How to install a film on the LG TV?

The KinoPoisk application on TVs makes it possible to watch movies and TV shows online, provides access to the cinema poster so that you do not miss a single significant novelty, allows viewers to share your reviews to one or another film or series. Many users choose KinoPoisk, as it provides access to quality content. Sitting a house on the couch, you can feel like a spectator of a cinema. this helps a high.quality sound and a clear picture.

Let’s look at how to install a film on the LG TV. First of all, you need to check if there is an application on your TV. If not, it must be installed on the LG TV. How to do this. we will analyze below:

  • Go to your Smart TV application menu,
  • On the control panel, press the button with the image of the house and go to the main menu.,
  • Select the LG Content Store official store in the application list and go into it,
  • In the search line with the image of the magnifying glass, enter the “Kinopoisk” and click “Install”.

To start using the application, you will need to register in the KinoPoisk, or log in if you were registered earlier.

You can watch KinoPoisk for one of five subscriptions:

  • Subscription plus for 199 per month,
  • Subscription plus multi for 299 per month,
  • Subscription Plus with MORE.TV for 399 per month on KinoPoisk makes it possible to watch series.TV,
  • Subscription plus multi with TV will cost 499 per month,
  • Subscription plus multi with an amediatic for 699 per month. This includes HBO TV shows (from “Meyr from Eastuan” to “scenes from marital life”) and ShowTime (from “billions” to “jimble”). Everyone you will share a subscription will be able to watch them at KinoPoisk.

Let’s also figure out how to pay for a cinema subscription.

  • Autominate in the application. If your account is not tied to Yandex ID in the application, you will need to bind it
  • Open the subscription section. To do this, press the icon on the lower panel, go to the store tab.
  • Sweep down and select the type of subscription. You can also buy a subscription by clicking on a film or series with this subscription icon.
  • Enter bank card data. If you have already tied a card to buy tickets, select a card from the list.
  • Click the subscription button.

Installing a movie post on TV APLE PLACE is quite simple, and as a result you will get a real cinema on your TV.

Install and stream Disney on webOS LG TV

Step-by-step instruction

When performing all the steps of the instructions (40-60 minutes), you can use Smart functions by 100%. For the basic setting, the first 3-4 stages are enough.

If you connect Smart TV on the TV from the previous owners. drop the parameters to factory.

Internet connection

Most of the Smart TV functions requires the Internet, you can configure it in one of two ways:

If the TV model of 2013 or older (NetCast), to connect via Wi-Fi, follow the instructions:

  • Press the Settings button on the remote control, go to the menu.
  • Select the section “Network”.
  • Find the line “network connection” and go to it.
  • Select “Wi-Fi network connection”, click OK.
  • In the list that appears, find your access point.
  • Enter the password if necessary.
  • Put the cursor on the “Connection” button and click OK.
  • Wait for 3-10 seconds: if the password is entered correctly, a galley will display opposite the home network.
  • Click the “Settings” or “Home” button on the PDU, open the settings panel.
  • Select “All settings”.
  • In the “Network” section, find the line “Wi-Fi connection”.
  • Select the desired access point.
  • Enter the password, click “Connection”.
  • Wait for the installation of the connection and the appearance of a checkmark next to the name of the network.

Registration and entrance to the LG account

We recommend creating an LG account and log in on the TV. The lack of an account will shut access to the possibilities of “smart television”. For registration, just go to Enter email address and come up with a password.

A letter will come to the mailbox with reference, confirmation. Cross it. The account will be created. you can start setting up the Smart TV TV.

Setting up free air channels

20-30 free digital channels are available. For viewing, you do not need an agreement with the provider. you can catch them without connecting to the Internet.

Essential channels can be configured through an auto.pupe or manually. Use the first option, and only if it did not work. the second.

Setting up the channels of your provider

To expand the list of available broadcasts, connect the channel package offered by your TV-provider.

In order to configure cable or satellite channels:

  • Click the “settings” button on the remote control, open the menu.
  • Select “All settings”.
  • Go to the “channels” section.
  • Find the line “Search for channels and settings”.
  • Launch “Avtopoisk”.
  • Indicate the source of the signal: “etheric”, “cable TV” or “satellite”.
  • Set the frequency range indicated in the contract with the operator.
  • Indicate the search parameter, noting “only digital”.
  • Click the “Perform” button.

