How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card

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IOS has a handy feature to import SIM contacts to iPhone. As for the reverse process, this feature is not included in the standard functionality and many iPhone users experience a problem with transferring contacts from iPhone to SIM card. In this guide, we will list the possible ways of such a transfer.

The need to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM-card may arise when changing phone, temporarily switching to another smartphone, and in a number of other cases. However, while copying contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone is extremely easy, transferring them in the opposite direction is quite problematic. over, without jailbreak, direct transfer of contacts from iPhone to SIM card is impossible. However, you can still get around the problem situation.

First, let’s talk about direct port, which requires an installed jailbreak.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card (jailbreak)

The SIManager jailbreak tweak is responsible for transferring contacts from iPhone to SIM-card. This already quite old utility allows you to very quickly and easily export all your contacts from iPhone to a SIM card for later import on another device.

SIManager can only be installed on a jailbroken device, so not everyone will be able to use the utility. In the same case, if your iPhone is “jailbroken”, then feel free to add the repository and download the SIManager tweak from there.

Note: SIManager 1.7 is recommended for download, which is the most stable.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card without Jailbreak

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card. Successful completion of this operation requires initially transferring contacts to another smartphone, for example, running Android, and then importing the book to the SIM card. Many, however, will no longer need the last action, since the purpose of transferring contacts to a SIM card for many was to import them to another smartphone. So what should you do.

Note: Previously, the Yandex.Move app was ideal for this process, however, recently it is no longer available in the App Store and Google Play.

Download the free My Contacts Backup app on your iPhone

Launch the application and click the Backup button After the contacts are processed, click on Email

In the “To” field, enter your email address. The letter that you sent to yourself contains a file in vcf format, opening which on another smartphone, you can easily import contacts. After that, these contacts can be saved to the SIM-card using standard functions of smartphones on other mobile operating systems. Here is such a tricky system, although all this takes literally a few minutes.

What cards are supported

Over the four years of the program’s existence, a great many companies have accumulated that provide Apple with virtual analogs of real cards. These are large chains with a big name and branches in several countries (Auchan, Ikea, McDonald’s, Starbucks), although there are also fairly young local companies (Perekrestok, VkusoManiya, TeleMax, Street beat, etc.).

Here are some options that can be used in Russia:

  • BP (refueling)
  • Leap (sportswear)
  • Re: Store (Apple distributor)
  • Samsung
  • Slow subs
  • Ural Airlines
  • AVTODOR-Toll roads
  • Adamas (jewelry)
  • Alpha insurance
  • Magnet
  • M Video
  • Media Markt
  • ROLF Premium (BMW Center)
  • The messenger
  • The Snow Queen
  • SportMaster and others, and others, and others.

Don’t know if you can load a discount card into an iPhone? Ask the seller at the checkout. he must know if it has virtual counterparts


A Russian-made tool with an innovative and intuitive interface, a convenient scanning system (just click on the huge plus sign at the top of the screen and “take a picture” of the map, the rest will happen automatically) and constant updates from the developers from BESKONTAKT.

Integration into the operating system, like Stocard, is complete. there is already a familiar widget and search by name through Spotlight.

Among the shortcomings. infrequent, but occurring technical problems, due to which some data is not displayed or part of the interface stops loading.

What is Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) is a virtual wallet that stores bank numbers, discount cards, movie or train tickets, airplane, bus, etc. right on your phone. It was officially launched in Russia in October 2016, after a two-year “run-in” in the USA (although cunning users, changing their IP to British, used the passbook much earlier).

  • smartphone iPhone 6 and above;
  • touchID (owner’s fingerprint identification) or FaceID (for iPhone X).
  • iPad tablet;
  • iPodTouch player;
  • IWatch smart watch.

Number of cards: from 8 (on old models) to 12 (on new ones).

How to add a card

There are already resources that have accumulated a large database of popular maps. These are (if there is no barcode on the plastic) and (for the most different ones), as well as the FidMe application. Using them is simple: choose a company from the list, enter the number. the virtual card is ready. Files with the.pkpass extension can be transferred:

  • through Apple applications: “Mail”, “Messages”;
  • via AirDrop (local network for Mac and Apple devices, wireless. based on BlueTooth or WI-FI);
  • from a Mac device.

