How to set up an alarm

Having figured out how to turn on the alarm clock on Android, you can also customize it to suit your preferences and needs.

Other settings

In addition to the settings presented above, you can also add a short description to each time, for example, if a student sets the wake-up time to different pairs.

Another option allows you to automatically delete the alarm after it has been triggered, if in the future it is no longer needed.

Another switch adjusts the presence of vibration accompanying the wake-up melody.

Snooze time

The ascent time can be set both for a single occasion, and set it on a daily repetition. over, if the user’s schedule is not constant throughout the week, the application makes it possible to choose on which days a particular alarm will be triggered. There is even a special option “On weekdays”.

Important! It is possible to rearrange the alarm immediately after it goes off a few minutes ahead by selecting the appropriate option on the screen.

How to turn off the alarm

To turn off a working alarm after it has triggered, you must either press the corresponding button on the screen, or the button to unlock the smartphone.

If you want to turn off an alarm that has not yet worked, you need to find it in the list and click on the switch next to the description. When less than an hour is left before the triggering, a reminder appears in the notification bar. Often, by clicking on this notification, you can disable the activation of the program without going into the application itself.

Where is the alarm clock on Android Samsung and other phones

To find where the alarm is on Android, you need to go to the Clock app. Usually on the desktop of phones from Samsung, ASUS and other manufacturers there is a corresponding widget, clicking on which you can go to the application. It has several tabs:

  • clock;
  • stopwatch;
  • timer;
  • alarm clock.

alarm, samsung, phone

Note! Switching between tabs, you can select the desired service. Sometimes it immediately opens as a start page, and there is no need to search for it.

Setting the melody

Firstly, the user can independently choose the melody to which he has to wake up. The system has a number of standard audio tracks: from monotonous peals to sounds of nature and birds singing.

In addition, you can choose your own melody, for example, a song saved on your phone. To do this, find the option “Select a melody on the device” and specify the path to the desired audio track.

Volume control

Volume control takes place outside of the app. Usually, you can set the desired alarm volume through the volume control buttons on the smartphone itself. This option is on a par with the master volume and app volume controls.

Why the alarm does not work

The reasons why the notification does not work are hidden in the overabundance of temporary files in the “Watch”. In this case, it is recommended:

  • open “Settings” and go to “Applications”;
  • expand Dispatcher or All Applications;
  • click on the ellipsis or “Options”, enable “Show system applications”;
  • in the list that appears, tap on “Clock”;
  • go to “Memory” or “Persistent storage”;
  • tap on “Clear data” and “Erase cache”.

Set a new alarm after surgery.

  • the notification did not work due to a firmware update;
  • the device has an application for cleaning files or an antivirus that blocks the clock;
  • Normal or Super Power Saving Mode is enabled: it turns off unimportant processes to save battery;
  • the ringer volume on the smartphone is set to minimum. go to the melody selection item and unscrew the slider to the maximum.

It remains for the user to check each of these items manually. It is important for Honor that when the phone is off, the call will ring.

How to Change Alarm Sound on Samsung

After a system update on the Samsung Galaxy A50, A51 or J2 Core, some of the settings are rolled back, because of which you will have to change the language of the system synthesizer in the smartphone. To find and configure it:

  • go to “Settings”. Scroll down the list and open “General Settings”;
  • select “Language and input”;
  • tap on “Convert text to speech”;
  • click on “Preferred Module” and install “TTS Samsung Module”;
  • back to the previous menu, click on the gear next to “Preferred module”;
  • select “Install voice data” in the list;
  • a list of language packs appears. Find Russian among them and tap on it to start downloading to the device;
  • go back to the previous window. Install “Russian” with one click. Click on the gear next to the tongue to set a male or female voice;
  • now go back to your desktop and open the menu with alarm settings;
  • select the set signal and in the settings click on “Alarm sound”;
  • then click on “Ringtone”;
  • turn off and then turn on the “Sound time” function from below;
  • go back to the settings and click “Save”.

How to Use Alarm on Samsung Phone: Where to Find, How to Enable and Set Up

The alarm clock on a Samsung phone is a standard utility preinstalled in the device along with the firmware. We will explain how to set an alarm, change the melody and sound volume. We will separately mention how to set up the sound of the time if the synthesizer began to speak English.

Where is and how to set an alarm on Samsung

To set an alarm on Samsung, go to its settings in 2 ways:

  • tapping on the clock widget on the desktop;
  • by making a swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen and tapping on the “Clock” application.

A new window with a list of signals will open. The preset looks like this:

  • to turn on the bell, activate the toggle switch opposite the set time;
  • click on the illuminated dial to expand the settings menu;
  • in the block above, set the time when the bell should sound. Mark the days below for sound notification.

