What is the internet speed test?

The speed of the Internet is the number of transmitted bit information per second (measured in kilobits per second Kbps, megabits per second Mbit / s or gigabites per second Gb / s). High speed connection. The most important factor that provides a comfortable work in the worldwide network. Therefore, the speed of the Internet is interested not only by professionals, but also of any user.

In order to understand what speed actually offers your provider, you need to translate bits to bytes. One byte contains eight bits. This means that if the provider stated the speed of 256 kbps (256 kilobit per second), then the data transfer rate should be 32 kilobytes per second.

Internet speed test is a test for measuring data transfer speed.

You can not confuse the connection speed on the local network and the real connection speed to the Internet. 100 Mbps speed is likely only within the boundaries of your local network.

Internet speed is measured by transmitting a certain number of information on the service site from your computer, as well as in the opposite direction. This calculates the average rate of transmission of information per unit of time.

For the most accurate result, it is recommended to disable the programs for downloading files for the test time (Emule, FlashGet, BitTorrent and T.P.), Internet radio, email clients, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk and other programs that use online traffic. Ideally, it is better to repeat the test several times and compare the data obtained.

Internet connection speed depends on a variety of factors. This is a type of communication line (fiber optic communication lines, cable lines and T.D.), Internet provider, network workload (number of visitors at the moment) and other. The same provider at different times of the day may show different results. If the resulting test rate deviates from the stated provider by magnitude, a large 10% is likely to problems with the network, for example, the accident on highways and main routers. If this happened, just repeat the test after a while.

If the Internet speed test showed the result, lower than the provider promises, do not become hot. The intersecy of the Internet may be lower, and due to the bad settings of your computer, the availability of programs that you constantly use the Internet traffic, or even the virus.

It is also necessary to take into account that various sites are on different server sites, and if your provider provides a good connection speed with some specific site, it does not mean that you should expect the same speed and when connecting to another site, which is possible Outdated hosting.

How to check the Internet speed through a mobile application

To measure the speed of connecting from a mobile device, you can use any application with a suitable functionality. There are a lot of such both for Android and iOS. We will analyze the three best options.

Speedtest from Ookla

Again our familiar, but now in the format of an advanced application. Speedtest is suitable for checking the connection speed on any mobile devices. The appendix is ​​the same as in the desktop version.

In addition to standard metrics, the application displays a jitter. the spread of network packets, which may be caused by the connection lags. This is the only application that adequately measures the speed of the compound 5G-Internet.

From the point of view of visualization of data Speedtest. one of the most thoughtful applications. There are cards of mobile operators:

Built-in VPN and the ability to save test tests. The application is available for free for iOS and Android.

Speedtest Master

The application is not only for measuring the speed of the Internet, but also for network performance analysis. Memorial connection with us occupied exactly 30 seconds.

Speedtest Master has a lot of additional features:

  • Advanced Ping Test;
  • Detector of connected devices (Thanks to it, you can find out who from the neighbors connected to your network);
  • detection of signal power levels;
  • Saving reports for further study.

In the version for Android, the inteeis is slightly different:

Check COMCAST provider using 8 speed check services

Use Internet connection speed tests is very simple. For example, on the Bandwidth Place website, the user is prompted to simply press a large start button. Many services also offer to select a web server used for testing.

Like many other similar services, Bandwidth Place offers to find out the connection parameters for one click

It is also necessary to remember that for some reasons, the results of measuring measurements of the connection by various services may be seriously different. We give results 8 of popular connection speed tests.

