How to restore remote photos and videos from WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

The rapid development and generally availability of cloud storage services led to the fact that even a very absent.minded and inexperienced user has become much more difficult to lose pictures from their smartphone. With the help of WhatsApp, for example, you can restore deleted photos for which even backup copies were not created.

And not only photos, but also videos, GIF-ki, audio files and documents.

There is only one condition: such files must be sent or received in the WhatsApp chat and they were not purposefully deleted from the messenger (only from the local memory of the smartphone).

How to restore remote photos and videos from WhatsApp on iPhone

In WhatsApp on the iPhone, as you know, the obtained media files do not load automatically. The messenger first displays the blurry picture with the loading icon.

And in order to download this picture or video and watch, this icon must be slipped out, after which the photo will be automatically saved in the folders/albums “WhatsApp” and “Camera Roll” “Photos”, and the video in the video “GIF- ki, by the way, in the “photo” are not preserved).

Watching pictures or videos in the WhatsApp message, you can delete them immediately or later from the photo. However, we recall that the iPhone still does not delete them, but only transports them to the “recently remote” folder, it will store them for another 30 days and only then remove them.

Nevertheless, even after 30 days, or when the “recently removed” you cleaned manually, photos and videos from WhatsApp, which you deleted from the “Photo” application, you can from the messenger (if you did not specially remove them from there).

To do this, we find the corresponding message in the WhatsApp chat, open it, slip the “Send” button (in the lower left corner of the screen), select “Save” in the menu. The file will be saved in the application “Photo”.

Which folder is stored in the photo WhatsApp

All photos that were sent from the device or sent (received) via WhatsApp are automatically preserved. Where are the photo WhatsApp? On devices running Android, multimedia from the messenger you will find in a folder named WhatsApp, in internal memory.

restore, remote, video, files
  • Open the file manager (or other navigator by file system).
  • Go to the Media folder. Full Way: Android Media Com.WhatsApp WhatsApp Media
  • Insapp catalog. three invested folders
  • Open Media, look for WhatsApp images in it and see its contents:
  • WhatApp Images. Folder with photo
  • WhatApp Video. Folder with video

As a rule, if the photo is removed from the correspondence, but not from the smartphone gallery, it will be found in these folders.

Note. On some models of smartphones and tablets, folder with WhatsApp files may not be on the internal, but on a removable medium. Microsd memory card. This is usually found on Chinese devices with modified (Root`It) firmware.

Advice. A method of recovery if the photos remain in chats, but not in the gallery

The new versions of the WhatsApp application declared a new function: if you deleted a photo from the gallery, then, by going into the chat where it was, you can download it back to the gallery. However, this method of “salvation” is relevant only on condition that the chat actually, correspondence with its contents, you have not cleansed.

How to restore images from a Backup file

In addition to Media, there is a Backup catalog inside the WhatsApp folder, where backups are stored. The messenger generates them automatically once a day/week/month (if this function was previously included in the settings). By default, Backup` are made every night.

If you deleted the Android Gallery and the Chat photo sent more than a day ago, try to restore it from a backup copy. To restore files and correspondence from Backup, you need:

It is important to consider that in copies there will be files from 1 to 7 days. It is possible that the desired documents in the archive will not be.

In addition, it is advisable to configure the creation of a backup every day (to prevent accidental data deletion). You can do this in the settings, section “Chats” → “Reserve Copy of Chats”.

Recovery from backup copies

The user can use a backup copy of any type, provided that they are created.

Archives on a mobile device

To automatically upload messages from messages and photographs from the memory of a mobile device when they are random, it is necessary to come as follows:

After the backup copy is restored, chats, correspondence, and the pictures will reappear on the smartphone.

Archives in the cloud

However, many users do not like to clog the smartphone with backup copies of any messengers or programs. There is a way out for them. cloud storage. The user will only need to configure the automatic preservation of reserve copies of correspondence, photos from instant messengers in the Google Account.

