How to record and save webcam video

Making a video for your home archive or blog on Youtube is easy. Almost everything you need with a 90% probability is on your computer desk. Actually, you need a PC or laptop, a webcam (maybe even a built-in one) and a program for recording and editing videos Movavi Video Editor.

Before moving on to the process of creating a video. A few words about why we decided to take this particular program as an example. The fact is that it is in Russian by default, has an intuitive interface, a huge set of useful functions for creating videos and a free demo version. So you can download Movavi Video Editor for free from the official website, go to it at, and start practicing right away.

Recording video on a webcam

We start by opening the program and entering the main interface. If your screen has some differences from this screenshot, then you are running a different version.


The next step. click on the icon with the text “Screen Capture”. This function allows you to record from a stationary or connected to a PC webcam. Then you will see the following submenu.

In the center you will have a video sequence screen. there you can see yourself or another subject. And the buttons below the screen allow you to preview the already captured video before proceeding to editing and saving it.

But if in your case a black screen also appeared, then you need to go to the menu on the right and deal with the camera connection. Movavi Video Editor detects the webcam and microphone on its own, but these devices may be incorrectly installed or simply damaged. Try connecting another camera and select it in the device field. By the way, there is another important item in this menu. default video save folder. It can be replaced, indicated a different path.

Once you’re ready to record, try doing some test takes to make sure your camera and microphone are set up correctly. The resulting video can be viewed immediately for quality control. If everything fits, then we start recording, and after its completion, click “Save” and proceed to processing your video.

Video processing and saving

Video captured using webcam capture can be immediately converted to the desired format and saved to your hard drive. But why rush when Movavi Video Editor has a great set of editing features?

To get started, drag your post to the edit bar. If you closed the program before, then the video can be found in the save folder.

When working in video editor mode, you have several tools at once.

  • First, the ability to crop a video or cut out an unsuccessful fragment, and then glue the recording at the desired point. You can also open and add other video and photo files to the editing strip to collect the author’s video from them.
  • Secondly, different videos can not only be glued together, but special transition effects can be installed between them. On the screen with the video, you can view the preliminary result of your work. Just select the desired point in the scroll bar and add a transition.
  • Titles or effects are added to the video in a similar way. Dealing with these actions will NOT be difficult, since everything can be viewed on the test screen.
  • Third, you can experiment with sound: the standard version. Add background music. And when you master the video editor better, you can completely remake the video dubbing in a couple of minutes.

Final stage. saving the record. You need to select the format and the desired quality, then click on “Save”.

The processing speed of the file depends on the characteristics of your computer and the settings for saving. After the conversion is complete, you can go to viewing the result of your work or take a new video.

It is recommended to save Not only finished videos, but also edited projects. If you decide to change something, then open the project and make changes. This is many times easier than re-assembling videos from various files and adding all the effects to it.

How to take a photo from a video

It is NOT rare, while watching a video, there is a need to save a frame from a video, or how else they say to take a photo from a video. In this article, we will talk about how this is done using the example of four popular video programs.

How to take a photo from a video using VLC Player

VLC Player. one of the most popular video players at the moment. VLC Player earned its popularity due to its simple interface and support for all the necessary functions. Among THESE functions is the creation of a photo from a video. In order to take a photo from a video using the VLC player, you need to open the drop-down menu “Video” and select the item “Snapshot”.

After that, the program will save the current frame as a separate photo. For convenience, you can pause the video and then use this function. All Saved frames will be located in the C: \ Users \ username \ Pictures folder. You can also find them in the “Images” library.

How to take a photo from a video using Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic. another very popular video player. If you are using it, then in order to take a photo from a video you need to open the drop-down menu “File” and select the item “Save Image”.

After that, a window will appear in which you need to specify the folder to save this frame. It should also be noted that in Media Player Classic, you can save frames using the ALTI key combination, without opening the “File” menu.

In addition to saving a single frame, in Media Player Classic you can cut frames from a video. To do this, open the “File” menu and select “Save Thumbnails”.

The result is a picture as in the screenshot (below).

This picture displays the name of the video file, its size, duration and resolution. Below this information there is a cutting of frames from the video with time display.

How to save a video frame in GOMPlayer

If you are using the GOMPlayer media player, then in order to save a photo from a video you need to right-click on the video itself and select the item “Video. Save the Current Frame “. Also for this you can use the CTRLE key combination.

As well as in Media Player Classic, in the GOMPlayer program you can cut video frames. To do this, use the “Video. Create Snapshot Preview “.

How to save a frame from a video in KMPlayer

If you use KMPlayer to watch a video, then in order to save a frame from the video you need to right-click on the video and open the “Capture. Capturing Source Frame “. After that, a window will appear on the screen in which you just need to save the resulting frame to any folder.

Also in KMPlayer there is a function called “Frame extraction”, it can be launched using the menu “Capture” or using the key combination CTRLG. After starting this function, a small window will appear on the screen in which you can configure automatic saving of frames. For example, here you can configure saving every hundredth frame or one frame per second.

After you select the desired settings in the “Extract Frame” window, start video playback and click on the “Start” button. After that, the program will start saving frames to the specified folder.

How to download Tik Tok videos

Tik Tok is a new social network that allows you to create interesting videos and share them with your friends. It became popular among Russian users in 2018 and is already being used by bloggers along with Instagram and YouTube. Some videos are especially memorable and raise the question of how to download a video from Tik Tok to your device.

Download video to phone

The process works differently on devices with different operating systems.

For Android

In order to save a file from an application to the memory of your gadget, you can use 2 methods. The basic method can be applied to both Android phones and iPhones. It consists in using the “Save Clip” function built into the Tik Tok social network itself.

