How to find out how many minutes they spoke by phone iPhone?

In iOS 11, if you go to the settings. Cellular communications, you can find a large amount of useful information coming from the provider. Here you can see the amount of traffic used, calls or SMS, as well as find out the date and time of the next payment for communication.

To view the volume of cell traffic consumed by individual system services, go to the “Settings” menu “Cellular Data” or “Settings” “Mobile Data”.

How to restore the history of calls on the iPhone?

Select a backup copy to the left of the application and click “Extract the history of calls”, then select the place where you want to save the file. CSV containing the history of calls. Extraction will take only a few seconds. After the data is extracted, open the CSV file with incoming and outgoing challenges.

Information about incoming and outgoing challenges made by the owners of Apple smartphones is automatically saved in ICLUD. As experts of the Russian company Elkomsoft found out, the call magazine is stored in the “cloud” up to four months.

How to find out what the traffic goes to?

To get into the desired menu on Android, you need to go to the settings, then the network and the Internet and data transfer. In the next menu, click the button in more detail and then you will have a list of all applications on your device that consumes your data in one way or another.

How to see the whole story of the calls on the iPhone?

Open the “Phone” program and click “Recent” to view the list of recent calls.

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Press the network and online data transfer.
  • In the “Mobile Internet” section, you will see the total amount of traffic used.
  • To see graphs and other data, click mobile traffic. To choose a temporary interval, click on the arrow down.
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How to view the history of iPhone calls on iOS, Mac or computer?

In this section of our article, we explain how to view the iPhone call journal on different devices, that is, on your iOS, Mac or computer device. There are several ways for this, and you can follow the instructions below.

In addition, if you forgot the screen password problem, here are the best solutions for you.

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View iPhone call magazine directly on the iPhone?

Gaining access to the history of iPhone calls is not so difficult. You do not need to be cunning to complete such a task. All you need is to perform the steps indicated below and view the history of iPhone calls.

  • As the first step, you must unlock the iPhone and make sure that the device is on the main screen. If the device is on another screen, just click the “Home” button.
  • When it comes to the lower docking station, you will see the “Phone” application logo. Just click on this icon to open the “Phone” application.
  • When a telephone application appears, you must click on the “Last” tab to continue. This tab is located below.
  • Now you can view the history of calls. This story includes all missing calls and outgoing and outgoing calls to iPhone.
  • To view additional information about the history of calls, you need to click on a small icon “I”. The number, call duration, etc. will be displayed here. D. Other actions, such as challenge, sending messages, creating contacts, Facetime, etc. D., there is.

View iPhone call magazine on iPad?

If the iPad is your iOS device, follow the instructions below to view the history of iPhone calls.

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  • First of all, you should open the “Settings” application using the “Settings” icon.
  • Now you have to scroll down and select the “Facetime” option from the list.
  • Under the “Facetime” option, you must enable “calls” from the iPhone ”. This option will view all the calls made by the iPhone device.

Please note that the iPhone and iPad should be associated with the same Apple id.

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View the history of iPhone calls on Mac?

In this section, let’s see how to view iPhone calls using Mac.

  • As a first step, you must open Mac App Drawer. Then you must find the Facetime application and open it.
  • Now you will see that the Facetime Interase is open, go to the “Settings” option.
  • When the “Preferences” dialog box appears, you should click on the “Settings” option.
  • When the settings tab open, just mark the option “Turn on with iPhone“. This step will view the history of the iPhone device calls.

View the history of iPhone calls using Kidsguard (the best universal solution)

For various reasons, Kidsguard Pro is considered the best tool for tracking phone calls for remote viewing the history of iPhone calls. In addition to the iPhone, it can very easily view the history of the calls of other devices. In fact, with kidsguard you can control Android and iOS devices.

This tool is powerful enough to track the target device in all aspects. This means that he can track the history of calls, location, history of viewing on the Internet, messages, etc. D.

Which is even more important, this tool allows you to track the target phone from a remote place. So, if you want to constantly monitor the history of your child’s calls, Kidsguard is the perfect choice.

Usually children do not like to show their call history or phone to their parents. Using Kidsguard, you can easily solve this problem.

In other words, this is an ideal spy tool for parents to follow their children’s phones.

Reasons to choose Kidsguard

There are many obvious reasons for choosing a Kidsguard to view iPhone call magazine. One of the most important reasons is the exceptional convenience that it provides.

You can immediately install the application and easily configure it on the target device. When it comes to Android devices, you must install the APK file on the target device. However, when it comes to iOS devices, you can do this through the ICLOUD account (remote installation).

When it comes to access to Android calls or iOS devices, just open the Kidsguard control panel, this control panel will offer remote access to all call journals and other functions of the target device.

Kidsguard also tracks the location of the target device. This means that this application can easily track the location of the device in real time.

This is a very convenient function that allows you to get an idea of ​​the exact location of the owner. Kidsguard can access the GPS and Wi-Fi locations to find the target device on the map.

How to view the history of iPhone calls using Kidsguard?

Below are steps to track the history of iPhone calls.

1) First of all, you should visit the Kidsguard website and register an account.

2) then you must enter the current email identifier and password. In addition, you must introduce the name of the teenager, age and OS of the target device. Our intention. View the history of iPhone calls. So, we should start iOS.

How to restore remote calls and SMS on iPhone?

Open the iPhone Backup Extractor and select a backup in the left menu of the iPhone Backup Extractor. Click → Preview → Messages. Remote messages will appear in the unknown section. Click “Extract below on the left to extract remote messages.

You can get a detailed report in the printed form in the operator salon. This will need to be treated with the owner of the phone number, or have a power of attorney in your hands, executed in your name. Ordering details in the form of printout is provided only on a paid basis.

Is it possible to restore the history of calls?

Step #1. After installing the program on your computer, connect your Android device using the corresponding USB cable and start DR. Fone Toolkit-Android data recovery. Select the “Call History” to restore Android Call Magazine. Click the “next” button to continue.

  • Say “Okay, Google” or just press and hold the main screen on the Android phone.
  • Say or enter a command for the application timer. For example: “Install a timer for [application] for 15 minutes”. “Install the timer for 30 minutes for [application]”.

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