How to restore the factory settings of a laptop?

In some situations, it becomes necessary to restore the factory settings of a computer or laptop. The reason for this can serve as various malfunctions of the operating system (OS), as a general slowdown in the speed of work due to significant clogging of the registry with numerous programs and utilities. Also a common problem. viruses and Trojan programs. They sometimes lead to a complete blocking of the OS and laptop.

To quickly and efficiently eliminate the problem, you need to figure out how to restore the factory settings of the computer.

When you do not need to try to restore the OS

There are situations when attempts to restore the system can lead to poor consequences.

The laptop will not be loaded, an error will appear during the implementation of the procedures that we will talk about further or the computer will generally refuse to turn on.

This happens infrequently, but still it happens.

Therefore, here’s a list of cases when you should not just try to, you can not carry out the restoration of factory settings:

  • The operating system was reinstalled. That is, you bought your laptop, but eventually decided to update the OS. The fact is that with such a procedure, a hidden section of recovery from a hard drive is removed. It will be simply impossible to discharge without it. It is interesting that this does not always happen and experienced craftsmen do not remove this section, but in 95% of cases it still happens.
  • The operating system is reinstalled without removing the above section, but with full formatting and reconstruction of the sections of the hard disk. Other necessary data will be starts.
  • The hard drive (HDD or SSD) was badly damaged. If it was replaced by a new one, you should not do a reset either.
  • The manufacturer did not provide for the possibility of recovery. To check this item, go to your manufacturer’s website, contact Support (it’s better to call). So you can find out if there is such an opportunity at all and how to use it.

Conclusion from the above: in most cases, you can only make a discharge once for the entire existence of a laptop! Unless you reinstalled the OS without removing a special section and redistributing the sections of the hard disk. True, you can still try to find a special recovery disk.

If none of this concerns your case, you did not reinstall the operating system, you didn’t beat the hard disk, you can proceed to execute further instructions.

Windows 7

This operating system does not have a full.fledged recovery. You can try to use the recovery point. But the likelihood that it was created at the very beginning of the use of the laptop and has been preserved to this day is extremely small. You can check it like this:

  • Open the Start menu, in the search line enter “Restoration”. There is a program “Restoring the system”. Run it.
  • Press “Next”, then select an affordable point in the list. In the column “Date and Time” you can see when it was created. If there is not the date when you bought a computer, it makes no sense to use it.
  • And if you are lucky and the point is really old, choose it, click “Next”, again “Next”, then “Ready” and in the “Yes” window that appears.
return, samsung, laptop, factory, settings

If the instructions above is irrelevant for you, you will have to use the restoration utility that the manufacturer gives. If you have a disk that was given along with a laptop when buying, this is very cool! Then just insert the disk into the disc and follow the instructions on the screen.

If the OS does not load normally, you have to download the computer from the disk via BIOS.

But if there was no disk, nothing bad. This is a common case. Then you can use the discharge tool. Then we will analyze how this is done on different models of laptops. They can be used on Windows 7, 8 and 10.


On Samsung laptops, everything happens this way:

  • Reload the computer. Immediately after turning off, constantly press the F4 button on the keyboard.
  • The utility we need will appear. You can read the license agreement and accept it.
  • Then click “Restoration”.
  • On the scale in the section “Selecting the Recovery Point”, choose the extreme left position, that is, the time when you just started using the device.
  • I wonder that here you can save some of your data. To do this, note them in the “User data preservation” section (scrolling the window down).
  • At the end, click the “Restoration” button below.

On some models, this utility has a slightly different appearance. Then you need to choose “restoration”, then “full restoration”, select the “Factory Settings” or “Computer Initial Status” point. A request will appear, click “Yes” and follow the instructions in the future.

return, samsung, laptop, factory, settings

How to return the laptop to the factory state: Samsung

So, let’s continue the conversation about the return of laptops to the factory state. Today we will talk about restoring the original type of laptops from Samsung. Traditionally, before describing the recovery procedure, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the article “How to return the laptop to the factory state: introduction” if you have not done this before.

