How to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card (jailbreak)

The SIManager jailbreak tweak is responsible for transferring contacts from iPhone to SIM-card. This already quite old utility allows you to very quickly and easily export all your contacts from iPhone to a SIM card for later import on another device.

SIManager can only be installed on a jailbroken device, so not everyone will be able to use the utility. In the same case, if your iPhone is “jailbroken”, then feel free to add the repository and download the SIManager tweak from there.

Note: SIManager 1.7 is recommended for download, which is the most stable.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card

IOS has a handy feature to import SIM contacts to iPhone. As for the reverse process, this feature is not included in the standard functionality and many iPhone users experience a problem with transferring contacts from iPhone to SIM card. In this guide, we will list the possible ways of such a transfer.

The need to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM-card may arise when changing phone, temporarily switching to another smartphone, and in a number of other cases. However, if copying contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone is extremely easy, then transferring them in the opposite direction is quite problematic. over, without jailbreak, direct transfer of contacts from iPhone to SIM card is impossible. However, you can still get around the problem situation.

First, let’s talk about direct port, which requires an installed jailbreak.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card without Jailbreak

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card. Successful completion of this operation requires initially transferring contacts to another smartphone, for example, running Android, and then importing the book to the SIM card. Many, however, will no longer need the last action, since the purpose of transferring contacts to a SIM card for many was to import them to another smartphone. So what should you do.

Note: Previously, the Yandex.Move app was ideal for this process, however, recently it is no longer available in the App Store and Google Play.

Download the free My Contacts Backup app on your iPhone

Run the app and click the Backup button

contacts, iphone

After the contacts have been processed, click on Email

contacts, iphone

In the “To” field, enter your email address

contacts, iphone

The letter that you sent to yourself contains a file in vcf format, opening which on another smartphone, you can easily import contacts. After that, these contacts can be saved to the SIM-card using standard functions of smartphones on other mobile operating systems. Here is such a tricky system, although all this takes literally a few minutes.

How to save contacts from iPhone to gmail | sync iPhone contacts to gmail

Move the phone book from the cloud

To use this method:

  • select the appropriate tab in the settings menu;
  • open the “Contacts” tab in the web version of iCloud, select the required information by highlighting all or individual entries;
  • on the bottom left you will see a gear icon that you need to click on;
  • go to “Export vCard”;
  • exported information can be moved to Outlook or any other suitable service.

contacts, iphone

Exporting contacts by file managers

As a file manager, you can use the same iTools or any similar analogue. It will be enough to connect the device to the PC and enter the program. Then open the AdressBook folder in the Library section. There you will find files that are just entries in the phone book.

How to copy contacts from iPhone?

There can be a lot of situations in which a smartphone user is forced to transfer the phone book to another device. For example, the sale or purchase of a smartphone, reinsurance storage of information on a computer. Also, this should be taken care of due to the fact that Apple did not provide for the storage of data on the SIM. It is possible to get out of the situation thanks to the abundance of methods that involve working with the iPhone’s memory. First you need to import the phone book.

contacts, iphone

How to copy contacts via iTools?

This application is very popular due to its wide functionality. In many ways, it is quite capable of replacing iTunes, makes it possible to view information about the device, remove and add applications, manage music files, videos, photos, books and much more.

Follow these steps to transfer contacts to your computer:

  • Download and install the app. Preferred is the English version published on the official website.
  • Run the program.
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Open the Information tab.
  • On the left, select Contacts.
  • Select the required contacts and click Export.

For export, you can select the CSV or vCard format. Also, the data can be sent to Gmail or Outlook.

How to Backup iPhone Contacts

Exporting data from iTunes

This method is used in two variations. The first involves transferring addresses to Windows Contacts or Outlook:

  • connect iTunes;
  • connect your phone to your computer;
  • go to the list of available devices and open the “Information” section;
  • click on “Synchronize contact with”;
  • you will see a list of options from where you should go to Outlook or Windows Contacts;
  • it remains only to click “Apply”.

The same application is used to transfer data from one smartphone to another. The first smartphone is connected to the PC, the desired device is selected from the “Information” tab, the data is synchronized with Outlook. Then it is turned off. The second smartphone connects to iTunes. The operation is repeated. As a result, the phonebook will be transferred to Android, which was connected last.

contacts, iphone

The second option is to extract information from the backup with suitable applications. The method works when syncing with iCloud does not work. The iBackupbot utility will help you transfer data. To create a backup, enter iTunes, connect your phone to your computer. After selecting a gadget, go to the “Details” tab and synchronize, open the “Overview” section. Then all you have to do is press the button “Create a copy now”.