In all tests, with the exception of two, Comcast confirmed the speed promised by the contract, although the differences between the tests were significant. General results:

Service Incoming (Mbps) Outgoing (Mbps) Ping (MS)
Bandwidth Place 53.0 6.eleven eighteen
CNet Internet Speed ​​Test 48.85 (N / D) (N / D)
Xfinity Speed ​​Test 59.3 6.one eight
DSL Reports SpeedTest 49.6 5.nine 66
Geek Squad sixteen.eight 5.96 106
Ookla Speedtest 59.4 6.fifteen eight
Speedof.Me Lite 65.0 6.7 eleven
Visualware Myspeed 56.one 5.95 26

Summing up, it should be noted that the speed of download varied from 16.8 Mbps to 65 Mbps, the final difference exceeded 48 Mbps, which is equivalent to 75 percent. The delay time hesitated from 8 milliseconds to 106 milliseconds, in this test the oscillation of the results turned out to be even more. Even if you discard the results of the measurements of the GEEK Squad service, the download speed has a 25 percent scatter.

Service 2IP.Ru

I have been using this wonderful service for a long time. Service 2IP.EN will also show the computer‘s IP address, will give full information at this address, check any of your file for viruses, will tell a lot of interesting things about any site on the Internet (IP, site engine, availability of viruses, distance to the site, its availability, etc.).

2IP Defines your provider, the optimal server and checks the speed between you and this server, as well as SpeedTest.NET, but 2IP servers are smaller, so ping will be higher. But there are statistics for medium speed in your city and your provider. I have changed slightly with each re-test. within 10%.

How to find out the real speed of the Internet with third-party applications?

There are a lot of test programs, among the main: NetWorx, Bwmeter, Lan Speed ​​Test and so on.

One of the most convenient today is non-magic.

Software is embedded in the system tray and displays useful notifications of real-time measurements. Key benefits include Russian-speaking inteeis and extremely simple control. By the way, there is a portable version of the program that does not require installation on the PC and launched from any flash drive.

Schedules and traffic statistics are available with subsequent saving reports in TXT, HTML, CSV formats. There are options auto tests on schedule. To start the procedure, just pressing the “Start” button.

It is possible to view the low, medium, maximum speed of downloading and sending in megabits per second. Additionally displays ping in milliseconds, verification server, IP and provider.

In addition to the above utility, simply testing of the download speed is available in torrent clients. For example, run UTorrent. When the client starts downloading any film, pay attention to the tabs “Downloads and Details”.

Internet speed test

Now let’s go to online services that give us the opportunity to watch the speed of the Internet connection in several clicks.

speed, internet, computer, built-in

Yandex Internet meter

This is a popular service from Yandex, which most users enjoy.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. All actions occur in automatic mode.


This service is popular worldwide, and not only in Russia. It definitely defines the maximum load speed limit and indicates ping.

It is worth noting that the results are quite accurate. No wonder the service gained popularity around the world.

Site with a huge number of opportunities. Starting from checking IP and ports, ending with vulnerability passwords. The most functional site from the entire Runet.

  • Go to the site.
  • Click “Speed ​​Internet Connection”.

Additionally, the site will show your location, browser, IP and provider.


The service is designed for German users, but it does not interfere with it and us.

After graduation, you can watch speed, ping and location.

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speed, internet, computer, built-in

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How to check the speed of connecting through special services?

To check the velocity of the Internet on your computer, you can use special online services. This is the most affordable and simple method that can not even with inexperienced users. There are many verification resources, but we will look at the 2 most popular and, as the experience shows the most accurate.

All of the following resources can be used both to check the speed on laptops and in stationary PC. Also, it does not matter how the connection is made. through the cable or via Wi-Fi.


Perhaps this resource is the most common among users. It has a clear graphics inteeis, and the inspection procedure itself is accompanied by a pleasant animation. The service is simple enough:

  • Enter to the address bar of the browser “SpeedTest.NET “and fall on the main screen of the site.
  • Find the “Start Test” or “Begin Test” button by clicking on which you can proceed to testing. In addition, directly on the main screen of the site there is a virtual card on which you can select a server through which verification will be carried out. The closer it is posted to your actual location, the more accurate will be the result.

Visually instructions to the online service is given in the following

It is important to note that the providers’ tariffs always indicate the speed of obtaining data, and not their returns. The second indicator is usually always lower than the first, but it is not so critical and does not play the roles for you as for the user.