Avtopoisk will find the channels that the provider included in your package.

Setting up Internet channels (IPTV)

Use one of the most “smart” functions of your TV. IPTV. Image and sound quality. SD, HD, Full HD. The choice of channels (both paid and free) is much wider than traditional providers. You can choose and install playlists yourself, downloading them from the Internet.

Stream movies and music from your computer to any Smart TV (LG Smart share DLNA server)


Popular Video Contain viewing application. The widget is available in the official store “LG Content Store”. It is easy to install and use, downloaded directly on TV, does not require additional devices.

  • Open “LG Content Store” on the TV.
  • In the search bar, enter “SS IPTV”.
  • Install the found application.
  • After the end of the process, run the player.

Installation of useful applications

Programs developed for LG will allow not only to watch hundreds of television channels, but also films, videos and even play online games.

  • View applications TV: PEERS.Tv, look;
  • Online cinemas: IVI, OKKO, KinoPoisk HD;
  • Useful services: YouTube, YouTube Kids, Gismeteo, Skype, “Culinary Academy”, “Book Regiment”;
  • Musical platforms: Yandex Music, Spotify.
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Some of the applications are preinstalled by TV. The rest are available for download from LG Content Store.

Image setting

Viewing should not only arouse interest and expand the horizons, but also deliver visual pleasure: the colors were not distorted, contrasts, transitions did not cut his eyes. Image parameters set by default are not always suitable.

Use automatic, semi.automatic (choice from pre.installed modes) setting or set parameters manually.

Connecting a smartphone to LG

Another useful Smart TV function is synchronization with mobile devices. You can use the smartphone as a remote control, display media content on a large screen, use the applications installed on the phone on TV, engage in Internet-set, conduct presentations and much more.

You can connect a smartphone to the TV both wirelessly and in cable.

How to enable and configure DLNA on the LG Smart TV TV

DLNA technology (Digital Living Network Alliance) allows you to combine devices (supporting this option) into local networks for quick information exchange of various types. Simply put, with the help of DLNA you can watch movies and TV shows on one device, listen to music, view photos that are physically located on another device. For example, you can watch a movie downloaded from the Internet to a laptop or tablet on a large TV screen or send a photo to the printer directly from a digital camera without uploading a picture to a computer.

DLNA uses UPNP protocols. Information is transmitted using a local IP network. It is possible to use both through a cable (eternet connection) and a wireless way using Wi-Fi.

How to find out what the TV supports DLNA?

The DLNA function is supported by all modern LG TV models with the Smart TV option. On the packaging of the device, as well as in the user manual, look for DLNA Certified disclaimer.

All devices supporting DLNA are customary to divide into three groups:

  • HomeenetworkDevices. This includes TVs, printers, music centers, media players, etc.D.
  • MobileHandheldDevices. Mobile gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras.
  • HomeinteroperaBilityDevices. Gadgets that can convert content formats and also support additional communication standards.

Setting DLNA on the LG Smart TV TV is very easy with your own hands. This will not take much time and does not require much effort. All that is needed is to follow a simple instructions. In addition, the DLNA connection and tuning on the LG Smart TV TV can be carried out in several ways.

The Smart Share program was designed by LG specifically in order to allow the owners of brand TVs to play content from a computer, laptop or tablet on the TV screen. Here’s how to configure Dlna using Smart Share.

