Ways to install a printer on a computer

The instructions consider in detail all the ways to connect the printer to the computer using different connection options. Separately, we will tell you about the options for installing special software (drivers) for proper operation. Even an inexperienced user will not be difficult to connect to the device through a USB cord, router, Wi-HI, Ethernet cable or other personal computer.

Using the recommendations from the article, it is easy to connect the printer of HP, Brother, Kyocera, Samsung, Epson, Canon and many others in the UNIX, Windows 7, 8, Mac OS. Special attention is paid to connecting the phone to the printing device and possible problems in this process.

If you have little experience using technology, then we recommend that you first study our short instruction “How to use the printer” and only then goes on to the direct process of connecting and installing.

Automatic installation

If you plan to connect your printer to a computer or laptop under the control of Windows 10 via USB wire, then in most cases setting up and installing drivers will occur in automatic mode. In this case, the main thing is to do everything correctly when connecting both devices. Prepare a special cord, which in a box with equipment may not be. Many manufacturers of modern models simply do not complete them. You can buy without problems in any nearest computer store in your city.

Then stick the ends of the cable into the corresponding connectors on the printer and in the computer or laptop. When working with PC, refrain from using the USB inputs on the front panel of the block. They can work unstable due to indirect connection with the motherboard. It is also important that the version of the USB integration coincides with the cord, printing devices and “computer”. After the connection, it remains only to wait a little while the Windows 10 system detects the printer and install the driver’s corresponding model. You can see it in the section of the control panels “Printers and scanners”. Printing the printing according to the instructions at the end of this article.

How to connect a printer to a computer, having a disk of

Most printer models that differ in a complex installation are included in the set of CDs, which recorded all software for the corresponding device. In this case, you need to take only three steps alternately.

Stages Description of actions
Connecting all wires To do this, correctly insert all the cords into the corresponding connectors on the printer and computer. Connect power.
Opening a CD Run the computer, insert the CD into the receiving device and wait for its download on the screen.
Installation by Following the instructions, perform all the actions by pressing the “Next” button, as well as select the installation method: “automatic” or “manually”. At the end of the installation, reload the computer.

Many printers of printers are compatible with tablets and smartphones, so it is convenient to carry out management through these gadgets. The function of this software includes: choosing the type of print, number of copies, orientation of sheets, etc.

Connection to PC

First, connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable and include it on the network. Next, press the “Start” and go to the “Devices and Prinaters” section.

In the open window, we are looking for the “Printer Installation” link and click on it with the left mouse button. Thus, we launch a print master that helps install the printer.

At this stage, the system invites us to choose one of the two already mentioned ways to connect the printing device to PC. In our case, this is a local connection, so select “Add a local printer”.

The next stage is the choice of port. The printer port is a type of connection that allows the computer to exchange information with the printer. By default, the installation master propose to use the existing LPT1 port1 port. It fully complies with the requirements of the installation, so we leave everything as it is and proceed to the next stage.

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The main component of the printer settings is the installation of drivers.

In fact, the driver is a printer connection program to a computer, which is at the same time an intermediary between them. It is she who is responsible for the fact that the set of iron and plastic turns into a stably working printing apparatus.

The installation disk with the driver is always supplied with the printer. In order to install the driver, we select in the proposed list “install from the disk”. If you do not have this disk, then you can upload drivers from the Windows or Internet Update Center.

After the drivers are installed, the settings master will offer us a working name to the printer. This can be a standard option using its brand (for example, HP Laser Jet 1010) or any user taste (for example, “Artyom Printer”). Choose a name, click “Next”.

The next step is to set up access to the printer. In home use, this item loses its relevance, since there is no need for collective use of the printer. General access, as mentioned above, can be used where 2 or more computer operates on the network. Therefore, we activate the item “There is no common access to this printer” and click “Next”.

The printer setting is completed on this. The system will give you a window with a notification of the successful completion of the procedure.

The Aplifting stage in the setting of the printing device. checking its operation. At the end of the installation, to make sure the printer’s correctness or get diagnostic information, the master will offer you to print a test page. Click on the “Printing Page Printing” button and click “Ready”.