The next is a block of auxiliary add-ins, some of which are allowed to be disabled or changed:

  • “Alarm name”. enter the name of the alarm clock here;
  • “Alarm clock sound”. determines the composition that will play when the alarm is activated. Go to “Ringtone” to change the melody, use the slider to change the volume level of the music;
  • “Vibration”. indicates whether the vibration motor will work at the time of the call. The vibration type can be changed in the same way as the audio composition;
  • “Pause”. here they set how often and how many times the notification will play.

When finished with the settings, tap on the “Save” button to return to the previous menu.

When you need to set more calls than 1, find “Clock” again and in the window that opens, tap on the “” icon. Then use the instructions described above.

Setting up an alarm clock on Samsung smartphones takes 1-2 minutes, as well as finding a solution if it does not work or if the language for sounding the time is changed.

Option 3. For the Jidais.

If you are a real computer enthusiast, then you probably already got ROOT access on your phone. If you don’t know what it is, then you don’t need to read further.

The Android system, sharpened for use around the world, not only has built-in true multilingualism, but also the ability to use the phone with any time zone. Time zones are usually fairly constant and have not changed for decades. And it is for this reason that all data on the names of time zones, as well as their offsets from the zero time zone, are entered into a special database located in a protected section of the internal memory of the phone. And you can change it only either by updating the entire firmware as a whole, or having received ROOT access, only change the data directly in this database.

So, ROOT access is available and in order to replace the data in the database with time zones on the phone, you need to use the free TimeZone Fixer program. When launched, the program determines the current version of the database installed on the phone and, if necessary, updates the values ​​available in it. After completing the work, you need to restart the phone. Of course, you can change the database with the help of other programs also available from Google Play, as well as carry out all the manipulations completely independently using only standard tools.

After the reboot, the desired zone for Moscow GMT3 finally appears in the list of time zones, and the correct zones for other regions. Select the desired (your) region, having previously not forgotten to turn off the automatic update of the time and time zone from the cellular network. And it seems that everything should be corrected and adjusted, but, alas, the Galaxy S5 runs on the Android 4.4.x system, namely, in the family of these systems, for the sake of beauty or some other purpose, the time zones were registered in one more place. It is possible that similar behavior will be preserved in all future versions of Android.

Now, the time and time zone on the phone are displayed correctly, but the events in Google Calendar, the time of calls in the log and SMS in the folder with SMS are displayed incorrectly. The old time zone is used. The point is that it is necessary to change one more file, in which, at the behest of not quite competent system developers, alternative values ​​for time zones are stored. To fix this, you need to do the following:

A. Copy the file located at /system/usr/icu/icu51dt.dat from your phone to your computer or to your phone‘s SD card. This can be done, for example, using Root Explorer or a similar program. Please note that the file is quite large, about 18 megabytes.

B. Download the resulting file to the website page of one of the fans of the operating system and wait for the processing to finish. Download the processed file back. If the site is not available, then you need to look for already processed files specifically for your phone, or try to figure it out yourself with the ICU toolkit.

B. Copy the downloaded processed file from the site back to /system/usr/icu/icu51dt.dat. Make sure that the permissions for all groups are set at least to read mode. Reboot phone.

D. Enjoy the correct time zone, no time shift in the calendar, calls and SMS.

How to Change Date and Time on Honor or Huawei Smartphones. Auto Adjust

To be sure of the accuracy of the time, and not to be late anywhere, set the auto-tuning of the clock. For convenience, they are placed on the home screen using a widget. The location of partitions and options depends on the firmware and OS version. Additional switches may be added in the new update.

Find the “gear” icon and click on it. the “Settings” will open.

Go to the “System” section, find the line “Date and time”.

It is also possible to simplify your task by entering the required value in the search bar and clicking on the desired item.

Usually, there is “Auto-tuning”, but if you noticed that the function does not cope with the task, configure it manually.
To do this, you need to disable auto-tuning by dragging the slider into the inactive phase.

You will see two new lines that change separately. “Date” and “Time”.
To set the date, select the appropriate item and set the desired date, month and year.

To set the time, drag the numbers until you set the exact hour and minutes, and confirm the decision by clicking “Ok”.

In the same way, the time zone changes if necessary.

In the case when you need to synchronize the clock with the network, and this task appears during a flight to a foreign country, activate the “Autotune” function again by dragging the slider in the opposite direction.

Help software

You can also use software to determine the required MTU size without experimenting with a router. For example, the TCP Optimizer program performs independent calculations on the communication channel and gives the result to the user with a full description of the problem. It is quite convenient, but resource-intensive. After all, the program needs to be found, downloaded, installed and understood in its performance. And having figured it out, any user will find that the application uses a banal ping of some resource on the Internet. It turns out that you can determine the MTU from the command line? Easily, you just need to reduce the packet size by one until the server response is positive. ping 1499.