  • Make sure that both of your devices (LG Smart TV TV and a laptop / computer / tablet) are connected to one router (via a network cable or using a wireless connection). You can also connect the computer and TV directly using HDMI cable.
  • Download the Smart Share program on a computer that you are going to synchronize. It is recommended to download on the official website of LG. (https: // www.LG.COM/RU/Support/Smart-Share). Install it, following the instructions. Smart Share will be launched automatically at each turned on PC.
  • Set the program. To do this, after the installation process is completed on the notifications panel, click on the emitor Smart Share with the right mouse button and select the “SMART Share program Settings” section. Select the regime “VCL.”And activate it. This mode provides the TV access to information (not all, but only to films, music and photo) stored on a computer.
  • Go to the “My General Files” section (menu on the left side of the Smart Share pop.up panel). In this paragraph, you can manually choose which folders to open access. In default, general folders have been added. To add additional folders to this list, click on an icon in the form of a plus folder, located in the upper right corner of a pop.up panel. Complete the setting by clicking the “Apply” button.
  • If you want to change the name of your device (for example, to facilitate the search in the future), go to the “Parameters of my device” section. If this is not done, the name will be assigned automatically.
  • In the section “Allow / block other devices” you will see your LG TV if it is connected to DLNA. In the same section, you can block other devices (for example, if you have more than one TV in an apartment or house, and you do not want to open access to information on a computer for everyone).

How to start a movie from a computer on a TV LG?

After the end of the setup and connection process, you can watch movies from the laptop on your TV. Here’s how to do it:

  • On the remote control, click on the Smart TV button.
  • Find and select Smart Share.
  • Open the “connected devices” folder and select a virtual server created on PC.
  • In the All folders folder you will see your content to which you opened access on a computer.
  • Launch the movie you need, the series, video clip in the usual way.

Problems that may arise when connecting a TV to DLNA via Smart Share:

If your TV, when switched by Smart Share, “does not see” the folder from the computer, but all conditions are fulfilled correctly, the problem can be in antivirus or firewall. Try turning them off, restart the TV and computer and try again.

You can also configure DLNA on the LG Smart TV TV using Windows Media player

How to record a program on LG TV

For many functions of modern LG TV models, the possibility of recording programs and films broadcast by digital and cable channels is especially popular with technology owners. Thanks to her, you can watch the release at a convenient time and not worry that you will miss a series of your favorite series.

It is easy to do this, the main thing is to follow the instructions from the user’s leadership, which is included in the kit for any LG TV or information in the “Frequently asked questions” section on the official website.

Which LG TV can record programs?

The content recording option from television channels is available on all Digital TV models LG and LG Smart TV, since LG is one of the leaders in the production of household appliances and the introduction of functions.

What drive is needed to record the program on the LG TV?

You can record the program on the LG TV on various external drives: USB-flash drive (flash drive) or 2.5 inch hard drive.

rewind, movie, smart

Record of the LG TV program: the necessary actions before starting

Before you start recording a program or film on the LG TV, an external drive where you are going to record content, you need to format and make sure that there is no information on it. over, formatting must be carried out directly from the LG TV, to which you are going to record programs. This is necessary so that the hard drive or flash drive is equipped with encryption that would make the drive available only for the TV itself.

You can format a USB flash drive or hard drive before starting the program on the LG TV through Smart-Hub.

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Before you start formatting, you will need to check the flash drive for compatibility with the TV. To do this, insert a USB flash drive into any free USB port on your LG TV, click on the Source button on the remote control, then press Tools.

The record option itself from the TV on many models LG is called Time Machine. With its help, you can carry out a number of actions, and recording is only one of them.

  • The ability to record a program that is on TV at the moment (instant record).
  • The possibility of postponed transmission recording (schedule entry).
  • Reproduction of the recorded content.
  • Realized transmission rewinds (Live Playback).

How to record the program from the LG TV:

  • Connect the formatted external drive to the LG TV.
  • Click on the remote control of the Home button (icons “House”), in the menu that appears, select the “Live” section, and then the “Telegite” option.
  • A list of programs will appear on the screen. Choose the joystick the program that you need to record.
  • Confirm the choice by clicking on the remote control button ok.
  • Select a “schedule record” and set the necessary parameters.

How to watch the program record on the LG TV?

To view the program, a film or series recorded by you on your TV, you must find the section “Recorded television program” in the menu.

Why is the program not recorded on the LG TV?

On the TVs of LG, the Time Machine function produced after 2013 was blocked by the manufacturer in connection with the requirement of the legislation on copyright protection.

If you are the owner of the LG TV, made outside, then the possibility of recording digital television channels for an external medium in it is not disconnected.

How to rewind a TV show and several more life hacks

What to do when when viewing the program, match, the series suddenly urgently need to leave? Well, you never know why?For example, Polina wanted to call Baba calling the cartoon during the viewing of the cartoon, the business is good. So we take and put a telephone to pause!Yes, now you can do this, tell me about ten years ago I would not believe.

