Detailed instructions for setting digital television

Digital television is free throughout Russia. Let the choice are small, only 20 television channels, but relevant news about the whole world is always displayed here and entertainment programs are the first to come out. All that needs to be done to get to them is to set an antenna and configure a digital TV on a TV or prefix. We have already given advice on choosing the best antenna for receiving digital TV. Now we give instructions for setting up TVs and consoles on the example of popular brands of devices.

If the antenna is installed correctly and there is a DVB-T2 tuner in the TV, it remains only to set up. In general, the algorithm of action is similar on most TVs. Following the logic from the instructions below, you can set up on almost any device.

  • We go to the main menu of the TV, and from there. to “Settings”.
  • Choosing the item “Television”, “Television” or “Canals”.
  • We launch “Auto.Narrowing” and select the source of the “Cable” signal.
  • Click on the option “digital” if there is a choice.
  • We expect the TV to find the channels.

In some cases, the automatic detection of digital channels does not work. In this case, select the “manual” search mode and indicate manually search data. Part of the data can be found on the CET card map. The frequency (MGC) and the channel frequency is important. The speed (6875 ks/s) and modulation is usually useful. usually 256 QAM. They are needed less often.

Ways to view channels on LG Smart TV without payment of services

So that after replacing a simple TV with a smart one, I do not have to conclude an agreement with the provider and lay out the amount from several hundred for connection, additional equipment and a package of the necessary options, you can use the following methods:

How to install LG Channels on webOS if not available in the LG Content store?

  • set up 20 free all.Russian digital TV channels;
  • install programs for IP-television and add free playlists from the network.

If the services of a telecom operator are paid before the purchase of a Smart telephone holder, the channels will still be available. You only need to download the right software and playlists that the provider provides. You will not have to pay money for a change of equipment, but the subscription fee will remain the same. This method does not apply to free. it is designed to simplify the setting of channels for users who will continue to watch digital TV on a new generation TV TV.

Instructions for connecting free channels

Time to talk about how to watch digital TV for free (20 channels)? Everything is quite simple here, the promised free television channels are available immediately after setting up the hardware: purchases of the antenna, prefixes (if necessary) and their connection.

  • The choice of antenna. First of all, we recommend that you determine the distance to the nearest broadcast (there is a map of the digital coating of Russia, we can see here). If the tower is at a distance of 5 km and there are no obstacles between you and it, we recommend buying an indoor antenna. When the distance is up to 20 km, we can use the external antenna without an amplifier. If the distance is from 20 to 80 km, you have to buy an external model with an amplifier. It is also worth clarifying, suddenly there is a cooperative antenna in the house, it better catches a signal, but a monthly fee is charged.
  • . Now we determine whether we need a prefix. If the TV is old, most likely you have to buy it. For example, Samsung TVs until 2013 may not support T2. To verify this, we study the instructions. If nothing is said about the support of DVB-T2, the prefix is ​​needed. Owners of new TVs do not need an additional device. In relation to the prefix model. we can take any, albeit the cheapest (up to 700). In expensive varieties there are additional functions: watching a video from a flash drive, recording television programs.

  • We mount all the devices. It remains to install the antenna on the roof and directed towards the nearest broadcast. We connect the cable from the antenna to the prefix or TV (if there is T2 support), and the power supply is included in the network. We connect the prefix with the TV.
  • Search for television channels. The last stage before connecting digital channels. Click on the pre.Back button “Avtopoisk” or on TV. “Auto”, which is located mainly the menu and tab “Channels”. After the completion of the procedure, all free channels become available.

Repair of LG TVs from 45 minutes

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Repair of LG TVs from 45 minutes

Order repairs in our service center, and get a serviceable device on the same day, from 45 minutes

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Leave your question through the feedback form and it is the master who will call you back and will answer without imposing which. or services.