This site is multifunctional and gives access to various services that in one way or another concerns the Internet. Among them there are also testing speed. To open the test you need to go to the “Tests” tab and find in the list “Internet Connection” list:

Check Internet Connection Speed

This site also implies the ability to select the server, but if it does not specify it, the system itself will select the most optimal system for you, in its opinion, option. To start the test, click the “Test” button, located at the bottom of the active window:

speed, internet, computer, built-in

On average, the check takes a few minutes, and the result is displayed in the following form:

Thus, in a matter of minutes you can find out the speed of your Internet connection without using any complex programs or manipulations.

Remember that when connected via Wi-Fi, the connection speed indicator will be slightly lower than with a direct cable connection. This is due to the restrictions of the equipment itself.

Online services

To accurately determine what the speed of your Internet connection is in fact, it is better to use special sites that can perform such a test (about them further in the article).


Before checking and testing, it is recommended to disable all network-related programs, such as: Torrents, online video, games, chats, etc.

As for SpeedTest.NET is a very popular service for measuring the connection speed with the Internet (according to many independent ratings). Use it easier. First you need to go through the link above, and then click on the “Begin Test” button.

Next, about a minute later, this online service will provide you with verification data. For example, in my case, the value was about 40 Mbps (not bad, close to real tariff numbers). True, somewhat confuses the ping figure (2 MS is a very low ping, practically, both on the local network).

Note! Ping is a very important feature of the Internet connection. If you have a high ping on online games you can forget, since everything will slow down and you just do not have time to press buttons. Ping depends on the set of parameters: server remote (that PC to which your computer packet sends), from the loading of your Internet channel and. If you are interested in the topic of ping, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this article: https: // PCPRO100.info / chto-takoe-ping /


Very interesting service for testing connection. What he bribes? Probably multiple things: simplicity of checking (press only one button), real numbers, the process goes in real time and you visually see how the speedometer shows the speed of downloading and returning the file.

The results are more modest than in the previous service. It is important here to still take into account, finding the server itself, with which there is a connection to check. T. to. In the previous service, the server was Russian, but there is no. However, this is also quite interesting information.


Many people, especially in our country, are all associated with accuracy, quality, reliability. Actually, their service Speedmeter.DE confirms that. To test, just follow the link above and click on the Speed ​​Test Starten button.

By the way, pleases that you do not have to see anything superfluous: neither speedometers, nor degraded pictures, neither abundance of advertising, etc. In general, typical “German order”.


A good service in which it is easy and simply selecting a server for checking, and then start testing. This is bodied by many users.

After the test, you are provided with detailed information: your IP address, provider, ping, download speed / recoil, test date. Plus, you will see a few interesting flash movies (funny).

By the way, a great way to check the speed of the Internet, in my opinion, these are various popular torrents. Take from the top of any tracker file (which distribute several hundred people) and download it. True, the UTorrent program (and similar to it) the download speed is shown in MB / s (instead of Mbit / C, which is indicated by all providers when connected). but it is not scary. If you do not go into the theory, then a fairly download speed of a file, for example 3 MB / C multiplied by ~ 8. As a result, we get approximately ~ 24 Mbps. This is the real value.

How it works?

When entering our website, the user can choose any available host to check the Internet connection speed. In this case, the velocity measurement is made not to our server, but to the selected server. This is allowed to see a more complete picture of the quality of the Internet access service provided.

Become one of the hosts (CDN) to check the speed of the Internet connection is quite simple, for this you need to perform a few simple steps.

    with the necessary configuration and files for speed testing.

  • Unpack and place the contents of the archive on your web server, as well as create a new VirtualHost or Alias ​​for it. If you use the WEB server Apache under Linux, it is also necessary to activate MOD_Headers. Additional information how to do it can be found here.
  • Make sure your host is available on https protocol. This is a prerequisite, t.to. Our site uses the HTTPS protocol and access to resources on other domains can only be carried out through the protected HTTPS connection. Free SSL certificate can be obtained from Let’s Encrypt website.
  • Send us an application for adding your host to check the Internet connection.