If the user has a similar backup, then by deleting WhatsApp or even losing a mobile device, by buying a new one and installing this popular messenger in it, the owner will be able to return all the chats. This can be done as follows:

  • Delete and reinstall the WhatsApp messenger.
  • Silence in it under your own phone number.
  • After that, the program will propose to restore data from a local backup or from a Google cloud storage. The user will need to choose the last option.
  • Now you need to wait until all files move to a new smartphone. When the recovery is completed, it will remain to wait for all correspondence and files in the WhatsApp messenger.

After that, all old chats and files will be available to the user on the new mobile device.

Correspondence in WhatsApp

It also happens that the user does not need the whole backup copy, but only correspondence. The next block will be devoted to the restoration of recently deleted messages and completely old dialogs.

Attention! Delete the dialogue intentionally and then restore one message. you can’t. WhatsApp developers have not provided for a similar possibility.

Recent messages

Recent chats or correspondence can be restored when reinstalling the application. The chats that will be restored include only those whose statute of limitations is no more than a week.

To obtain remote correspondence, it is enough to remove whatsApp and install it again. The messenger will offer to restore correspondence from a previously saved backup copy. The owner of the smartphone will only need to agree with the restoration.

And what to do with the correspondence that was removed earlier?

Old dialogs

The WhatsApp application has the possibility of recovery and more old dialogs. This is usually done using the Crypt12 cipher, which restores old backup copies.

If the user deleted the WhatsApp application, and then reinstall it, then all the chats and saved, transferred photos and messages also disappeared from the mobile device. And he probably did not save backups. There is a method that will help to return the information in this case.

The fact is that all data and correspondence carried out in the WhatsApp messenger is saved on a mobile device in a folder called “WhatsApp \ Databases”. The user deleys the program from a mobile device, and the folder remains in its place. In order to return the correspondence and chats with it, you need to do the following:

  • Activate access to a smartphone memory.
  • Find by the name above the corresponding folder and go into it.
  • Choose what is most important for the owner or everything that is preserved. The choice can be made by date.
  • Click on the catalog and hold a finger on it. The inscription “Rename” will have to be displayed.
  • It will be necessary to change the name of the folder to “Crypt 12” and save it.

Now you need to return to the WhatsApp app and delete it. Then install again. After that, the program will propose to restore data from a backup copy. It remains to accept this proposal, and all correspondence, as well as the photos will appear on the user’s mobile device.

Restore remote video WhatsApp photos on Android

You can quickly restore remote photos and videos with Android using Android Data Restoration tool. In addition to the photos and videos of WhatsApp, you can also use this program to restore remote messages and investment WhatsApp. Android Data Recovery is famous for the restoration of deleted files on Android directly, several types of Android data are restored, such as contacts, photos, videos, messages, call logs, applications and much more. Android Data Recovery allows you to restore remote data with Android under any data loss, such as erroneous deletion, Android system update, Android system room, restoration of the factory settings of the device, etc. D. All Android devices are applicable to Android Data Recovery, for example, Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, Huawei, Google Pixel, etc. D.

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How to restore remote video WhatsApp photos on Android

Connect Android to the computer after installing and starting the Android Data Recovery program on the computer you will see the main window below. Then connect your Android to the computer via a USB cable.

STEP 2. Allow the Connect Android program on the computer please click “OK” and go to the next step.

Select “WhatsApp” and “WhatsApp Attachments” to recover with Android after the program finds your device on a computer, you will see this window, here you can choose different types of scan files. You can put a “select everything” box to scan all Android data. Here, you must choose “WhatsApp” and “WhatsApp Attachments” that you need to scan, and then click “Next” to move on to the next step.

Allows you to scan and analyze Android data after the program finds your device in the window, you will see the next window. Click “Allow” on your device to allow the program to scan your Android for remote photos and video WhatsApp.

Note. Before starting work, make sure that the phone accumulator is charged by more than 20%.

Step 5.Scan Android for remote data of WhatsApp will take some time due to your request. When everything is done, you will see a list of deleted files, first view them before restoring the remote history of the WhatsApp chat on Android.

