How to copy contacts from iPhone on SIM card

The iPhone does not save the phone numbers on the SIM card, but allows you to import the already recorded data to the device. To transfer numbers between different iPhones, you can use iCloud. To transfer contacts from the iPhone to the SIM card and copy them to another smartphone, use the methods described below.

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By default, iPhones do not support the function of importing telephone numbers from the device on the SIM card. You can move data only using special software, intermediary device (smartphone on Android or PC) or iOS jailbreak.

Transfer to SIM card via iTunes

For postponing data, you will need Android device and a computer with the installed iTunes program (available for free download from the official website of Apple). Procedure:

  • Using a USB cable, connect to PC iPhone and run itunes.
  • Wait for synchronization and in the main window of the program click on an icon in the form of a smartphone.
  • In the “Overview” block, find and click on the “Information” item.
  • Mark the “Synchronize Contacts C” chick and select “Windows Contacts” in the drop.down list. If desired, you can use “outlook” for this purpose.
  • In the lower part of the window, find and click on the “synchronize” button to start transferring data from iPhone to a computer.
  • Upon completion of the operation, disconnect the device from PC and close itunes. Go to the “Start” menu and open the personal account of the user account.
  • Here find and open the Directory “Contacts”. All transferred phone numbers and other related information will be displayed on the computer.
  • Connect the device to PC android and copy all the necessary contact cards on it. After that, move them to SIM using the smartphone tools.
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When copying data on Simka through the phone on Android ends, contacts can be used on the iPhone. The method does not require jailbreak and install additional software.

Copy on SIM card via icloud

Like the previous method, allows you to transfer data from iPhone to a computer, and then copy it to a “SIM card” using Android device. To synchronize the data, follow the following actions:

  • Connect the iPhone to the Internet and go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Here find the item “ICLOD”. Depending on the version of the iOS used, it may be in the additional section “Accounts and passwords”.
  • The data list for synchronization will open. Opposite the “Contacts” inscription, move the slider to the “Active” state.
  • Using a browser on a computer, log in in the Apple ID account on icloud.
  • In the main screen of the cloud storage, go to the “Contacts” section. A list of all telephone numbers with iPhone will open.
  • Now we will transfer the desired contact or select everything (using the combination of “Ctrl” “A”). After that, in the lower left corner, click on the gear icon.
  • In the list that appears, click “Export VCARD” to transfer all data to PC.

Having copied the contacts to the computer, they can be transferred to the Android device (as described in the method above) and already through the smartphone export to the SIM card. After that, it can be installed in the iPhone.

With a special software

As in the previous method, to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card, you will have to use an additional Android device. But in this case, a computer is not required for the operation. Procedure:

How to save contacts to SIM card

  • Through the official AppStore app store, download and install the My Contacts Backup application on the iPhone. Or use any other similar software.
  • Launch the program and give it access to the contact list. To do this, in the notification that appears, select “Allow”. The calculation of telephone numbers recorded on the device will begin.
  • Select Backup to form a single file in VCF format. It can be saved or sent by e.mail.
  • Click on the “email” button and enter your address. After that, click “Send”.
  • Open the VCF file received in the letter on the Android device to start the imports of contacts on the SIM card. After that, install it in the iPhone.

The method is also suitable in cases where you just need to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another, not SIM’K.

If there is a jailbreak

If the iPhone operating system is hacked (there is a jailbreak), then transfer contact details using the SIM Manager application. It is available for free download and does not require the use of additional devices. Procedure:

  • Download and install on the iPhone Sim Manager. The program is suitable for import, archiving and transferring data.
  • Run the application. The list of contacts available on the iPhone will be displayed. Click on the “Write to Sim” button to start to transfer information.
  • A window with additional parameters will appear. Select Copy iPhone to Sim and wait until the data sign up.

After that, the SIM’AK card can be freely used in other devices, and all telephone numbers and other related information will be available for viewing.

How to transfer the contacts of the phone book

If telephone numbers are stored in a SIM card, then it is enough to rearrange the card and in the new device. Otherwise, the following methods should be considered:

  • Import posts from VCF file.
  • Synchronize data with iCloud.
  • Take advantage of the ITUNES desktop program.
  • applications.
  • Import of numbers with SIM card.

The option with VCF is optimal if you previously had a backup copy of contacts saved in the cloud or on PC. In this case, it is enough to send the file to the new smartphone, and then import contacts.

