Download tvigle on LG TV

The popular ForkPlayer application developed as a multifunctional program for smart TVs is established more often than online cinemas and streaming portals. Installing ForkPlayer on LG Smart TV gives you the opportunity to watch many TV channels on these TVs for free. With this widget, you can view video, movies, clips, listen to musical novelties.

You can connect other devices to the TV or use the home network. All gadgets will also be able to broadcast video confant in good quality. Such functions can perform other programs. However, the ForkPlayer does not need to go from one application to another. This widget will replace several software at once for a comfortable viewing of content. Consider the methods of installing it on the LG brand device.

What is this widget

Do not everyone know that this application can be installed on any TV and other device with SMART TV support, regardless of its brand. This program allows you to search for movies at convenient online online in open sources. Thus, each user will be able to access the content of a wide variety of topics, such a service is completely free, it does not matter how the connection will be connected. This can be done with an ordinary flash drive or via the Internet.

Modern “smart” television offers all users a huge amount of opportunities for content and information, for this reason, the availability of special applications is a mandatory factor. The fork player became especially famous, because through this media player you can easily get free access to the extensive list of TV channels on any topic. It is also designed to watch movies, video, listening to music online and from any media connected to the TV.

General Opportunities Utilities

Smart TV reproduces many television channels and films from the Internet. The ForkPlayer application for LG expands these features. The main additions include:

  • Simple installation of the parent viewing mode, controlling the TV shows, viewed by children.
  • Independent search similar on request and interest in the Internet.
  • Advanced features of the formation of a Play sheet with music and clips.
  • Show hidden pages in VC or other social networks.
  • Detailed application instructions. no extra sites for understanding the work utilities do not have to open.

In fact. using the fork player, any SMART TV becomes almost a full-fledged computer. And most importantly, this application is completely free for any owner of LG technology.

Program Opportunity Overview:

And let’s talk about the possibilities of the Remote Fork Player program, if you look at the size of the program, it seems that you can talk about what functions, but it was not there it was. The plugin has all the necessary features that are needed to work with your TV and the phone on Android.

Playlists (PlayList). full support and loading playlists from your TV or vice versa to a computer, you will have the ability and save, delete and transfer from different devices Your any movies, music, channels that work in IPTV mode. The playlist function in the plugin Remote Forkler works very correctly, and you can connect to your Smart TV for several clicks.

Plugins. The most important thing is that there is in the program, without plugins in the fork player you will not be able to optimize the work of the program. You will have the opportunity to download and install and even one mouse click, take a tick with an unnecessary plugin. Now for the standard SEASONVAR, Carambatv, AcetorrentPlay plugins are installed. It is also very important that the plugins work on all Windows, MacOS, Linux, ARM.

THVP (torrent http video proxy) is a very useful feature, it will allow you to download torrent and watch it right in download mode. For example, it is very useful when you have a small speed of the Internet and the film I want to watch right now. Enabling this feature in Remote Fork Player you can download without any problems and watch two in one.

Further, let’s post a DLNA server in the forms of the forbler, this is a very important part and I will try everything about it more in more detail. What is general DLNA is the World Transmission Standard between the files through the network. According to Windows 10, it has a built-in DLNA server, and you can make file transfer, movies to your Smart TV.

So, the Forcpleer made an affordable DLNA for all users, and you can make the transfer of files for a few simple clicks. Even the films in a large size will work on your smartphone and Smart TV. You do not have to look for a flash drive to transfer files to your TV. Using a remote forbler transfer DLNA will work with you.

Download the latest Russian version of the Remote Fork Player plugin and expand all the features of the world DLNA of your computer and SmartTV.

How to configure and connect Remote ForkPlayer to SmartTV

We will also add new instructions because there are problems with installing and setting the plug-in Remoter Forkler. It happens that the program does not see and does not start on the TVs under the brands: Krugermatz, Saturn, Elenberg, Sharp, LG, Panasonic, Dex, Onkyo, Grunhelm, Kiano, Vinga, Artel, Loewe, Luxeon, Bravis, Gazer, Hisense, Mystery, Philips, Romsat, Tcl, Manta, Samsung, Hyundai, St, Liberton, Strong, Thomson, Metz, Skyworth, Toshiba, Mirta, JVC, Hitachi, Kivi, Skymaster, Avis, Ferguson, Liberty, Nomi, Gogen, Bangolufsen, Ergo, Akai, Sony, Xiaomi.