Many software products for setting up networks offer fine tuning by editing the system registry, prescribing special keys for network equipment. Such functionality was in demand in the systems of the last century, however, modern operating systems are able to adapt themselves to the created communication channel and sometimes, to work efficiently, after fine-tuning the router, you need to restart the computer.

How to customize your clock using a widget

You can also customize the clock using the widget that the user installed earlier. This is very convenient, because there is no need to search for a specific item in the settings. This is an easier and faster way to enter data, go to phone settings. In order to configure the clock through the widget, you need the following:

  • First, you need to unlock the phone and open the start screen or the one on which the widget itself is located;
  • Click on the clock widget;
  • After that, the alarm clock opens. On different Honor firmwares, it is excellent, but it always remains that there is a “settings” item on the bottom panel. We tap on it;
  • The system will automatically guide the user to the watch settings. There he can choose either manual or automatic method.

This method has the advantage that there is no need to look for a specialized section in the settings themselves. It is enough to go to the widget, which is always visible for the user. It is convenient, therefore this method takes place on the user’s shelf according to the system settings.

Does Always On Display spoil

OLED screens are known to be subject to “burn-in” during prolonged static images, and developers have used software-based techniques to combat this phenomenon. Samsung has also implemented a special pixel burn-in algorithm, so there is nothing to worry about. Complaints of some users are more likely directed to the virtual Home button, since it is constantly highlighted when the AOD is on, but even here, due to the constant micro-movement in a given area relative to the center, invisible to our eyes, it is not always in one place.

What do you think of AOD? Is this feature useful? Leave your comments below.

How to set time and date on Samsung

As you know, today’s Samsung phones allow you to quickly and conveniently set the date and time using their interface.

Turn on your device. Press the power button on the right side of the device to wake it up. If the device is turned off, hold down the phone button for more than 3 seconds to turn it on;

Turn on the phone by pressing the corresponding key

Go to the home screen. To do this, on early Samsung phones, press the Home button. Some devices may be locked, so you need to enter a pattern, code or any passphrase to go to the initial screen of the device;

If necessary, press the “Home” button to go to the main screen

Next, click on the “Settings” shortcut to open the settings for your Samsung phone;

Tap on the settings shortcut on your Samsung

In the list of the opened settings sections, find the “Date and Time” section and tap on it. In modern Samsung phones, this subsection can be found in the “General settings” section;

  • After opening the section, two main settings will become available to you.
  • “Auto time detection”. this setting is responsible for receiving date and time data from your mobile operator. If it is activated, then your mobile operator is responsible for the accuracy of the time. If the data is displayed incorrectly with this option, then we recommend that you deactivate (disable) this option by unchecking it or moving the slider to the extreme left position.

    Disable automatic time detection on your smartphone

    You will have to independently choose the time zone for your location (search engines will help you with this), as well as manually set the actual information on Samsung.

    After installing them, your smartphone will be based on the data entered by you personally.

    “24-hour format”. answers in which 12 or 24-hour system the time is displayed. In the case of the 12-hour time format, the designations “a.m” (“ante meridiem”. before noon. night and morning time) and “p.m” (“post meridiem”. after noon. daytime and evening time) can be displayed next to the time.

    Select in which format the time will be displayed

    What is auto-dialing on a phone

    Auto redial on the phone is a function that, when enabled, allows you to automatically dial a phone number many times, until the subscriber picks up the phone. Dump or Busy Line. Redial.

    This function is extremely useful if you have to repeatedly dial the same number, which for some reason is busy, or is unavailable.

    For example, auto-dialing will be relevant when trying to get through to any institution where there is no multichannel PBX.

    Especially the convenience of using auto-dialing will be appreciated by all those whose activities are associated with the need to make a lot of calls: collectors for calls to debtors, call-center employees, promoters and other people working in the field of advertising to call customers.

    The auto-dial function on the phone can be set in several ways:

    • With the help of programs built into the phone (if available);
    • Using applications;
    • Order a service from special online services (paid);
    • With the help of services from mobile operators (MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Megafon).

    How to enable auto dialer on Android phone (Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei)

    To enable auto redial on an Android phone, you need to:

    • Go to Android settings;
    • Go to system applications;
    • Go to phone settings;
    • Open advanced settings;
    • Activate the switch opposite the “Autodial” mode.

    Auto dialer apps for Android: download programs

    In addition to the built-in function, the user has the ability to download and install auto dialer applications on his Android phone or tablet.

    List of free Android dialer apps on the Play Market website:

    • Auto Dial (Water Labs)
    • Autodial (lithiumS)
    • Autodial (Solar Software Systems)

    All applications are quite simple and intuitive.

