How to find out which programs are installed on iPhone?

Run the App Store, tap your profile icon in the upper right corner and select “acquired”. If you select the “Everything” tab, you will see all the applications in your account. The “Open” button for the right, and the remote ones have a small cloud icon.

On the phone, open the Play Market and press the menu button (three lines). On the menu, click “My applications and games” to see the list of applications installed on your device. Click “Everything” to see the list of all the applications that you downloaded on any device using your Google account.

How to return a remote application

For quick recovery, there is a single condition. authorization of the initial ID. That is, data refund is possible to the address to which the application was downloaded for the first time. Even if the application with the App Store was paid, then the subsequent downloads will be free to the same address, since the payment data is saved in your account, and do not require re.introduction of funds.

Progress in games or changing information will also return. Also, more inaccessible programs that were deleted by developers in the App Store store can be loaded again if they were used earlier and simply were removed from a smartphone or tablet.

Any option is displayed in an online store among download tabs. How to do it? Simple enough.

To renew, run a company store and find the “Update” tab, which is located at the bottom of the panel of the proposed options.

In the section with purchases, you will have a tab in the form of a cloud with an arrow. By pressing the presented icon, an automatic installation of a program tied to your ID will be carried out.

In order to choose a specific attachment, leaf on the list further and choose the necessary lost game.

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If your program is already loading, then the return will be much easier.

Work with App Store can also support another device tied to your personal account. An additional tab that disappeared in the same section of “purchases”, called “not on that»Will help restore or transfer any previously downloaded application to another device with your ID code. For the operation, you should press the already familiar icon in the form of a cloud.

Using the program specifically, you need to connect the device to the computer.

How to see remote applications on iPhone

To find out all the information that has ever been downloaded on the iPhone and could leave, you can perform the following actions:

  • Go to the App Store store.
  • Go to Apple ID profile.
  • Next, you need to look for the “Buying” menu.
  • In the “Everything” tab, you can find all the files that have still been installed.
  • The “not on this iPhone” tab indicates all the programs that are absent on this device, as well as the entire software that has ever been installed under the user ID.

All programs are not removed irrevocably

How to see open programs on iPhone

To view open applications on your phone, you must repeat the following actions:

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  • On an unlocked apple device, press the “Home” button twice.
  • Open (neglected) programs will be displayed on the screen at this time.

This option is convenient in that it allows you to quickly find the necessary application or close the one that will not be needed at the moment.

How to Find Deleted Apps on iPhone

How to restore data of restored applications

As already mentioned above, when restoring programs, the information that is connected with them is restored. Information can be stored in the ICLOUD cloud or on the application developers of the application. In the first case, the data will be restored automatically, for this you will not need to do anything. In the second case, in order for the information to recover, it is necessary to enter the login and password from the application account under which you used it earlier.

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previously, installed, iphone, applications

Many simple actions on the iPhone, which experienced users do not even make you think, cause a lot of questions among beginners. Especially many questions are raised in iOS related to.

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About the new product of 2021, which supposedly should appear on sale in September, all new information is received. So famous analyst at Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the top smartphone iPhone 13.

How to delete the shopping history on iPhone

Cases are different, but sometimes it is necessary to delete your shopping history. It is worth saying right away that this cannot be done. Even on your mobile phone. But do not be upset, because the developers added the function of hiding goods from the list of purchased. Now on the iPhone and iPad you can hide and re.upload applications.

If you hide the program or any other product on the iPhone and find it in the store, you will have the impression that it has never been bought and downloaded, but this is not so. When hidden, the product is not removed from the memory of the phone or other gadgets on which the input under the current account is Apple ID.

Important! Hiding the goods, the user will not receive notifications about its updates, and the product itself will not be displayed in the “purchases” section in the AppStore store even on a personal computer or laptop under the control of Mac OS.

previously, installed, iphone, applications

If the function of “family access” is used, then hidden programs will not be visible to other members of the group. Hiding occurs like this:

  • Go to the APP Store and select “Today” at the bottom of the display.
  • Click on the account icon or your photo and select the “Purchases” section. If “family access” is activated, then you need to select your account among others in the group.
  • Find the required program or game and swip to the left.
  • Select “Hide the purchase”.
  • Press the “Ready” button.

You cannot clean the list of goods, but you can hide some applications

Thus, there are several ways to find out which applications were installed on the iPhone using iTunes, site, device and computer itself. Turn off this option, as well as delete data or clean the entire list. You can only remove (hide) some applications that will look, as if they were never downloaded.

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How to disable automatic payment on iPhone?

In order to disable automatic

Subscription is enough to move the cradle of the auto.carlation and agree with the disconnection. You can also cancel the extension in the settings “iTunes Store, App Store” using a personal computer. Press the “Cross the subscription” button and confirm the shutdown.

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View the balance of funds on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices

  • Open the App Store application.
  • Press your photo or entrance button at the top of the screen. You may need to enter the Apple ID identifier.
  • If there are funds on the Apple ID account, the amount is displayed under your name.

If you are in a family access group, purchases are paid from your personal account Apple ID. If you do not have enough funds at the Apple ID account to pay for the purchase, the remaining amount will be written off through the main way to pay for the organizer of family access.