I must say that the Samsung laptop restoration mechanism is somewhat different from the similar tools used by most other manufacturers of mobile computers, in which the hard drive is fully formatted, after which data are loaded from the recovery section.

In Samsung laptops, everything happens almost the same, but there is a slight difference.

When the mobile computer is first turned on, Samsung is offered to mark the hard drive on two logical disks: C and D. This procedure is performed only once. After restoration of the system, it is not repeated. Therefore, strictly speaking, one hundred percent return to the factory state is not provided.

All recovery procedures affect exclusively disk C. Disc D you can either format it yourself or use it to store data from disk C. After restoring the system, they can be returned back.

Well, if the operating system is in such a state that it can no longer load, use the article “How to save data, if the operating system is not loaded” to save the data ”.

To start the system resuscitation procedure from the recovery section immediately after turning on the computer, you need to start turning on the F4 button. In addition, some models may have a functional recovery button used paired with the FN key.

Samsung hotly recovery keys

return, samsung, laptop, factory, settings

But the F4 method is universal and also requires pressing only one key, so it is simply more convenient. But I leave this at your discretion. The final result is important to us.

If everything is done correctly, the Samsung Recovery Solution utility screensaver will appear on the screen. Stop pressing the buttons and waiting.

After some time, we will be offered to get acquainted with the text of the agreement. We read it and accept it if we want to advance further.

We will be offered a set of accessible actions to choose from. Choosing the item “Restoration”.

Of the available parameters, select “Full Recovery”.

A list of available backups of the system will appear. If there are several, choose the most early. It is automatically created by the system at the first launch of the computer. After that, click “Next”.

We will be warned that all data will be destroyed. Since it is assumed that you have already saved all the necessary information, click “Yes”.

Preparations for the operation of the full restoration of the laptop will start.

After that, the recovery procedure will begin directly. She takes some time. Stell yourself.

Upon completion, this message will appear on the display:

Click OK. The computer will reboot and preparation for the first launch will begin. Do not touch anything and do not press. If the laptop begins to restart again, then you need to. Do not bother him. You need to wait until the next message appears on the display:

The system is ready for the first launch

Its appearance means that the recovery procedure is completed and the operating system is in the first launch mode.

That’s all. Now you know how to restore Samsung laptops to the original state.

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Return of factory settings for laptop Acer

In Acer laptops pre.installed software. Acer Erecovery Management. The program allows you to create and restore backup copies of the system. Also, carry out a full reset to factory settings, reset with conservation of user data, reinstall only drivers and programs.

Recovery from the Windows menu

  • Open the Acer Erecovery Management program.
  • On the left, select the “Restore” section, where select “Complete the system for factory settings” fully “.
  • Confirm the action, and then click “Start”.
  • After final confirmation, the laptop will be rebooted, where there will be a notification of the complete removal of user data. After that, the automatic process of restoring the initial system will begin. Upon completion, an appropriate message will appear on the end of the discharge.

Restoration of the recovery menu

  • Go to BIOS, on the Main tab, transfer to the Enabled state in the line D2D Recovery.
  • Save the changes and restart the laptop.
  • At the time of the start, click the combination of the Altf10 buttons until the recovery menu appears.
  • After the appearance of Acer Erecovery Management, select the recovery mode. For complete restoration. “Restore the factory settings of the operating system”.
  • Next, there will be a notice of removing user data, where it is required to click “Next”.
  • In the next window, select a place for recovery.
  • Wait for the settings reset, conduct the initial setting of the system and use.

About computer repair

Quite often people call computer craftsmen who reinstall the operating system. As a result of this, the recovery section will be removed from the computer, and the next time the user will have to call the service again and pay money for the fact that he could make the restoration utility forces. The program itself will install the operating system, which will also be licensed, with all factory drivers and programs.

Therefore, before contacting the service, you should try to use the recovery section, this sometimes saves not only money, but also time. Everyone needs to know how to restore factory settings on a laptop, because after mastering simple instructions, the owner of the device will be able to return it to a pure state at any time.