Best iPhone Reward Apps. Earn Free Gift Cards & Rewards!

You can carry out the procedure yourself:

  • through special applications. with one click;
  • by scanning a barcode;
  • if you pay in a network that supports Apple Pay, the application itself will offer to add the appropriate discount card.
  • Launch the Wallet app.
  • Click on the blue plus (“Add card”).
  • Then take a photo or manually enter the numbers.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Ready!

On the tablet, the process is similar, only the application itself is in the “Settings”.

If the application returns the answer: “This code does not apply to any card” or something similar to it, then you will not be able to use the application. the manufacturer did not count on the virtual use of the card through the iPhone.

To use the application through a smartwatch (and to make it work independently of a smartphone):

How To Add Reward Cards To Your Apple Pay!

  • Launch the Watch app on iPhone.
  • Click on “My Watch”.
  • Go to Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Select from the list of maps that you have already added to iPhone, according to the desired.
  • Click “Add”.

Or click “Add a new card” and do everything as the instructions that appear will show.

Be sure to turn on TouchID or FaceID before adding. If you disable it or remove the password, information about all cards will be immediately erased from the phone’s memory so as not to fall into the hands of intruders. IWatch requires wrist recognition or at least a password, otherwise no data will be saved.

How to use

To get a discount on a virtual card, there must be an icon on the scanner

as well as a contactless terminal and support for Apple Pay.

Also, the mechanism should work if the terminal works with PayPass or PayWave.

However, even if there are no icons, try anyway.

The algorithm for opening a virtual discount card through the phone is simple:

There is a simplified option. to use the “Automatic selection” function: you just need to bring the iPhone to the scanner while holding your finger on the fingerprint recognition touch window (or look at the iPhone X to confirm your identity via FaceID).

  • Double click on the side button.
  • Contact with the scanner.
  • Ready! You are awesome!

The most advanced companies equip their retail outlets with contactless terminals. Accordingly, Apple Pay is only applicable where there is a barcode scanner. If (and there are a lot of such options) in the shopping center there are primitive bank terminals that require you to use plastic with a magnetic stripe or insert a card with a chip, Apple Wallet will be too modern and not useful. Yes, and you still can’t get away from the business card holder. is it really possible to reduce its volume only a little (by 12 of the most useful copies). However, as a step into the future, Apple Wallet technology is the perfect embodiment of the ideas of science fiction novels.!

But is the “discount and discount” mess inevitable? Developers of third-party software for the iOS operating system think differently and propose once and for all to simplify the search for plastic at the checkout and free the wallet from eternal torment.

Five free and unique helpers:


The Apple Wallet application allows you to view the history of card use, check the balance and discount discounts, receive notifications about promotions, etc. It can even be blocked remotely. if the phone is lost or stolen, so that information about your cards will be completely safe. guaranteed.

Access to the main features through the menu. The following actions are available:

  • deletion;
  • automatic selection (for the very top);
  • changing the sequence;
  • update information (pull down);
  • useful information (for example, contact information);
  • general access (not for everyone);
  • installation of a special program for a specific card;
  • auto-update;
  • display on a locked screen (not always possible. manufacturer restriction or problems with the geolocation service).

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card

IOS has a handy feature for importing SIM contacts to iPhone. Many iPhone users experience problems with contacts with the iPhone‘s SIM card. In this annotation, we will list the likely methods of such transfer.

The need to transfer contacts from the iPhone SIM-card can the phone when changing the phone, temporarily switching to another and in several more cases. But if you copy contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone, to transfer them to the back side is quite problematic. over, without jailbreak, direct transfer of contacts from iPhone to SIM card is not feasible. In general, you can still get around the problem situation.

First, let’s talk in a direct transfer, which requires an Installed jailbreak.


Onedrive. it is a cloudy repository from Microsoft. It is an integrated service in the Windows 10 operating system. It allows documents and photos on your computer to automatically sync with the cloud (the function can be disabled in the settings). The highlight is the support for Office Online. Integrated into OneDrive. (You can read more about Excel online files here)

You can upload files to the cluster using the devices listed below.


The Apple Wallet application allows you to view the history of card use, inspect balances and discounts at a discount, receive notifications about promotions, etc. It can even be blocked remotely. if the phone is lost or stolen, so that the information on your cards will be completely safe. guaranteed.

