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Calculator Plus

Free calculator plus. One of 25 necessary applications according to USA Today. Easy to use, and thanks to the original design, more convenient than a classic calculator.

I like to save you and work. I remember all your calculations, and I can always show the whole story, which makes me perfect for summing receipts, information information, and even for calculating taxes. I always remember what you worked on, and if you switched to something else, all the data will wait for you. You will never have to repeat the calculations with me.

I am attractive and effective and fully use the capabilities of this large, wonderful display:- I never forget where you are the calculation process, and I always show everything that is happening; I remember everything that you did, so you can continue later From the place where we stopped;- I display the calculations with a large, elegant font;- you can use the BackSpace button to adjust errors;- use memory buttons to calculate an increasing result;- percent button shows how the calculation occurs;- novelty! Put the memory buttons to the side for more complex functions!- My intuitive, elegant design allows you to make everyday calculations on your phone or tablet with convenience.

Compare me, free calculator plus, with a classic calculator and feel the difference. Test me right now!

Data safety

To control safety, you need to know how developers collect your data and transmit it to third parties. Methods for ensuring security and confidentiality may depend on how you use the application, as well as on your region and age. Information below is provided by the developer and in the future it may change.

The history of actions in the appendix, information about the appendix and its performance and the device identifiers or other identifiers

Myscript calculator

The biggest problem we are faced with when we try to solve mathematical equations using the calculator application is the entry of data using screen buttons. We are used to writing and solving equations on paper, so switching to screen buttons a little complicates the situation; If you do not have a MyScript Calculator application. The application allows you to use your hand or stylus to enter the equation, after which it is converted into a digital equation.

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This solves the equations in real time and also fills out all the gaps that you could leave when drawing (I must say rather smartly). I had no problems with entering equations using my finger, but I believe that the application will be best to work with the stylus and on large screens, like a tablet. He supports all general operations, such as constants, brackets, exhibitors, trigonometry and logarithms. If you are poorly versed in digital calculators, try Myscript Calculator.

Calckit all-in-on-on calculator

If any other scientific calculator is simply not suitable for you and you are looking for one calculator application that can do all this, then you need to check the ALL-In-One Calculator application in the application there are more than 150 calculators and converters of the measurement units, customizable Scientific calculator and RPN calculator, floating widget of the calculator, editing history of the calculator and much more.

Calculator offers automatic solutions, so you can quickly introduce values ​​and get the results. This even includes gestures that make experience with a breeze. In addition, you can also change the theme of the calculator and use the home screen for quick access. One cool feature that I really liked is a feature of a floating window that allows you to use the application on top of other applications to make calculations on the go.

best free applications and widgets for Android calculators

Regardless of what you study or do at work, you are probably using a calculator for daily performing several tasks. If you do not prefer to feel like a real physical calculator, the best solution would be to use the Android Calculator application.

Although your Android phone has a “Calculator” application capable of performing basic functions, sometimes you need to solve certain mathematical tasks that go beyond the default application capabilities.

If you need an “Calcept” application to solve scientific mathematical problems or to use it as a budget compilation tool on your smartphone, these are the best applications and widgets “Calculator for Android”, which you can download and use for free.

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If you are simply looking for a simple alternative to a calculator with a pleasant design, try Google Calculator.

The application is free and does not contain annoying advertising. Google calculator can solve simple mathematical problems, but nothing too scientific. When you start using it, the application seems much faster and smoother than your calculator.

He calculates in real time even before you press the “equal” button. Google calculator is a good choice for those who are looking for a regular Calculator application for use or a clean Calculator application with an intuitively understandable integration.

If you are looking for something more complicated, Calculator will suit you. The application has two different modes. simple and engineering. which you can use depending on your needs. The calculator has many functions, the ability to create graphs and has a journal of history in which you can access all your past calculations.

DESMOS graphic calculator is the best choice for those who are looking for an application with the wide schedule of construction of graphs. The application does not have a basic calculator mode, but it can instantly display any equation on the graph. DESMOS graphic calculator allows you to build several functions, and then configure them using sliders. The application also has examples of graphs that will help you start work.

For fans of the old Realcalc Scientific Calculator, an old school of physical calculators, which resembles a traditional type of scientific calculators used at the school to perform mathematical tasks.

