We control the passwords saved in Edge

If you need to display a password as a regular, unencrypted text, open the control panel and select the “Accounts” category there. In the “Accounts dispatcher” you will find all saved passwords saved in Microsoft Edge.

To turn it on, you will need to go to the settings menu. Then we go to the “Protection” tab and put a checkplace on “Use the Master Parol”. In the window that opens, enter the password that will be used to enter the profile.

How to see saved passwords on Windows 10 computer?

Press the start button and select the control panel. In the section, select Clove the User Accounts to open the user accounting window dialog box. Open the dialog box conservation of user names and passwords. To do this, do the following.

Removing these accounts and certificates from the Windows dispatcher

  • Open “User Accounts”.
  • In the left click the management of accounting data.
  • Select the storage with accounting data that must be removed.
  • Select the accounting data that must be deleted and click the Remove button from the storage.

Password adding to Microsoft Edge

By default, the browser will always ask the user if he wants to save the entered authorization data on any site, when it automatically recognizes the fields for their input. For example, if you enter Gmail mail for the first time, he will ask you to save the user name and Google password.

At the same time, a pop.up message should appear under the address line with a request to confirm the action. If this does not happen, you need to click on the icon with the image of the safety key. It will be placed on the right in the address bar, before the bastard icon.

Next, click on one of the buttons: “save”, “never”. The functionality of the first button is obvious, but after pressing the second button, the web browser will no longer ask about the conservation of data for the current site in the future.

How to see passwords in Microsoft Edge, change or delete them

Any passwords saved by you can edit or delete. To this end, in the window of the observer, click on the icon with three points in the right corner from above. Next, select the “Settings” menu item. You will automatically be redirected to your profile page. If not so, manually click on the “Profiles” tab on the left. Then select the “password” option to watch them for the current active profile of the user.

In the “Saved passwords” subsection, you will find a complete list. To make changes, select the three.point menu icon next to the desired entry. Then click on the option “Detailed information”.

In this case, the window “Information about the password” will appear. In it you can change the following positions:

Eye icon allows you to display hidden characters. Then click on the “Ready” button to save edited information.

The same button with three points allows you to select the removal option from the drop.down menu. Click it if necessary. User accounting will be deleted, but you can quickly roll back this by clicking the “cancel” button at the top. Be careful, it will remain active for only a few seconds, then the operation will be non.controversial.

How to see saved passwords in Microsoft Edge

In this article, we will consider in detail with screenshots how to see saved passwords in different popular browsers in different popular browsers. We will consider the following browsers:

How to see the saved passwords in the Google Chrome browser (Google chrome)

1) In the upper right corner of the browser, click on the button of vertical points = Settings

2) In the very top of the settings menu in the “Automation” section, click on the “password” button.

3) Now you moved to the section of saved passwords, in search of passwords you can look for the site you need, the password opens by pressing the eye button.

How to see saved passwords in Yandex Browser

1) In the browser in the upper right corner, click on the button with three horizontal stripes = settings.

2) We go right into the “Password and Cards” tab and click on the desired site with which you want to see the password.

3) Next, the browser will abide a new window, in the paragraph Password for viewing it, click on the eye button.

How to see the saved passwords in the opera browser (Opera)

1) In the browser, click on the button in the upper right corner in the form of horizontal strips.

2) Sweep the open menu down to the item “Open all the browser settings”, click on this button.

3) Now in the left menu we click on the “Additionally” button and open the “Safety” item.

4) Next, scroll down to the “Additionally” menu, open it if it is closed and in this menu in the “Automation” item, click on the “password” button.

5) Now you can press the button in the form of an eye to open a password near the site you need. The desired site can also be found through the search for “password search” in this menu.

How to see the saved passwords in the Microsoft Edge browser (on the Chromium engine)

1) In the upper right corner of the browser, click on the button with three upper horizontal points = Settings.

2) In the very initial menu “Profiles”, click on the “Password” button

3) Now we moved to the menu of saved passwords, near the site you need, click on the button in the form of an eye to show its password.

