How to restore the factory settings of the TOSHIBA TV?

Start by turning on the TV and reduce the volume to the minimum value. Click the Sound Disabling button twice in a row on the remote control panel. Click the Sound Disabling BOCTOM for the third time, but hold the button while pressing the menu button. Release both buttons when the service menu starts.

On the attached remote control, click the Home button. Select “Settings”. The following steps will depend on the parameters of the menu of your TV: select the “Settings of the device” → “Reset” → “Reset to factory settings” → “Wipe all” → “Yes”.

What are factory parameters?

Factory parameters are set by the manufacturer for a specific computer or laptop model. They store BIOS settings and computer configuration parameters. Such information is located in the dynamic memory of the device called CMOS.All factory parameters take up very little space, and have a separate food. from a small battery located on the motherboard. You can zero a laptop parameters without access to BIOS. To do this, just remove the battery, wait 30-40 seconds, and insert it again.

After the BIOS settings process is completed and the OS is reinstalled, you will receive a laptop in the state in which you bought it in the store.

It is worth noting that for the successful return of the device to the factory parameters, in addition to CMOS, a section of the recover is required, which stores installation files and other necessary system information.


It was the turn of the South Korean manufacturer and the answer to the question of how to return the Samsung laptop to factory settings.

Return of the factory settings of the Samsung laptop:

How to return to the factory settings Samsung laptop you figured out, so you can forget about the need to reinstall the system.

The queue of the following manufacturer came: let’s see how to return the HP laptop to factory settings.

Return HP laptop to factory settings:

Now you know how to return the HP laptop to factory settings. It remains only to wait until the procedure for returning the factory settings is completed. and start working with a laptop again.

Want to know how to return the MSI laptop to factory settings?

There is nothing complicated here too:

This is all you need to know about how to return MSI laptop to factory settings.

Acer, Emachines and Packard Bell

In today’s article, we will talk about the return to the factory settings of Acer, Emachines and Packard Bell laptops. Initially, I planned to write separate articles on them, but subsequently decided to get by with one.

The fact is that Emachines and Packard Bell are the same Acer and the recovery procedure is only a little different in visual terms, and all the actions of the restoration of laptops released under these treasurers are almost identical, so I will simply point out one single nuance in the course of the story.

So, before starting the recovery procedure to the factory state of the Acer laptop, Packard Bell or Emachines, first read the article “How to return the laptop to the factory state: introduction” if you have not read it before, since it describes preparations that must be done before starting restoration of a laptop from the system restoration section. Further actions are described by the fact that you have complied with all the recommendations given by me in this article.

Well, do not rush to start restoration until you read this article until the end.

To launch the Acer, Packard Bell and Emachines laptop recovery utility, the Altf10 keys are used to factory settings. Squeeze this combination at the time of turning on the computer, before the start of loading the operating system.

In order not to miss this moment, I recommend, holding the ALT key to make quick short clicks on the F10 button.

However, in order for the recovery utility to be launched in this way, it is necessary that the D2D Recovery option is activated in the BIOS settings. The desired setting is here:

return, toshiba, laptop, factory, settings

Toshiba Satellite L40-B: How to Reset / Restore to Factory Settings

If you have never previously worked with the BIOS settings and vaguely imagine what it is, I strongly recommend that you start the system recovery at a slightly longer but safer way, standard for many manufacturers of mobile computers.

To do this, immediately after turning on the laptop power, start to quickly click on the F8 key. This is usually done when they want to choose a special operating system loading mode. We need the following menu to appear on the screen:

As you can see, at the very top there is the item “Elimination of computer problems”. Choose it (if for some reason it is not selected by default) and press the Enter key. File upload will begin.

Next, we will be asked to choose language settings. Choose relevant for us and click “Next”.

Now it will be necessary to indicate the user on whose name the recovery will be performed and the password for the selected user will be performed if it was installed. Enter the necessary data and click OK.

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In the next menu, click the Recovery Management item.

After that, the Packard Bell, Acer or Emachines laptop restoration will start. As I said, the differences between their integration are exclusively cosmetic.

