Calls, Free calls

The Calls section contains a list of incoming, outgoing and missed calls made from the messenger. You can also see the duration and date of the call.

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In addition to saving on SMS, you can also save on phone calls by making them absolutely free of charge via the Internet. You can call WhatsApp from almost anywhere: from the chat (during correspondence), from the Calls section (call back), in Contacts (by selecting one of them).


A very handy function for finding anything you want. You don’t want to explain to a person for a long time and tediously how to get to the library, there is nothing easier than send him the exact place on the map and he will definitely not get lost.

All Samsung phone owners who do not want to spend money on SMS should pay attention to Internet messengers. There are quite a few of them on the net, but we advise you to download WhatsApp for Samsung, since it is the most popular at the moment, which is very important when looking for an interlocutor.

How to use

It is a pleasure to use the application, the intuitive interface and the speed of work leave no complaints. The app has three main sections:


In this section you can see all information about contacts, add new ones, block unwanted ones, see photos, status, change the phone number.

The section is most interesting due to the variety of functions. The first page of the section displays all your chats, you can also start a group chat here. Choose an interlocutor and start to understand the functions.

How to install

To install WhatsApp on Samsung phones running Android, the easiest way is to use the Play Store:

  • Go to the Play Market on your phone (the Internet must be connected, you will spend about 20MB of traffic)
  • In the search, type WhatsApp, and click Install
  • After installation click Open
  • When you start the program for the first time, you will be asked to write your phone number and name
  • Be sure to enter your real phone number, it will need to be confirmed via SMS
  • If, for some reason, an SMS did not come to your phone number, it’s okay, use the voice check. In this case, a call will be made to your phone and a pleasant female voice, in Russian, will dictate to you a code that you need to enter into the application to activate.
  • After confirming the number, you will have access to all the functions of the application.
  • Sending audio messages

    Another distinctive feature of WhatsApp is this feature. Record a short message by clicking on the microphone icon and you don’t have to type it.

    How to check if there is a SMS backup on your phone?

    To do this, find out if SMS Backup Restore, Titanium Backup or other backup programs are installed on your phone. If such a program is found, review its contents to see if there are any saved snapshots with reserved messages.

    One of the programs that finds and restores erased SMS in the phone, allowing you to read them, is SMS Backup Restore. You can familiarize yourself with the functions and download the application at the link: SMS Backup Restore

    Scan device (search for deleted messages)

    After completing the described actions, you need:

    • Click on the Data recovery button in the main program window.
    • In the list, select the data type. Contacts.
    • The program will thoroughly scan the phone’s memory.
    • The process of scanning Android internal memory can take a few minutes, so please be patient.

    You can sit back, make a mug of coffee, do other things for a short time.

    Turn on debugging mode on the phone (USB Debugging Mode)

    Debug mode (aka developer mode) is required to access the Android OS and data on the phone. Enabling it is easy enough, see the explanatory

    Or follow the simple text instructions:

    • Go to Settings About device.
    • Scroll down to find Build Number.
    • Press the number until you see the message “Developer mode is enabled”.
    • Go back to Settings, open the “Developer options”.
    • Activate the “USB Debugging” option.

    Viewing recovered messages before saving

    • Once the scan is complete, go to the Contacts section of Dr Fone.
    • The list will display the deleted content as well as existing messages.
    • It is most convenient to hide existing SMS by toggling the “Only display deleted items” slider.
    • The list displays the text of recovered messages and the date of deletion.
    • The search bar will be useful if you are looking for information by text or keywords.

    Saving recovery results

    Dr.Fone allows you to download the recovered data in the specified format to your computer. How to do it:

    • Check the boxes of the desired SMS messages or all items at once.
    • Click on the Restore to device button to save the SMS to your phone (not recommended).
    • To save data to your computer, click on Recover to computer (we recommend using this option).
    • Specify the storage path (folder) for SMS on PC.
    • Choose a convenient file format for saving.

    Attention! The free version of Dr Fone only allows you to view examples of recovery results. To save, you must purchase the full version of the product.