And the children grab everything on the fly, showed once, and she began to use the function when necessary and not necessary, experimenting) will pause, he will chop up with her grandmother on the phone, and then rewall the advertisement, the recording!

I used to remember the programs or films on the recording were put on a video editorer or even earlier on a video recorder. Now it’s easier, the archive is available within 72 hours.I didn’t look at something yesterday, turn on today.I watched the first series of walking this season. Probably before everyone else around the city))) Fox showed it in the States at 9 am on Monday by our time.Russian Fox began to show in 9.30, but I’m at work, and the evening show was at 24.00, I don’t want to go to bed late. So I looked at the record how I came from work.

There is another chip. Here you put the prefix at home, connected the package of channels and went to the cottage, on a business trip, to study in another city. There is the Internet, but there is no prefix.Buy the second? Not necessary at all.Download the program for TV, tablet, smartphone and watch exactly what you like to watch at home.Connecting five devices is available, you can connect mom and even will not add payment.

There are 120 channels in the default package, I have enough, given that I look only two. While the main consumer is children, and here the function of parental control helps.Flexible setting allows you to limit viewing both through channels and on access levels, now all programs are marked.Yana will tell you more about this

And a pleasant bonus was for me the opportunity to pay for the Internet right with. TV.It’s no secret that you can pay from the browser, even with the Internet disconnected, the provider gives access to the payment page, but the speed leaves much to be desired.But through the service of payment of interactive TV, this is done faster and more convenient. I entered the card number with the remote control and ready.

And further. If your provider is not Rostelecom, it’s okay. Interactive TV Rostelecom now works with any provider.

Connect! I have four years, I don’t complain!

You have an interesting production, factory, farm or who goes to places of beautiful? Take with you, you cards, and I am material

Good for you, reader!Take care!You can monitor the blog updates in other social networks: [] [] [Google] [] [Instagram] when reprinting the active link to the blog is required. Commercial use of photographs only with approval!

We watch movies online on the TV LG Smart TV

To view video content, there are special pre.installed applications. Into which we just go, select the movie we need, a series, a TV show, a clip and watch it in Online mode.

Now, I will show how to launch these applications, and what are they at all there. But, before this, I would like to write that in these applications not all films and other content, free. In most cases, you will need to make a paid subscription. But, I watched a lot of films on the same Megogo for free (their application is also in LG Smart TV, even two).

To launch these applications, first go to Smart TV mode. This can be done with a special button on the remote control.

This is interesting: we use a router as a Wi-Fi receiver to connect a Wi-Fi Internet TV

On the Premium tab, you can already start the right application. Or choose the tile on which it says “more” to open the entire list of applications.

As you can see, there are a lot of applications there. There is Megogo (Megogo HD). which I already wrote about, Divan.TV, YouTube, World TV, Zoomby, Bonus TV and others.

For example in, there is a decent number of music videos.

So, the scheme is this: we start the right application, for example, the same megogo, select the section (if any). Films TV shows and t. D., We launch the right video and watch. If the video content is paid, then you, of course, will see the corresponding message. And, if you want, you can make a paid subscription.

I think that the idea itself is clear. We look all through applications. Something is free, you will need to pay for something. To pay or not, it is already up to you to decide. If you often watch movies and want to do it directly from the TV, then you can buy a subscription. They are not very expensive.

Other, similar applications, can be installed from the application store. How to do this, I wrote in this article https: // Perhaps there are applications in which more free media content is available. I honestly have not installed additional applications yet. It seems to me that there are enough preinstalled.

If you didn’t really like the described method above, or for some reason does not fit, then do not forget about the possibility of watching films from a computer on DLNA (I gave links to the instructions at the beginning of this article). You can just throw a video on a USB flash drive, or an external hard drive, connect it to the TV and watch movies.

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FORKPlayer installation on TV

Install the FORKPLAYER application on our Smart TV. The list of actions to install the application depends on the brand of your TV. A full list of instructions for various TV brands can be viewed on the official website of the application.

If you, like my HISENSE brand TV, you can read a separate article on installing and configuring Forkplayer’s on our TV.