    Screenshot of Water Labs Autodial app:

    Auto redial settings allow you to set the following parameters:

    • Call duration;
    • The interval between calls;
    • Provide phone number.
    • Enable the function of activating the speakerphone when dialing;
    • Enable dialing to several different numbers if the subscriber has more than 1 phone;
    • Set call recording.

    After completing the settings, the user only needs to press the large call button.

    It is worth noting that you can enable auto-dialing from both an open number and a hidden one, in which case the subscriber will see information that the call is being made from an unknown number.

    You can make calls to both mobile and home landline phones. But do not forget that such calls have a separate tariffication and are often expensive.

    Other applications from this list are very similar in their functionality and also easily allow you to make an auto-dial from your Android mobile device to the desired number.

    How to set up an auto-dialer on an Android phone

    Topic: How to enable auto redial on an Android phone | Free apps and programs for autodialing on Android smartphone online.

    Many modern landline telephones have an auto-dial program at their disposal, which is often badly needed. Those who used it know how effectively it can save time. But nowadays, mobile phones have overtaken landlines in popularity, so in this article we will look at how to enable auto-dialing on an Android phone.

    But before considering the question of how to set up an auto-dial on an Android phone, let’s figure out what auto-dialing is, what it is for, and who can be useful.

    How to make an auto redial on an Android mobile phone

    Most modern cellular mobile phones running the Android operating system already have a built-in program for automatic dialer in their arsenal, it is simply not activated in the settings. Autodial is available in Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Meizu and other popular brands.

    Let’s look at how to make an auto-dialer on an Android phone using the built-in function, and then we’ll look at auto-dialer apps.

    Stationary dialers

    You can buy stationary dialers at a good price on Yandex Market:

    I hope the article “How to connect the auto redial function on an Android mobile phone online” was useful to you.

    Didn’t find the answer? Then use the search form:

    Third way to turn on alarm clock on Android phone. programs

    There are a lot of programs for Android to turn on the alarm clock. You just need to write this word in the Play market, and the system will immediately provide you with dozens of.

    I will not advise which one to choose. they are free, and we have different tastes. I might like one, you might like the other, and the next visitor might like the third.

    If you want. try a few, leave the one you like, and delete the rest.

    How to Enable Alarm Clock on Android Samsung. Standard Option

    There are several options. The easiest one is to open the “Menu” (all programs. the icon of nine black dots on a white background) and click on the clock icon.

    Now (if the “Alarm” option is selected), at the top right, click on “Add”

    Now we set the clock and click “Save” at the top. For example, I set it to 6 o’clock in the morning.

    You can also set which days, alarm type, volume, melody, pause duration and increasing volume.

    How to enable smart alarms on Android

    Smart alarm can be turned on not only in the bracelet Xiaomi Mi band 1s, but also on Android.

    To do this, you need to download the leep as Android app. Whether it will make your sleep healthier, I don’t know, but this is its key purpose.

    The program will independently determine the phases of your sleep. In this case, the phone should be next to you on the bed.

    Then, due to the accelerometer, the program will wake you up in the fast hay phase for more or less approximately the specified time.

    The second way to turn on the alarm clock on Samsung is a widget

    The second way is with a widget. Android has a built-in alarm clock widget.

    To bring it to the desktop, press on it with your finger in any free place and hold your finger a little. Then click on widgets.

    Now press and hold your finger on the alarm clock widget for a while.

    It will appear on your desktop very soon. You just have to click on the line: “Click here to create an alarm clock”.

    Then everything is as described in the first section.

    3 proven ways to quickly turn on an alarm in your Android smartphone or tablet

    There are several ways, on an Android phone, more precisely a smartphone or tablet, to turn on the alarm.

    From the device itself Samsung Galaxy, fly, Lenovo, Xiaomi and so on, little depends, since the functionality is implemented in Android itself.

    Therefore, how to turn on the alarm clock on an Android phone depends more on its version. the principle is the same.

    NOTE: The descriptions below will be based on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android 6.0.1, so the pictures may not match exactly with your device.

    How to turn on the alarm on the phone off

    Not at all, but on many androids, turning on the alarm when the phone is off will not work.

    In many devices, when turned off, only the clock works, like a laptop.

    The only thing you can do is put your smartphone or tablet in “offline mode”.

    On Fly IQ 441, Meizu MX2 lenovo a820, Huawei Honor 3, Xiaomi mi2 it works when the phone is off, but in yours I don’t know, but if there is a scheduled on / off function, it should work.

    In general, the possibilities that Android offers its users are great. We can turn the device into an advanced calculator, translator, doctor, financial advisor, navigator and much more, but some of the functions that you know from the oldest phone are unfortunately not available.

    The vast majority of Android phones will not wake up alarms if turned off. This is completely normal behavior, but sad news for those who like to turn off their phone at night.

    Those that turn on, in fact, are not disabled, more precisely, as if by half, in fact, they remain in standby mode.