If you are going to use the recovery option using the ALTF10 key combination, then all previous steps are not relevant for you. The process of resuscitation of the system from the recovery section will begin immediately with this step.

So, since we assume that all our important data were pre.saved, we select the option “Restoring the factory settings of the operating system”.

We will be warned of the necessary precautions, which you already know if you have read the introductory article “How to return the laptop to the factory state: introduction”. To continue the procedure for restoring the operating system of the laptop, click “Next”.

After that, we will be shown information about the hard drive of our laptop. Just click “Next”.

We agree with the next warning that all data will be lost.

After that, the computer will need a little time to complete the preparations.

After which the process of recovery to the factory state will begin. We just wait.

Next, the Acer and Packard Bell laptop will be automatically rebooted, and Emachines will ask you to press the OK button for rebooting. By the way, I can be mistaken, but in my opinion some of the Acer models also ask to press the button to continue. In general, if you ask you to press OK, press.

The laptop will do everything else on his own. The system will periodically restart. Do not bother her. Just wait for the primary start of the restored operating system.

This is the lesson dedicated to the restoration of Acer, Emachines and Packard Bell laptops to the factory state has come to an end.

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return, toshiba, laptop, factory, settings

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Launch of the recovery procedure. Hotkeys

Restoring primary settings can even an inexperienced person. To do this, it is not necessary to have deep knowledge, since the whole procedure passes automatically.

To find out how to restore your computer settings, you need to know the manufacturer and combinations of “hot” keys. They are pressed directly when the device is turned on and before loading the OS.

  • Asus. f9 (press at the time of the appearance on the image of the ASUS);
  • Acer. F10alt;
  • HP Pavillion. ESC button when turning on. Further, when a special menu appears, press F11 (you can act according to the instructions);
  • Sony VAIO. F10;
  • Samsung. F4;
  • LG. F11;
  • TOSHIBA. F8 (or “0”);
  • Dell Insparion. CTRLF11 (when the screensaver of the Dell laptop appears).
  • Lenovo. A special key is provided to launch the recovery procedure. It is pressed when the laptop is turned off and is usually located above the keyboard.

When problems appear, it is better to clarify the information on the Internet, on the website of the manufacturer, since the keys necessary to restore the factory settings of the laptop may vary depending on the model of the device. Or contact a professional service and repair of computers with a home travel. For example, in our service, departure is free.

How to launch Recaver on Toshiba

You reboot the laptop and click on a certain key on the keyboard, then the factory settings are launched, here you need to be careful here. The factory settings recovery program can offer you only the C: or restore the entire hard drive. If you choose a C:, then only it will recover to factory settings, and the rest of the sections with your data will remain untouched. If you choose to restore the entire hard drive to factory settings, then all the sections you created, with all your files will be deleted and your laptop will be in the state as at the time of purchase.

The owners of the Toshiba laptop need to know that in addition to the hidden section of Recovery, they also have a HDD Recovery folder located on the disk D:, you can’t delete it either.

Note: Friends, if the hidden sections on your laptop are not deleted, but the factory recovery program does not work, read our article. how to restore the initial settings of the laptop if the recovery program is not a manufacturer.

In the next window, we are warned that the disc c: that is, everything will be deleted from it will be restored to the initial state and its condition will be given at the time of purchase of the laptop, disk D: will remain untouched.

You can’t interrupt the operation, so make sure that the network power adapter is connected to the laptop. Click and start the process of restoring the laptop to the original factory state.

Software and drivers are installed.

Almost everything is completed, click on,

Choose a user name, password for your account. Set the date, time, they are usually correct by default. If you want, you can register your laptop to extend the guarantee.

A window appears in front of us, in it we can get acquainted with the possibilities of recovery.

How to restore hp laptop to factory settings

How to Reset Toshiba Satellite to Factory Settings

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If the laptop does not load at all due to systemic errors and you want to restore its initial settings, then, in order not to lose your data, you can download it from any Live CD, then throw important files to a portable hard drive, then restore the factory settings, since When the factory settings are restored, all your data will be removed from the laptop.

Click when the laptop is turned on the E SC key.