  • Run the selected video in the application on the phone.
  • Click the Share button at the end of the sidebar.
  • Select the “Save Clip” action.
  • The video is uploaded to the gallery and is available for viewing at any time.

This method is not universal, because authors can block the ability to download their content. In this case, the “Musical.Ly” file loader is used:

  • Open Google Play and search for “Downloader for Musical.Ly” application. It must be downloaded to your smartphone. There are several alternative programs for downloading videos, but with the help of the proposed one you can save videos without a watermark.
  • Find your favorite clip on the Tik Tok network and select the Share action at the bottom of the side menu.
  • On the panel that opens, click the “Link” button. The address will be copied to the clipboard automatically.
  • In the program downloaded from the “Play Store” paste the URL in the empty space and click “Download video”.
  • The clip can be found in the file vault.

For iPhone

There are two ways to download videos to your Apple smartphone. The first is related to the implementation of internal Tik Tok options. To do this, you need to make a long touch on the open clip and select the “save clip” item among the appeared keys. If there is no such button, the blogger has blocked the function of downloading his content. In this case, the second method is applied:

Saving Videos to Computer

If the user stores an archive of files on a PC, then it will be necessary to download the video from the TikTok social network to the computer. If the video has already been downloaded to the phone, then you can use a USB cable or an SD card adapter and move the file from the gadget to the PC memory.

You can also use a smartphone operating system emulator, such as BlueStucks, for this. In this case, you need to install the above program, and the further algorithm of actions will coincide with downloading the file on Android. But an easier way to download the file is possible: using the service.

Using the site Savefrom.Net

On the website you need to insert the link to the desired video from TikTok in the empty time limit. Next, you need to select the format in which the video will be saved and click the “Download” button.

The easiest way to use the Save From Net service. it is adding the domain “sfrom.Net/” or “savefrom.Net/” to the address bar of the browser before the URL of the Tik Tok video. After inserting and pressing the “Enter” key on the keyboard, the process starts. All that remains is to select the desired video and its format from the list provided.

Smartphone screen recorders

Downloading additional programs to download videos from the Internet and familiarizing yourself with their interfaces can seem like a daunting task. In this case, you can use the smartphone screen recording and simply shoot the necessary video.

Screen Recorder

A program for a personal computer with a convenient and simple interface, without unnecessary functions. In it you can record Not only the screen, but also audio, image from the webcam and games.


This tool allows you to edit videos on a computer screen, record audio at the same time, select the capture area (the entire screen or part of it), overlay the sound of the microphone and speaker, and set an automatic timeout, which will stop filming when the file reaches the desired size or time.

Apowerrec is simpler than Screen recorder, but its functions are enough to save a TikTok video on your computer.

How to make a webcam video

Need to know how to capture a webcam? Then take a look at this quick guide and we’ll show you how to capture stable and high resolution webcam video with UkeySoft Screen Recorder.

“I found myself creating daily webcam videos. This is a cool thing, and I started doing it. However, I am a beginner and I do not have the experience and tools to do so. So I google “how to take a webcam video” and realize that it will be easy to record a webcam video using any screen recorder. Is there a professional software that can help me record and shoot webcam videos without any problems? “

Nowadays, making webcam video is commonplace because by saving THESE high definition streaming videos, you can share your memory, such as teaching, learning, and connecting with family and friends wherever they are. If you want the perfect recording experience, use a powerful program to help you hassle-free. Since recording video from a webcam with a good program, this is the program presented to you below.

This UkeySoft Screen Recorder records and captures video from almost any source. From your webcam, external devices, computer screens, video streaming and gameplay videos. For any version of Windows like Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 this works well. With a powerful library of program function parameters, the program offers many amazing functions:

Record video in FLV, MP4, AVI and WMV and others. Record video with or without sound. Support for capturing the entire screen, one window or any selected part. Edit recorded video to add any effects like music, watermark and subtitles.

Now it allows you to capture webcam video with UkeySoft Screen Recorder, download trial version for free to get a good experience by following these simple steps:

Guide to record video from a webcam on a PC using UkeySoft Screen Recorder

Install UkeySoft Screen Recorder

First of all, download UkeySoft Screen Recorder from the Download icon, install and run it. After you enter the main interface, select the “Screen Recorder” function and continue.

Customize the webcam recording window

In this section, you can configure the area of ​​the recorded video with three options, including “Full screen”, “Custom” (customizable recording area) or “Cam-era @” (webcam recording).

Select audio input channel

The program is built on types 4 audio recording channels: “Computer sounds and microphone”, “Computer sounds”, “Microphone” and “Nat” for people with different video needs. Please confirm the desired entry you webcam settings.

Flexible settings for video output formats

UkeySoft Screen Recorder offers many video formats including FLV, MP4, AVI and WMV. Before recording webcam video, just click the Video icon at the top of the program bar and you will see the menu later and you can choose one of them.

Using hotkeys for recording

In any case, when the recording process begins, you may rarely use your mouse to control the recording. Luckily, you can use software hotkeys to help you control the recording and allow you to change the hotkeys you prefer to set.

Start recording webcam video

Make sure you followed the above steps correctly, then click Record to start recording webcam video. Don’t forget to save the video by clicking “Save” in the lower right corner.

Preview and edit the recorded video

Finally, you can preview the recorded webcam video. If you want to edit the recorded video to make it more complete, go back to the first step and select the Video Toolbar module, which will edit your video with a variety of functions such as Cut, Merge, Trim, Trim and Rotate, and Add effects. Music, watermark and subtitles for the recorded video.