Ways: How to extend iPhone X / 8/8 Plus

Although Apple constantly updates its devices, power consumption is still one of the obstacles. If you like to play games or watch movies on the iPhone, you will still come across the battery discharge problem. Fortunately, we collected 10 ways to help you extend the battery life iPhone X / 8.

If you run too many applications at the same time, the battery will quickly discharge on your iPhone. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is get out of some applications running on the background. Press the “Home” button twice quickly to access the application switch, swipe on the screen in the application to close it.

Disable the launch of applications

Update firmware to iOS 9

Apple, announced the IOS 9 operating system, showedly promised users to improve the operation time of the devices without recharging for about an hour due to the optimization of embedded applications. It sounds tempting, like a new energy saving mode: it automatically reduces energy consumption by 20% thanks to a reduction in the processor clock frequency, disconnecting application updates in the background, download new messages and some other functions. iOS 9 are still being damp yet, but it can already be downloaded and reduced the power consumption of the device.

Search for a cellular network in the “desert

This is a figurative expression, but perfectly transfers the essence. If you, for example, travel by train in Russia, where low coverage of cellular network, it is better to turn on the air. Otherwise, the iPhone will constantly be in the search network, and this will greatly affect the battery level.

Do you need notifications from all applications that are installed on your smartphone? Social networks, messengers, our application. it is okay. But all these game alerts feel free to disconnect. Developers specifically use them to put you in the game.

When it is better to include the cost savings in the iPhone

If you went on a trip and forgotten portable charging, then include energy saving as early as possible. the most effectively this mode shows itself when activated by 100%. The further discharge your iPhone, the less sense becomes in the cost of saving. By the way, the “last” chance to save the battery life appears just 20%. the notification appears and it is better to use it. On average, when activated by 20%, the battery will laugh for an hour longer than without energy saving.

By the way, it is easy to automate the inclusion of energy saving through “fast commands” so that the salary of the charge itself turned on at a certain level of the battery:

  • Open “Fast Commands” and click “Create Automation for yourself”;
  • Select “Charge level” and install the slider to the number that suits you (for example, by 30%);
  • Select the option “drops below 30%” and click “Next”;
  • click “Add Action”;
  • Select the option “On./ OFF. power saving mode “and click” Next “;
  • Disable the “Ask to Start” function and click Finish.
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Now energy saving will automatically turn on when the charge level on the iPhone will fall. About other interesting quick teams, read in the material of my colleague Artem Rakhmatullina.

Raise to activate. disable

When the iPhone is in standby mode, and you raise it. the display lights up. This feature strongly spends the battery charge and often leads to the fact that the screen lights up “not in the case” (for example, when I carry a smartphone in hand).

To turn off, proceed to the settings. the screen and brightness. raising to activate (OFF).

In the same section, you can reduce the automatic linking time of the device. T.E. This is the time when your iPhone screen goes out and blocked. Thanks to this, you will save the battery charge and reduce the likelihood that put the phone in the is not blocked, and it will begin to call everything.

The features of the iPhone battery

The first thing you need to know is a lithium-ion battery is a consumable that is subject to chemical aging. And this is normal. The failure of the battery on the phone is the question of time. Yes, and the replacement itself costs 3-4 thousand. In service.

Second: do not think about replacing the battery, while its residual capacity will decrease less than 80%. If you believe Apple’s site, it is 500 recharging cycles.

Third: It is important not so much residual battery capacity, how much is the number of recharge cycles. You can see the quantity through the iBackupBot utility (CYCLE COUNT string).

One full recharge cycle is counted when the smartphone discharged 1 time by 100%. T.E. If you charge the iPhone 100%. Incomplete charging of the smartphone, for example, up to 50 or 60%, the system is not counted as 1 recharge cycle. But several recharges giving in the amount of 100% are 1 recharging cycle (103060 or 501535).

Why iPhone quickly discharge

Snapchat is one of the most resource-intensive applications that do not seem perfectly

You never have to download Snapchat, because he just kills your iPhone battery. This application is very strongly affected by the autonomy of the smartphone, because it constantly updates information about the current location, not allowing it to fall asleep, continuously supports the connection with the Internet to receive notifications. And therefore, regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi or cellular data, the charge will hide literally in your eyes. Chen explained.

However, in addition to passive functions, which lead to the discharge of the battery, there are also active, recalls Chen. The use of camera and special effects in augmented reality has a serious load on the battery. But if you can control this feature yourself, then here is a passive update. it is already more difficult. Maximum what can be done is to disable it in the IOS settings definition Snapchat your location in the background. This will save the battery resource, forboving the application to contact geolocation services, while you do not use. In addition, you can completely disable notifications so that the service is not updated continuously in their expectation and did not send them every minute, activating the screen and spending the battery.

