How to set digital television on the Samsung TV through the antenna?

By the end of 2020, analogue broadcasting will be disconnected in all regions of the country. It is replaced by an etheric digital TV, which is distinguished by high quality of the image, the signal does not disappear during snowfall, strong wind or rain. In today’s article, we’ll talk about how to configure a digital signal on the Samsung TV, as this is one of the most popular TV brands among Russians.

How to Get Local Channels on Samsung Smart TV

To connect DTV (digital television from English Digital TV) is not needed by a specialist. Independent setting up to any user, the nuances of which depend on the TV model.

On modern models with support for DVB-T2 (European standard of 2nd generation digital television), digital TV is configured automatically and manually. Additional devices, in addition to the antenna receiving a signal, are not needed. a special tuner is installed in the TV for the adoption and processing of a digital signal.

To connect obsolete models with DVB-T marking (first generation standard) to digital broadcasting will have to get a special prefix. The cost of the console starts from 1000 r., The price depends on the model, manufacturer and point of sale. The most running. Lumax and Dexp. It is not necessary to choose an expensive option. to search for free federal channels, a simple model is enough.

What television signals are

To view cable television, a cable from the provider must be brought to the apartment. In this case, we are talking about digital broadcasting, unlike analogue, which used an analog signal. The same category includes the broadcast, which is carried out via the Internet.

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Satellite broadcasting is conducted using satellites who are high above the ground. Typically, the broadcast allows viewers to enjoy the high quality of the image and sound. To watch such channels require an accurately configured satellite antenna. The vast majority of such channels are paid.

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Therefore, their viewing is possible provided that the corresponding tariff was paid. To view users, cards are transmitted that certify the fact of payment. They must be inserted into a CAM module or the corresponding connector on the TV.

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Setting LG

In order to install cable channels on the Elji TV of old models, it is necessary to change the country, the same as when choosing a country Russia, the DVB-C format will not be available and it is necessary to put Finland or Germany in the parameters of TV. After that, you can configure digital channels.

  • Go to the menu, click on Avtosisk by choosing a cable TV.
  • You will be provided with a list of operators, choose your own, if you are not, be sure to click on others.
  • Choose a full search
  • Put a box on digital channels.
  • Click on OK and wait for the end of the search.

How to configure the order order

With the initial connection of the antenna, the software itself proposes to build channels using Auto.Authority. TV sets the sequence of television channels on its own or using the signal operator.

You can change the established order of television channels only if it was the result of a TV auto.building. If the pattern was put up by the operator’s company, then it is impossible to cancel or change this action.

To configure your own pattern of channels, it is necessary:

cable, channels, samsung

Repeat points 6 and 7 in relation to other channels.

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Repair of Samsung TVs for 1 day

Order repairs in our service center, and get a serviceable device on the same day, with a guarantee of up to 1 year

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How To Scan for Channels on Samsung TV

Varieties of TV samsung

Samsung has been producing household appliances since 1930. In 1998. The company introduced the world’s largest TV with a LCD screen, the size of which was 30 inches. Modern models can be divided into 3 options:

  • Models with a built-in tuner for receiving a digital signal DVB-T
  • Options with an external device.
  • TVs that do not support the digital signal, they need a prefix.

The digital channels themselves are broadcast via the Internet for Smart TV or via IPTV. Before setting up, the equipment must be found out whether the DVB-T2 TV supports, and clarify the year of release and model.

How to find out the model and year of release TV

The setting of digital channels on samsung begins with the clarification of the year of release and the TV model. You can do this in 2 ways: go to the TV menu or watch the label on the back panel.

  • Through the TV menu. Find the “menu” button on the remote control. Select “Support”. Then, “Appeal to Samsung“. The screen will open, where the point “Model code” will be.
  • On the label of the device. Information is applied in the form of a code where each letter has its own value, for example, UE32F6800. The information decrypted as follows:
  • UE. TV type: ue/le. liquid crystal, PS/PE. plasma.
  • 32. diagonal, varies from 19 to 105 inches.
  • F is the year of release, its classification: a. 2008, b. 09, C. 10, D. 11, ES/EH. 12, FH. 13, H/HU. 14, J/Ju/JS. 15, 15, K/KU/KS. 16, M/MU/Q/LS. 17, N/NU. 2018, S. premium variants of different years.
  • 6800. digital designation of modification TV.

When the model is defined, check whether it supports a digital signal without a special prefix.

How to determine the presence of a tuner

Without an additional prefix, you can configure TV with a built-in or external tuner for receiving a signal DVB-T2. The module easily decodes 20 base channels that are transferred to digital broadcasting.

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You can check if there is such equipment in your TV model on the official Samsung website or in the passport to the TV. On the manufacturer’s resource, it is enough to find the “Technical Characteristics” column, go to the “Broadcasting System” or “Tuners”, enter these models and see if there are DVB-T2 plus or not. If there is, digital television is available.

For reference. You can configure digital television on Samsung TVs without a prefix in most versions QE,UE, Hg, Go. Smart models receive signals via the Internet.

How to set up channels on old TV

Samsung TV setup is as follows:

  • Open the main menu and switch to the “Channel” tab.
  • Go to “auto.building”, then open “cable search parameters”. After that, the necessary parameters are entered.
  • Return back and select “Auto.building”.
  • Then indicate the “cable”, “search for digital and analog channels”. The last setup is needed to determine the type of channels.
  • The “Network” indicate the search mode.
  • After that, click on the “Search” button.
  • After completing the settings, click on the OK button.

How to watch local channels

When switching to digital TV, all local television channels continued to broadcast in analog format, the exclusion of the news of the GTRK. Therefore, if you want to watch local programs on your Samsung TV, you need to configure analog channels.

Therefore, when installing the channels, choose a digital and analog. After the scan passes, you can watch both the number and an analogue. In order to move from one format to another, you just need to duplicate the channel number by pressing the same button.