How to restore closed tabs in popular browsers

All popular browsers remember the last tabs with which the user works. Therefore, if you close several tabs on a computer or mobile device, most likely the program can restore them.

Most desktop browsers provide two ways to restore recent tabs. Using the first you can open them one at a time. First, the last closed tab is returned, the penultimate line is behind it and so on in the reverse line order. This function helps out when the user accidentally closes one or more tabs.

Using the second method, you can restore the last session entirely, that is, all the tabs that were open at the time of the closing of the browser or only the current window. This method should help if the user himself accidentally leaves the browser or an unexpected completion of the program occurs.

As for mobile browsers, they allow you to view lists of recently closed tabs and restore them from there.

Restoring tabs

If the Google Chrome itself needs to be restored, but the tabs open in it after the emergency completion of the browser (for example, freezing and subsequent forced closure, error or failure), use the offer in the pop.up window, which automatically appears when it restarts it. Pressing on the image shown in the image below the button will immediately return all the tabs that were open during the last session. You can sites closed in normal mode (by mistake or consciously) using the context menu called on the top of the program, a combination of keys, referring to the history of visits and some other methods that we previously considered in a separate instructions.

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Combination of keys

The easiest and most affordable way that allows chrome to open a closed tab. One click of CTRL SHIFT T will open the last closed tab, repeated pressing will open the penultimate tab, etc.D. It doesn’t matter which layout is used in Windows and whether Caps Lock is active.

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Please note that this method is universal and is suitable not only for Google Chrome, but also for other browsers.

How to restore closed tabs for each browser

All browsers also have other possibilities, for example: you can view the history of your sewing on the Internet and, of course, open the re.viewed pages all at once or only the necessary.

But where to find this story and how to make the browser open the last session. we will consider for each case separately.

Attention: if you used the incognito mode. history and tabs are not preserved

Separately because each browser has its own characteristics. But how to return the pages in universal ways that are presented above, we will not repeat.

In Yandex Browser on PC

In the upper right corner of the browser, click on 3 strips and select “History”. The list of recently closed (arrow) will open on the left). Choose the right one and click on it.

If in the same window, click on the upper line with “history” (shown by the arrow in the picture below), significantly more options will open.

You can open the same information by clicking through the settings menu (screen below).

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If the list is large and cannot immediately find the desired site, enter the keyword or site name in the search field. The right one will be highlighted yellow.

In the same place, in the “settings”, check for the presence of a checkmark at the point: “When starting to restore previously open tabs“. If necessary, mark.

Several ways to restore tabs in Yandex Browser on smartphones

  • If you closed the tab, but have not yet come out of its preview. click “To cancel”.
  • In other cases:
  • Below, press on a square with numbers. you will see all open;
  • or. three horizontal strips, then the icon with the clock. A full story of views will open. Find and click the desired line.
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On Android, Yandex Browser returns the tabs similarly:

The square with numbers will show open. Click on it and in the lower menu you will see the “Clock” icon, under which a full story is hidden with all the weaves viewed and closed.

In Google Chrome

In addition to universal ways, you can restore them on a computer by clicking on 3 points in the upper right corner. A window with settings and history will open.

The click on the “History” will show recently closed tabs, the transition further-all ever opened.

There is also a search line where you can enter a keyword or a phrase from the website of the site.

Along the way, check or install the Chrome launch with previously open tabs in the settings.

On smartphones, you can see closed sites by clicking at 3 points in the upper right corner. Further point “History”. A square with a number near the search line will show open.

Mozilla Firefox

To open the tabs, click on 3 horizontal lines (in the common people, burger) in the upper right corner, a table of tools will open. Choose “magazine”.

Click on “recently closed” makes it possible to open any of them separately. Or all at once, if you choose the field below “Open everything” again “.

You can proceed to “Magazine Management”. The library will open, where you choose the desired tab and open it with a double click of the mouse.

Click in the address bar of the browser shows recently closed. Well, if you slip the icon with the clock, you will open a more extensive list.

How to Restore Your Chrome Tabs | How To Restore Last Session On Google Chrome|

At the same time, the open ones will be supplemented by the “Go to the tab” button. It is very convenient when there are a lot of them, they are superimposed on each other and it is difficult to find the right.

Also, in the browser settings, it is possible to install the flag in the check box “Open the previous windows and tabs”.

You can see the list of closed pages in the Firefox browser for smartphones by pressing 3 points below vertically. Next, go to the “History” with an icon in the form of a watch. A square with a number shows the number and list of open pages.


You can restore a closed tab in Opera by all universal ways. And through control elements.

How to restore tabs in Google Chrome

It is very unpleasant when the desired page in the browser accidentally closes during the working process. Then the question arises. how to restore tabs in Google Chrome, so we have prepared a detailed instruction that will help to cope with this problem.

The restoration of recently closed tabs in Google Chrome can be performed in different ways, and which. we will analyze in the text below.

The first method

First of all, you should talk about how to restore closed tabs in Google Chrome using “hot keys”. This method is suitable if you accidentally pressed a cross in the upper right corner of the page.

Click Ctrlshift. As a result, a page closed by the last. The combination of these keys can be an unlimited number of times. After repeated pressing, the penultimate page will open and t.D.