    It is technically possible to work around this problem, but it takes a lot of effort. a much simpler solution, as I mentioned above, is to use offline mode.

    In airplane mode, you will not receive any message to your smartphone or tablet if they are turned off (even an assertive friend will not reach you), and the device will wake you up at the appointed time. Success.

    First Way to Set Alarm Ringtone in Samsung Phone

    Most of us just use our default mobile alarm, but more options are available to you.

    You can not only set your own melody, but also use other useful options: adjusting the sleep time and the number of repetitions, but more on that later, now let’s try to change the set melody to our own.

    To do this, start the alarm and click on the “Blue Plus” (bottom right). Then we turn it down and select the line “Melody and alarm volume”

    Then we go down again and select “Add from phone”. Here we select, put a tick and do not forget to click “Finish”. All. You did a great job. Congratulations.

    Second way to set alarm ringtone in Samsung phone

    If you really need to get up at a certain time, then the alarm is definitely worth setting.

    Sometimes the truth is, after waking up, you want to take a nap. then set yourself two alarms for several or tens of minutes.

    If so, put the first one calm and relatively quiet, and the second louder and more aggressive, so that full awakening can be achieved only after the second signal.

    How to change a melody to a calm and aggressive one? To do this, you can use the Samsung player.

    After the note of the melody that you want to put, click on the dots at the top (the picture above is shown), click on the line “Use as”, select the signal melody.

    You can even choose a specific place from which the song should start to start. put a bird in front of the line “Selected Fragment”.

    3 Proven Ways to Change Alarm Ringtone on Samsung Phone

    Do you have a favorite sound? If desired, you can easily implement it as an alarm clock. What’s more, you can even put a movie on the screen when the alarm rings.?

    To do this, you need to install the program “Dodol Pop” on your Samsung and you can almost instantly make a video signal.

    In the case of setting a video as an alarm clock, the user can enter a message (for example, “it’s time to get up”), set the alarm time, select the days on which it should be repeated, the volume of the sound

    When it’s time for the alarm, the movie will be displayed at the top of the screen, and below you will find information about the current time and your message.

    We can turn off the alarm by moving the slider at the bottom. Moving it to the right turns it off, and moving it to the left puts it off for five minutes.

    In the same way, it works in the case of an incoming call. in addition to video, you also have information about who is calling, etc.

    Third Way to Change Alarm Ringtone in Samsung Phone

    In many guides, you can read that the alarm should be loud and annoying. so you make sure to get up and turn it off.

    This solution has a drawback: if we get angry, then this nervousness will last much longer than the signal goes out.

    Better to establish a song or melody that is calm enough, but at the same time stimulates us to act.

    This could be part of your favorite band, or something you listen to while you work, or exercise, for example.

    Our subconscious mind quickly associates sound with physical activity. and we will feel a surge of energy.

    There are even more interesting solutions on the Play Store. a malicious alarm clock. To calm it down, you need to solve a problem that requires deliberation, counting or scanning a barcode.

    The application has a huge number of settings in which you can set your own melody, vibration, screen flicker and much more.

    You can also save multiple alarms that will work on different days of the week. You can also define playlists and audio fade times to make it easier to wake up.

    If you choose the merciless alarm clock app, then besides the fact that it cannot be turned off, you will not even be able to lower the sound volume.

    Wake N Shake will automatically turn off your phone screen when you place it face down. An interesting feature is the ability to get various effects when you shake the phone.

    “Shake-it Alarm Clock” is a very aesthetic and pleasant application, wakes up and shows cute animals. You can set multiple alarms on different days of the week.

    Interestingly, to turn it off, you need to either shake the phone, or touch the screen, or shout. The app can also send a message to a previously specified contact.

    SleepBot is a very good sleep monitoring application with the ability to record sound, motion and analyze the collected data. Due to the fact that the signal is activated at the right time, when sleep is shallow, you will wake up feeling much better.

    The application analyzes body movements during sleep using an accelerator built into the phone, on this basis it determines the phase of sleep. In order for SleepBot to work properly, you need to put your phone on the bed next to the pillow.

    “Sleep Cycle” is another very good and highly regarded alarm clock that analyzes sleep phases based on body movements to wake us up at the optimal moment.

    Sleep Cache uses an accelerometer or microphone to record movements while you sleep. For the app to work properly, you need to position your smartphone on the mattress of your bed or on a nightstand located as close to your sleeping area as possible. Good luck and good sleep.

    How to turn off the alarm on iPhone if the screen is not working?

    So how do you turn off your iPhone if the sensor isn’t working? Take the device in your hands and simultaneously hold down the lock button and the “Home” key. Keep them pressed until the smartphone screen turns off. If you are using the seventh iPhone, then instead of the Home button, you will use the volume down key.