ICLOUD cloud service allows you to automatically transfer contacts to the phone. It is enough to activate the synchronization option on the old phone, and then do a similar operation on a new phone.

The iTunes program will come in handy when the network on the iPhone does not work or there are difficulties with the work of the ICLOUD service. applications allow backup and transfer important information. A convenient way when there is no computer at hand.

The method of importing numbers with SIM card is useful if you need to change the phone number.

How to throw contacts from iPhone to SIM card through the application

To transfer the information, we will use the My Backup Contacts program, which can be downloaded for free here.

After downloading, start the utility and allow you to use the book.

After some time, the information will be downloaded by the utility. You will see the number of subscribers. Press the Backup button.

How to copy: iPhone 6 | 6 plus | 6s | Sim Contacts

The result of the program will be a file with the VCF extension, which the program will offer to send by e.mail.

Get your address into the field and click “Send”.

On the Android device, open the mail and save the file in your phone memory. Then go to the “Contacts”, then to the menu. Select “Import/Export”. Here you will need the item “Import from the memory of the phone”. Select the phone and start data search. As soon as the file is found, the data will appear in the device. And then transfer them to the SIM card, as described above.

Transfer to hacking iPhone

If your device is hacked (it is installed on it by jailbreak), then you can transfer the Simanager utility. Download here.

Run and press the “Write to Sim” button.

Click “Copy iPhone to Sim” and everything is ready.

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Features of SIM cards

Pay attention to transfer numbers from SIM to the iPhone, make sure that the card size is suitable for the device slot. For the latest models, Nano SIM cards are needed, for older ones. micro SIM, and for completely outdated devices. a regular SIM card.

  • The usual full.size card was inserted into the first three gadgets: iPhone, iPhone 3G; iPhone 3GS.
  • Micro SIM card was used only in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s;
  • Starting with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the developers began to introduce nano SIM card. To date, both in the iPhone 7, and in the iPhone X, and in the devices between them, are just such cards.

If the card from which you need to transfer the data does not fit the slot of the new smartphone, it needs to be cut. We recommend doing this in the nearest communication salon. If you carefully study the material, you can try to trim at home, but be careful. If you spoil the plastic, the contacts will be irrevocably lost.

SIM data transfer to iPhone

To transfer data to the iPhone, it is enough to do the following:

  • Remove the lock if you have already managed to put it on the iPhone, and proceed to the settings of the device.
  • Scroll down the tabs until you come across the “mail and addresses”, go to the subsection.
  • Scroll again until you reach the telephone numbers and the menu should have such a button as “importing information from SIM card on iPhone”.
  • Immediately after, the numbers in a bite will move to a new phone. If this does not happen, check the integrity of the data on another device and try to transfer contacts from the SIM card to the iPhone again.

The data that will be stored on the phone after transfer depend primarily on how the information was stored on the previous device. If you have problems with how copied contacts from the SIM card on the iPhone are preserved, then you should contact the Support Apple. You will be offered to dictate your IMEI. If the phone is not from a defective batch, then the use of cloud storage facilities for transferring data remains.

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So you managed to transfer contacts from the SIM card to the iPhone, but what to do when the situation is reverse? On the contrary, it is necessary to throw the data on the SIM card from the old Apple smartphone before buying a new phone on Android? Transferring information from phone to SIM card is more difficult than transferring from SIM card to iPhone!


Export on the phone is the transfer of a list of subscribers when using an external medium (memory card or SIM card), where there is a preservation or creation of an internal file containing important information.

For the Android system, an additional standard export/import method is synchronization with Google services. This action allows you to transfer the data of the address book of the mobile phone inside the “Cloud”. Then return similarly back.


The transfer of contacts to the iPhone may be required in different situations. For example, import a phone book from a SIM card you need to start contacts on your smartphone. It is also useful when you change the mobile operator or worry about the safety of phones.

In turn, copying data from the smartphone or tablet itself will come in handy if you change the Apple mobile gadget to the device with another operating system.

The transfer of information from SIM is very simple: you just need to start the settings and press a couple of buttons so that the contact details are in the iPhone memory.

Transferring data from an iPhone data to a SIM card is made much more difficult. Here you will need various third-party services, such as Gmail or special applications, as well as another mobile device in which you can install the SIM card during the transfer time.