Dashing on Samsung Galaxy to factory settings

Phone data reset is forced removal of all information, including contact list, messages, photos and video, music files, mail settings and messengers, all installed applications. Reset Option is also called in some models. reset settings, Hard Reset, Factory Reset. Software smartphone returns to the state of the new.

Such an operation is an extreme measure to which you can resort in several cases.

  • If the problem occurs in the device, when other correction methods do not help, including a simple reboot.
  • Full removal of data need before selling the phone to another user.
  • When updating the device firmware also reset to factory settings.

Standard refund

To begin with, turn on your cell phone:

  • After full loading of the machine you will see the main screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the menu button.
  • Select “Settings”. Depending on the model at the bottom, there is a “Reset settings” or “Restore and Reset” (“Archiving and Reset”), where you can choose which parameters to reset. In some modern models, data backup or selective recovery of parameters, such as contacts, sound profiles, phone screen, etc. P.
  • Select “Restore Factory Settings” or “Data Reset”. Read the message on the screen informing about what data will be erased from your phone’s memory.
  • Wait for the end of the operation, after which you restart the phone so that the changes made to take effect if it does not restart automatically.

This is a way to reset to factory settings with standard tools. But what if your phone is blocked because of the wrong dialed command code, or you forgot the password? Lock is the problem of most modern flagship models.

Fortunately for the user, there is a solution that will help restore the locked “Camsung” or to reset it to factory settings if you forget the password.

See how easy you can independently reset the settings to the factory on the “Camsung”.

Disable Google’s profile on the phone before reset

Be sure to delete Google’s user profile. otherwise after the Hard Reset device will request a login password. If you (or the new owner) cannot enter them, download Android and the login will be impossible.

How to disable the profile in front of Hard Reset, read the link:

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In extreme cases, unlock the device will be in the branded service “Samsung”, but you need to have documents confirming that you are his buyer.

What is resetting settings

Phone reset to factory settings Samsung Galaxy is a procedure during which all device data is deleted. In short, all that you copied for a long time, irrevocably disappears, and your smartphone becomes like a new.

Why it may be needed

If the settings for Samsung J7 and other SAMSUNG models lead to a complete loss of data, then what will require this operation? Select several reasons to translate your smartphone to factory settings:

  • Desire to quickly delete all information. We will not exclude that many people are looking for how to make settings, only because of the desire to quickly release a place on the domestic drive. Hard Reset is, of course, not the best option for your Samsung J1 or Samsung Galaxy A51, but still having the right to exist.
  • Resale device. Also roll back to factory items recommended for those who are going to resell the smartphone or just give it to another person. In this case, the procedure allows you to level the possibility of access to personal data.
  • Loss of smartphone. Since the Android tablet settings or smartphone can be reset remotely, the operation in question becomes a great way to protect personalized information from intruders who can get your phone in the event of theft or loss.
  • Preparing for firmware update. Before installing the update to your Galaxy A6 or Samsung A50, the specialists strongly recommend resetting the settings to factory. This ensures a clean installation of updates and will reduce possible glitches after flashing.

You can independently continue the list of designated reasons, why roll back the settings on the Android Samsung, because it all depends exclusively on user needs. The procedure is useful in all cases when the device owner is somehow interested in full removal of information stored on his smartphone or Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.

SAMSUNG Reset Reset Consequences

Together with the reasons why you need to reset the settings on the tablet or phone, the consequences of the operation are clear. And if when resale the device, the delete data is just what is required by the user, then during flashing the loss of personal information delivers a lot of inconvenience.

On a note. Reset settings to factory and not losing saved data will help pre-create a backup. After resetting backup it will be possible to restore.

What you need to do before reset to factory settings

I recommend making several useful actions before resetting settings. First of all, you need to save important files.

You can download them to a computer or move to an external drive, for example, on an SD card. In the case of multimedia data, such as images and videos, the Google application shows perfectly well.

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It can save photos and videos on the Google Cloud. There are many similar cloud storage. And to save the settings and list of applications, you just need to synchronize the gadget with Google account. And if the tablet needs to reset before selling it, you need to leave the Google account. Otherwise, when the device is turned on after returning to factory settings, the gadget will require the entry into the previous Google account.

Reset to factory settings through the menu

The easiest option to return the Android-smartphone pre-sale state is to reset to factory settings from the corresponding menu item. This option is relevant for devices that do not have critical problems with moving on the menu items of the system.

return, factory, settings, samsung

Open “Menu”. “Settings” and select “Restore and Reset”.

Scroll to the open list to the bottom and click on the “Reset Settings” item (the name of this item on different smartphones may look different: “Reset phone settings“, “Common Reset”, “Erase all data” and T. P.).

The system will warn about the fact that all personal information, settings, applications and data will be removed during the reset.

Confirm the execution of the operation to reset the settings by selecting “Erase All” item.

Using the recovery keys

If you use the first method, there is no possibility. there is a restore method via Recovery mode. To enter this mode, you must clamp a specific combination of buttons on the disabled smartphone. The combination of buttons depends on the manufacturer of your device. The following are key combinations that are used to enter the recovery mode in most models of smartphones.

  • Power button “Home” button Button Volume or
  • Power Button Button Volume or
  • Power Button “Home” Button Button Volume and
  • Power button Button Volume and

In most cases, the Recovery menu is as follows.

Navigation is performed using the volume buttons. Select. power key. To reset the settings you need to select the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” item. The phone will go to the reboot and return to the factory settings.

How to prepare for resetting settings

It is important to know that by making a reset to factory settings, a user will not have a single file that previously stored on the device: photo and video files, contacts, programs, logins, passwords and other. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare before resetting the settings:

  • It is recommended to fully charge the device. Resetting the settings takes sufficient time, therefore, in the event of a shutdown of the gadget, the user can lose access to his smartphone that is not easy to restore.
  • You need to make sure that the user has access to Google account, since the recovery of applications is made only through it.
  • You need to transfer all photos, video and audio files on a PC or SD card, because after resetting access to them will disappear.
  • If necessary, make a backup copy of the calendar, contacts and / or mail. To do this, go to the phone settings, select the “Restore and Reset” function, and then click on “Data Reservation”. After that, you need to select the account from which the copy will be made.
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Copy important information

Copy important information from android to another device can be using:

Cloud storage

If it is not possible to transfer the necessary files to the PC, you can be transferred to the cloud storage that can be downloaded on the Internet and use on any other device. Among the most popular cloud storages are distinguished:


The program should be launched on the PC and connect your mobile device to a computer using a USB cable. If the phone takes permission, you must click the “Allow” button. When a device appears on the computer, you need to select the “Settings” tab, then “archive items”, select the necessary files and click “Backup”. After the process is completed, you can see again, what data were saved and finished work with the program.

Delete Google Account

To remove a Google account on Samsung, you need:

  • Open settings further tab “Accounts and Archiving”.
  • In the tab that opens, select “Accounts”.
  • Select the desired Google account.
  • Press the Delete button and confirm the removal of the account.

Use the function on the samsung “Find My Mobile” if you forgot the password

Eliminate the new password on Samsung, if suddenly forgot the old, will help the special reset function “Find My Mobile”. This feature is equipped with an absolute majority of phones of this brand. If you have created your Samsung account, and registered it earlier, then you can use this feature.

Reset gadget to factory settings. the last solution that can help you unlock forgotten password for your Samsung phone. Remember that all your data on the phone after reset will be deleted.