    How to set an alarm in an Asus phone?

    Open the Clock, click on. and select the alarm you want to repeat.

    • Open Clock, click on.
    • Tap on Alarm Volume.
    • Move the slider to the right to increase the volume and press OK.

    Samsung Galaxy S5. How to set an alarm

    How to change the ringtone in sleep mode?

    • Open the Clock app.
    • Press Sleep.
    • In the Audio for Sleep section, select the current audio or click Select another audio.
    • Select app and sound. You can also use sounds from your device. Learn more about how to include files from other applications

    Why the alarm does not work on the switched off iPhone?

    Unlike older phones, the alarm on your iPhone won’t work if your phone is turned off. But the ringtone will sound if your iPhone is in silent or do not disturb mode. This meant you could go to bed knowing that your phone wouldn’t beep until it was time to get up. May 8, 2018.

    How to Find Alarm on Samsung Phone?

    • Open the “Clock” application by selecting the corresponding icon on the desktop or on the application screen of the Samsung smartphone.
    • Go to the tab “Alarm” and click below “”.
    • Set the signal time, repeat and pause between signals.

    Why the alarm doesn’t ring on iPhone?

    IPhone alarm does not work. what to do

    Launch the Clock app and go to the Alarm tab. Click “Change” and delete any set alarms. After turning on your iPhone or iPad, launch the Clock app and set the alarms for the desired time.

    How to restore sound on your phone?

    Why did the sound go missing on the phone? Check your settings!

    • Open the main menu and find the gear icon labeled “Settings”.
    • A large list will open in front of you, from which you need to select the “Sounds” or “Volume” tab.
    • A list of volume modes will appear in front of you, adjust the slider for each.

    How to set an alarm on a computer?

    • We go to the “Start” menu and write “Task Scheduler” in the search bar.
    • The task scheduler opens, in it we click “Create a simple task”.
    • Since we are creating an alarm clock, in the “Name” line we write “Alarm clock”.
    • Now you need to specify the alarm mode by setting the marker.

    How to set alarm ringtone Samsung j5?

    How to set ringtone for contact and ringtone in Galaxy J5

    To set a melody for a contact, you need to find the subscriber in “Contacts” and press the “Change” button. In the menu that opens, click the “Add another field” button, and then select the “Ringtone” item and replace the default melody with any other.

    How to install the clock app?

    How to install a new app on your watch

    • If the watch screen is off, tap it.
    • Go to the list of apps by pressing the power button.
    • Scroll down the screen and select Play Store.
    • To find an application, click Search.
    • To download the application for your watch, click “Install”.

    How to adjust alarm volume on Samsung?

    You can do this through the phone’s engineering menu. To do this, you need a special service code (each phone has its own code). We enter it and open the menu, find the “Audio” tab and set the volume slider to maximum.

    Which alarm clock to choose for Android?

    7 best alarm clock apps for Android

    • Morning Routine (Free) One of the nicest mobile apps we’ve ever seen.
    • Puzzle Alarm Clock (Free)
    • Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) (free)
    • Life Time Alarm Clock (free)
    • Sleep as Android (free)
    • Timely (free)
    • Alarm Pro (free)

    How to set an alarm on a Samsung phone?

    • On your phone, open the Clock app.
    • At the top of the screen, tap Alarm.
    • Select an alarm. To add an alarm, click on the plus. To reset an existing alarm, tap on the time set for it.
    • Set the time. Analog clock.
    • Click OK.

    How to set your Android alarm ringtone?

    How to set your own alarm ringtone in Android

    • Using any file manager, create the mediaaudioalarms folder on the memory card.
    • Place the selected melody in the created folder
    • Go to the alarm clock and tap “Settings.
    • In the settings menu, select “Set default ringtone”
    • In the list that appears, find your melody and click “OK”.

    How to set an alarm on a Samsung phone

    Modern smartphones are a complex of communications, cameras, games, payment utilities and many useful applications. One of them is a sound reminder. It will help you get up on time, remind you to take your medication, or go to an appointment early. The Samsung alarm clock is not a separate application, but is included in the “Clock”. It is more convenient. several useful functions are collected in one place. Let’s find out: how to activate the function, where it is located in the Android smartphone, how to set the desired melody and set the volume.

    How to set an alarm

    We found out where the alarm clock is in the Samsung phone, now we need to activate the function. After switching to “Clock”, a screen will appear, you will need to move the slider to the position at which the strip will turn blue.

    Activation completed. To set the time, you need to tap on the numbers and set the indicators in the window that opens:

    • response time;
    • days. you can choose only weekdays or weekends, several days a week or just one;
    • come up with a name. the signal can be configured to induce the owner to perform certain actions. The name will help you immediately remember what needs to be done;
    • adjust the signal. the standard offers several loud invigorating melodies;
    • off time. the interval after which the signal will stop sounding without user intervention. The functionality is wide, the installation of a third-party application is not required. Unless the user wants to install a more colorful or animated widget;
    • set the duplication of digital indicators by voice. This is a convenient function for those who find it very difficult to understand what time it is early in the morning while half asleep. Of course, the option is intended primarily for people with vision problems.