To recover and export contacts, enable iBackupbot. In Backups, select the previously created backup and go to the User Information Manager section. The Contacts tab contains information on available contacts. The required records can be exported using an Excel, CSV or VCard file.

How to Transfer Phone Book by iPhone Apps?

The programs provided in iOS can also cope with the transfer of the phone book. These utilities can be easily found in the App Store. These include Easy Backup. With its help, a backup copy is created. You need to send it to the mail or cloud service. Also, the application helps in quickly finding duplicate contacts, deleting entries without a phone number, name or e-mail.

contacts, iphone

Transfer CSV file to Gmail

This method will be useful if information needs to be transferred from the old to the new phone. Create a phonebook archive as a CSV file using the first device utility. Then sign up with Google. If you already have an account, sign in and go to “Contacts“. Select Import from the Actions menu. After clicking the Browse button, select the previously saved file. Import it by clicking the appropriate button. When the download is complete, the number of transferred addresses will appear.

You can do it even easier by transferring data over Wi-Fi. To do this, open your CardDAV account in the “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” section. After filling in the fields with the email address, password, clicking the “Next” button and going to the “Contacts” section, synchronization will be carried out automatically.

By choosing one of the above methods, you can easily import information from a SIM card and work with it directly in the phone memory.

Saving contacts using third-party applications.

Excel Contacts helps you save contacts in an Excel file.

With this application, you can get a file that opens on any computer and in almost any operating system.

Install the application using the following link

(the application costs 66 rubles, but it is available in our General account)

How to Save Contacts To iPhone & Sim Card

Run it and select the type of the saved file

Then we send the file by e-mail and save it on different computers and on several flash drives. Now, for sure, contacts from the iPhone will not be lost.

The method is “old”, but nothing will be lost for sure.

Saving contacts with iCloud.

Go to “Settings” and open the iCloud tab

In the window that opens, we find “Contacts”, and if synchronization is not turned off, turn it on.

The message “Your contacts will be merged with iCloud” will open. Click “Combine”. Now all contacts will be saved and easily restored in case of loss of the device.

Note: you definitely need to use this method so that all contacts are transferred to all your Apple devices.

If you decide to transfer contacts to another device (not Apple), you can find the list of contacts at

Contacts cannot be rewritten to a SIM card and thus, by rearranging the SIM card to another phone, the problem of transferring contacts can be solved.

From my own experience, I will say that the easiest way is to interrupt contacts with “pens”. You can “dance with a tambourine” for a long time, but the fact that not all the information assigned to the contact will be transferred can be said with 99% confidence. I spent more time on “dancing” than “stuffed” the necessary information using iCloud, opened on a computer.

Previously, it was possible to copy contacts to iTunes. But with the release of version 12.0.1. this opportunity disappeared (or became so deeply hidden that I could not find it). It is possible that the function has simply disappeared, since much easier to see contacts at

How to save contacts from iPhone

Many who lose their device do not regret the piece of iron itself (although this is a significant amount of money), but the lost contacts. In this article, we will tell you how to save all contacts from the iPhone so as not to lose loved ones, friends and business partners.

If you are a happy owner of Apple technology, then the very first way to save contacts from the iPhone suggests itself.

Sync contacts with Google.

If you are not afraid of the “all-seeing eye” of Google, then it is possible to synchronize contacts using the Gmail service. There was a detailed article on our website.

We have suggested some easy ways to save contacts from iPhone, maybe you know others? Share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to extract contacts from iPhone backup

To view the contacts in the iPhone backup, you can use any backup manager, for example, the iBackupBot program.

Once launched, iBackupBot will automatically scan your computer and find the device backup files. The user will only have to select a backup copy of the desired device from the list:

As a son-in-law, you need to go to the Contacts section to view the list of contacts from the backup.

At the same time, using the Export button, you can export contacts in various formats.

How to Export Contacts from iPhone. 4 Ways

Despite their multifunctional capabilities, modern smartphones are still, first of all, phones. While using the iPhone, users sometimes accumulate a huge number of contacts, which sometimes have to be exported to a computer or another phone. In this article, we’ll show you how to send a contact from iPhone, extract contacts from an iPhone backup, export contacts in.vcf or Excel (.csv) format.

