.
  • Graphics Processor
  • New primary camera
  • Super wide-angle camera
  • Shooting in night mode
  • The 12MP front camera

Go to Settings → Universal Access → Touch and turn on Convenient Access. 2. Pull down (swipe from top to bottom) the bar (gesture bar) at the bottom edge of the screen in any open app or under the Dock bar on the home screen.

The iPhone uses lithium-ion batteries as the energy storage. They have a number of advantages over conventional batteries. Their features:

  • have a higher electrical density;
  • recharge faster;
  • no memory effect;
  • weigh less than competitors for the same capacity;
  • have a long service life.
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To charge a smartphone from Apple, you need to connect it to an electrical outlet with a charger cable and a proprietary power adapter from the kit that comes with the gadget. You can also charge your phone from port.

Warning! Make sure the computer is turned on before connecting the phone to the PC. Otherwise, the iPhone not only won’t charge, but may even run out of power.

If your smartphone supports wireless charging, you can take advantage of this technology.

Recharging a new phone has peculiarities. Here’s how to charge your new iPhone for the first time. Immediately after purchase, put it on charge and wait until it is 100% charged. Now use the phone as usual, but do not charge it until it is completely discharged. It is advisable to do three cycles of full discharge and charging. To charge your phone in this way, you must include the charger Qi to the electric network of 220 V through the power adapter, coming with. Place your smartphone on it with the display facing up. After a few seconds it will start charging. iPhone 7 and earlier versions do not support wireless charging.

Here are some tips on how to charge your iPhone properly:

  • It’s better to charge your gadget more often. It is not necessary to allow the battery to discharge completely, as well as to charge the gadget to 100%. Ideally, if the energy level on the phone is between 40% and 80%.
  • After a while, the charge level indicator begins to show incorrect data. To correct it, it is recommended to do a calibration every few months. Wait until the phone is completely discharged and then turn off, and then charge it to 100%.
  • Use a branded charger and a certified cable. This is because lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to conditions. That is why original chargers are equipped with special PMIC.controllers that make sure that all the parameters stay within the limits of the. Non genuine chargers may not have such a controller, which will adversely affect the battery life. For example, if the charging voltage is 4% higher than the nominal voltage, the battery will lose capacity twice as fast.
  • Make sure that you have installed the latest software on your iPhone. For the operating system iOS 5 and later, to check for updates, you need to go to “Settings”, select the menu “Basic” and go to “Software Update”. To update the program, you need to connect your smartphone to the power grid and use the Wi Fi network. You can also connect to your computer and use iTunes.
  • To keep the battery longer, it is advisable to optimize the settings: reduce brightness and turn off its automatic setting. You can decrease the brightness in the control center by sliding the slider down. To turn off the brightness control, you need to go this way: “Settings”. “Main”. “Universal access”. “Adapt the display.
  • A case during charging may cause the battery to overheat. Therefore it is better to remove it.
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In addition to the rules, operating conditions are also important. The ideal temperature for the iPhone will be between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. It is harmful to use the smartphone at temperatures above 35°C. It is especially harmful to charge it at high temperatures, which irreversibly reduces the capacity of the battery. Even storing the battery in a hot place has negative consequences.

At air temperatures below 0 °C battery capacity is temporarily reduced, but this phenomenon is reversible. when the battery warms up, all its parameters will be restored.

How long the battery lasts on iPhone 11

When deciding to buy, we wonder: “How long does the charge time of the iPhone 11?”Do you only need one battery charge for a whole day??” and so on. They are especially relevant for owners of gadgets from the “Apple” company. After all, if you compare in terms of battery capacity, iPhones have always lost out to Android smartphones.

However, it is incorrect to compare battery life based on battery capacity alone. This indicator is affected by other characteristics, such as the processor model or the type and size of the screen, how optimized the software is, etc. п. These factors, as well as how to check the battery and extend battery life, we will consider in more detail.