How to set up a TP-Link router we tell in this article. How to return a computer to factory settings. here.

How to connect a wireless network printer in Windows

To implement Wi-Fi connection, it is necessary for the WPS connection function to be available for the printer model. It is supported by almost all new models of a new model.

Almost, but still not absolutely everything. Check if the device can connect in this way, you can if you look at its bottom. There is a pin code, and next to it the icon. Here.

This is a WPS emblem. If she is there, it means that it is possible to connect a device through a router. True, the owner of the PC will still have to make some settings on his own.

Open the router of the router. To do this, you need to open a browser and drive an IP address of the router into the address field: or 192.168.one.one.

Then open the WPS settings menu. Where it is. it is impossible for everyone to say. You can consider this with the example of a router D-Link. Actually, in order to force the device to print, only two actions are required:

  • The menu select the “Enabled” parameter, that is, “activated”;
  • Open the “Device PIN” parameter. At the very beginning, the owner of the device looked at its bottom to make sure that the connection is possible. There was a pin code, here it is in the opening field and introduce it.

We go to the Security section, in the Enable WPS section, we pull out “Enabled”, in the “Device Pin” field we introduce a PIN code from the router label

It remains to make sure that the network is protected by the WPA or WPA2 filter.

Important! Some printers have a WPS activation button. It is pressed and held for a long time. the computer itself will find out who was connected to it.

Attention! The flag from the survey is removed!

It remains to come up with a name for a new device.

Through a router with USB

This option is suitable for cases when to determine whether the printer can work through Wi-Fi, and there is a suitable connector on the router.

  • Both devices are connected by a cable;
  • call for PC a command line mode, through the “Start” menu;

In the Start Search Field, we introduce the “command”, click on the right button on the utility, select “Starting on behalf of the administrator”

Now you need to add the coordinates of the new device to the configuration. For this:

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    Open the “Start” menu, then “Devices and printers”.

Print setting

When you connected the printer and set it correctly, you can change the print settings at your discretion. Just take the following steps:

The menu will open in which you can edit the display settings of the printed document.

Here is a list of what this menu can be done:

  • change the orientation of the page (from book to album and vice versa);
  • change the size of the paper (in addition to the standard A4 format in the settings there are a huge number of others);
  • turn on or off alternation;
  • Install images compression format.

Installing and setting up a printer is not the most difficult process, but it requires proper attention and perseverance, especially if all this does not work out the first time. But having understood the settings only once, the further use of the printer will be the most convenient for you.

Installing the printer and opening network access to it

The easiest way to open access to the printer in the local network is to connect it to one of the PC.

Reference! All-In-One Printer is a multifunctional device that includes a scanner, printer, fax, copier, etc.D.

Printer connection to PC

An example of connecting to the PC printing device Samsung ML-2160.

Connect the printer and PC USB cable.

Connect the plug plug to the device and enable it.

Insert a disk with installation software in the CD-drive.

If the disk does not “start” on your own, twice “click” the mouse button on the “computer” shortcut at the top left.

How To Connect an HP Wireless Printer with Windows 10: HP How To For You | @HPSupport

Click on the CD drive.

Find the launched installation program on the disk and start it.

Note! Start the installation program in the same way if it was downloaded from the Internet.

Click at the “Install” point and click “OK”.

Click the item “New Printer” and click “Next”.

Select a USB connection and click “Next”.

After auto.determination of the printer, put a checkmark on it and click “Next”.

After installing the necessary drivers, the program will offer to print a test page by setting an appropriate box, or immediately press OK.

print, printer, computer

Printer access setup

Press the Win key with R on the keyboard (Win is on the left of Alt).

Printing Control Printers window and click OK.

If the installed printer is not selected “by default”, click on it with the right mouse button and click the left “ by default”. Repeat the step by choosing the menu “Printer properties”.

Click on the “Access” tab and choose “General access”. Press the “Additional Drivers” button to automatically upload the printer driver to the remote PC connected to it.

Choose drivers with the required windows architecture (the driver for the Itanium CPU is not required to choose). Press “ok”.

The system will offer to choose the path to the folder where the necessary files are located.