View and restoration of whatsApp photos / video with Android after completing the scanning process will be displayed a list of restored files that were found on your Android remote data WhatsApp. Mark the necessary data and click “Recover” under ”WhatsApp (main key) and what is new?»Files to restore selected data on your computer.

Tips: You can enable the option “display only remote elements” to view the remote data WhatsApp.

We take out correspondence from the archive

Just like on Instagram, WhatsApp can archive unnecessary correspondence in order to return them if necessary and continue the dialogue with a person. It is important to understand that archiving does not delete the contents of the correspondence.

restore, remote, video, files

The archive function is convenient in that with its help it is easy to restore order. On the other hand, by mistake, the user can archive the chat, and then not find the opportunity to restore it. While to make it easier.

  • Scroll the correspondence list, find the Archved item
  • Click on this line, then make a swipe from right to left to restore.
  • Click on the UNARCHIVE button. will appear on the line that you look like.
  • Scroll the list of chats until you see the inscription Archived Chats with a cross
  • Click on a chat line that needs to be restored
  • Click on the unchigning icon

We use Easeus Data Recovery Wizard to restore

If the backups of WhatsApp were stored on the computer and were subsequently deleted, any Windows tools are suitable for data restoration. An example is Easeus Data Recovery Wizard. Using the DEEP Scan option, theoretically can be restored backups. You definitely will not return text information from the correspondence, but images, video. you may find among other files.

True, there are chances of success only if local backups really existed on a hard drive, and from the moment they are removed from the WhatsApp messenger, a little time has passed.

Restoring correspondence through Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

To restore files from correspondence:

  • Install Easeus Data Recovery Wizard on PC;
  • Run the program, click on the button to start now;
  • Select a disk where backups were stored;
  • Click on the scan button;
  • Wait for the end of the scan;
  • Sort the files by type;
  • Mark the types of data that requires to restore (video, audio, images);
  • Restore files to the disk using the command to restore.

2 GB of files, the program allows you to save on PC. By the way, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard has a completely free alternative. recuva, its functions are similar, and there are no restrictions on the size of the files.

How to restore android correspondence if backup copies were not created

It is almost unrealistic to return it without them, but still there is one option that you can try. He will need the help of contact, to which the desired messages were sent.

This is due to the characteristics of the messenger, unlike others, in WhatsApp chats in the interlocutor are preserved in the memory of the device. Therefore, you can ask a person to send them. To do this, he will have to choose the desired message or photo, then press the arrow sent to the right, and choose contact for sending from the list.

How to restore messages on iPhone

Those who have apple gadgets should know: information from the latest updates, iOS 8 or 9, cannot be reanimated on gadgets with an earlier version.

To return lost information, it will be necessary to go to your iCloud, and find a folder with the name of the messenger there. After that, remove WhatsApp from the iPhone, and then load again. Data should appear on the device in abstract.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Data in Your Phone | iPhone | Android

Restore the previous backup of WhatsApp

If none of the decisions that we gave you have not yet been effective, we recommend that you try to restore the backup copy that you made on Google disk. Photos and videos (the latter only if the option was clearly activated) of your conversations are stored in it. First of all, check when the last backup copy was made. Go to the phone settings and click chats.

Open chat settings

Open the chat backup section to see all available parameters.

Access to the history of backup

Take a look at the last backup of the Google disk.

Check the time and date of the last backup

Using this information, you can find out if the photos or videos that you deleted are included in a backup copy. If so, return to the main screen, press and hold the WhatsApp icon and enter the section of the application section.

Open the information about the WhatsApp application

Open the storage settings to continue.

Storage options

Click “Clean the storage” to reset the application settings.

Reset the application

Now go to WhatsApp again and configure your account. As soon as you are allowed to get a backup from the Google disk, do it.

Restore a backup when setting WhatsApp

Your conversations will be restored with videos and photos.

Use a backup Google photo

Perhaps Google photo makes a backup copy of photos and videos that you get through WhatsApp. It will not hurt to access your application and check it.

Synchronized photos in Google photo

Remember that if you deleted the image from Google photo and it was synchronized in the cloud, you can restore it by going into the basket.

