Rollback of Android update to the previous version of the system

This time I am writing a small manual about the rollback of the Android update, in other words, how to make the previous firmware version returned. Not once noticed that familiar is unhappy with the new update of the system of their smartphones, and for completely different reasons: it began to turn off Wi-Fi, and before that everything worked perfectly, then mistakes in the work of programs, it is inconvenient to use the recycled system of system 5.0 lollipo after 4.4 KitkAt.

I want to notice immediately: after the mobile device is updated, delete updates on Android directly in the settings will not be.

Any rollback to the previous version is actually a new installation. The difference is that when updating the firmware, all your settings and data remain intact, and when you roll back a full reset.

Therefore, I advise you to disable the automatic update in the settings in the settings to avoid self-installing still “raw” systems, it usually concerns the devices of little-known Chinese firms. Because when the installation process goes, stop updates to Android will not be.

Rollback of any firmware or update Android

In general, return the old version of Android is much more difficult than just to make an update, because there is no official way to “roll back“: the developers simply do not provide such an opportunity, implying that you will only use the latest version of them.

You can return the previous version of Android by simply by flashing it via PC using a special application or via Recovery (recovery mode) directly (without PC participation).

The first way is not universal, because the PC program can be individual for each device model, not to mention the manufacturer.

But about the second way I will tell in more detail.

Stages of execution

  • First you need to make sure that you have unlocked access to Recovery.
  • To get into it, you need to turn off the gadget and when you turn on:
  • For most devices. at the same time click and keep the keys: “ROWER” and “VOL.”.
  • Samsung. Press and keep keys together: “ROWER” and “VOL”.
  • Sony Ericsson. clamp the “ROWER” and “VOL.” and “Camera Button”
  • LG. clamp the key for 10 seconds: “ROWER” and “VOL.” and the touch button “Operations”.
  • Huawei. keep at the same time “ROWER” and “VOL.” and “VOL”.
  • HTC. press and keep the “VOL.” button, after briefly press and press “ROWER”.

If the device does not enter the recovery mode in this way, then it must be unlocked. And install custom Recovery. This is written in detail in a separate article.

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Search the firmware for your model if you can’t find official, I advise you among the modified on the site in the Download. Load it on your device.

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Work with Recovery

  • In the window that opens, select Wіpe Data / FACTORY RESET / YES. WIPE ALL USER DATA.
  • Next, you need to select your file with the firmware, To do this, open Install Zip from SDCard / CHOOSE ZIP FRM / SDCRD. Select the firmware and confirm: YES. INSTALL ARCHIVE.Zip.

As you can see, for many this option may be difficult, so that after not spending a lot of time in reflections, how to cancel an update on Android, look at the reviews of the new update for your model, read the reviews, and only then increase the version with confidence that The device will be updated with the functions that arrange you.

Where to download the firmware?

If the phone is no longer supported by the manufacturer is no longer supported, you will have to look for the desired firmware on specialized sites. Projects such as Cyanogenmod and its modern incarnation LineageOS are engaged in the extension of the life of those devices that can no longer receive new versions of Android. Their employees create approximate firmware close to stock, which can be installed almost any device in the presence of certain knowledge.

To download the firmware from the official site of this project you need:

After that, it is enough to follow the instructions. If the user has no practical experience on flashing devices and he does not want to risk the performance of his gadget, it is better to contact the service center.

Lineageos do not support all devices, as they are on today there are a large number and they are all based on different hardware platforms. In addition, the compatibility process is complicated by the fact that low-level software is also different depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, if the user has not found on the lineageos project website of the desired firmware, you can search for resources such as 4pda (Russian-speaking) or XDA (English). There are craftsmen from visitors to the forum port and post adapted Rom files for any Android devices. phones, tablets and even TV-consoles.

Is it possible to update 9 Android up to 10?

You can say that almost any modern, that is, working on the eight or ninth Android smartphone, it can freely upgrade to “dozens” to find out if the smartphone is suitable for updating to Android 10, you can use the Treble Info application available on Google Play.

  • Download Recovery program.
  • Load the desired version of the OS in the memory of the smartphone.
  • To the Recovery utility saw it, rename the downloaded version in Update
  • In Recovery, turn on Recovery Mode.
  • Specify Install Update.

