We know the phone number MegaFon on the iPad

Nowadays, there are practically no people left that do not use the Internet. This also applies to the owners of the iPadov, because the tablet without the Internet is almost useless device. When there is no Wi-Fi Internet, the owners of iPads to enter the network use 3G-Internet on the tablet.

One of the common mobile Internet operators is megaphone. Userad users often have the need to learn their phone number on the megaphone. This is usually due to the fact that at the expense of the SIM card you need to put money to pay for the Internet, and, of course, for this you need to know your phone number. If the owners of ordinary cellular telephones, smartphones or any other gadgets that have the ability to send a USSD request, can use the team: 205 #, then Apple tablet holders are deprived of this function.

And how then to be? How to find out the phone number on the iPad? We will answer this question.

Verification of the gadget at the serial number

If you think that you bought a fake iOS device and do not know how to check out his authenticity, read our advice how to do it.

  • Defining serial number. First, find out this for your gadget. To do this, go to the menu, then in settings and general. Then click “Device Information”. There will be a series “serial”, write down or save.
  • Authentication Checking on Apple Official Internet Resource. Go to his official site from any device, from a computer. The checks page will be two fields: you need to enter the recorded code in one of them, and in the second code from the proposed image. Then click “Continue” and wait for the other page to download. When finished, information about your gadget will be displayed with the serial number.

If your “apple” tablet does not fake, the serial number must coincide with the one specified on the package.

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Possible solutions

Maybe you will make it the fact that the SIM number in the tablet can be found from the contract. If you have in your presence, then you are lucky and quickly solve this information problem. But most often people get rid of all too much, and they have no such document on their hands. There are several ways to find out your Beeline number in this case.

Developed special. It acts from 28.02.2014. The essence of the option is as follows: You come from the tablet to the official website “Beeline”. In the window that opens, you see the information string with the number of your SIM card. You can use the service unlimited number of times completely free. The only nuance: it acts only in certain browsers. Safari and Chrome.

Subscriber service Beeline: Operational assistance

Other methods of finding out their number depend on the device itself: the operating system, technical characteristics.

What can be found at the iPhone serial number

In addition to IMEI, each iPad and iPhone has a serial number. This is a very informative indicator in which the device is encrypted, the size of the memory, model, individual identifier and the code of the manufacturer. What can be found in the iPhone or iPad serial number? A lot of things:

If you want to buy an iPhone from a private person or in a commission store, ask the seller to show you a serial number, go from another device to Apple website and check the purchased device at the serial number. If everything is fine with the smartphone / tablet, the seller willingly transfer you the requested data for verification. If he began to be noticeably nervous, run away from him. it is likely that you want to “do” fake.

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Please note that if you enter the serial number and detect that Apple’s website does not give any information on the device to be checked, then there is a clear fake in your hands.

Methods of checking numbers

So, to get your phone number through the iPad, you can use the following methods.

  • Enter the tablet settings and select “Main”, and then “About Device”. In the line “Cell data number” will be written SIM card number
  • Install a special SMS written application. Write an SMS message to a service number of the company that provides you with communication services, and you will receive an answer to your phone number in response

Or send a message to your tablet. When it comes, you can immediately see your phone number.

In iPad, as a rule, a small SIM card is set. Micro. So if you resolutely rearrange it, then you may need an adapter.

phone, number, ipad, methods

MTS company has a special service for subscribers who can enjoy. With it, you can find out the number of your SIM cards, check the balance and take advantage of many other services.

MegaFon subscribers can also use a similar application. It allows you to get instant access to the data of your number, balance and so on. At the moment, the application is not working in all regions, so before it should be able to carefully look at the description.

For example, Bilayne subscribers can do it through a special SIM menu. To do this, go to the settings. Cell data. IM-programs. Be in touch. replenish my score. use.

After that, specify the number of your friend, and will come to him.

phone, number, ipad, methods

  • Use your company’s account. Today, any communication operator allows its subscribers to receive the necessary information and manage services not only with the help of short USSD commands, but also through the Internet.

Take advantage of your tablet to enter the Cabinet. There you can see your number, balance and other useful information.

  • Take a call to your operator communication. If you are a master SIM card, then make a call to the operator and tell him the data of your passport. He dictates your phone or send it to SMS

If you have all the documents on the SIM card. the contract, the envelope and so on, then the phone number can be found there.

In the extreme situation, contact any operator’s office and when providing a passport you will tell you the phone number.

To find out your iPad number:

Look at the SIM card number in the iPad settings. Go to the “Settings” menu, select the “Main” submenu, the item “On Device”. In the Cell Data Number Count, the SIM card number installed in your iPad will be specified.

2. Set the iPad to send SMS messages. With this program you can send SMS to the service number of your cellular operator and thus find out the phone number on your iPad.Or send an SMS message to your phone. After SMS arrives at it, you will see the phone number from which it was sent, t.E., SIM card number in your iPad.

3. Insert the SIM card in the iPhone, or another tablet or phone. and send a USSD request from it, or call the service number of your operator.The iPad uses micro-SIM, so if you want to insert a SIM card from it to another gadget, most likely, you will need an adapter for a SIM card.

4. Install on the iPad application from your operator.

  • MTS has developed a special service for its subscribers. With this application you can find out the number of your SIM card, as well as check the balance and use other MTS services.
  • For MegaFon subscribers there is a similar application. which will allow you to get instant access to information about your room, balance and many more. The application is not yet available for all regions, so before installing carefully read the description.
    5. Send a request “Top My Account” on the phone‘s phone.A witty way to find out the SIM card number on the iPad, tested on Beeline subscribers. Choose the following SIM menu items: “Settings” “Cell data” “IM-programs” “Be on Communication” “Replenish My Account” “Take advantage”. Further. Specify a friend number or your own mobile. The corresponding SMS comes to it with your SIM card number in iPad.
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Call your communication operator. If the SIM card in the iPad is registered with you, then call the operator and name your passport details. The operator is prejudicing or sending into an SMS message to your SIM card number in iPad.