We enter the boot menu, as we see, the F11. System Recovery key is responsible for the restoration of factory settings. Press the F11 key.

HP Recovery Manager window appears. Here we need the item “Restoring the system to the original state when delivered from the manufacturer”.

Click on “Restore without creating a backup copy of files” and press further.

Now you need to turn off all the external devices: printer, scanner, mouse, click further and the process of restoring the factory settings of the HP laptop will begin.

Is there an alternative to the recovery program built into the laptop to factory settings? Yes, these are programs Acronis True Image Home and Aomei Backupper Standard and they have much more capabilities.

The following tells how to restore the Toshiba laptop with a pre.installed Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system from a hard drive through a recovery procedure from a hard drive.There are two of the recovered recovery below. The first is the means of “restoration from the Toshiba hard drive”, and the second is “Toshiba recovery master.

note. First of all, it is necessary to create backup copies of important data!

a) the tool “Restoration from the Toshiba hard drive”

Step 1. the beginning of the recovery procedure with a hard drive

Select the option to restore the computer (repair your Computer) and press the Enter key.

Wait until the next screen appears, select the keyboard layout. corresponding to the language of your keyboard, then click the button further (Next). In the absence of confidence, just click the “Next” button (Next).

A window with your user name will appear on the next screen. Enter the password that you usually enter to use your account in Windows and click OK.

About computer repair

Quite often people call computer craftsmen who reinstall the operating system. As a result of this, the recovery section will be removed from the computer, and the next time the user will have to call the service again and pay money for the fact that he could make the restoration utility forces. The program itself will install the operating system, which will also be licensed, with all factory drivers and programs.

Therefore, before contacting the service, you should try to use the recovery section, this sometimes saves not only money, but also time. Everyone needs to know how to restore factory settings on a laptop, because after mastering simple instructions, the owner of the device will be able to return it to a pure state at any time.

When the laptop begins to slowly slow down due to a pile of installed and incorrectly deleted programs, system garbage, many temporary files and other unpleasant things, the most logical solution is the rollback of the system to its original state. In this article, we will figure out how to return the laptop to factory settings, on the example of all the main manufacturers.

Many users will object that it is easier to reinstall Windows. But the rollback of the system has the same consequences as reinstalling, but it is performed many times faster and does not require a loading disk. In addition, users are exempted from the need to search and installation of drivers. after returning to the original state, you only need to re.establish the programs you need for work.

Each laptop manufacturer equips its devices with branded recovery utilities. However, work with them is carried out according to one scheme and requires compliance with a number of rules:

  • During the rollback of the system, the adapter must be inserted into the laptop so that the power does not interrupt. Interruption of the rollback procedure is fraught with more serious problems than just a lag computer.
  • All important data from the hard disk are best posted to a removable medium. after successful recovery, return them back.
  • In some utilities, only the system section can be restored (disk C or all sections of the hard drive. It is recommended to perform full recovery (in this case, all data from the hard drive will be deleted, so transfer them to another place. see. point 2).
return, toshiba, laptop, factory, settings

So, if you want to get a system in the state in which it when buying a laptop (without brakes, hangs, unnecessary programs and files), then choose a laptop of your manufacturer and perform the described actions.

Let’s start with one of the most famous laptop manufacturers. ASUS.

Return ASUS laptop to factory settings:

  • Turn on the computer and hold the F 9 functional key until the Boot Manager menu opens.
  • Launch “Windows Setup”.
  • Mark the option “Restore the first section”.
  • Click “Ready” to start the rollback of the system.

You don’t need to press anything else. the recovery utility itself will figure out how to return the ASUS laptop to factory settings.

By the way, pressing the key F 9 when turning on the first time will not lead to anything, since by default the ASUS laptops activated the “Boot Booster” function. It needs to be disconnected in the BIOS. To do this, enter the BIOS, at the “Boot” point, translate the parameter value to the “Disabled” position.

return, toshiba, laptop, factory, settings

We will continue to study the topic with a story on how to return the Acer laptop to factory settings. This procedure can be performed from working Windows (the utility is called “Acer Recovery Management”) or through recovery tools.

