How to cancel a subscription to the AppStore via iPhone, iPad or iTunes

Subscriptions for digital services sometimes can be the source of problems and excess costs. Before you, manual to create, manage, view and (disconnection, deleting) cancel subscriptions to iPhone (any model 5, 6, 7, x and SE), iPad tablets and iPod Touch, as well as in Apple Music and T.D. What is best to view and manage digital subscriptions on the iPhone and in other Apple devices? Is it possible to abandon subscriptions to services like Apple Music on the iPhone (or iPad)?

This is quite easy to get confused, and since any subscription is worth certain money, it is very important to follow your expenses and be able to view and disable paid iPhone subscriptions in time, if you understand that they are no longer needed you.

To help you deal with this issue, we have prepared a detailed guidance on subscription management on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

How to view a list of subscriptions

If you want to see what paid services are connected, you can make it right on the iPhone. But at the same time it must be connecting to the Internet, as it is necessary to synchronize with Apple servers. The sequence of action is:

  • Enter the settings section and click on the tab with your account.
  • Next opens a page where you need to click on your account again. In the window that opens, choose the item “View Apple ID”.
  • Pass the password from your account, after which they scroll down a bit and in the window that opens, humble on the subscription item.
  • After that, the user opens two list, which consist of inactive and existing subscriptions. All applications that are in the second list are currently activated.
  • Here you can click on any of the specified applications and more detailed information will appear, as to which time there is a subscription and how much money is written off with the account.

In this way, you can view absolutely all subscriptions and analyze your spending on them.

Through iTunes

See, change or cancel subscriptions you can and through iTunes program. To do this, follow such instructions:

  • In the opening menu, which is located at the top of the iTunes window, select the “Account” item, and then. “View My Account”. In most cases, at this stage, the window pops up in which you want to enter your Apple ID password;
  • Here you should scroll to the setup section. Here, next to the subscription item, click on the item to manage;
  • After that, a complete list of current subscriptions appears on the screen, both active and disconnected.

If the settings did not turn out to be a subscription item, then instead you should select the “iTunes Store and App Store” parameter. Next click on the identifier, password is injected. After that, they click on the item “View Apple ID”. Enter the system and scroll to the page to the subscription.

If the iPhone is not used for some reason, you should download iTunes to a computer where you can view, cancel or change subscriptions. In addition, you can contact Support Apple.

How to view paid subscriptions in the App Store

You can view all paid subscriptions through the App Store branded program. Here act in such a sequence:

  • Find the App Store program icon on the screen and click on it;
  • Logged in by clicking on your name at the bottom of the side panel;
  • In the top of the window, choose the section “see. information “. After that, you may need to enter a password;
  • After that, scroll through the opening page until the bottom of the subscription will appear until. Here you should open the Management section, after which the lists of all active and already deactivated subscriptions will appear.

Select a subscription to be disabled or changed and click on it. After that, full information on this or that installed program appears on the screen. Here you can change or disable any applications. If you want to cancel a subscription, but there is no cancel number of the desired button, then the application is already deactivated and will not extend.

After deacting a particular subscription, it remains in the list inactive and, if desired it can always be connected again.

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How to disable subscriptions on the Android device

Run Google Play and tap the profile photo. Select in the “Payments and Subscriptions” menu in the opened menu.

Open the “Subscription” item. In the “Active” section, all current paid services will be displayed. Choose the one from which you want to refuse.

Click “Cancel Subscription”, specify any of the reasons for the failure and tap “Continue”.

Confirm the action by clicking “Cancel Subscription”. Now in the list of services under it there will be an appropriate mark indicating the date. From now on, the money will no longer be deducted from the card.

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How to check subscriptions

To find out which applications suck money from your card, first go to the iPhone or iPad settings. In the iTunes Store and App Store tab, find the Apple ID button, click on it and select “View Apple ID”.

At the bottom of the account settings of the account with subscriptions (Subscriptions). In it, you can find information about all active subscriptions and when they end and renew.

Click on a specific subscription to change its duration or generally cancel. You will be able to use all the advantages until its term expires.

You can manage subscriptions and Mac. Log in to iTunes and select “View My Account” in the tab “Account” located on the menu bar. An account with account information opens. If you click on the “Account” button on the Mac App Store, the same page will open.

Here you can make adjustments to payments and subscriptions. If you are an organizer of a family subscription, you will not manage other subscriptions. This can only do account owners.

How to view paid subscriptions in the App Store

Another place where the iPhone is hidden on the built-in purchases. this is the App Store, a basic store to select programs where you usually make purchases and subscribe to what then wants to cancel.

Open the store and go to your account at the bottom and open account data. Before you put you in a section where it is possible to disable the iPhone subscription, the system will ask for a password input. Then you can go to the desired subsection.