That’s all I can advise you in order to find out my iPad number. I hope that this material helped you.

If you suddenly have a contract that you have entered into with a connection, or an envelope from under the SIM card, you can see your iPad number in them.

In the extreme case, you can contact the nearest office of your operator. When providing a document certifying your identity, your number in the iPad will be reported to you.

Recently, more people have new “smart” gadgets, however, not everyone can independently understand the complexity of their configuration. For example, many people are puzzled by the question, how to find out the MTS SIM card number on the iPad or on any other tablet. That is why in this article we will look at how to find out the mobile phone number on the tablet.

Naturally, the most banal and easy way. It sees it on a plastic card in which the SIM card itself comes when issuing. Also, a mobile phone number is in a paper or electronic version of the contract, which you entered into with a cellular operator when purchasing SIM cards.

How to determine the iPad model for external signs

Ipad model can be recognized by a number of visual signs. Each new model design device changed.

Find out the first generation iPad is very easy. There are several basic signs for which it can be done unmistakably:

  • Crushed edges. Such a rough edging without any signs of streamlining no longer in any model;
  • No back and front camera.
  • At the bottom, next to the inter-connector, the dynamics are lattice, which consists of three zones.

The main recognition factor of iPad 1 generation is an appearance. The execution of such tablets is radically different from later models. Only black front panel color is provided. There are only 2-A1337 such models with support for 3G and a1219, which is equipped with the only Wi-Fi wireless module.

second generation iPad identify too easy. There are its own distinctive features:

  • In the bottom on the back cover there is a sufficiently large lattice of the speaker, which consists of a plurality of small holes. According to such an iPad 2 detail, it is recognized immediately, despite the fact that the body of such a tablet already has streamlined forms and almost modern design;
  • There are several iPad models in the second generation. Specific design is defined by model code. It is contained in the inscription on the back cover next to the lattice of the dynamics.

iPad 2 happens with a white or black front panel, the type of connectivity. the “old” format, 30-pin, there are two cameras. In addition, the second generation of tablets has already been produced with two rules of processors.

iPad 3 is distinguished primarily by the Retina Standard screen. It provides juicy and bright colors and good image clarity. The panel is made in two colors. white and black, screen size 9.7 inches. Used classic 30-pin connector.

Ipad 4 generation can be immediately identified by a specific compact Lighting connector of the new standard. Otherwise, the design is similar to the second generation of tablets and iPad 3. There is a grille of the dynamics of small holes, all the inscriptions are located, two colors of the front panel.

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ipad mini

This device confused with other models is impossible due to the smaller screen diagonal. The only difference is in generations of the tablet. Later models are equipped with high-quality Retina display. However, a person who has not come across Apple’s products earlier will be difficult to understand the entire difference at first sight. Therefore, there are reliable ways to obtain the necessary characteristics even those who first keep apple products in their hands.

iPad Pr

The form of the iPad Pro housing was alternally changed. Rounded to the “back” corners straightened and now the tablet can be put on the side face, although experts do not advise. The framework from all sides of the screen has become the same, and the Home button disappeared at all. The choice of design colors is now limited to “cosmic gray”, which this time coincides with such a shade in MacBook, and ordinary gray. In this case, the frame around the screen will be black in both cases.

The size of the hull has also changed. 11-inch iPad Pro has become less than the previous version, while the screen is increased to sizes 247.6 × 178.5 × 5.9 mm.

iPad Air

If, when learning information on the back cover of the tablet, you found a combination of numbers 1474 or 1475. in front of you the so-called “air” model iPad. Although this can be immediately guessed on visual signs.

The forms of this device have become still sophisticated. On the dimensions, the tablet has become somewhat less “fourths”. Despite this, the display goes all the same with 9.7 inches. This became possible due to the decrease in the frame around the screen. AIR can be recognized by two speakers placed below.

In iPad Air 2, there is no sound mode switching item. But but the device was noticeably sophisticated and changed the design of the speakers. In addition, a new color of the body has appeared. Golden.

In a personal account

Personal Cabinet. Universal Tool for Data Verification and Account Management. LC is very convenient to use. It allows you to quickly learn all the parameters and save a lot of time.

  • Go to Tele2 website.
  • Take care in the office.
  • After logging in you can see the number on the main page.
  • In the office indicates balance and balances by packages. Manage to immediately get acquainted with this information.

Through the settings

To find out the number on the tablet, try to make this:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the item “Main” or “General” if you have English Inteeis.
  • There find the item near which something similar to the phone number will be written. Most likely, this item will be called “Cellular Data Number”.

Also in some cases there is a slightly modified option. Operators such as MTS and Beeline have a “Depoing My Account” function.

Also other operators have similar features. They are to ask another person to call back or replenish the bill.

If we consider the aforementioned. Its use is as follows:

  • Go to the settings;
  • Select the Cell Data item;
  • After that, go to “SIM programs”;
  • Go to “Be in touch”;
  • Follow the link “Fill up My Account”;
  • Click “Use”;
  • Specify a friend’s phone number;
  • It will be requested to replenish the account, in the text of which will be your phone number.

This method works exactly exactly on biline. Check it on your iPad right now!