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Battery Life Doctor

Battery Life Doctor. Very simple application with attractive and convenient inteeis. The application provides accurate information about the system by providing you with accurate information so that you can track your actions that discharge your device’s battery. Important battery data can also be obtained from the application to find out the actual battery life. Consequently, you can also check the available battery life.

Basic secrets for saving battery consumption on iPhone 11

To begin with, it makes sense to see how you use your phone. For this there are several tips:

  • To begin with, you need to go to the battery settings. In this tab, you can see how much battery charging is spent in applications. Here you can track which applications are most often used, and also to understand which programs are not needed.
  • After that, you should open the notification settings. There are shown all applications that are sent to the phone notifications. They can also be disabled by selecting all or only certain.

So, you can highlight 7 main secrets how to save battery charge on iPhone 11:

  • Disable the function “Physical activity”. iPhone works as a fitness tracker that constantly considers the amount of calories and distance traveled. If you do not need to use such data, you can disable this feature that it will extend the battery life of the device and help charge the phone less. To turn off, you need to go to “Settings. Privacy. Movement and Fitness”. And after that, turn off the item “Fitness tracking”.
  • Disabling visual effects. It will not affect the work of the smartphone, but it can significantly increase the operation of the iPhone 11 battery. To shut down, you need to go to “Settings. Basic. Universal Access. Disabling Movement” and put a toggle switch to “Included”. It will turn off the effect of living wallpaper, animation, opening and folding applications and other small effects.
  • Disable geolocation services. Many applications use geolocation services to collect statistical information about the owner of the smartphone. The background transmission of this data is really very expensive for the battery and discharge your mobile device. To configure this feature, taking into account the savings of the battery, you need to go to the “Privacy” settings tab, and then “Geolocation Services”. After that. check the list and disable part of the applications and most of the games from this service.

At the very end of the list, it is important not to forget to check the services that also work with geolocation feature. You should carefully read each name, for example “time zone”, “Calibration of a compass” and many others, and just turn them off. Of course, do not forget that some services can be important for normal operation and safety of the device. It is not recommended to disable such system services as “searching for a cellular network”, “Find iPhone” and “Emergency Calls and SOS”. Optionally, you can disable the so-called “product improvement”, so as not to send data from the Apple server on the Apple server. it is also able to save the battery.

  • Cell data management. Some applications independently load the data in the background so that the owner of the phone has the most relevant information on its device. In this case, not only the battery charge is consumed, but also megabytes of mobile Internet. Limit the background software update as follows: “Settings. cellular communication”. Next, you need to see the list of applications that use cellular communication in the background and disable those for which there is no need to use actual data.
  • Also, you can go to the main settings tab, where to find the “Content Update” function. Many applications without your knowledge update content, but it is important to remember that when you come to any application, it independently downloads all updated information. Therefore, you can safely disable the update of the applications that you do not need.
  • Display Adaptation. This feature is also in the main settings. Next, you should find the “Universal Access” tab and open the necessary settings in which it is recommended to disable “Autostarance”. When it is turned on, the sensor is constantly trying to adjust the brightness under the surrounding lighting. If you turn off this function, it will not be involved, and the battery will be discharged slower. All the owners of the smartphone are known that if you wish, you can easily configure the necessary brightness in the control curtain, which is much more convenient, because you decide how much your display will be bright, not the phone.
  • Disconnecting widgets. If you do not use widgets, it is better to turn off. On the screen with the widgets there is a “Change” button. By pressing it, the section of this function of the smartphone will appear, where you can turn off unnecessary. For example, “shares” or “Weather forecast”, which almost no one uses.
  • Energy saving mode. Probably, this is the easiest way to reduce battery consumption. It turns off all background processes and slightly muffles the screen brightness. So your phone lives longer.
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Fairly common is the problem at which the iPhone 11 is discharged in standby mode. Usually, the device is capable of being in this mode more than a day. But often users face a problem in which this does not happen. There may be a number of reasons for this, both the above and some others. For example:

  • Loss of battery capacity as a result of wear. In order for the battery to light up as long as possible, the iPhone should be charged only if necessary, update and not to be charged during the whole night;
  • disabling automatic locking screen or very long automotive time;
  • enabled Wi-Fi, even when the iPhone is not used;
  • Mobile Internet, which is also often left, even when the device is in standby mode.

If you do everything right, the phone will work without recharging longer, and the battery will save the capacity for a long time. We hope that we were able to answer the question of how to prolong the battery on the iPhone.