How to see the saved passwords in the Mozilla Firefox browser

1) In the browser in the upper right corner of the window, click on the button with three horizontal stripes = settings.

2) For the speed in the main settings menu, enter the word “passwords” in the search for the settings, then the “Login and Password” item will be released at this point on the “Saved Logins” button.

3) Now on the left you can find the site you need and see from it a password by pressing the eye button in the form. Also, in this menu there is a search on sites and login that can facilitate your search for the desired account.

How to Import/Export Saved Passwords Using Microsoft Edge |How to Export Passwords on Microsoft Edge

How to see the saved passwords in the IE browser (Internet Explorer)

1) Open the browser, click on the button in the form of a gear = Browser properties

2) In the menu “Browser Properties” we go to the tab “” = parameters

3) In the new window “Auto Fill Options”, click on the button = password control.

4) Next in the “Account data for the Internet” tab, find the desired site, open the drop.down menu and near the “password” point on the “Show” button. Attention! This button only works with the password on the account in the computer (to the entrance to the system), if you have a password for entering the system, this menu will still ask it, so first set the password to enter the system and only after open Menu with passwords for the site.

How to see saved passwords in the Safari browser

1) We go to the browser, in the upper left corner, click on the “Safari” button = settings.

How to view the saved password in Microsoft Edge

This happens to the best of us: sometimes you cannot remember the password for the website. Fortunately, if you previously decide to save the password in Microsoft Edge, you can easily restore it on Windows 10 or Mac. That’s how.

Here we show how to do this in the new browser Edge. Microsoft gradually offers it to all Windows 10 users through the Windows update center, and you can download it right now.

First open Edge. Click on the Ellipas button (which looks like three points) in the upper right corner of any window. In the menu that appears, select “Settings”.

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On the settings screen go to the “Profiles” section and click “Passwords”.

On the screen “Passwords” Find the section “Saved passwords”. Here you will see a list of all users and password names that you have chosen to save in Edge. By default, passwords are hidden for security reasons. To view the password, click on the eye badge next to him.

Both Windows and Mac will appear on the MAC with a request to confirm the authenticity of your user’s system account before the password is shown. Enter the user name and password that you use to enter your computer and click OK.

After entering information about your system account, a saved password will be shown.

Try to remember this while you can, but do not succumb to the desire to write it down on paper, because other people can find this. If you usually have password management problems, it is better to use a password manager instead.

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Bottom line: EDGE password management

If you have many accounts, and it is difficult for you to remember user names and passwords, then the password management function is for you.

After I came across this function on Microsoft Edge, I was able to control all my accounts well, not forgetting passwords. This greatly simplified me the whole process.

In the same way, you can also manage passwords in the edge Android browser. You can save, edit and even delete passwords from a mobile browser.

I hope this will help you the same way it helped me. The password control boundary is an extremely useful function with proper use!

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone, which you should try.

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Removing saved passwords

If you stopped using data to enter any website, the saved password is just an unnecessary Edge. You can delete it. To remove the saved password:

  • Run the Edge browser and press the “Settings and more” button in the upper right corner.
  • In the section “Settings and more” click “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and press the “View additional settings” button.
  • In the “Automation Settings” section, click the “Password Management” button.
  • Put the cursor to the web site and click the X icon to remove it.

After that, the details of the site will no longer be available in Edge.

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Edit saved passwords.

If you want to change the saved password for any website, this is possible in Edge. To edit them:

  • Open Edge and press the “Settings and more” button in the upper right corner, as shown above.
  • Go to the “Settings” “View additional settings” “Password Management”, as in the previous step.
  • Click the website for which you want to change your password. Then click the password entering field and start entering a new “password”.

This is a strange thing in Edge: you can directly change your password until you can view or export. This complicates the import of saved passwords into another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. You can import only chosen ones, but not passwords.

How to manage saved passwords in Edge Android?

You can find saved passwords and manage them in Edge (chrome) on Android smartphones. By default, the option of saving passwords is already turned on, otherwise the passwords will not be saved.