Smart technology has found not more popular in our days. All advanced TVs operate based on Smart technology. And if you are a lover of high quality content and view it on your TV, then you just need to download the Remote Fork Player program. This utility will help manage TV remotely, view pictures, videos, and listening to your favorite tracks.

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But also do not forget that with the help of Remote Fork Player can be completely connected to the PC and make important things throughout the day, physically without being near the computer. Remote Fork Player is modern, convenient, and just Must Have for each of us!

Today we will deal with the program Remote ForkPlayer, find out what it needs and how it works. Installing an application will also be described, and at the very end of the article you can download free Remote Fork Player for PC in Russian.

This application is necessary in order for your SmartTV to enter the network via PC and has access to all folders on its hard drive. So, you can run the film from the computer at any time and watch it on the big TV screen.

  • View any films from the Internet in high quality;
  • listening to music;
  • access to the file system of the computer;
  • lack of permanent authorization when opening a playlist;
  • facilitates the load on SmartTV (all operations executes PC).

Next, go to the installation of Remote Forkplayer to the computer, recall: Download its latest version is available free of charge at the bottom of this page.

Setup and install RemoteFork Player

The Remote ForkPlayer program itself does not need to install on a computer, because it works in Portable mode, it is a big pole, it does not clog out the Windows system unnecessary files and also works stable and without glitches, freezes.

  • And so, first of all, there you need to download the latest and new version of Remote Fork Player, it can be done on this link. Here will be an archive with files in RAR format, you need to unpack files to any folder on your computer or laptop using programs such as, WinRAR, 7Zip and other archivers.
  • Next you need to start the RemoteFork file.exe, but only on behalf of the administrator, it is very important!

And after these actions, our player should appear in the taskbar, exactly in the tray, it will be an icon of the Forkler logo. Congratulations to the installation of RemoteFork Player successfully completed and plugin ready to work. You only have to connect Smart TV (for example, SmartTV Samsung, LG, and others). We also have the ability to check whether the program works correctly, so that you need to click on the right mouse button on the Forkplayer icon and select the “Open Test” item If everything works correctly, then in the browser you should see this incomprehensible inscription, do not be afraid, all OK!

How to put a program through a flash drive on SMART TV LG

Install and configure the fork player on LG through a computer using a USB flash drive. In this case, there are also two transfer options, unpacking the program.

Important! In this option, the primary access to the functions of the Forkler will be limited. To enhance it, you will need to deliver and connect the Remote option with subsequently running through the SMART TV setting.

Setting Utilities through a USB flash drive on TV with WebOS OS

Put the widget from the flash drive on the web site. This will require:

  • Download Archive from the developer site. https: // Obovse.RU / FORKPLAYER / LG_FORKPLAYER.RAR.
  • Unpack it on a flash drive.
  • Log in your account on TV.
  • Connect to TV External Drive.
  • As soon as the TV detects a USB flash drive, press the button with the image of the house on the console. Flipped to the right until the launcher widget appears.
  • Launch the application.
  • Enable the Remote program on a laptop, computer and activate it on a smart TV.

After such actions, access to the utility functionality will open, and it will be possible to view various programs for free.

Transferring an application via USB flash drive on TV 2010-2013 release

Technique issued in the period from 2010 to 13. Most often equipped with a Netcast operating system. For such a platform, you can put a forpleer through a flash drive. For this you need:

  • Download and unpack the archive as well as in the past version.
  • Go to the TV section of the TV in the “My Applications” tab. It is located right below.
  • Find “USB applications”.
  • Start the application from the drive.
  • Install it and put the extension Remote, as in the first installation option.

Advice. If the TV did not immediately recognize or did not play the USB flash drive, it is necessary to replace it. And before installing the application, it is better to format a USB drive to clean it from unnecessary information that interferes with the download utility.

Installation on LG

When adding an applicationPlayer application, take into account the year of the device and the system installed on it. For LG TVs released since 2010 with the WebOS or Netcast OS, such an instruction will suit:

  • Open the main menu.
  • Go to SMART TV Connection Settings to the Internet.
  • Select “DNS Server”.
  • Enter the value 85.17.thirty.89.
  • Save the configuration.