    We connect the phone to the computer

    • To synchronize between Dr.Fone and Android, you need installed USB drivers for your mobile device (Download for Samsung). But, as a rule, you can do without them.
    • Connect your phone to PC via USB cable (Supplied with your phone).
    • Check if Dr.Fone responds to phone connection via USB. A corresponding animation screen saver will appear in the program window.
    • You should see a pop-up window with a superuser request on the screen of your mobile device.
    • You need to click on Allow to allow access, otherwise the program will not be able to access the phone memory where messages are stored.
    • Dr Fone will install a special application on the phone. Connector.
    • If Android already has a root app installed, you must allow superuser access in the same way.

    Recover and View Deleted SMS Messages on Phone (Android)

    SMS are deleted after unsuccessful factory reset or accidental deletion. However, even after deliberately deleting messages, there is a need for that information that no longer exists: passwords, addresses.

    If there are no backups, it is problematic to restore SMS messages. However, deleted SMS are not “physically” deleted, they are only marked as available for rewriting. Therefore, there is a minimal chance of recovery.

    Dr Fone can’t find my phone.

    How to recover deleted SMS messages for the last month on an old Samsung phone if the program does not find a driver on Samsung when connected to a laptop?

    Install USB drivers for Samsung from the official page. Upon request in a search engine, you can easily find them on other sites and for other mobile devices.

    Recover SMS on your phone

    All methods of recovering accidentally deleted data can be reduced to manual and software variations. Three technologies are most popular:

    • MobiKin application (Android version);
    • Data Recovery application;
    • backup (backup).

    MobiKin Doctor

    You will need root rights here, but this does not guarantee complete success. At the same time, the program is quite convenient if you get used to the English-language interface. Once you’ve installed MobiKin on your PC, update your drivers (won’t hurt). After that:

    • Activate USB Debugging.
    • Connect the gadget to your laptop.
    • Run the application and wait for the full connection.
    • Go to “Messages”.
    • Mark the required SMS with checkboxes and click Recover.

    How to Recover Message on Samsung Phone

    How to recover a message on a Samsung phone if a system bug has occurred and information is desperately needed? Many users are not aware that even a schoolboy can correct the situation on Android OS. There are several ways to recover a text document. Consider these techniques in our life hack.

    Recovery using third-party services

    The idea is to do all the work with external services. Still don’t know how to recover deleted SMS on Android “Samsung” using a laptop and a special program? The following services will come in handy:

    • Data Recovery;
    • SMS BackUp;
    • MobiKin;
    • Dumpster.

    SMS BackUp

    This is a dedicated backup application. The software is very primitive, it has few functions. Let’s list them:

    • making copies;
    • destruction of archives;
    • search for lost documents;
    • resuscitation SMS.

    Have you forgotten how to restore a message on a Samsung phone using a backup? To do this, you need to launch the application and click Backup. It takes a few minutes to copy.

    Data recovery

    This program recovers information on Androids without any problems. and your SMS will also be saved. There is only one minus. the complete absence of Russification. Turn on your smartphone, wait for the OS to load and start USB debugging through the settings menu. Install and run Data Recovery. After waiting for a stable connection, find the “Messaging” option, check it and click “Next”. After scanning, you will have to manually mark the required SMS and return them to memory with the “Recover” key.

    Manual recovery method

    Works only if you are used to using cloud storage. Owners of Samsung smartphones can get 15 gigabytes of cloud space. this should not be neglected. Recovering important files from the cloud is easy, but how do people get started with this service? The algorithm is as follows:

    • Move to “Settings”, and from there to Google.
    • Click on the link.
    • The next step is “Backup”.
    • Activate this option in the Google Drive service.
    • Click on the “Start copying” button.

    Your content is now safe. The device can retrieve “lost” files from the cloud storage at any time.

    Setting up sound on your Samsung phone

    Use the standard volume rocker to debug audio on your device. This is the name of the buttons located on the side of the case, above the power button. By pressing the button down, you can make it quieter, up. accordingly, louder.

    On the latest versions of Android, when you press the sound buttons, not one scale appears, but several. Using the touch screen, you can separately adjust the speaker volume during conversations, multimedia playback, system and program notifications. Just slide your finger on the desired scale.

    How to set up sound on a Samsung phone

    Wondering how to increase volume on Android Samsung? Although the phones of this brand are distinguished by relatively loud speakers, audio or video files do not always have sufficient sound quality for full playback on them. There are several ways to increase the level of the built-in speakers using deep settings or third-party applications.