Access to abilities through the menu. Follow-up Actions Available:

  • Removal;
  • Automatic selection (for the topmost)
  • Change to follow;
  • Information update (pull down)
  • The necessary information (for example, contact)
  • Shared access (not for everyone);
  • Installing a special program for the installed card;
  • Auto update;
  • Display on a locked screen (may not always be a manufacturer restriction or an obstacle with the geolocation service).

Data Doctor Recovery. SIM Card

The full license for this program is paid (69 bucks). However, a free demo version may be enough to return deleted SMS messages. Also for this program it is useful for you to purchase a USB-card reader. device for identifying SIM-cards by your computer. Application interface supports Russian language.

Deleted correspondence can be returned using Data Doctor Recovery. SIM card as follows:

  • Download Royd setup and open the program on your PC.
  • Remove the SIM card from your device and insert into the card reader, and then Connect the USB card reader to the PC.
  • Click on “Search”, then select the connected card reader.
  • In the window that appears after the end of the analysis, you will find all recently erased data. Select the SMS messages stored in the memory of your SIM-card and left-click on “Save”. They will be saved on your device.

This article will tell you the main ways to host files in popular cloud storage.

Checking for a backup copy of messages

You can find the erased letters in the backup of your phone, which, in turn, is uploaded to the cloudy data storage. Before restoring iPhone using a backup copy, you need to check its availability. Go to the “Settings” menu, tap on your name and choose “iCloud”. Here you will see the words “Create a copy” and “Last copy”. Make sure that the last backup was made before deleting SMS messages from the device.

Using iCloud cloud storage

This method of returning lost SMS messages is com Forte, so that it does NOT need a PC to use it. To store backups of your device in the storage from time to time, you need to enable the “Backup to iCloud” function on it (or upload copies to the cluster manually). Before restoring, you need to erase the contents of the phone.

Fundamentally: if the device has synchronized with the cloud after the SMS message has been erased, you CANNOT return it. After all, there is already a copy in the cloud without this letter.

Recovery through third-party programs on a computer

If the copy was not created in the required time, there is no point in trying to restore letters through iTunes or the accumulation. But all is not lost. third-party software can help you. The principle of its operation differs from the creation of a backup. These programs find traces of missing SMS-messages in the cache and SIM-card. Therefore, for a successful return, the following criteria must be met:

  • After deleting incoming SMS messages, the phone cannot be turned off or rebooted;
  • The letters were erased not so long ago.

Read on on How to Get Back Deleted Messages from iPhone with Most Powerful SMS Get Back Utilities.


The application stores discount cards only after authorization in the account via email, various services.

Discounts are added by photo on both sides, barcode, number, by scanning the physical medium.


Pass2U Wallet


How to add discount cards to the iPhone app?

The instructions are similar for all programs:

  • Click on the button of the same name or the plus sign.
  • Enter information from the plastic, scan a bar or QR code, take a photo of the physical medium (depends on the program, the method of adding).
  • Change the name and save your edits.

When paying, open the application, select a card and present the barcode to the cashier.

Discount Club

Application for transferring information from plastic cards to iPhone.

  • Doesn’t require registration.
  • Does not display advertisements for partners, intrusive notifications.
  • Supports search for discounts by name in the list of templates and the list of added ones.
  • Displays popular cards in a widget.


A virtual wallet for storing cards on the iPhone. Added from the template by number, by scanning a QR code or recognizing a photo with automatic image correction.


The program has an additional security system in the form of a secret code or Touch ID. Activation of such protection guarantees the user the safety of his data if someone unauthorizedly entered the application. Mobile- also offers the addition of discount cards not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world.

Discount card storage applications


Possessing a minimal set of tools for storing maps, PINbonus offers convenient sorting by date of addition and frequency of use, as well as editing them.


Collaborates with many different companies, from small cafes to large chains such as Lenta or Sportmaster. In addition, the user can add both his own cards and receive new ones right in the application. CardParking has a pleasant design and a clear interface, so working with it will not bring unnecessary inconvenience, especially when shopping.

To add, just register and enter the number of the discount card. It is worth noting that registration by phone number takes a long time, so we recommend using e-mail or profiles on social networks. The main difference from competitors can be considered exclusive offers and promotions for receiving free discount cards with an increased discount.