Here are the steps for managing saved passwords in the edge browser for Android:

  • Launch Microsoft Edge for Android.
  • Touch the menu to view the parameters.
  • Select the “Settings” menu list.
  • In the list of settings parameters, select the saved passwords.
  • Click on online accounting data to manage the accounting data.

Now you can view the accounting data, edit or even delete the user name and password on the saved password tab. All this is available under passwords.

Make sure the Save Password switch is turned on. If not turned on, then the password is not stored in the storage of the browser. You can also enable or disable the automatic entry function available on the password settings page.

How to view saved passwords in Edge Android?

If you have already saved the password, EDGE for Android allows you to view the saved password. However, as an additional security measure, you need to confirm the graphic key or PIN code.

Here are the steps for viewing saved passwords on Edge Android:

  • Launch the Microsoft Edge application for Android.
  • Touch the menu to view the parameters.
  • Select the “Settings” menu list.
  • In the list of settings parameters, select the saved passwords.
  • Select in any online record of viewing details.
  • Tap the eye badge next to the password to view the saved password corresponding to the account.

You need to enter the PIN-code of the phone blocking or enter the security template to show the password. However, the user name and the website address will be visible.

You can also copy the saved password without looking through it. Just click on the copy of the copy command next to the hidden password field and insert it into the right place. This is the best way to manage saved passwords on Android.

How to see the saved passwords of Microsoft Edge

All the data that you once entered through this utility are stored in the memory of the system, and with their extraction there should not be difficulties. If you follow a simple instructions for finding personal personalization, namely:

  • Of course, the first thing you will need to launch the appropriate system utility on your device (no Internet access is required).
  • Next, you can open the discovery of accounting data through the search (you can make it in any convenient way).
  • On the main page of this section, you need to select the “Accounting information for the Internet” tab “.
  • Subsequently, in the search for the list, the corresponding resource is selected, to which it is necessary to view the saved information.
  • At the end you choose the “Show” link, and look for the appropriate category with the access key to your personal account.

The user will need to go through verification by entering a security certificate to access his own account on a PC or laptop. After the password information is received, it is recommended to save it in a safe place.

Important! Thus, you get access to absolutely all resources, which is why it is not recommended to remove the security code for your account, otherwise attackers can use this.

Changing the login or password for a specific site

If you need to update the security key for a specific page on the network, you will need to do the same list of actions to search for appropriate information. Further, it remains only to come up with new information, and, taking advantage of the possibility of editing, bring a new password or login to visit a resource. In certain situations, such actions do not give a result, and it is required to make changes in your personal account after authorization on the portal.

Saved EDGE passwords

As you already guessed, the passwords are not in the browser, but in a very secluded and unexpected place. If the site passwords were in the browser, as is usually the case with all normal Internet leaflets, I would not start with preliminary petting and Sherlock Holmes.

Keeps Edge saved passwords in Windows settings. In order to get there, you need to take the following steps.

Go to the control panel. You can do this using a search, which is located next to the start button.

We press the icon of the magnifier and write in the search line “Panel” after which we click on the search result, start the “control panel”.

In the control panel, go to user accounts

In the field “Account Manager”, select the Internet accounting data

After that, you will get to the EDGE password manager, where all the passwords entered in the browser will be shown. To see the saved passwords in Edge, click on the arrow from the right, and then click on the function.

To view the saved password, you need to enter the account password and click OK.

After that, a saved password will appear.

As you can see, in fact there is nothing complicated, but, the Christmas tree of the stick, you will never guess.

How to remove edge passwords?

Removing the saved password is easy. Select the necessary entry and click on the function to delete. It is located near the function to show (look at the penultimate screen).

Finally I will give you one good advice, guys. Do not store passwords in the browser! It can be convenient, but completely unsafe. To store passwords, use Keepass password manager. Today it is the best password storage program.

That’s all. I hope this article helped you and you found out where the passwords are in Microsoft Edge.

Find saved password in Microsoft Edge | How to locate your saved password in Microsoft Edge