– from a locked smartphone

  • On a locked smartphone, press the Power button to turn on the screensaver.
  • Now you need to call the additional toolbar. we make a swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top.
  • In the panel that appears below, we are interested in the icon on the right. click on it.
    scan, code, honor, phone
  • A scanning window appears, where it is enough to select the item QR-code. We direct the code so that it falls into the frame and you’re done. the information will be read and displayed on the screen.

For EMUI 8

– from an unlocked smartphone

You need to call the quick search bar for applications. This is done by swiping down from the center of the screen. In the search window that appears, we are interested in the icon in the upper right corner.

The same as in the first method. a scanning window will appear.

How to scan QR code on Huawei and Honor

How to scan QR code on Huawei and Honor? The problem is that the developers managed to hide this function in the most unobvious places, which they could not find even with the help of a search for settings. In fact, everything is not so bad and for this we do not need to install third-party applications.

There are several ways to read QR code on Huawei smartphones. They differ depending on the EMUI version.

Method. using a camera

This is perhaps the most inconvenient way to read QR codes. Open the Camera application, select the item and find the Scanner icon, as shown in the screenshot below:

Now you need to take a photo of the required code in this mode. Try to select it so that it falls completely within the blue frame and take a picture. Next, in the same window, click on the thumbnail of the image in the lower left corner:

In the toolbar that appears below, click Scan QR Code and you’re done.

Sometimes this item does not appear immediately and you need to wait a little.

Where is the QR code scanner for EMUI 9

Reading occurs automatically, the system opens the requested information.

On the locked screen of the smartphone

In the proprietary shell EMUI 8, there is a very useful quick tools menu available on the locked screen of the device. To activate this menu, just swipe up on the unlock screen, after which it will appear at the bottom of the screen. Here you can start the calculator, flashlight, stopwatch and the QR scanner we need. it is located in the lower right corner of the panel.

The smartphone goes to the camera app and automatically turns on the scan function. All that is now required is to keep the scanned object within the marked square. Upon completion of the operation, you will be provided with a link of the scanned code, but to follow it, you will need to unlock the device. this is a security measure.

Scanner on EMUI 8 In the same way, you can enable QR scanner on Honor 10 and Huawei P20 lite, because these devices are also running EMUI 8 (at the time of this writing).

Scan QR and barcodes with built-in Google Assistant support

Some versions of Emotion UI skins on Huawei and Honor smartphones do not contain the functions described above. In this case, you shouldn’t be upset, because the built-in Google Assistant support will come to the rescue.

  • Unlock your smartphone. In the navigation buttons, press and hold the circle for a period of time until you switch to the Google Assistant. Then, at the bottom left, click on the box icon. An additional menu will open. Select the camera icon on the left side of this menu.
  • Now scan the QR or barcode you need. To select, click on the location of the code on the screen of the mobile device.If you still have questions about scanning QR and barcodes on Huawei and Honor smartphones, then write to us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

QR codes are gaining more and more popularity every day, spreading mainly where the placement of familiar links would be a great inconvenience. They are often found in museums, historic buildings and business cards. However, many users stopped paying attention to them, because they do not know what they are for and how to use them. And what it is, and how to scan a QR code on Honor and Huawei, you will find out later in the article.

QR & Barcode Scanner

QR & Barcode Scanner Developer: Gamma Play Price: Free

GammaPlay QR and Barcode Scanner is an excellent program that has a set of useful functions with it, such as the history of the read codes, the mode of inverted colors and automatic following links.

To read the QR code in this application, you need to click on the button in the form of 3 stripes in the upper left corner of the screen. A menu will appear on the left, the topmost item of which is named “Scanning”.

After pressing the button, the application switches the smartphone to scan mode. Hold the object in the target area and wait for the scan to end.

After that, a link will be provided, by which you can immediately go to the browser, view the desired site.

The application stands out from the standard by the presence of a history of scan results. To turn it on, you need to press the button with 3 stripes. On the left, a menu slides out, the second item of which, if you count from the top, is history. Click on the “History” button.

A list of previously received links appears. By clicking on each of them, we are given detailed information about each scanned object. Here you can find the previously read QR code.

The advantage over the built-in utility is noticeable in the application settings. Of the useful functions. there is the ability to enable automatic transition to the site after scanning. And also inverting colors, when black turns to white and vice versa.

This can be useful when scanning on a white surface. Some devices may not work properly under these conditions.

For EMUI 8

There are three options for connecting the “barcode scanner” function, which are characterized by individual characteristics.

There are two ways to read (or scan) the QR code using your Huawei (Honor) phone without installing special programs:

Direct QR code scanning. 2. Scanning a QR code from a smartphone camera snapshot.

Let’s see how this is done using the HUAWEI P Smart smartphone with the new Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. (To go to the article on how to scan a QR code under Android 9 Pie EMUI 9.1, click here.)

