Data reset on Samsung Galaxy to factory settings

Resetting of the phone data is forced deleting all the information, including the list of contacts, messages, photos and videos, music files, mail settings and instant messengers, all installed applications. The reset option is also called in some models. reset of settings, Hard Reset, Factory Reset. Smartphone software is returned to the state of the new.

Such an operation is an extreme measure that can be resorted to in several cases.

  • In the event of a problem in the operation of the device, when other correction methods do not help, including a simple reboot.
  • Full data removal must be before selling a phone to another user.
  • When updating the firmware of the device, there is also a discharge to factory settings.

Standard return

First, turn on your cell phone:

  • After full loading of the device, you will see the main screen.
  • In the lower part of the screen, click on the “menu” button.
  • Select “Settings” item. Depending on the model at the very bottom, there is a item “Reset of settings” or “restoration and reset” (“archiving and reset”), where you can choose which parameters to reset. Some modern models have backup data or selective recovery of parameters, for example, contacts, sound profiles, phone screen, etc. P.
  • Select “Restore factory settings” or “Database”. Read the message on the screen informing what data will be erased from your phone memory.
  • Wait for the end of the operation, and then reboot the phone so that the changes made to enter into force if it does not reboot automatically.

This is a method of reset to factory settings with standard means. But what to do if your phone is blocked due to the incorrectly typed command code, or you forgot the password? Blocking is the problem of most modern flagship models.

Samsung GALAXY Grand Prime. Factory reset (hard reset)

Fortunately for the user, there is a solution that will help restore the blocked “CAMSUN” or to reset it to factory settings if you forgot the password.

See how simply you can independently drop the settings to the factory on the “Consun”.

How to make Hard Reset on Samsung. All methods

Hard Reset is a reset of device parameters. There are 3 options for resetting to Samsung tablets.

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All of them are suitable for any devices, including such popular models as Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, tab, Tab S6, S5. A detailed explanation of three ways how to reset the Samsung tablet.

The first method. through the settings of the device.

  • Go to the device settings. You can do this through the upper notification curtain or through the gadget menu.
  • Open the section “General settings”. It is only on tablets with the Android 8 operating system.0 and older. If your device with firmware is below the eighth android, then miss this item.
  • Click on the point “Restoration and reset”. Depending on the operating system, instead of this tab, there may be others: “confidentiality”, “archiving and reset”, “reset” or “archiving and reset”.
  • In the opened tab, click on the “Drilling device” button. On some tablets, this is a “data reset”.
  • I will display my rollback to factory parameters. Click on the “Reset device” button (“Delete everything”, “reset”).
  • The device will turn off, and then turn on in a few seconds already being completely “purified”.

Method number two. through physical buttons of tablet.

  • Turn off your gadget.
  • If the device has a “home” button, at the same time press and hold the “inclusion”, “home” and “volume increase” buttons (or decrease). If there is no “Home” keys, then press and hold the “inclusion” and “volume reduction” buttons (or increase). Regardless of a combination of buttons, this method is used to move to the recovery menu.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy emblem is displayed on the display, stop holding the “inclusion” key.
  • Hold your fingers on the remaining buttons until the Recovery menu appears (approximately 15 seconds). This is a limited operating mode of the gadget, which looks like a text menu. It is designed to perform some useful actions (for example, resetting parameters). To understand that you are in the right menu, just look at the upper inscription. There should be one of the following inscriptions: “recovery”, “Android Recovery” or “Data Recovery”.Sometimes a recovery menu may not appear. It’s okay, just turn off the device again, and repeat the actions of the second and third stage. Do this until a limited mode of operation appears. If the gadget has no hardware defects, the long-awaited menu will be displayed for 2-4 attempts.
  • The recovery menu has several tabs. Switching through them occurs through the buttons of increase and decrease the volume. Press the volume reduction on the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item. This is the reset to factory settings.
  • The choice is made by pressing the power button. Click on it.
  • The device will ask for confirmation, the choice will appear on the screen: “no” and “yes”. Click on the point “Yes”. On some devices it is written “Yes.” Delete All User Data ”.
  • Within a few seconds, the user data will be deleted and the recovery menu will open again. The slider will already be put to the first item. “Reboot System Now” (reboot). Select its inclusion key.
  • The tablet will reboot and will be ready for use. I want to note that the above option will help perfectly in solving other problems. For example, you forgot the password or a graphic key of the screen, so it will be impossible to reset the settings in the first way. But the second method will just help.
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The third way is through the input of the service code.