    How to make it quieter

    To make the phone quieter, just press the bottom button on the rocker. You can also lower the level on the special scales in the settings menu as described above. Android also has predefined modes that let you automatically adjust the sound. For example, if you want not just to reduce the noise level, but to completely remove it, select the “Do not disturb” mode. And if you want, on the contrary, to hear a call or a message signal on the street, select the appropriate item.

    How to make the speaker louder

    Not all android users know that the speaker volume frames installed in the system are conditional. In fact, its capabilities are much greater, however, in order to avoid unnecessary load and breakdown, the developers lay not the maximum value, but 20-30% less.

    You can adjust the maximum level through the developer menu. To get into it, on most devices, it is enough to type the command ###, in the list that appears, select the Hardware Testing item, then Audio.

    A screen will open with 2 items. Normal Mode and Headset Mode. Going into the first one, you will debug the sound through the main speaker, the second section allows you to edit the volume in the headphones.

    When you open the section, you will see the Type parameter. Click on it and select Media. In the Level line, set Level 0. In the upper and lower values, set new numbers, the maximum value is 255.

    Save your settings and restart your phone. Speaker settings can be changed, not only during music playback, but also during calls, program and system signals.

    How to set up SMS on Samsung Galaxy phone

    Hey! Today I will show you how to set up SMS messages on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very simply and quickly set up the SMS function on your smartphone. See the instructions below and write comments if something is not clear to you. Go!

    On the home screen, find the Messages app and tap on its shortcut.

    On the messages page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

    In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

    Here you will be shown what functions you can configure.

    In notifications, you can completely disable SMS messages on your phone. Or, on the contrary, enable if they were disabled. You can turn off indicators on icons. You can enable or disable SMS for an individual SIM card.

    You can change the background of the posts page.

    You can create quick replies to quickly insert them into SMS messages.

    How to Configure SMS Tones and Set up Text Message Notification settings Galaxy S10

    You can block messages. You can specify phrases, in the presence of which in the message, the SMS number will be blocked.

    Also you can customize the font of the text in SMS, etc.

    Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

    After updating to Android 9, I can’t change the background in messages. Android 8 had the word background in the settings. And where to find it in 9k?

    I myself have the 8th version so far. Look in the settings carefully, somewhere there must be.

    how to use instant messages in Samsung A50? I created the text in the settings, but how to pick them up in the current message is unclear. in the previous phone, when writing an SMS, it entered the menu (three dots) and selected the line “quick messages”. there is no such line in A50

    So the A50 is somewhere else. You definitely looked at everything carefully?

    The same thing. after the update, I have a white font on a white background and cannot be changed in any way.

    You definitely looked at everything carefully in the settings?

    I have g7. I have not found it anywhere. Rummaged through the entire phone. The problem is that there are white letters on a white background and SMS cannot be read. I had to remove all themes and put the original built-in wallpaper. Then the background turned gray.
    But I would like to change the color.

    Put on a different theme, with the color you need.

    Yes. And so I had to do it. It’s just not clear why the background and font settings function has disappeared. And the appearance itself has now become uncomfortable. And the signatures of the shortcuts on the main screen disappeared. only pictures.
    All in all, a stupid update.


    If you looked at everything very carefully and did not find it, then your phone does not have such a function.


    I want to change the background in messages. I don’t like the white background. Previously, you go into messages, settings and there was the word background and you change, you could change the message frames, but now there is no such thing. Updates not completed.

    How to configure messages to be written with verification

    Hello, please tell me how to turn on Samsung a10 when writing SMS so that the number of displayed characters is displayed (I need this to send SMS to the village when I can not get through) and the Internet is not caught there

    Good day. There are no such settings in the smartphone. Open any site that shows the number of characters in the text, for example Write a message there, copy it and paste it into an SMS on your phone.

    i can’t delete messages. the button is there but it is transparent

    Who is transparent? You need to press and hold on the message, then the “Delete” trash can icon will appear. What version of Android do you have?

    Sends 20 pieces, on another nokia 100, how to set up a mailing for 100?

    Very simple. On the compose page, first add one recipient. Then, at the bottom, click on the “4 squares” icon. A window will open at the bottom, click on the “Contacts” icon there. You can now select all contacts by clicking on the “All” circle at the top left. If you have 100-200-300, at least 1000 in your contacts, they will all be added as recipients of your message. Do you understand? It is necessary that all recipients are in contacts, otherwise you will have to manually add. What is your smartphone model? Android version?