    Important: the installation process must be completed by saving the changes.

    The utility allows you to create several reminders, each of which has its own settings and settings. Adding a new one is done by pressing the item “”.

    How to set an alarm on a Samsung smartphone

    Samsung’s alarm clock serves a variety of functions. It can be called a reminder. The reminder is already contained in the standard programs of the gadget and does not require additional download steps. The functionality is wide, but a number of users note the poor interface, lack of animation and bright colors. If the owner of the Samsung Galaxy has a desire, then for Android you can download any similar utility. Choose through the Play market.

    How to turn off Samsung alarm

    To turn off the reminder function, it is enough to follow the sequence of actions that the user went through when turned on:

    • go to the “Clock” application;
    • select the reminder item that you plan to disable;
    • put the slider in inactive mode (gray bar).

    Deactivation does not delete the reminder, it puts it in standby mode. To delete. tap on the item and select from the list the item that offers to delete the settings irrevocably.

    Where is the alarm clock?

    On the main screen of the smartphone there are clock numbers; it can be either an analog or a digital widget. To go to the reminder, you need to tap on the image.

    • swipe up from the bottom of the screen, a screen with program icons will appear;
    • select “Clock”.

    The manufacturer has simplified the user’s transition to reminders, since this function is one of the most popular among smartphone owners.

    How to set an alarm ringtone

    A melody that should wake up can be bright and invigorating. Some of them are so not perceived by the ear that it is simply impossible to wake up to their sound. To do this, Android provides the ability to personalize the ringtone. The owner can choose the Samsung alarm melody for himself. Algorithm:

    • go to the program according to the scheme described above;
    • tap the reminder for which you need to set a ringtone;
    • tap the item “Sound”;
    • in the melody selection window, find a suitable one from the proposed options, set a custom one. For sound, you can adjust the smoothness and volume;
    • save configured parameters.

    The alarm clock in a Samsung smartphone is a standard option located in the Clock application. The set of functions is wide. There is a possibility of scoring time parameters by voice, setting sound melodies, smoothness and time of switching off, repetitions. It is possible to create several positions with different settings at the same time. If the appearance and functionality of the user utility is not satisfactory, you can install a third-party widget for Android. The Play market offers a large selection of reminders.

    How to turn off the alarm?

    • On your phone, open the Clock app.
    • At the top of the screen, tap Alarm.
    • Click on the down arrow next to the desired alarm. Cancellation. To cancel the alarm that is due to go off in the next two hours, tap Cancel. Deleting.

    How to Find Alarm Clock on Huawei Phone?

    The alarm clock is located in the standard Clock application. Open it, find the corresponding tab at the top of the screen and click Add. The alarm time (hours and minutes) is changed by swiping up and down. After setting the time, the first thing to do is to set the days of the week.

    How to set an alarm on a Huawei phone?

    Open the Huawei Health app, tap Devices, tap your device name, and go to ALARM ALARM or ALARM ALARM. Set the time, snooze cycle and snooze time for the alarm in the Smart alarm section.

    How to change the alarm sound on Honor?

    How to change the alarm ringtone on Huawei and Honor smartphones

    • Go to the “Clock” application;
    • Go to the “Alarm” tab;
    • Select one of the existing alarms or create a new one, click on it;
    • Now, in the “Sound” tab, you can change the sound signal or select the “Music on device” option. and install one of the files saved in the smartphone’s memory.

    Where are system sounds stored on Android?

    Where are the Android ringtones? By default, all “standard” ringtones that are built into the firmware are located in the system partition, along the path / system / media / ringtones and can be seen only if you have Root rights.

    How to turn off the alarm on a smartwatch?

    On smart watches, you can set an alarm, as well as turn on a timer or stopwatch.Turn an alarm on or off

    • Open the Alarm Clock app on your watch.
    • Turn on or off the alarm you want.
    • To delete an alarm, click “Delete”.

    How to find the watch app?

    • Open device settings.
    • Tap Apps & notifications App info.
    • Select the application you want.
    • Click Remove or Disable.

    How to set a ringtone on Samsung

    For a separate contact

    Go to the phone book and open the desired contact. Click on the “Change” button. If there is no button, then first click on the icon with three dots in the upper right corner.

    At the bottom of the menu, click on the “Ringtone” item and select a ringtone. built-in or your own.

    This can be done with absolutely every contact that you have in your phone book. This is a very convenient function, using it, you can always determine who is calling you simply by the track played on the call.