  • This method works only on tablets with a telephone module. Roughly speaking, if a mobile SIM card is inserted into your tablet, then this method is suitable.
  • Open the Nomber set panel.
  • Introduce 27673855# and click on the call. This is a service code for Samsung devices, after which the device will return to the factory state and reboot.

All of the above methods make the same. Choose what is more convenient for you!

Using the recovery keys

If you use the first method, there is no way. there is a way to recover through the recovery mode. To enter this mode, you need to clamp a certain combination of buttons on the smartphone. The combination of buttons depends on the manufacturer of your device. Below are key combinations that are used to enter the recovery mode in most smartphone models.

  • Power button button “Home” button volume or
  • Power button button volume or
  • Power button button “Home” button volume and
  • Power button button volume and

In most cases, the Recovery menu looks as follows.

Navigation is carried out using volume buttons. Choosing. a power key. To reset the settings, you must select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. The phone will go into reboot and return to the factory settings.

System restoration through recovery

The second way to reset the settings on the Samsung tablet is the following actions:

  • Turn off the device and simultaneously click the Home, Power and increase sound until vibration appears.
  • Release the power button-System Recovery should appear on the screen. After that, release the remaining buttons;
  • For navigation in the menu, use a volume swing, and to select the desired item. Power. We will need a string of Factory Reset or Wipe Data.

Having deployed this parameter, select the option “Delete all the data of the user” (Delete All User Data). To start it, press the power button. the discharge process to the original settings will start, after which the smartphone will restart. Sometimes you have to run the process manually using the Reboot System now command.

This method is perfect not only for tablets, but also for smartphones on the Android operating system.

What is data reset and why it is needed?

Not only on Galaxy, but on all Android smartphones, a complete reset is provided. When this function is activated, the device is pumped to the factory settings. You get the phone completely “clean”, like out of the box.

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Important! When activating the option, all user data is removed. These are applications, files, contacts, correspondence, system settings, additional components, etc. D.

  • Transfer all important files from phone to flash drive.
  • Make a backup. It will allow you to restore information, save the user a lot of time.
  • Go to the settings and delete Google account. Otherwise, the smartphone will ask to log in to this account after turning on.

Why might require a complete reset and return of factory settings? We list the common reasons:

  • There were problems with the phone. If they cannot be solved with standard means, then it is recommended to complete a complete discharge. Often the rollback of the system to factory settings helps users.
  • You are going to implement an old device, or give it to someone. Naturally, it is better to erase a huge amount of personal information so that people do not get access to it.
  • Before or after updating OS. Developers recommend that you carry out a “clean” installation so that errors from the old version of the operating system do not go into a new.

How to reset Samsung settings? Consider the main methods for rollback of the system on the apparatus of the Korean manufacturer.

Restoration through the Recovery menu

The same option for hardware reset is also applicable for Samsung tablets. But, since the Home button is missing on these devices, the Hard Reset will have to be pressed by pressing only two keys. decreasing volume and turning on. The remaining actions and inscriptions on the display are completely similar to the process of restoring smartphone settings.

Demand with the help of recovery

Step 2. Press and hold the Power button, the “Home” button, and the “Volume Up” button.

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S8. Hard Reset and Soft Reset

Step 3. Wait until the phone is vibrating, then release only the Power button.

Step 4. Wait for the Android System Recovery screen, then release the “Home” and “Volume Up” buttons.

Step 5. Click the “Volume Down” button and select the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option.

If you have questions or you want to offer your way to reset the settings on Samsung, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article.