If, after entering it, the DNS ForkPlayer will not appear in the list of applications, try turning off SmartTV and then turn on again. Or enter another address:

Depending on the address, different applications are installed. If 85.17.thirty.89 adds directly forkplayer, then puts the ForkStore unofficial store from which the player itself will have to download.

If you configure the ForkPlayer on LG TVs with WebOS or Netcast 2.0-4.5, then follow these steps:

  • Open the TV settings and go to the Network Connection tab.
  • Select the method that is used to connect the device to the Internet.
  • Select from the list access point or network.
  • Click on the “Advanced Settings” button.
  • Click the DNS Manual Input tab.
  • Enter

An error message may appear on the screen when connected to DNS. Do not worry. Wait a few minutes and repeat the connection. If the error drops back again, turn off the SMART TV and turn on the re-. To start the application after establishing a connection, open the Premium tab and select the VTUner Widget, Russia TV or the first automotive.

ForkPlayer can also be installed on the LG from the flash drive, but in this case its capabilities will be significantly limited, and for their extension you will have to install the RemoteFork program and then activate it on the TV.

Since you have decided to expand the multimedia library on Smart TV, see what else you can install free apps: We carefully prepared a selection.

DNS for LG Smart TV

If you decide to install a program with a change of DNS, then you must take into account that not every address can come up for you and your model Smart TV. In general, to configure the correct operation of the program, you can try to register the following DNS:

To closed sections that can be opened only through the DNS replacement, you can go more convenient when working with them, you can go to the Forkplayer application settings for Smart TV and connect RemoteFork. You will also need to install the Remote ForkPlayer program on a computer. So work with the application will be much more convenient.

How to install RemoteFork?

RemoteFork Available on Android and Windows. There is an outdated version for MacOS without supporting torrents, so let it miss it.

Installing RemoteFork on Windows

Unpack it with Winrar or 7zip.

Click on the remote form icon with the right mouse button and run on the name of the administrator.

Allow access to the network in the Windows Security Window.

This is the setting window. You can run or stop the program, change the plugins and configure the remaining parameters.

Click on Open Test. A browser will start with two lines of text: “Forkplayer Dlna Work! REMOTEFORK Server. V. one.38.0.6 With Ace Stream ».

This means that the program is installed correctly and no errors.

The process of setting on the TVs I described just below.

Installing RemoteFork on Android

Download Acestream for the correct operation of additional plugins. https: // Obovse.RU / Universal.APK

So that the application does not turn off when locking the device, go to the settings. about the assembly and 5 times click on the assembly number to activate the developer mode.

In the developer parameters, check the item at the “Do not disconnect the screen during charging”. Put the phone to charge and RemoteFork will work all the time.

What can go wrong. errors after installation

Despite the popularity and stability of the Fork Player for LG TV, errors may appear after it is installed. They are associated with the technology of IP television, which is considered new. Tell me how to eliminate them.

Black screen

Sometimes a black screen appears after the settings when playing any IPTV. This is a program crash, which also entails the loudness. Appears because of:

  • The owner TV is open a hidden playlist or inactive IPTV. About 1000 pages are blocked daily, so before starting it is worth entering “Settings” and see the connection statuses.
  • The wrong player format is selected. Enough to go to the “Installation” and change the type of player. Then update the page with services.

remotefork, installing, application, developer

A large number of blocked pages caused by a huge number of video created on IPTV. Daily people take off various records, trying to illegally broadcast them through interactive television. Resources and blocked.

Advice. In order not to get to the blocked tabs, it is better to use the “General Rating” tab, where the list of working channels is located.

Black screen instead of video

Appears when watching media content. Causes. on the page there are codecs that do not play TV. And the format of the player is incorrectly set, which changes in the settings. Often helps a simple reboot device.

Important! ForkPlayer on LG is a utility that helps to open a larger list of commands and enlarge Smart TV functionality. It does not affect the internal settings of the “smart” television. Therefore, when software failures appears, you should check the basic parameters of the Smart TV, and not attempt to immediately delete the application by writing off problems on it