Realcalc has two calculators: traditional and RPN (reverse Polish notation). You can use Realcalc to perform all possible scientific functions. Some other functions of the application include a journal of history, transformation of measurement units, binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations.

Clevcalc is a series of multi.purpose calculators, to which you get access in one Calculator application. There is a common calculator that can be used for simple mathematical tasks. However, in other modes, this application really shines.

In addition to the currency converter, Clevcalc has calculator modes that can help you with discounts or tips calculations, calculate the cost of fuel and even perform the functions of monitoring health status, such as the calculation of health or ovulation.

calculator, phone, turn

Financial calculators are also an application in which there are dozens of different calculator modes, each of which is intended for specific financial purposes. You can use financial calculators as a cost meter to determine the interest on the loan, calculate the amount of taxes that you must, and much more.

Calcnote is another excellent android Calculator application to manage your finance. The main feature that distinguishes it among other calculators is its integration, similar to a notebook where problems appear on the left, and calculations on the right.

In addition to managing the account and calculating tasks, you can use Calcnote to solve complex mathematical problems, and instant calculations appear as you enter.

If you are looking for a digital replacement for your compact scientific calculator, Hiper Scientific Calculator is one of the best options.

Hiper allows you to perform all the basic functions of a scientific calculator, as well as use a units converter and some other functions, such as the possibility of building graphs, rearrangements, supporting derivatives and integral operations and much more. Regardless of the size of the device on which you use the application, the Hiper Scientific Calculator has a layout that is best suited for it: a smaller smartphone compact for the usual size and extended for tablets.

PhotoMath is an application-calculator with a rather specific function-to help you solve handwritten mathematical tasks using the camera of your smartphone. So, if you have a complex equation recorded and you do not want to enter it into the application, PhotoMath can help you solve it in a matter of seconds, determining the handwriting and providing an answer.

Among the mathematical equations supported by PhotoMath there are algebra, trigonometry, derivatives, integrals, logarithms and much more.

Choose the best calculator for yourself

Each of the above applications offers unique functions and opportunities that distinguish them and exceed the default and default appliance for Android in performance by performance. Select the one that best meets your needs and requirements.

What Calculator application do you use on your Android smartphone? What is your favorite feature of this application? Share your experience using smartphone calculators in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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Mobi android calculator

Mobi calculator-universal Android Calculator with many capabilities. It can be a simple everyday calculator or turn into a full.fledged engineering calculator with an appropriate set of functions as necessary. Mobi is perfectly optimized for financial and economic calculations.

Why will the possibility of calculating interest and work with taxes be given by the way. True processing of complete expressions, support for trigonometric and logarithmic functions, degrees and radian, 4 number systems and advanced memory work allow calculations and operations of almost any complexity. Caluation of time, the possibility of free grouping of numbers, large convenient buttons and several options for the design of the design completes the already exhaustive list of advantages of Mobi.

If you need a convenient and stylish everyday calculator, and from time to time it will take access to additional specific features, then this application will be the perfect choice. Calculators can come in handy at any time and anywhere. in the store, at work, while studying or even a hobby, but it is not always at hand, and if there is, then there are no many necessary functions in it.

This calculator can be called the most functional and convenient. With it, you can calculate all expression at once, you can calculate trigonometric expressions. There is also a mode for calculating in binary, octagonal, decimal and hexadecimal system. You can add Комментарии и мнения владельцев to each example and save them.

Features of Mobi Calculator on Android:

What’s new in this version?

  • Now you can independently indicate the method of sorting discharges;
  • added expression statistics;
  • The calculation of the ArcCtants is included;
  • added the function of automatic completion of expressions;
  • Now you can change the language;
  • Added the ability to maintain numbers from memory to history;
  • Fixed automatic key substitution;
  • other corrections and improvements.

Be sure to download the application, it will help you in severe cases, why strain your head and make mistakes in large calculations, when you can dial numbers in your Android. Your task is to drive information, but the application will not force you to wait, since it works instantly, regardless of what difficulty you have an example.

How to turn on the calculator on samsung?

The first to open the place where the calculator is and the second to turn it on, or rather start. To do this, move up the screen, hooking it with your finger slightly below the middle and find the icon with the inscription “Calculator“. The icon itself can easily be dragged to the main table (screen).