How to extract contacts from iCloud

If you don’t have access to the iPhone, and you don’t have a backup from iTunes at hand, then you can use the web version of iCloud to access your contacts, it’s all over, provided that iCloud has been set up on the iPhone.

To do this, just go to the website through any web browser and enter your Apple ID account details.

contacts, iphone

After loading the site, open the Contacts web application and select either one or all contacts using the key in the settings, then the selected contact cards can be saved on the computer.

How to send (forward) a contact from iPhone

At first glance, sending a contact from an iPhone in a message or on a social network seems like a simple task, but many users are accustomed to the fact that you can attach a contact to a letter or message while editing. However, this is not possible on iOS. Instead, you can send a contact by opening his card in the Phone application (in the Contacts tab) or in the Contacts application.

In the contact card, you must click on the Send contact button, and then select the service for sending the message: Message, E-mail or AirDrop.

If the number needs to be sent in another application, then just press and hold it until the Copy key appears, after which the phone number can be inserted into any program for sending.

Some third-party messengers have the option to attach a contact to a message, such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

How to Export All Contacts from iPhone

In order to export contacts from the iPhone not one by one, but all at once, you need to use third-party applications. We will consider two programs with such functionality.

My Contacts Backup. Free

A free application that allows you to create a backup copy of all contacts in the format (the choice is made in the program settings).vcf or.csv.

After downloading the program, it remains to click only on the Backup button to create a file with contacts.

After that, the program will offer to send the file to itself by e-mail, so that you can access them from any computer.

The resulting file with contacts can also be opened on an iOS device, directly from the Mail application, and then import subscriber cards into the phone book.

Backup Contacts Share. 33 rubles

The main difference between this program and the previous one is the ability to send not all contacts, but only selected ones. This feature will be useful when sending multiple contacts, as it will eliminate the need to copy them one by one from the address book.

How to Sync Contacts on iPhone with iCloud Correctly

To begin with, you must have an activated iCloud account (you were logged in with an Apple ID), and by going to Settings → iCloud, make sure that the switch opposite the “Contacts” item is turned on.

Starting with iOS 10.3, the iCloud menu is located in the Apple ID section at the very top of the main screen of the Settings app.

contacts, iphone
contacts, iphone

You can check the synchronization of contacts with iCloud through the web version of the service. To do this, go to the website from your computer, log in to your account and make sure that all entries from the iPhone appear in the “Contacts” section.

contacts, iphone

How to Create a New Contact on iPhone. 3 Ways

Launch the Phone app and go to the Keys tab. After dialing the number, click on the link phrase “Add number”.

contacts, iphone

In the “Contacts” tab, click on the plus sign in the upper right corner.

contacts, iphone

In the “Recent” tab, select the number you are interested in and click on the “i” button located on the right. Then tap on the item “Create a new contact”.

contacts, iphone

Check if you are saving contacts to iPhone correctly and syncing with iCloud

This guide will help new iPhone users understand how to work with contacts. The FAQ touches on the issues of creating and synchronizing address book data with iCloud, and there are definitely important nuances. This material will be especially useful for Gmail users.

contacts, iphone

All work with contacts is carried out through the “Contacts” and “Phone” applications. In fact, Contacts, as a standalone application, is useless. The “Phone” application already has this tab, which completely duplicates “Contacts”. So you can safely hide them on the far screen of the springboard (home screen) or hide them altogether if you have iOS 10 or later installed on your iPhone.

Disable syncing contacts on iPhone with Gmail

There is also an alternative synchronization option. Gmail. But if the fact that the iPhone automatically uploads all contact data to iCloud is enough for you, then you shouldn’t activate synchronization with your Gmail account, so that there is no confusion.

To turn off syncing contacts on iPhone with Gmail:

Open the Settings app and go to Mail → Accounts.

contacts, iphone

Select your Gmail account and turn off contact sync.

contacts, iphone

Open the Settings app and go to the Accounts & Passwords section.

Select your Gmail account and turn off contact sync.

contacts, iphone

contacts, iphone

If you nevertheless decide to use synchronization of contacts with Gmail as the main one (to save new contacts), then do not forget to go to Settings → Contacts → Account. default entries.

contacts, iphone

And set the priority checkbox next to Gmail.