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The second method

If you are inconvenient to use “hot keys”, you can restore a closed tab in Google Chrome through the context menu. Click the right mouse button on the web page cap, and select the item “Open Closed tab”.

The third method

We can see the necessary tab in the “History” of the browser. Click on three points in the upper right corner of the web page and choose the point “History” in the context menu. First of all, you will see a list of recently closed sites. there are ten of them. If the desired page was found on this list. just click on it.

If you need a page that you opened relatively for a long time, click “History” once again. So you will go to the section where all data viewing data are collected. Will have to delve into, but the necessary information, nevertheless, will be found.

Fourth method

Maybe you need to restore all the tabs in Google chrome after the browser closed? This parameter can be set in the “settings”. we recommend this immediately after the start of work with the program. from an unscheduled reboot of the computer, caused, for example, by turning off electricity, no one is insured.

So, how to restore open tabs in chrome after rebooting or turning off the device?

  • Find the section “Launch of chrome”
  • Set out what should open when starting is a new or previously open page, here you can also set a specific site that will open with the start of the browser work

This instruction will help you avoid an unpleasant situation in the future. If the parameter is not set, you can restore your pages after rebooting the device with “hot keys” or context menu. However, it may be more convenient for you to use the “History of Views”?

Also remember that you can always add a tab in a browser, which you often need so that you do not look for it later.

How to restore fixed tabs in Google Chrome? The advice that we will give concerns those situations when the pages that should open at the entrance for some reason did not open automatically.

You can restore such pages from the “history” of the browser. this should not become a problem. However, in such a situation it is worthwhile to be wary. the disappearance of fixed sites is a sign that your device could “catch the virus”. Be sure to check the computer for the presence of malicious software if a similar situation arises.

Additions to the browser

The extended possibilities of maintaining the tabs are implemented through a variety of plugins and addons. Most modern browsers support add.ons, so we will show them to work with them on the example of Google Chrome and Sessionbuddy solutions.

    After installation, click on the access button to extensions in the top panel of the browser and select the corresponding component.

Analogs of this addition for chromium or other browsers work on a similar principle, so the actions described above can be used as a universal instruction.

How to restore closed tabs in Google Chrome

Although Chrome is available on a variety of platforms, some settings are present only in certain versions. Restoring closed tabs is available only in versions for PC, although in the version for Android you can find a solution with a very similar effect that will save you from this problem.

First of all, open Chrome on your device and go to the menu in the upper right corner of the screen:

The main type of Chrome

How to Recover Your Lost Tabs in Google Chrome

In the menu that appears, select Recent Tabs:

Chrome menu

A list of recently open tabs will appear, and on which devices. To see the full list of all your tabs open, click on Show Full History:

restore, tabs, chrome, phone

Recently closed tabs

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To open any closed tab, just click on it:

Full story

After that, it will appear on the screen of your device:

Restored tab

And that’s all, in fact, everything is extremely simple. Unfortunately, with regard to the advanced Chrome parameters for Android, it is a little behind the desktop versions. If we talked about doing the same on the computer, this would be a different story, but on mobile devices we should work with tools that we have right now.

Perhaps in the future we will see an implemented function that will allow us to automatically restore tabs closed by mistake, and even restore the latest open tabs when opening a browser, but we assume that this needs time and we will have to wait.

How to restore closed tabs in Yandex Browser

If you use a browser on a computer, you can open a closed tab as follows:

  • Open the menu by clicking on the button with three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner.
  • Select “History”.
  • The list of links that you recently closed will appear on the list on the left. Find the right one and click on it to open.

In the Yandex Browser Appendix on the iPhone, this works a little different:

  • If you just closed the tab and have not yet left their preview, just click “cancel”. and the page will open again.
  • In other cases, go to the list of open tabs, pressing a square with numbers at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap three horizontal stripes in the lower left corner to open the menu.
  • Select the clock with the clock. the story of your views will open. Find the desired page and open it.

On the Android Smartphones, the Browser application from Yandex has a different integer, but in general, the principle of opening a closed tab does not differ:

  • Immediately after closing, the tab can be returned by clicking “cancel”.
  • In other situations, also open the preview of the tabs, and then go to the story, slipping through the clock button. Here you will find a list of all previously open pages and can restore the right.

Return of the old type of tabs to Chrome

With the release of the new 5th version of the Android operating system among its user audience, the question of switching visualization of the tabs to the old style arose. After all, in Lollipop, they are displayed in the form of separate applications each, as in the computer version of the program.

Not everyone wants to retrain themselves and get used to the new intese, and this is not required. In order to make tabs in Google chrome as before, look into its settings and deactivate the function of combining tabs and applications.

The observer will restart so that the new integse parameters enter into force. At the same time, the user will not have to return the closed tab manually. the browser will do everything in automatic mode.

The new processed application integration is aimed at increasing speed and decreasing the consumption of hardware resources of the device, which should be taken into account when using budget gadgets.

Switching to the old Inte Weep, the “” button will appear, which allows the user to create new windows, which is impossible when working with a new application window for the application window. I hope now, you will not say that it was not possible to restore the tab in Chrom. If something did not work out or there are problems with the computer, write to the questions!