    Yes, Samsung Galaxy 7 (2018) Android 9 sends 20 SMS, you need up to 100 SMS at a time. I dial manually, the numbers are not from the phone book, but I do not send more than 20 SMS at a time, I need more than 70 SMS. I don’t want to clog up the SMS program with third-party mailing. Rooms not with telephone. manually

    What mobile operator do you have? Maybe it’s him, not the phone. On the smartphone I did not find such settings at all, it seems they are not at all.

    I have a smartphone Samsung Galaxy A 01 SMS is duplicated one SMS comes at the same time 2 times also if I send SMS they withdraw money from me 2 times called the megaphone they said everything is fine with them everything is in the phone, and I don’t know where to look for the error and how fix so that SMS are not duplicated. thank.

    How old is the phone and SIM card? To any numbers or only certain?

    the phone was given to me by the children in August, 2 months ago, it is completely new, the SIM card is from 2013, but it was old, large, we changed it to a new small one, I don’t know what it’s called, operator MEGAFON.

    you must try first with another SIM card on the same phone, and then with your SIM card but on another smartphone, then it will be clear where the jamb is, in the phone or mobile operator

    did not add. So far, SMS was sent to me from a megaphone, Sberbank, and from my husband’s number, that is, from different numbers.

    Are the messages vivered and the background is too invisible? Aka will fix

    you can give a link to the screenshot to make it clear, you tried to change the settings?

    All-Ravono SMS is not sent. Failure to send SMS is displayed. What to do in this case?

    Check the balance so that the money is in the account and restart the smartphone

    In automatic mode

    As already mentioned, WhatsApp does not update on an Android phone if the settings do not provide for this to be done automatically. This option is interesting precisely because after that you do not have to follow the release of the new version. The system will do everything by itself.

    • Also use the Play Store.
    • Call up the menu of additional functions.
    • Go to the “Auto update” tab.
    • Activate function.

    Note! It will offer options for auto-updates, for example, use Wi-Fi or mobile networks. It is better to choose the first one, since it is not known how much the downloadable data package will weigh. If cellular operators have limits, downloads can consume all traffic.

    Configuring auto-update in the Play Store visually

    How to find out which version of WhatsApp is installed on Android and if there are updates

    Before you update WhatsApp on Android, it’s worth figuring out whether a new version has been released or not.

    Note! It is not at all necessary to go to the developer’s website in order to understand whether a new generation of the application has been released or not.

    There are two options for how to find out your version of WhatsApp. through the Play Market or in the settings of the messenger itself. In the first option, you need:

    If there is an “Update” button opposite it, then a fresh version has been released. If not, then it is worth checking in time.

    • Go to the messenger itself.
    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Scroll to the “Help” section.
    • Go to the item “About the application”.

    The current version of the application and the update button, if necessary, will be indicated here.

    Specifying the application version in the messenger settings

    Reinstalling the app

    From time to time, malfunctions in the work of Android itself are possible, and during the update it knocks out an error. About them, by the way, will be further. Faced with such a problem, the easiest option to fix the situation is to reinstall the application.

    • Pinch the application icon and move it to the trash.
    • Open Play Market.
    • In the search bar, enter the query “WhatsApp” or “WhatsApp”. The system will prompt itself.
    • In the list that opens, select the desired messenger and click “Install”.

    The Play Store always contains the latest version of the utility. After installation, just log into your account by phone number.

    Important! Using this method, correspondence can be deleted. Therefore, if you need to save them, it is better to back up your data (the function is in the messenger settings).

    Why update the WhatsApp app

    WhatsApp does not update itself on Android. Users have to do it manually or dig into the settings for a long time. In this regard, many simply stop dealing with this issue. But in vain.