Method 1:. Direct QR Code Scan

A) From a locked phone.

HUAWEI smartphones have a very handy feature that allows direct access to tools on a locked phone. Let’s take advantage of this. To do this, on a locked smartphone, press the power button. A picture of the locked screen appears on the screen. We swipe up from the bottom of the screen, resulting in a quick toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Select the rightmost icon in the bottom row of tools. this is the “Scanner” icon.

B) From an unlocked phone.

The scanner icon for reading the QR code can also be found on the “Quick Search Applications” screen.

To do this, on the Home screen of the mobile device, make a swipe down from the center of the screen. You will be taken to the “Quick Search Applications” screen.

Method 2:. Scanning a QR code from a smartphone camera snapshot.

First, we take a picture of the object where the QR code is located, for this we turn on the camera by clicking on the “Camera” icon on the main page of the phone screen. We take pictures so that the QR code is clearly readable.

Further, without leaving the camera mode, click on the icon on the left side of the screen to go to the view of the picture taken. After the screenshot appears on the screen, click on the “” button with three dots at the bottom of the screen.

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Information such as website address, text message, business card, contact information from the phone book, etc. Convenience and ease of use of the QR scanning function and common barcodes on Huawei and Honor smartphones will allow you to quickly find out information encrypted with the code.

Using the camera

  • Turn on the camera and take a clear photo of the QR code.
  • Then, click on the icon of the created photo, which is located in the lower left part of the screen. A toolbar will appear, we need the “” button on the right.
  • After pressing it, another menu will appear with many functions, among which we need the lowest item. “Scan the QR code”.
  • The system will automatically recognize the code and then display the scan result in a new window. Now you can go to the desired site.

Is it possible to somehow expand the functionality of the built-in scanner?

There are no standard methods, but if Root rights are installed on the phone, this can be easily corrected by the correct actions.

Huawei smartphones with Android 8.0 Oreo operating system have an excellent EMUI shell, which boasts a large selection of ways to scan a QR code. However, third-party applications are still ahead of it in terms of the number of conveniences and functions. And the choice, which is more convenient for you, is yours. We hope that the article helped to understand the issue, and you understood how to scan QR on Huawei (Honor) smartphones.

How to scan QR code on Honor and Huawei smartphones

Unlike the usual barcode, you do not need any separate device in the form of a scanner to read information from a QR code. For this, an ordinary smartphone is enough, in which there is or you can install a special application.

Not all owners of such mobile gadgets guess what is needed to read such information and where such a tool can be located in their device. The question arises. how to enable the QR code scanner? Take Honor and Huawei as an example

How to read QR code on Honor, Huawei

On Honor and Huawei mobile gadgets, there are two main and most popular options for enabling the scanner:

This method also implies 2 options:

Scanning with a device in blocking mode

Manufacturers Honor and Huawei have scanner functionality even when the screen is locked. Including the mode of scanning QR codes. How to use it:

We use the power button until the lock display appears on the screen; Swipe your finger across the screen. From its bottom to the top; A special menu with tools is included; Pay attention to the rightmost icon in the line. It looks like a polygon with a dash in a square; Click on this icon. The camera of the mobile gadget turns on, which starts just in the mode we need.

You need to hold to focus on the QR code for a while. After that, all the information encrypted in this code will appear in a new window.

Enabling the desired mode without locking the screen

The same functionality is available to the user of an unlocked mobile phone:

Touch the center of the screen and slide your finger down; The screen is activated, which is responsible for quickly searching for applications; We pay attention to the upper left corner, because it is there that a similar icon is located, as in the previous method.

We repeat the scanning operation, but in this case, you no longer need to enter the code to unlock the screen.

Using pictures with a smartphone camera

Just go to the camera to take a picture; We aim at the required code. We focus for maximum clarity, shoot; Go right in the same place to the photo view mode (thumbnail below and to the left of the working screen); As soon as the captured photo appears on the screen, activate the “MORE” button, which is marked with three vertical dots and is located in the lower right corner; In the list, we go down to its bottom. Then “Scan QR-code”; You need to wait a bit until the system processes the image and provides information in a new window.

Another way how you can activate QR scanner on Honor and Huawei

You can simply go to the settings (the gear icon), and select “Huawei / Honor Account” from the list of options provided. After switching to a new page, the required tool will be located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Press and hold the “Home” button for a while; A special dialog box from Google Assistant appears; Pay attention to the microphone icon; Next to it, on the left, there will be another button; If you use it, the special application “Google Lens” will be launched, the functionality of which has the ability to read QR codes.

Using third-party applications

Yes, in addition to standard tools, you can install special applications that allow you to read QR codes. Three of them will be discussed:

Even with the standard scanning capabilities, this app is clearly worth considering in a phone setup. The fact is that its developer is Kaspersky Lab. That is, a world-famous manufacturer of antivirus software.