Open a section where you can select a subscription to the application in the iPhone you want to delete as an unnecessary.

In detailed viewing, data will also be displayed about possible extension methods, if you still decide not to part with the service and use it further.

There will also be a button for cancellation. Use it to no longer pay for the use of this program. Please note that it will be available to the end of the paid period (if you are not from the above countries where special rules are valid).

If the methods described above, due to some reasons for you, you can not work, you can also contact the Apple technical support. Describe the situation and their difficulties to get qualified assistance from specialists. Also, this method can be applied if you accidentally subscribed to something.

You are the owner of Apple products? Then, most likely, you came across a problem when a monthly subscription was issued on your device, and after a while you decided to cancel it. But is it possible? Where to view a complete list of subscriptions that are active on your iPhone? How to return money for the last purchase? Within the framework of this article, we reviewed all issues related to subscriptions on iPhones, so you can solve any problems with this item in several clicks.

Where to see iPhone subscriptions

First we will deal with how to see paid subscriptions on the iPhone itself without auxiliary software, only by the forces of the iPhone itself. This option can be used everywhere because it does not require, for example, a computer.

To do this, go to the device to the personal parameters. Next, go to the subsection dedicated to iTunes and the App Store.

Please note that before finding out the iPhone subscriptions may need to be authenticated to confirm further actions.

Following this, go to the subsection where you are subscribed to the iPhone by clicking on the appropriate item.

The list will open, select from it that you need to cancel on the iPhone 7 as an unnecessary subscription. Detailed data will appear.

First, an indication of the validity period of the current option is going, then options where you can find the extension of the iPhone subscription at various time. Under them is a button for refusing to extend. If you press, the application or the service will continue to work up to the end of the paid period, and after that it will be disabled.

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Perform the same actions for all other items from the list that you do not like.

Similarly, you can watch iPhone subscriptions, where payment is performed directly through Apple. But with third-party service providers, everything is more complicated. For example, for streaming sites, it is often required to enter the personal account on the relevant resource.

Interesting: Users from Turkey, Israel and South Africa, where they have their own rules on paid subscriptions on the iPhone, can see and cancel them instantly, with percentage of the amount for unused time. The residue amount will depend on the period that remains until the end of the paid period.

Disable IOS and Mac Extension

When you register with NetFlix using an application for iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you have the ability to use the iTunes billing to pay for a subscription.

The “Billing in iTunes” feature allows you to easily subscribe to services such as Netflix, paying them monthly using the App Store account, as well as any other application.

But what happens when you want to cancel Netflix’s subscription? Although you can’t cancel the NetFlix website, you can cancel it using your iPhone, iPad or Mac. here we will show you how to do it. We also have textbooks on access to the content of Netflix US in the UK and downloading Netflix video to your Mac, if this is your bag.

How to cancel netflix in iTunes on iOS

If you have registered in NetFlix and decided to pay a monthly subscription using your account in the App Store / iTunes, you may seem that you can delete it somewhat unclear.

Although users who registered through the Netflix website or Android applications can be canceled through the application, those who have subscribed using their Apple ID must unsubscribe through the Apple ID subscription menu.

Here’s how to cancel netflix on iTunes on iPad or iPhone:
application, subscriptions, iphone, apple

  • Open Settings.
  • Press iTunes Application Store.
  • Click Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID and password if required.
  • Click “View Apple ID”.
  • Enter your password (or use Touch ID) to unlock your account.
  • Click Subscriptions.
  • Press Netflix.
  • Install automatic extension to off.

Your NetFlix subscription will act until the end of your subscription cycle (usually month), then the NetFlix application will disable you access to your streaming library, and Apple will cease to take a monthly fee for Netflix.

If you want to re-subscribe to Netflix at any time, you can use the NetFlix application or change the extension settings in the Apple ID subscription settings.

How to cancel netflix in iTunes on Mac

Although it is much more likely that you subscribed to NetFlix through iTunes on the iOS device, you can also cancel Netflix through iTunes on your Mac. Here’s how:

  • Open iTunes on your Mac.
  • Select “Enter” and enter your Apple ID.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Account Information” (Enter the password again).
  • Click “Control” next to “Subscription”.
  • Click Change.
  • Install automatic extension to off.

If you want to cancel any other subscription on the iPhone, read it: how to cancel subscription to the iPhone.

application, subscriptions, iphone, apple

How to cancel, create and change iPhone subscriptions

What is best to manage digital subscriptions on my iPhone and other Apple devices? Can I cancel subscription to Apple Music, Apple News and T. D. On iPhone (or iPad)?

One of the less known changes in iOS 10 is to add subscriptions to the “News” application: From now on, users will be able to pay for access to certain news services.Maybe Apple could do for online news market What she did to download digital music and that Spotify (and recently and Apple too) made for streaming music: convince a group of people who are fully accustomed to what it is free to pay for it.