To start the “Calculator” program, you need to open the “Start” menu. Next, follow the tab “All Programs”. Now raise the mouse cursor to the point “Standard”. Move the cursor to the right so that the Calculator tab appears.

How to add a calculator to fast settings on Android Nugat

Android 7.0 Nougat offers a good combination of new functions, such as multitasking with a separated screen, as well as updates of older functions, such as “quick settings”. Fast settings. quite convenient function, given that it gives you quick access to various parameters. With Nugat, switches can now be configured, which can be done with Marshmallow, but for this it was necessary to look for hidden options. In addition, Google opened the API of quick settings for developers, which means that there are several very cool applications for quick settings that need to be installed. So, if you always wanted to add a calculator to quick settings to perform some calculations on the go, this is possible, and here’s how to do it:

calculator, phone, turn

First go to the Play Store and install the Quick Settings Calculator application. The application is available for free and available only for Nexus devices, because they are the only ones working on nugat.

After installation, the application will automatically add the calculator to the list of available fast settings settings that you can add manually. The application does not offer any options with which you can play, but you can check it if you want to turn off the calculator label or share the application.

Then go to the “Fast Settings” section through the shadow of notifications and click “Change”. From various available switches, click and hold the QS Calc button at the bottom and add it to the Fast Settings page.

Now that the calculator is added, you can simply click on its icon in the “quick settings” and perform calculations directly in the shade of notifications. How cool it is?

This function, of course, will be convenient for people who come with the iPhone, since the iOS has a calculator switch right in the control center. The ability to perform calculations in the center of notifications using the label of the calculator in “quick settings”, of course, faster than the transition to the “Calculator” application. In our testing, a quick settings calculator work as a keychain and allows you to easily perform calculations. If you enter something wrong, the message “Syntactic error” will appear.

How to configure samsung calculator on the phone

The fact that the samsung calculator is considered one of the best is known to everyone, but almost no one knows about its settings.

They are not particularly advertised, but they are, and now I will tell you about them so that you can use its capabilities much better.

To begin with, to find a calculator in the Samsung A10, A50, A51, A12, A11, A31, M21, A71, A21S you may not be able to put it yourself from the market yourself.

Toli Korean forgot about him, roofing felts did so deliberately, but I could not find the calculator on my Samsung A52 and A32.

He did not disappear and did not disappear, he simply does not. I had to download from the market and install. This is a minute business. Just on Google Play write a “samsung calculator” and click “Install”.

Samsung calculator setting up

Launching, the most calculator on the Samsung phone is also limited to the first main screen.

If you press on an almost imperceptible small, in no way designated button, you will find much more opportunities.

Next, with a launched calculator, click on the bottom left on three strips. Then at the very top to the icon and select “Open in a pop.up window”.

After that, tape a barely noticeable blue strip on top of the window (I show on Android 11, if you have another, then everything may not match).

Now click on the icon where the two arrows are turned to you. After that, the icon will run after you.

It will appear in every window and on each tab. Taking him, choose a modest place for him and let him sit there calmly and waits for you when you need it.

Another setup, instead of a floating, select “Launching in a divided window” (this also works for other applications).

Quickly Convert Normal Calculator App into Scientific Calculator in Android 2019

Now you can do the work and immediately use the calculations. This should be more convenient in some cases. Success.


Application from the developer. It differs in an unusual approach to management. access to additional functions occurs using gestures: the pile up activates the upper option, down, respectively, the lower. In addition, the calculator has the opportunity to build graphs, including in 3D. In addition, the application also supports the window mode, launching on top of open programs. The only trouble is the availability of advertising that can be removed by acquiring a paid version.

Designed to build graphs, a solution from Mathlab. According to the developers, focused on schoolchildren and students. An integration, compared with colleagues, quite bulky. A set of possibilities is rich. Three switched working spaces, separate keyboards for entering the letter elements of the equation (there is also a Greek version), functions for scientific calculations. There is also a library constant and the ability to create your own functions templates. Free version requires a constant connection with the Internet, in addition, there are no some options in it.


This application is not a simple calculator. Unlike many programs described above, the photo machine does almost all the work for you. just write your task on paper and scan it. Then, following the tips of the application, you can calculate the result. From the side it really looks like magic. However, PhotoMath has a quite ordinary calculator, and recently there is a handwritten input in it. Perhaps you can find fault with only the work of recognition algorithms: they do not always correctly determine the scanned expression.