    By downloading the latest version of the messenger, the user gets:

    • improving the security of storage of personal data. Due to the large number of personal correspondence in WhatsApp, the messenger regularly becomes the target of attacks from hackers and virus software. In this regard, each new version receives additional encryption keys to counter such attacks;
    • correction of previously noticed errors. Any software can fail. Launching a new product on the market, developers are not able to calculate everything. Therefore, from time to time users are faced with bugs and system failures. The task of updates is to fix the identified problems;
    • fresh functionality that was not there before. In the first versions of the messenger, there were no video calls, stickers, different ringtones, themes, etc. If the user is interested in getting new features of the utility, then it is worth systematically checking for the latest versions;
    • always in touch. If you can still accept mistakes, then there is no connection with other subscribers. Using an irrelevant version, a person runs the risk of spending an order of magnitude more time waiting for the desired message or call.

    For your information! In 2020, WhatsApp will no longer support outdated versions of Android (2.3.7 and older), because such gadgets are no longer able to support the existing functionality.

    Android 2.3.7 has too outdated interface and work protocols

    Via APK file

    This method is less popular and is more likely to come in handy if at the moment there is no way to use Wi-Fi, but you need to update and you have a computer connected to the Network at hand.

    • Launch browser on PC.
    • Download the APK of the latest version of WhatsApp.
    • Connect smartphone to PC via USB or Bluetooth.
    • Transfer the downloaded file to the phone.
    • Disconnect from PC.
    • Find the file through the file manager and click on it. Installation will proceed automatically.

    Important! On some phones like Meizu, you need to go to the settings, the “Security” section, to allow installation from unknown sources.

    Via Play Market

    I mentioned just above how to see if WhatsApp has fresh updates or not. In short, you need:

    • Go to Play Store.
    • Call up additional menu (icon with three dashes).
    • Select “My Apps and Games”.
    • Click the “Update” button opposite.

    Note! You can also just write the name of the messenger in the search. Play Store will immediately display the installer menu of the messenger. Only instead of the “Install” button there will be “Update”, of course, if there are updates.

    How to update WhatsApp via Play Store step by step

    How to Update WhatsApp on Android Samsung and Other Phones

    Apart from its Chinese counterparts, WhatsApp is the largest messenger in the world. In 2019, the number of accounts exceeded the 2 billion mark.In this regard, the developers are constantly working to improve it, personalize it, design, functionality, etc., which will eventually bring even more users and secure the status of a leader for the application.

    How to Update WhatsApp on Android Samsung and Other Phones: Step by Step Guide

    Since WhatsApp does not update itself on Android, you will have to do it yourself. As above, there are several ways to do this:

    • use the Play Market;
    • set up automatic mode;
    • download current version via PC.

    What options to use, everyone will decide for himself, but before that, you should familiarize yourself with how to update WhatsApp on Android step by step.

    Important! Before you start installing updates, you need to make sure that there will be enough memory in the gadget for this.

    How to install Viber on a Samsung smartphone

    Viber is one of the most popular mobile apps. This is not just a messenger, it is an application that combines several useful functions at once. free calls, messages and file exchange. You can communicate without restriction with any users of the application. It is enough just that your phone meets the system requirements of the program. The Viber application is absolutely not demanding and is available for almost all smartphone models, and is also compatible with all mobile operating systems. Downloading and installing Viber on a Samsung smartphone is not difficult.

    Can I install Viber on Samsung

    Is Viber suitable for Samsung phones? The developers of the Viber mobile application are trying to please all phone owners and therefore have optimized the messenger for such operating systems as Android, iOS, Windows iPhone. Smartphones from the Korean company Samsung are produced on Android platforms, respectively, the Viber messenger application is optimized for these phones. If you want to download the Viber mobile application to your phone, then there are no obstacles for this.

    Installation procedure

    Installing the application on your phone is quite simple and free. The whole process will take you no more than 10 minutes, after which you can fully use the messenger.

    Installation and authorization

    Now there is very little left and you will have Viber on your phone. After you have downloaded the application, and its icon is reflected in the list of your applications on your smartphone, you only need to complete the installation and register in the system:

    • Open Viber.
    • An installation window appears on the screen, you click “Continue”.
    • Next, you need to indicate your country, and then enter your mobile phone number.
    • An SMS code will be sent to your phone, you enter it in the appropriate field, click “Continue”.

    Installation and authorization instructions are very simple. The main thing is to have a stable Internet connection so that the SMS code comes and your profile is registered in the system. After you go through all the stages, the main Viber window will open with empty chats and call history. Your contacts from the phone book will automatically be pulled up, and you just have to choose the person you need to start a conversation with.