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We will figure out the second option:

  • Go to the BIOS to the Main tab and check that the “D 2 D Recovery” option has the Enabled state (included).
  • Click the ALT F 10 combination until the Acer Recovery Management utility window appears. On some laptops, the program can be launched through the “Elimination of problems” section in the menu of choosing download options (more about this below, in restoration of the Toshiba laptop).
  • Select “Restoration of factory settings”.
  • Read important information about the rollback process and click “Next”.
  • Confirm your desire and wait for the end of the recovery procedure.

On Windows 8.1 integration of the recovery utility changes. Here you will have to select “Return the original state” in the “Diagnostics” section. The rollback procedure is not very different, in addition, all steps are described in detail in Russian, so you will quickly figure out how to return the Eiser laptop to factory settings.

When you cannot restore

How to return the laptop to factory settings if the operating system is reinstalled? Unfortunately, in this case this can not always be done. After buying devices, many reinstall the operating system that comes with the kit, along with this, deleting the files necessary for restoration from the hard disk. If the hidden section from the recovery is removed, then it will not work to drop the laptop to factory settings.

However, in such a situation there is a way out: for example, everything you need can be on the disks that are supplied with the device. You can look for images of sections of recovery on the Internet, in particular on torrents. In addition, on official sites of manufacturers, the recovery disk is on sale.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: 7 K “How to return a laptop to factory settings as an extreme measure with a serious malfunction”

Nadezhda, of course, well done, that you collected instructions from official sites in one post (well, especially for those who do not have enough brains to contact the manufacturer first of all). Well, everything else it feels like I read the script of the program of Elena Malysheva.))) “Extreme measure”. this is just replacing a hard disk. But at the same time, why then your advice, if the “zero” HDD or SSD does not have this very recovery section. And if the BIOS does not see (damaged) a hard drive, then how can the recovery procedure go, for which it is needed. ))) I will add that very often on of.sites and just in the internet you can find images of “original disks” to restore the “factory” Windows for many models (and not only laptops, there are also branded desktop assemblies). And now “Fintt with the ears”: about the backups you have correctly advised (damn it, I switch to your narrative style)))), but! All programs will still have to re.establish! Therefore, I want to advise a more progressive method: cloning the disk whole. For example, with the help of Aomei Backupper (I do not advertise, there are others, just this IMHO is the simplest in development). T.e. On a “freshly” laptop, put all the necessary programs, copy the necessary documents and throw off the full image of the system to an external hard drive. Periodically repeat the procedure (t.e. We create “fresh” images. Yes, and this external disk can be made loading so as not to shaman once again). And it turns out that you will have a “recovery disk” already with all the contents. And wines 7, 8, 10 and others. The programs will not even notice (t.e. the license will not fly), that the hard drive is different. verified. Some “recovery points”, but at the iron, not the program level. As for the update to the new version of Windows: you think that fools are sitting in Microsoft? And they will offer to upgrade the risk of getting a lawsuit?))) Do not advise not to switch to a more new version, it is better to: “Work in the one you are used to”.))

Thank you for your opinion. Everyone sees the situation with factory settings in their own way.

“Want to restore, insert the original disk”, so it gives out a computer when restoring. Maybe you have different.

Some laptops and computers when buying are equipped with loading disks. In this case, the restoration of a laptop or computer to factory settings is performed using such a disk. The article is only about laptops. There are described more common options for restoring laptops to factory settings. They relate to those laptops that have no separate discs for the restoration of the system when buying.

Nadezhda, thank you very much for your lessons. I have an Acer laptop, Windows 7, since there is no serious work, whether it is necessary to change the pro-gram.on 10. Thank you and success in all matters and health.

Hello, Raisa. I do not recommend changing the native operating system on another on the laptop. Acer laptop works with native Windows 7. It is not known whether the laptop will work after the transition to Windows 10 and how it will work.

If a notification of the transition to Windows 10 was sent to you by the manufacturer of the Acer laptop, then you can try to cross. If such a notice was sent by Microsoft (Windows Developer), then do not switch to Win 10.