DLNA settings (Smart Share) between PC and TV

We need (necessarily). so that our TV and computer (I have a laptop) are connected to one network. What does it mean? This means that both the TV and the computer should be connected to one router.

It doesn’t matter how they are connected. The TV can be connected as Wi-Fi (how to connect read in this article https: //, and with a cable. The computer is the same. For example, I have a TV and a laptop connected to the TL-WR841N router via a wireless network.

Then we need to set up file distribution from the laptop so that the TV can play the video from the desired folders, or show photos. We just need to open emu for this access.

This can be done even using the standard Windows Media player. Despite the fact that there is a small minus in this method, we will still consider it.

DLNA setting using Windows Media

Just start the Windows Media player (look for it in the Start menu). Press the stream on the tab and install the checkmarks near two points:

It’s all. You can already go on the TV in the Smart Share menu (in the case of LG TV) and watch all the media files that are in common folders: music, video and images.

Add our folder with films to the Windows Media player

If you configure the server via Windows Media, then only standard folders with video, music and images will be displayed on the TV. And the contents will respectively be reflected only from these folders. In order not to copy the necessary films and other files to these standard folders, we can add the folders we need to the library, and they appear on the TV. How to do this, they prompted me in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Open the Windows Media player and click on the left button to streamline. Pull the cursor to control libraries and in accordance with what kind of media content you want to add, select a phonothek, video, or gallery. For example, I want to add a folder with films, then I choose a video.

In the new window, click on the Add button. Select the desired folder with films on the computer (in my case). Highlight it and click Add the folder.

In the list you will see all added and standard folders. You can add more, or highlight the right and delete.

All films, or other files that you added to the library should appear on your TV in the DLNA server created by a standard player.

This method is very convenient, since it does not require installation of special programs.

Almost every television manufacturer has a proprietary program for a computer that allows you to configure access to files (I wrote about this at the beginning of the article). In the case of LG TVs, this program is called LG Smart Share for PC.

We need to download and install this program. You can download from the officially LG website (if you have a different TV, then look for similar programs on manufacturers). The program is on the link http: // www.LG.COM/RU/Support/Smart-Share.

For some reason, from the officially site, this program loaded with me well, very slowly. Therefore, I downloaded it from another site. Here I post on my site. download. Version (perhaps already outdated). Better to download from the official site.

For installation, just start the setup file.Exe, which is located in the archive, in the LG SmartShare PC SW DLNA folder. The installation is simple, therefore, I will miss this process.

After starting the program, select one of the points: Movie, Photo, Music (to configure the program, this is not important).

Immediately go to the settings, for this, in the upper right corner, press the parameters button.

And in the first window, immediately set the switch to the ON position (.).

We go to the next tab my common files. This is the most important point.

Here we need to add folders to which we want to allow common access from the TV.

Just click on the button in the form of a folder (see the screenshot below). and select the necessary folders, the contents of which you want to watch on TV. Click OK to confirm. Then click the application button. The process of adding the folder will begin. If there are a lot of files, then the process can last a long time. We wait.

After that, our folder will appear in the list of available.

This is the Smart Share SMART Settings. If you want, on the tab the parameters of my device, you can still change the name of the device that will be displayed on the TV.

Everything, the program window can be closed, it will now work quietly and display on the notifications panel. Also, after rebooting the computer, the service will be launched automatically until you turn it off in the settings, where you turned on.

Is it possible to increase memory

The memory in LG TVs is laid in production and it is impossible to increase it with licensed methods. But there is a way to temporarily unload the internal storage in emergency cases. An ordinary USB flash drive is suitable for this. The method does not work on all TVs, it is slow, not optimal, so doing it without extreme need is not worth it.

  • Take a clean flash drive. The volume of 4 GB will be enough.
  • Insert it into a USB port on the back or side of the TV body.
  • By the blinking LED, make sure that the carrier has connected and earned.

The system defines the drive as an additional space and seeks to increase performance at its expense. So, with the help of a USB drive, an overloaded cache is unloaded.

In the TVs LG younger than 2020, the manufacturer sets additional slots. with their help in emergency situations, you can increase the volume of internal memory.