Setting digital cable television on LG

Setting up the LV for digital channels is quite simple. Individual generations of TVs have features of this process. However, in practice, the user should not have difficulties.

digital, channels, smart

Advice! Before starting work, it is useful to carry out basic TV settings. That is, indicate the region of residence, the country and the city, as well as establish the right time.

The initial information made will be used in the registration of the company. The LG account will allow access to the application store to install software.


The settings of digital channels when receiving the signal through the antenna or cable of the provider can be automatically. This will need:

  • The screen menu is called by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control;
  • The cursor buttons select the channel search point;
  • By pressing OK, the user gets access to the next menu;
  • Having highlighted the Avtopoisk item, just click OK.

Automatic searches of channels do not last long. Its main advantage is that the user does not need to set the frequencies and manually regulate the image quality. However, this method has a drawback on the old generation TVs: all found channels, digital and analogue are added to the list. The user has to manually sort them. In new generation TVs, automatic search is more advanced. The user himself decides which channels or their group to include in the list.

Manual setting on old models

In old LG models, manual setting of channels is quite simple. The procedure looks as follows:

  • you must go to the screen menu;
  • Having selected the section channels, the user presses OK and gets into the internal menu;
  • Here you need to select a manual setting item.

The system will request a multiplex frequency range for search. By introducing the necessary data and by pressing OK, you can find active translator channels. The procedure is repeated for the second multiplex. If the TV model is very old and rewrites the list of channels, the frequency must be indicated once in a general video video.

Manual setting on new models

New LG models require a special procedure before starting manual search. Their operating system believes that by default the antenna mode works with an analog signal. To start a search in the frequency ranges of the etheric DVB T2, you must switch to digital broadcasting TV LG. The user is required:

  • Go to the menu by pressing the menu button or with a house icon;
  • enter the “channels” section;
  • Select and activate the “Channel Search” item;
  • configure cable TV as a signal source (point “cable”);
  • to a request for the system about the name of the provider, select the item “Other parameters”;
  • indicate the type of search “Network”, set the frequency range common to multiplexes working in the region;
  • press “next”;
  • Activate the box “only digital”.

It remains only to wait for the end of the search for channels. The same operation can be done from the section of the quick setting of the screen menu.

Important! It is worth noting that the system of cable television providers may require that the settings of time and dates on the user’s TV correspond to the broadcasting network. To do this, you need to go to the screen menu. In the block of general settings there are appropriate checkboxes for synchronization of the date and time with the broadcast network.

Channel tuning on the prefix

The site already has a detailed article about connecting and setting up a digital console. If briefly, then:

  • setting is usually offered by the receiver at the first launch;
  • It is necessary to select the search mode. is it automatic;
  • set language and country (or Germany);
  • if the launch of the prefix is ​​not the first, the desired menu is called “search” or “installation”;
  • If required, you need to write off the antenna, in the settings of the prefix, the item “Power of the Antenna” is activated;
  • If AvtoPoisk is unsuccessful, perform a manual configuration. See the number of TV channels and frequencies of two multiplexes. Scan each multiplex alternately.

Automatic setting

In order to configure digital television on TV LG, you need to act in accordance with a simple instruction:

  • Open the main menu.
  • Switch to the Settings tab.
  • Launch Avtopoisk.
  • Select the type of television broadcasting. analog or digital.
  • Wait a few minutes until TV finds available channels.

To date, two free multiplex has been launched in Russia. This means that each of the users can configure at least 20 channels, depending on the region of residence.

How to Search Local Channels on LG Smart TV

What to do if you can’t configure the channels on LG?

There are more than 10 different reasons why the channels are not tuned on the LG TV, that is, they are not displayed at all or they have a lot of interference. This is a material for a separate article that we already have. Read more about all the problems and ways to correct them in the instructions: “Why do not show channels on the TV”.

No matter what you have for the LG TV model with Nanocell or even OLED, the television setting instructions should be applicable. However, it is possible that not verbatim and one must be guided by logic. It may be that some points have other names, but the meaning should be the same. You can leave all your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we, as always, try to answer them.