Google folder photo

It is as simple as choosing it and click “Restore”.

Restore photos in the gallery

Remember that you have 60 days from the moment you delete a photo or video to restore them.

We described the safest methods of restoring the images lost from WhatsApp. There is also a copy of the sections of the memory of the entire phone with subsequent processing on PC, but we deliberately did not mention such things, since their implementation requires Root rights, the ability to work among Linux and a set of specialized programs. In other words, such an advanced method of ordinary users not to master.

restore, remote, video, files

If the trouble still occurred and there was no successful restoration Well, at least you know what to do so that such a mistake does not happen again.

Ways to restore remote photos and videos

Lost media files can be returned through the backup storage or phone memory. I propose to consider the procedure for restoring photos through special programs.

From the backup storage

In addition to the Media subsection, in the folder created by the messenger there is a Backup directory, which falls all backup copies. “WhatsApp” automatically creates them through the time period specified by the user. A similar function must be activated in advance through the settings menu. By default, backups are generated once a day. Through the Backup folder, media files obtained more than 1 day ago are restored.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages (Without Backup 2021)

You can restore deleted files in several ways.

  • Delete the WhatsApp application. Load and install the program again.
  • Indicate the phone number for registration in the system. When the application sends a request to restore data from the cloud storage, they allow this action.
  • They are waiting for the completion of registration and return of the previously remote information.

The copy will contain photos, audio and video received from 1 to 7 days ago. The desired objects in the archival selection may not be. This often happens if the user selects backup 1 time per month. You can change the frequency through the settings. To do this, press 3 vertical points, select the “Reserve Copy” section.

From the internal memory of a smartphone

If the files are deleted only from conversations in “WhatsApp”, they can be easily restored through the system folder. However, the method works only if users do not deactivate the function of automatic premises of objects in memory.

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Instructions on how to restore the photo in “WhatsApp” after deleting through the internal storage of the phone:

  • Open the “file manager” on “Android”. Select the option “Memory of the device”.
  • Find the WhatsApp section. Of 3 folders in it, select Media.
  • Go to the IMAGES section. All the pictures received through the messenger are preserved here. Here you can also find a folder with sent images. The default system assigns the name Sent to it.

If desired, the user can transfer the data found to the computer. To do this, connect a smartphone via a USB-conductor, perform copying using a conductor.

Using applications

Undeleter and Diskdigger programs are useful if the chat with the desired file has been deleted, but the image was previously stored on the phone. Utilities are looking for remote objects that have not yet been rewritten. Recently erased images with a high probability can be found. The pictures removed from the phone’s memory do not disappear irrevocably. They are noted as ready for rewriting.

Diskdigger program will help restore disrupted images.

With recovery programs they work like this:

  • Launch Undeleter or Diskdigger. Set the scanning path: the address of the Vatsap system folder.
  • They are waiting for the completion of the process. After that, you need to see the images issued by the system, note the restoration to be restored.
  • Choose a folder to save objects. Press the Recover button.

Instead of the above utilities, you can use the Recuva program. The hacking of the operating system of the phone does not need. However, the program works only with removable drives. The utility scans the memory of a smartphone connected to PC, finds a file with the required extension. After the scan is completed, you can choose a photo and download it to the computer.

The following actions are performed for this:

  • Download the Recuva program. Choose a carrier to scan.
  • Start the procedure by pressing the corresponding button. Choose suitable objects, save them on the phone or PC using a suitable function.

Request of files from the addressee

The pictures sent are preserved on the phones of all participants in the conversation. Therefore, if the procedures discussed above did not give a result, you can ask the interlocutor to re.send a photo. If another user can forward the image, you will save time on downloading, setting up and using special utilities.

How to prevent the loss of media files

To prevent the loss of important data from the Watsap account, the following methods are used:

  • Activate the backup function. The system puts all the data sent in the cloud. Only the accounting owner can extract images or messages.
  • Move the necessary files to the SD card. From there, the media files are recommended to be periodically transferred to the computer.

The considered methods are suitable for users of smartphones working on the basis of any operating system.