    Interesting! Through the file manager, explorer on Android, you can also set music for incoming calls. Go to the folder where the music files are stored, hold your finger on the desired track and select the item. set to ringtone.

    If the melody is not selectable

    If you can’t select your file so that it is displayed in the multimedia storage. drop the audio file into the Ringtones folder of the internal memory. Then all these files will be visible when you select a ringtone, as if they are already built into the phone. If it doesn’t work anyway, then upload the files to the. Notifications directory.

    Common melody

    Open your smartphone settings and go to the “Sounds and notifications” item. Here are all the options for which you can set the ringtone:

    • Ringtone. the item we need
    • Vibration
    • Sound of notifications
    • The volume also changes here.

    Select the item to set a ringtone. click on it. If the phone has a dual-SIM, the ringtone can be set separately for each SIM card.

    From the list, you can select preset sound options or add your own music by clicking on the corresponding button. Select the option you need, in the second case the file manager will open, where you need to specify the location of the audio.

    How to turn alarm on and off Samsung Galaxy S9

    Immediately after that, the music will be installed on all incoming calls, except for the contacts to which you have set it separately. About this below.

    Interesting! Also, you can put a general melody directly from the built-in player. Just open the desired song, open the settings menu by clicking on the ellipsis at the top of the screen and set to ringtone.

    How to set a ringtone on Samsung: in detail

    You can put music to ring on your Samsung phone on Android at once on all contacts or some of them. Also, the ringtone is set for other sounds.

    This is a very popular and convenient function that allows you to make the use of your device much more varied and comfortable.

    From the past material, you learned how to distribute the Internet from your phone to your Samsung phone. Now we will take a closer look at how to put music to ring on a Samsung phone.

    Unfortunately, not all models allow you to put your sound on separate contacts, this limitation usually applies to budget models. You can use third-party applications in this case, but most often they are triggered every other time.

    How to set an alarm clock on Android in the standard way

    You can turn on the alarm or set several alarms by going to the Clock application (among other things, you can set up the stopwatch and timer).

    • Click the “Add Alarm” button.
    • Set the desired time in the alarm settings.
    • Mark the days on which the alarm should go off.
    • You can set the number of repetitions
    • By pressing the “” button, you can set other settings (name, pause, smart signal).
    • When you set the alarm, information about when the alarm goes off will appear.
    • An alarm icon will appear on the status bar to indicate that it is active.
    • You can turn off the alarm by clicking on the icon to the right of the line with the set alarms.

    Question. How to change your Android alarm ringtone?

    Specify the signal melody, if necessary, via the “Signal type” option. You can choose any melody from the library of sounds or specify any musical composition. We do not recommend specifying an unclear sounding composition as an alarm melody.

    Question. Will the alarm work when the phone is off?

    It is impossible to answer unequivocally. Some Android phone models do indeed wake up the phone from the off state. These phones include Fly, Meizu, Xiaomi, Acer and others. At the same time, many Android smartphones do not know how to activate the alarm clock from the off state. We advise you to test your mobile device several times. Set an alarm and turn off your phone. If it turns on on its own and the signal sounds on the phone. everything works, congratulations!

    By the way, on the Softdroid website you can download alarm clocks for your phone. These applications complement the built-in functions perfectly, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them and download.

    Setting an alarm clock on Android. Voice commands OK Google

    In order to set one or several alarms on your phone, you do not need to download separate applications on Google Play. The built-in Android alarm is more than adequate for this task. Let’s see how to set an alarm on your phone so that it goes off for sure.

    How to set an alarm on your phone using OK Google

    Ok Google service for Android is handy for time management by voice. Since you often have to manage the clock and set up the schedule, voice typing can save you a lot of minutes and speed up scheduling.

    Actually, to access the OK Google service, you need to install the Google Now app on your phone’s home screen. A convenient search bar with a microphone will appear on the home screen. By clicking on it, say one of the commands. and Android will try to follow the instruction (as a rule, it succeeds).

    Trust us: setting alarms with OK Google is convenient and reliable. And don’t be afraid: you won’t oversleep. You can always double-check the settings after entering a command by voice.

    Alarm settings on Android

    Here are the necessary OK Google commands to set an alarm on your phone using voice input.

    1. Set your alarm for [4] minutes Setting an alarm at a specific interval
    2. Wake me up at 12:33
    3. Set your alarm to 5:46 We assign a signal to a specific time of the day
    4. Set a recurring alarm for 02:22 Set the alarm to repeat at a specific time
    5. Set your alarm for 9:30 am with a tag You can add a note to the alarm so as not to forget about important things
    6. When is my next alarm We specify the time when the next alarm will ring on the phone

    OK Google: What time is it.

    OK Google also calculates the time in your home country and abroad, displays time zone information and other time-related information.

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