    Downloading the app

    • Connect to the internet.
    • Go to the Play Market from your phone.
    • At the top you will see a search bar, enter “Viber” there.
    • In the search results, choose the messenger with the typical purple Viber icon.
    • There will be an “Install” button next to it, press it and wait for the download to finish.

    The Viber mobile application is available for all Samsung, starting with the Android 4.1 operating platform and higher. These requirements are set by Viber Media.

    In the same way as you downloaded the application, you can update it for free when a new version of Viber is released. If you do not have the automatic application update function enabled, then manually through the Play Market in the menu of your profile, find the “My applications and games” section, find Viber among them and click the “Update” button next to it. When updating, no data will be lost, but the application will work stably.

    Possible problems and solutions

    After installing the application, many users face registration problems or errors in the messenger itself. Let’s look at the most common and their reasons:

    • SMS code does not come.
    • The entered code is incorrect.

    After Viber is installed, during registration, many complain that the activation code does not come to the phone or the system writes that the code is not correct. Here the problem may be the lack of an Internet connection, the availability of a high-quality connection, or the correctness of the specified phone number. Recheck all these points, if they are met, then ask for a call instead of the SMS code. This option is available for the new version of Viber.

    • the messenger constantly freezes;
    • no notifications or calls are not received;
    • the application can close itself during operation;
    • a system error appears on the screen during installation.

    Here, the reason for the incorrect operation of the application is the discrepancy between the version of Viber and the technical characteristics of the device. Very often, users of outdated phone models download or update the messenger to a new version, which is more suitable for powerful smartphones with the latest versions of the operating system and a large amount of RAM. Therefore, for old Samsung, it is best to download one of the previous versions, which can be pulled by the phone. You can download the old version to your Samsung on our website.

    How to set your own SMS ringtone sound in Samsung a50 or a51 phone

    Many people prefer to change custom SMS sounds in Samsung a50 and a51 to their own. Nothing to be surprised.

    The built-in SMS sound even misleads us sometimes. When we walk down the street and there are a lot of people, we often cannot even see if we received an SMS.

    This is not surprising, because most people use the standard built-in sounds, although they can put their own personal and favorite ringtone on the SMS.

    If you wish, you can even set it up so as to change the melody for a specific number, for example, a shot from a weapon may mean that the boss wrote to you or the crack of a whip will tell you that your wife wrote an SMS.

    It is easy to set up a custom contact signal, although I will write how to change the SMS melody on Samsung a50 and a51, you can just as well change to a30, j2, a5, j5, j3 If you are something like me, then you it’s boring to use the same music, so look at the instructions and enjoy the expanse.

    How to change the SMS sound on Samsung a50 or Samsung a51 to your own melody

    To do this, just go to the settings. It has Sound and Vibration, and it has a notification sound. You can stagger back and forth, walk through all the built-in.

    Only the melodies there will not find only the tones that are already boring to everyone, and using any music file as SMS music on your Galaxy a50 or a51 is not as difficult as you think.

    You don’t need to download special apps or tools, you just need to have an mp3 music file on your phone.

    If you already have it on the memory card, and most likely you already have it, then go and click to open the “Samsung” folder.

    Then the application “My Files”. Open the folder “memory card” (or another location) and find the music file you want to use.

    Press and hold the file until different options appear at the bottom. At the bottom of this menu, click Copy or Move. Then select the phone memory, look for the “Notifications” directory.

    Move it there or copy it. Now your ringtone is ready to be set as SMS ringtone.

    Open “Settings”, then “Sounds and vibes”, while pay attention to the SIM card. you can change the melody for two at once. one ringtone for 2 SIM cards.

    Go to Notification Sounds. Choose your music file and voila! It is now automatically set as the default notification sound.

    On Samsung a50 and Samsung a51, everything happens according to the same scheme, despite the fact that the first one uses Android 9, and the second Android 10.

    Applications such as. Gmail or WhatsApp also have their own notification sounds, but you can easily change them if you want.

    The procedure may differ depending on each application, though. We’ll show you an example with WhatsApp:

    As you can see, do not limit yourself to standard sounds or notification melodies, you can also create and use your own.

    All you have to do is put the desired sound files in the right place and they will be selected as SMS message sounds. Success.

    Setting your own ringtone on Samsung

    Dialer settings

    This method is also quite simple, however it is not as obvious as the previous one.