How to make a rollback system on Android. to the previous version

So, after updating the firmware, the work of the smartphone or tablet you does not please you, then we will roll back to the previous version, more precisely on the factory firmware.

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Note: If you need a previous firmware, you can only install it, so to reflash yourself yourself after downloading.

IMPORTANT: If you roll back the system update to the factory firmware, you will lose all data, including contacts, photo programs, and so on, with the exception of those stored on the memory card.

Therefore, think carefully, it is possible to correct something to correct something in the currently installed version of Android and continue to use it.

If you still decide to roll back, turn off the smartphone or tablet and use the following key combination:

  • Most often you need to hold and hold two buttons: inclusion and reduce volume.
  • on samsung clamp and keep the inclusion and increase in volume;
  • on Sony inclusion, decrease in volume and camera;
  • on LG clamp and hold the power button, reduce the volume and the main screen. the appearance of the logo release the power button, the rest at the same time hold until the recovery appears;
  • on Huawei clap and hold the power button, decrease the volume and increase the volume;
  • On HTC. Press and hold the volume button, after which briefly press the power button. When the recovery menu appears release the volume reduction button. Find the “Clear Storage”, select it clicking on the power button and confirm the action button to reduce the volume.

When performing actions described above, you will be taken to Android System Recovery. There you will see several options.

  • Highlight. will move you on the menu;
  • Select. selection of a specific menu item;
  • Wipe Data / Factory Reset. the phone rollback to the factory (after clicking is required to confirm).

After selecting “WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET” in the new menu we descend on sub-clause acknowledgment and choose it.

Now wait for the reboot, after which you get the Android firmware, which was installed at the factory. Which of the above written little is understandable. here is the detailed instruction with pictures.

Rollback Android 10 from Android 11

You can set it by going to the settings. System. Additionally. Software Update. That’s all you need to do.

It does not require much effort, and the process is quite simple. As a refusal of responsibility and note that OTA will delete everything stored on your device.

roll, back, android, update, samsung

Therefore, observe precautions and back up your data in advance.

It concerns Betki, but it will not work with constant. Then you need to reflash the phone. otherwise.

How to sew depends on the smartphone. Who has samsung, learn by clicking on this link. That’s all the guys. Success.

Instructions for rollback Android 11 to Android 10

From the first lines I want to note that my pictures can not fully coincide with those that you will see on your Samsung, Xiaomi and so on.

This is because manufacturers put their shells as One UI Samsung or Miui on Xiaomi, but in any case you will need firmware and it is for your phone.

I do not put link here, because I do not know which phone, but if you have difficulty finding, then draw in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев indicating the exact phone model, and I will give a link to download.

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The second that you will need this memory card. It is possible without it, but I think that you have it for sure and the phone supports, so I will not describe without a memory card.

If all this is. Skin the firmware on the flash drive (best in the root, it’s easier then to find). This is all you need, it remains only to enter the recovery mode to start the firmware.

How to enter the recovery, and now I will not describe, since one universal way is not. Who is difficult to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев indicating the phone model.

We assume that you have successfully entered the recovery and let’s start kickback from Android 11 to 10. Go.


Before returning the previous version or make a reset to factory settings, it is necessary to take care of saving user data. The best way to do is to create a backup.

There are various methods, the most modern and simple of which is the formation of a backup through the Google application.

In this case, contacts, media files and all kinds of documents will continue. This program is one of the preset, but if for any reason you do not have it, just download Google disc from Play Market.

Backup Creation Instructions:

  • Launch the application.
  • Tap on the symbol of three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
  • Open the Backup Copies tab. In case the device has been enabled on the device, the automatic backup creation feature, information about it will be shown at this stage.
  • If there is no backup, it must be formed, tapping on the inscription “Start copying”.

Ready. Most of the personal files and settings will be saved in Google Account.

If something went wrong

In some cases, when it seems that the OS rollback to the previous version will be completed normally, some freelance situations arise. Methods for eliminating the most common problems are described below.

For several years he worked in a cellular salons of two major operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

In the middle of the process, the smartphone completely discharged and the wonder. After connecting to the network and activation, it hoves on the screen with the logo.

Continue charging, waiting for the resumption of the process. You can restart the device a couple of times.

Is it possible to find and download the TWRP program and download from Google Play?

Certainly. It is in free access, but requires the presence of root rights.

You need to check: the status of connectors and cable; Correctness of installed drivers.

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