It remains unclear whether he can achieve this. But at the same time, this announcement means that the range of subscription services to which you can access through your Apple devices has become even more. In addition to news, already there is an Apple Music stream service based on a subscription (built into the default MUSIC application), various newspapers and magazines (educated on an individual basis, separated from non-opposite umbrella application NewsStand), other applications that use subscription models, such as the application For Meditation HeadSpace, and a number of television and video services, such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

In other words, everything can be quite complicated. and since all this is connected with regular expenses, it is important to know exactly what you pay, and know how to change or cancel your subscriptions as soon as they become unavailable or unnecessary. To help with mental juggling, here is our subscription management manual for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

How to manage subscriptions: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Manage subscriptions on the iOS device is very simple.All this can be viewed in your Apple ID account stored in the settings.

application, subscriptions, iphone, apple

Open the Settings application and click “iTunes and App Store”. Your Apple ID should be displayed at the top: click on it, then “View Apple ID”. Log in, use touch ID or something else, and then you will see all the settings for your account.

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Click “Subscriptions”, and all your subscriptions will be listed. (If the “Subscription” parameter is missing, this means that there are no subscriptions managed through iOS in this account.Cm. Below what to do if you can not find a list of list.)

Touch the subscription you want to control, then select one of the available options for adjusting or canceling a subscription (according to the terms of your payment scheme. for example, if you paid until the end of the month, the subscription will continue to this moment): You will see a simple outflection option.

You issued a subscription to an application or magazine for iPad or iPhone, which now want to cancel? Fortunately, to get to the iPhone subscription section, where you can stop paying for the application, very simple.Also just to cancel the ICloud tariff plan, subscribing to Apple Music and a subscription to Spotify, NetFlix and T. D. We will show you how to do it.

How to stop paying for the application on the iPhone

You just noticed that payments go for the application that you almost do not use, or, even worse, for the application you never use! Here’s what to do if you do not want to pay for the application for iPhone or iPad:

  • Start with the opening of the “Settings” application on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down to iTunes and App Store.
  • Click on Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the view apple id.
  • Use Touch ID, Face ID or enter your password.
  • Wait until Apple ID information is downloaded.
  • Going to the page of your account, scroll down and click “Subscriptions”.
  • Here you will see all current and expired subscriptions.
  • Find the subscription you want to cancel and click on it.
  • You will go to the page where you can see more detailed information about the current subscription, about various alternative subscriptions, if they exist, and the ability to cancel subscription.
  • If you want to continue and cancel, click “Cancel Subscription”.
  • Subscription will end at the end of the current subscription period. for example, if the subscription is extended monthly, you can still use the service until the subscription will be extended.

How to stop paying for a logbook or newspaper

If you want to cancel a logbook or newspaper for iPad, the process is the same as described above.

How to re-subscribe to the application

You can easily re-subscribe if you decide to do it later.

If you want to cancel the ICloud repository tariff plan, the process will be different. here we explain how to cancel the ICloud repository tariff plan. We also have detailed information on how to cancel Netflix, if you registered through iTunes here.

My subscription is not listed.What’s next?

If the subscription you want to manage or cancel is not in the list, you may have registered under another Apple ID account. if you have an alternative account, exit and log in with this account to see if it solves the problem in otherwise it may seem that your subscription was issued directly from the supplier, and not through Apple’s intermediary services, so you will need to directly contact the subscription provider.

How to manage subscriptions: Apple TV

Like the iPhone and iPad, the fourth-generation Apple TV allows you to control digital subscriptions on this device through its settings.(For earlier Apple TV models, you will need to manage subscriptions through another device in the same account.)

Open the Settings application and click “Accounts”. Look in the “Subscriptions” section, where you will see the “Subscription Management” option. select it.

As in iOS, you will see a list of subscriptions, which should include a subscription you currently want to control or cancel. If it is, select this subscription and follow the instructions and parameters to change the settings for this subscription or completely cancel it (in accordance with the terms of your payment scheme).Again, you will see a simple outflection option.

How to manage subscriptions: Mac (and PC)

Unlike iOS and TVOS devices, laptops and desktops do not allow you to update and manage subscriptions to Apple account through system settings. You need to log in to iTunes (and enter the appropriate Apple ID account if you have not done this yet).

IPhone subscriptions: how to view, cancel and extend

Open the “Settings” application on the iPhone or iPad. Click your name at the top. Click “Subscriptions”. Now you will see all active and expired subscriptions attached to your Apple ID. Click one to cancel, change the settings or view additional information. You can also enable / disable the parameters of the extension receipts that remind you every month / year to extend subscription

When you complete a subscription or a free trial version, Apple will tell you how long you can use it (for the already paid / free trial period).