    • Open the standard phone application for making calls and go to the dialer.
    • The next step is different for some devices. Owners of devices in which the left key brings up a list of running applications should use the button with three dots in the upper right corner. If the device has a dedicated “Menu” key, then press it. In any case, such a window will appear. In it, select “Settings”.
    • In this submenu we need the item “Calls”. Go to it. Scroll down the list and find the Ringtones and Key Tones option.

    Selecting this option will open the next list, in which you need to tap on “Call melody”. A pop-up window for selecting a ringtone will open, the actions in which are similar to steps 4-8 of the first method.

    Note also that this method is unlikely to work on third-party dialers, so keep in mind this nuance.

    General device settings

    To change the ringtone through the phone settings, you need to do the following.

      Enter the “Settings” application through the shortcut in the application menu or the button in the curtain of the device.

    Go to this item by tapping on it 1 time.

    Next, look for the item “Ringtones” (may also be called “Ringtones”) and click on it.

    This menu displays a list of built-in ringtones. You can add your own to them with a separate button. it can be located either at the very end of the list, or available directly from the menu.

    Click this button.

    Please note that not all file managers support the ringtone selection feature.

    When using Sound Select, the system will display all the music files of the device, regardless of the storage location. For convenience, they are sorted by category.

  • The easiest way to find a suitable ringtone is by using the “Folders” category. Find the storage location for the sound that you want to set as a ringtone, mark it with a single tap and click “Finish”. There is also an option to search for music by name.
  • The desired melody will be set as a common one for all calls.
  • The method described above is one of the simplest. In addition, it does not require the user to download and install third-party software.

    Setting a melody to a separate contact

    The procedure is slightly different if you need to put a ringtone on a separate contact. First, the entry must be in the phone’s memory and not on the SIM card. Secondly, some budget Samsung smartphones do not support this feature out of the box, so you will need to install a separate application. The last option, by the way, is universal, so let’s start with it.

    Ringtone maker

    Ringtone Maker allows you not only to edit ringtones, but also to set them both for the entire address book and individual entries in it.

      Install the app and open it. A list of all the music files that are present on the phone will immediately appear. Please note that system ringtones and default ones are highlighted separately. Find the melody that you want to put on a particular contact, click on the three dots to the right of the file name.

  • A list of entries from the address book will open. find the one you need and just tap on it. Receive a message about the successful installation of the melody.
  • Very simple, and most importantly, fits all Samsung devices. The only drawback is that the app shows ads. If Ringtone Maker does not suit you, the ability to put a ringtone on a separate contact is present in some of the music players that we reviewed in the first part of the article.

    Setting your ringtone in Samsung

    There are two ways to set your own ringtone on your Samsung phone. Let’s consider them in more detail.

    System Tools

    Of course, the desired goal can be achieved by means built into the firmware, but we repeat that on some smartphones of the budget segment this function is not available. In addition, depending on the version of the system software, the procedure may differ, although not much.

      The easiest way to do the desired operation is using the “Contacts” application. find it on one of the desktops or in the menu and open.

    Next, enable the display of contacts on the device. To do this, open the application menu (a separate button or three dots at the top) and select “Settings”.

    Then select the “Contacts” option. In the next window, tap on the item “Show contacts”. Select the “Device” option.

    Return to the list of subscribers, find the one you need in the list and tap on it.

  • Find the “Edit” button or an item with a pencil icon at the top and tap it. On the latest smartphones (in particular, S8 of both versions), this must be done from the address book: find a contact, tap and hold for 1-2 seconds, then select the “Change” item from the context menu.
  • Find the Ringtone field in the list and tap it. If it is absent, use the “Add another field” button, then select the desired item from the list.
  • Clicking on the “Ringtone” item leads to a call to the application to select a ringtone. Media Store is responsible for standard ringtones, while the rest (file managers, cloud clients, music players) allow you to select a third-party music file. Find the program you need (for example, a standard utility) and click “Only once”.

    Find the desired ringtone in the list of music and confirm the selection. In the contact editing window, click “Save” and exit the application.

    Done. the ringtone for a specific subscriber is installed. The procedure can be repeated for other contacts, if the need arises.

    As a result, we note that it is very easy to set a ringtone on Samsung phones. In addition to system tools, some music players also support this option.

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