How to Add a New Printer to your Computer on Windows 10/8/7

Run the installation file of the printer software (see. Step 6 section “Opening access to the printer”).

print, printer, computer

Inclusion of total access

To use the device in the office, several employees at the same time connect the desired printer and configure its parameters. Simply speaking, then provide overall access over the network to a local device. In the case when different operating systems are used on PC, where the printer is installed with other users who will use it, then install additional drivers packages will also be useful. How to do it:

  • Go to the control panel, find the section “Printers and devices”.
  • Select yours and press it with the right mouse key.
  • Go into the printer properties.
  • In the window, select the “Access” bookmark.
  • Put a checkplace opposite “General Access” and give the network name to the device.
  • To install additional drivers, if required, click the “Additional Driver” button.
  • In the window, mark the necessary versions with a checkmark.

How to open overall access to the printer in Windows 10.line actions for wines10.

print, printer, computer

You can connect the printer to the network through a computer, in which case we use a USB cord, or through a network cable.

Setting up a jet (laser) for printing

To configure the device, you need to go to the “Devices and Printers”, click on the right equipment with the right button and select the “Printer properties”. To check the operability of the device, click on the “trial print”.

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By pressing the “Print Settings” button, you can choose the size of the paper and decide on the orientation of the page, as well as the quality of the print.

How to turn on the default printer

Sometimes it happens that several printing devices are connected to the computer. But if you use one of them most often, then it is very inconvenient to constantly choose it from the list. The problem is solved in a rather simple way: you need to add the desired jet (laser) to the default device:

  • Open the control panel:
  • Open the section “Printers and faxes”;
  • Make a double click on the desired equipment and put a checkmark near the line “use by default”.

For convenience, make a shortcut on the “Printers and fax” folders and place it on the desktop or fix it on the initial screen in Windows 10.

Setting up the Printing Queue

Press management allows the user to control all the documents in its list. Thanks to this service, you can re.select and send a document to the printout at any time. It can also be placed in the “chosen” so that the next time not send it to the printout.

  • General. all PC users can perform any tasks;
  • straight. you can display a document from the assigned equipment for printing;
  • Safe. the printout of the document will be impossible without authorization.

In the case of a malfunction, the jet (laser) may refuse to print documents from the queue, or will print the same document, without the transition to the next. In this case, the queue can be cleaned by clicking twice along the icon of the desired device in the control panel. Next, click on the “Printer” menu and select the line “Clean the Print turn”.

print, printer, computer

Color print tuning

The color profile configuration is a very important effect for high.quality flowers when printing. You could see, for example, in the settings of the printing device for either glossy paper or matte. For each type of photo paper, there is its own color profile in the form of a special file containing certain commands for a jet.

Color profiles for used ink or paper can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on a computer.

You can also configure color printing by hand, by trial and error, creating your own profile for the highest quality color rendering. To do this, use the jet driver. For example, the setting of the Canon jet driver will look as follows.

  • First, open the driver of the printing device driver. Click in turn: “control panel” and “devices and printers”. After that, click on the right equipment with the right mouse button and select the “Printer properties”.
  • Select the main tab and indicate the manual (manual) setting of colors, and then click on “set”.
  • In the color window opened, put a bird opposite “Print a Pattern for Color Adjustment” and click on the “Pattern Print” button to set the printing parameters.
  • After the next window is opened, select the parameters, as in the figure below. By the way, the size of the paper can be another, for example, a4. After the changes made, click OK.
  • Perform a test printout by pressing the OK on the tab (Main). A sheet with several images will be printed in which the balance of colors will change.
  • Looking at the result, you should choose the image with the best (natural) color reproduction and remember the values ​​that are written under it.
  • In the color settings window, enter the balance of the balance of colors that were indicated under the picture opposite Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.
  • Remove the mark opposite “Print a Pattern for Color” and print the image you need.

Now the seal will be made taking into account the adjustments of the color balance, and the images will look better and realistic. Driver windows of printing devices of different manufacturers may differ in a set of commands and buttons. But in general, the algorithm for setting the color balance is similar, and its execution will not cause much difficulties.