That is, using this scanner, the owner of a mobile gadget will be able to:

Quickly recognize links with infections or links with transitions to malicious Internet resources; Automatic security check of all information that was tied to the code. text, images, websites, etc.

Finding contacts as quickly as possible and transferring them to the contact book of a mobile phone; All scanned information remains in memory. It can be viewed later at any time; If the code requires a connection to the network, then the program quickly turns Wi-fi into an active state.

This is a kind of two-in-one application. That is, you can use its capabilities not only for reading QR codes, but also for classic barcodes.!

Other features of this software. which should be mentioned:

You can not only scan, but also generate codes yourself; Converting information does not require time consuming; It is possible to use the functionality for encrypting various data using codes; No internet connection is required to receive, read and convert data; All received information is saved in the application history. Access to it can be easily obtained absolutely at any time; Easy and fast transfer of data to contacts and other places to save. In fact, the only drawback is that there is no Russian-language interface, but working with it is easy, simple.

There are a lot of applications for scanning QR codes:

Method. using a camera

scan the QR code in Huawei and Honor phones using the next method.

  • Open the Camera app, select. tap Scanner. The item may not be displayed instantly, so you will need to wait for a while.
  • Take a photo of the required code. Make it so that the image will fit within the set frame.
  • A small image will appear on the left side.

the role of code recognition is to support the current user, as a result of which someone is able to make prizes from purchases, without having the presence of a buyer’s card for himself. to acquire the necessary data, “encrypted” in the form of a special program code. also make online purchases without the need to permanently enter bank details (however, in order to protect the exploitation of private money, the concept will ask for a control code sent according to SMS).

it is quite easy to do this, since the program created for detection is initially located in the phone’s firmware and will not need to be defined separately in any way. so, for example, in order to explore the QR code in Honor 8x, all you have to do is pull down the rapid access curtain and find the appropriate icon. in this case, if it is absent, press the prompt admission diet in the edit button and then select the “Scan” section.

in this case, if the scanner rushes first, the concept will ask for access to the camera (you need to press “Allow”), and after that it will show the picture from the viewfinder, which must be sent to the QR code.

if the cipher is generated correctly, someone is instantly recognized by the concept and the decrypted will be displayed on the display. what will it be possible to save in the memory of the moving devices.

it should be noted that it is possible to distinguish not only the picture from the camera, but also ordinary pictures. so, for example, after taking a screenshot of the screen with a picture of the QR code, open the “Scan” utility and select the “Image scan” section, in which place we are looking for the necessary picture and recognize it

Huawei / Honor сканер QR кода

in addition to the definition of QR, you are given the opportunity to also produce your own encrypted drawings. for this, in the “Scanner” utility, you need to press the “Create” button and then select 1-in from the publicly available variations: “Website”, “Contact”. “Program”, “Wi-Fi” or random “Text”.

after generating your own QR code, it must be provided to the owner of another phone for decryption, which will be able to quickly and accurately use it.

This annotation applies to various Honor phones, but it is very likely that some with them (especially with old firmware) have every chance of being solved this kind of ability. in this case, it is possible to determine at least some other QR code scanner, which can be found on Google Play according to demand: QR scanner.

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Answers to popular questions

Through the “Quick search for applications”

with the aim of this, in order to introduce a panel for the rapid search for add-ons, you need to find yourself in the desktop devices and do a swipe down. a search line will appear on top, in the left-side lobe that you will notice the QR scanner icon.

by clicking according to it, the phone will switch to the recognition order, and you will notice the sphere in the square version. hold the QR code from inside this area, and as a result. the phone will display the acquired hyperlink in a new window.

Is it possible to somehow expand the functionality of the built-in scanner?

by the usual methods, however, if Root-rights are defined in the phone, this is absolutely possible to correct with the right actions. Huawei phones with the Android 8.0 Oreo operator concept have a lovely EMUI layer, which can be tested by a considerable selection of QR code recognition methods. nevertheless, extraneous additions still outstrip it according to the number of benefits and functions. And the selection that is more comfortable for you remains because of you. we pin our hopes that the article helped to understand the problem, and you figured out, as well as how to scan QR in Huawei (Honor) phones.

Using the camera

  • Turn on the camera and take a clear photo of the QR code.
  • Then, click on the icon of the created photo, which is located in the lower left part of the screen. A toolbar will appear, we need the “” button on the right.
  • After pressing it, another menu will appear with many functions, among which we need the lowest item. “Scan the QR code”.
  • The system will automatically recognize the code and then display the scan result in a new window. Now you can go to the desired site.