At first glance, a quite ordinary calculator application, without any features. However, the development of Clevsoft boasts a solid set of calculators, in the plural. A set of computing templates for tasks is very extensive. from acquaintances of accounting calculations and ending with an average score of assessments. This format saves time greatly, allowing you to avoid many mistakes. Alas, such beauty has a price-there is an advertisement in the application that is proposed to be removed by conducting a paid upgrade to the Pro version.

EEVblog #962. Hacking A Calculator Into A Counter

TOP-5 best calculators on Android phones: ordinary and advanced options

We can say that an ordinary user for everyday calculations (plus/minus, multiply/divide, calculate the percentage) is suitable for a standard calculator installed on the smartphone initially. But where did such a huge number of computing applications come from, and why they are needed? This is because non.standard calculators have excellent functions that simplify the interaction of the user with the application. For example, they can read examples from photography, have voice input, have a large set of additional features. Therefore, if you want to download a phone calculator, I advise you to first read this article and choose the best option.

A calculator is a very simple and pleasant apparent application, but at the same time a set of functions in it also amazes. Firstly, at the first launch, the user can immediately configure the mode (regular/engineering), the theme (bright/dark/others) and other information display parameters. This calculator looks very simple and neat, without piles and extra elements. Secondly, in addition to the possibility of performing all kinds of mathematical operations, copying and maintaining results in memory, viewing the history of calculations, working with variables and constants, the calculator allows you to build simple graphs, create their constants, translate some values ​​(time, length, mass, etc.D.). In addition, this calculator has a widget, which makes it possible for the user to make quick calculations right on the desktop, without even starting the application.

Microsoft Math Solver is a mathematical assistant based on artificial intelligence. The main feature of this application is the ability to read examples from a notebook or monitor screen using a smartphone camera, as well as the possibility of handwritten data input. Math Solver quickly recognizes various tasks (associated with arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, statistics and some other directions) and shows a decision with explanations. The task is not necessary to photograph “live”, you can import an image from the gallery. Math Solver also knows how to build graphs. Another interesting feature of this calculator is that he offers the user to solve the material to solve the problems similar to the previously introduced. In this case, the application can also work as a standard calculator.

Manuscript entry and reading examples with photos may seem like a past when you open Multi Screen Voice Calculator, which supports the voice set (understands the Russian language). In addition, this calculator has many working areas. That is, the user can consider one example, then go to other calculations, and when necessary, return to the first. These two features make Multi Screen Voice Calculator almost the most convenient calculator for quick calculations on the go. The only problem is that this application performs only the simplest mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, extraction of the root.

In addition to calculators for Android devices, there are also a huge number of different computing applications. For example, converters that convert various values. For these purposes, one is perfect. The application allows you to convert many values, including time, mass, length, volume, power, temperature and so on. One can calculate various physical formulas (charge, impulse, torque, kinetic energy, etc.D.), economic quantities (gross profit, capitalization coefficient, various types of depreciation, etc.D.), mathematical values ​​(basic arithmetic actions, radii, perimeters, areas, sides of geometric shapes, binominal coefficient, number divisors, etc.D.). The application also has a generator of numbers and passwords, can translate lines into a hash value, calculate the final value of bank deposits and much more. An interesting feature of the application. it has the function “read aloud” (supports the Russian language), which reproduces the results of calculations in the voice format. It is unlikely that you can use one as a full.fledged calculator, but as a powerful converter of values, it is the most.

This application will help you cope with any geometric task. Geometryx calculates areas, angles, perimeters, radii, volumes and other parameters for some specified. This is one of the best geometric calculators for Android. Why? For example, One can also calculate the lengths of the sides, corners, areas and perimeters of geometric shapes. But Geometryx does it clearly. The user immediately sees what this or that figure looks like (all the main flat and voluminous figures are present: square, circle, rhombus, trapezoid, cube, cylinder, cone, prism and so on), as well as all the values ​​that can be calculated for each of them. All the formulas are also indicated by the calculation. The user only needs to enter the existing values, and Geometryx will automatically fill all the gaps that may. The application also suggests when a person introduces incorrect numbers (for example, sets the value of the hypotenuse in a rectangular triangle less than the value of one of the legs).