When the laptop begins to slowly slow down due to a pile of installed and incorrectly deleted programs, system garbage, many temporary files and other unpleasant things, the most logical solution is the rollback of the system to its original state. In this article, we will figure out how to return the laptop to factory settings, on the example of all the main manufacturers.

Many users will object that it is easier to reinstall Windows. But the rollback of the system has the same consequences as reinstalling, but it is performed many times faster and does not require a loading disk. In addition, users are exempted from the need to search and installation of drivers. after returning to the original state, you only need to re.establish the programs you need for work.

Each laptop manufacturer equips its devices with branded recovery utilities. However, work with them is carried out according to one scheme and requires compliance with a number of rules:

  • During the rollback of the system, the adapter must be inserted into the laptop so that the power does not interrupt. Interruption of the rollback procedure is fraught with more serious problems than just a lag computer.
  • All important data from the hard disk are best posted to a removable medium. after successful recovery, return them back.
  • In some utilities, only the system section can be restored (disk C or all sections of the hard drive. It is recommended to perform full recovery (in this case, all data from the hard drive will be deleted, so transfer them to another place. see. point 2).

So, if you want to get a system in the state in which it when buying a laptop (without brakes, hangs, unnecessary programs and files), then choose a laptop of your manufacturer and perform the described actions.

Let’s start with one of the most famous laptop manufacturers. ASUS.

Return ASUS laptop to factory settings:

  • Turn on the computer and hold the F 9 functional key until the Boot Manager menu opens.
  • Launch “Windows Setup”.
  • Mark the option “Restore the first section”.
  • Click “Ready” to start the rollback of the system.

You don’t need to press anything else. the recovery utility itself will figure out how to return the ASUS laptop to factory settings.

By the way, pressing the key F 9 when turning on the first time will not lead to anything, since by default the ASUS laptops activated the “Boot Booster” function. It needs to be disconnected in the BIOS. To do this, enter the BIOS, at the “Boot” point, translate the parameter value to the “Disabled” position.

We will continue to study the topic with a story on how to return the Acer laptop to factory settings. This procedure can be performed from working Windows (the utility is called “Acer Recovery Management”) or through recovery tools.

Samsung Laptop Factory Default Restore reinstall Windows (reset NP RV SF RF RC QX NP300 RC512 QX411)

We will figure out the second option:

  • Go to the BIOS to the Main tab and check that the “D 2 D Recovery” option has the Enabled state (included).
  • Click the ALT F 10 combination until the Acer Recovery Management utility window appears. On some laptops, the program can be launched through the “Elimination of problems” section in the menu of choosing download options (more about this below, in restoration of the Toshiba laptop).
  • Select “Restoration of factory settings“.
  • Read important information about the rollback process and click “Next”.
  • Confirm your desire and wait for the end of the recovery procedure.

How to restore a Samsung laptop back to factory settings

On Windows 8.1 integration of the recovery utility changes. Here you will have to select “Return the original state” in the “Diagnostics” section. The rollback procedure is not very different, in addition, all steps are described in detail in Russian, so you will quickly figure out how to return the Eiser laptop to factory settings.

When you cannot restore

How to return the laptop to factory settings if the operating system is reinstalled? Unfortunately, in this case this can not always be done. After buying devices, many reinstall the operating system that comes with the kit, along with this, deleting the files necessary for restoration from the hard disk. If the hidden section from the recovery is removed, then it will not work to drop the laptop to factory settings.

However, in such a situation there is a way out: for example, everything you need can be on the disks that are supplied with the device. You can look for images of sections of recovery on the Internet, in particular on torrents. In addition, on official sites of manufacturers, the recovery disk is on sale.

BIOS resettling methods make it possible to cope with the problem without addressing specialists. Most often, the issue is resolved within a few minutes, most of which will be spent on disassembly and assembly of the laptop.

return, samsung, laptop, factory, settings

But, if none of the ways helped reset the password, to restore the opportunity to independently change the settings, you will still have to contact the masters.

It is possible that in this case the device is protected using a separate energy.dependent chip.