Ways to Scan QR Code on Honor and Huawei Phone

Let’s see the recommended views in the sample Huawei P Smart 2018 with Android 8.0 near the EMUI 8 user interface guide according to anyone with a step-by-step annotation provided. without exception, all of these types function in the devices of the Honor series. you need to keep in mind. to scan the QR code, you need to connect to Wi-Fi or mobile web.

For EMUI 8

for the purpose of connecting the “barcode scanner” function, there are 3 types of distinctive personal features.

Method. use the hidden panel on the locked screen

Why Honor 7C doesn’t have a QR code scanning app?

The lack of a scanner is due to the budget of the device. It is in the low price range. under 200. Therefore, the developers did not implement any additional features and extensions there.

Additional Information

In order for such software and built-in managers to work accurately, take pictures of the code with high quality. The guarantee of quality consists of two parameters:

  • clarity of the image;
  • good lighting.

To ensure clarity, do not shake your phone or tablet while shooting. Use a flashlight or other light source for lighting.

Using the camera

Another option that will help you read hidden information using a classic camera:

  • open the “Camera” application;
  • click on the scanner;
  • point to the square;
  • on the side to the left, click on the small image that appears;
  • there will be an item “Scan KuAR” below;
  • click on it;
  • viewing the result.

On the locked screen of the smartphone

  • hold down the power key until the Huawei splash screen appears;
  • swipe up from the bottom;
  • click on the icon on the right;
  • then the process of searching for items for scanning will start;
  • aim the camera directly at the object being read;
  • after processing you view the received data.

ways to scan QR code on Honor and Huawei smartphones

To scan a QR code on a Huawei and Honor phone, you need to use either the built-in tools or download a special scanner. To do this, you need a modern smartphone or tablet that takes clear legible pictures. It is also possible to decrypt the information through a PC or laptop. Other gadgets do not work with this data format yet.

Third-party apps for reading QR codes on Huawei

QR Code Barcode Scanner

Here, not only modern cipher technology was combined, but also old barcodes that still remain on many products.

Built-in tools

First of all, you need to check if your smartphone or tablet has a QR scanner built into the camera, for this:

After update || QR code scanner || Honor 9n

Open the camera app on your phone and see if there is a scanner mode. It can be placed in a separate menu, for example, in lenses.

Select this item and point the camera at the code, an offer to follow the link will open, just the decrypted text or other content.

Interesting! In some shells, it is not necessary to look for a menu item that enables scanning. It can always work in automatic mode and will be triggered when the camera is pointed at QR.

It is also worth noting that a special application for these purposes may already be installed on the smartphone. For example, on Xiaomi devices it is called “Multifunctional Scanner”. Check it out on your device.

Gamma scan

One of the fastest scanners for Android. It works very smartly and shows all the necessary information. Easy to operate and in Russian.

The application is very easy to use, you just need to launch it and point the phone camera at what you need. The program will immediately show all encrypted information.

  • Very fast
  • In Russian
  • Free
  • History
  • Understands damaged or dirty images
  • Easy to operate

How to scan a QR code: on an Android phone, in detail

You can recognize a QR code on an Android phone or tablet using both the tools already built into the system and using third-party applications.

So, the user always has the opportunity to scan absolutely any QR code and find out what is encrypted in it, this is a convenient Android function.

In the previous article, we examined in detail what a QR code is and what it is generally needed for. Now we will analyze in no less detail how to scan a QR code on Android from the phone screen.

Important! From the instructions, you will learn how to scan the qr code on a smartphone: Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei or any other Android phone, since the process is the same everywhere. We discussed how to do this on Apple devices in the article. how to scan a qr code on an iPhone.

How to scan QR code on Android


High-quality and convenient application in Russian. It works really fast and understands even corrupted or dirty codes. Great option.

Among other things, it allows you to create QR codes yourself, which is simply necessary. Has a fairly large functionality and a number of convenient settings.

  • No ads
  • In Russian
  • Fast working speed
  • Create your QR
  • Working with images
  • History
  • Settings

Interesting! These applications are also convenient in that, in addition to the QR itself, they allow you to read information from ordinary barcodes, and this can sometimes come in handy.

Third Party Applications

It is not always possible to scan QR using the capabilities of the phone itself, for example, on a bare Android it will not work out of the box. The solution is to install a special application from Google Play. There are quite a few of them, but they work about the same.

We have analyzed all the best third-party scanning applications in the material. qr code scanners for Android, there you will find the best solutions for your device. Let’s look at some of them now.

How to scan qr code on Android. from image

Any of the applications that are laid out above allow you to do this. Install any of them on your smartphone or tablet. Let’s take Barcodescanner as an example.

Open the application and click on the “Image Scan” button.

In the explorer, select the desired image and use an orange marker to highlight the code itself in the picture.

The program will automatically scan it and display all the necessary information, which is encrypted in it.