Photo and video on Xiaomi. how to restore files deleted from the phone

For imprinting important points, special cameras are not required for a long time. over, modern phones, in addition to an excellent camera, also allow you to store a huge number of photos. But what to do if the pictures are disappeared for some reason? How to restore remote photos on Xiaomi? Today we’ll talk about this topic.

We’ll say right away that restoring remote photos on the Xiaomi phone itself is quite realistic. The process is much more complicated than on personal computers, but there is still a chance.

Nevertheless, manufacturers offer a wide variety of utilities, with the help of which photos on a smartphone are restored without problems. There are absolutely free and easy-to-use programs, as well as more professional, requiring already a ROOT-law.

You actively use cloud storages, such Mi Cloud or Google, and you have synchronization? Then the lost files can be returned with ease.

Direct recovery of data from the Xiaomi Mi phone without backup

How can we restore lost or deleted data from the Xiaomi Mi phone without backup? Even without a backup, you can still get data from the Xiaom Mi phone using Xiaomi Data Recovery.

Xiaomie data recovery is a very popular and powerful data recovery program. Based on his experience, many users have already chosen it to help them restore lost and deleted data, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call magazines, WhatsApp messages, documents, audio and much more from their devices. What is the professionalism of this software? First, this software is very safe. In the process of use, to complete the recovery of data from Xiaomi Data Recovery, there will be no leakage or theft of your data. And using it for complete data recovery, the data obtained are also the necessary initial data. Secondly, the compatibility of this software is very high. It is not only compatible with all smartphones belonging to Xiaomi, but also compatible with more than 7,000 models of devices, such as Huawei, Redmi, OnePlus, ZTE, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Honor, Google, Meizu, LG, Lenovo, Nokia, etc. over, this software can almost help users with all their lost or remote data. It is worth noting that the program also has a trial version. You can decide whether you want to buy this software based on the experience of using a trial version.

Supported Xiaomi smartphones: Xiaomi Mi 11/11 Pro / 11 Lite / 11 Ultra / 11t / 11t Pro / 11t Lite, Xiaomi Mi 10/10 Pro / 10 Lite / 10 Ultra / 10 Youth, Xiaomi Mi 10t / 10t Lite. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / Note 10 Pro / Note 10 Lite, Xiaomi Mi 9/9 Pro / 9t / 9t Pro / 9 SE / 9 Lite / 9x / 9 Explorer, Xiaomi Mi CC9 / CC9 Pro / CC9E, Xiaomi Mi 8 /8 /8 /8 /8 Pro / 8 SE / 8 Lite / 8 Explorer, Xiaomi Mi Mix / Mix 2 / Mix 2S / MIX 3 / MIX Alpha / Mix 4, Xiaomi Mi Max 2 / Max 3 / Max 4 / Max 4 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Redmi Redmi. series Xiaomi Poco and others.

Download and install Xiaomi Data Recovery on your computer and run it. On the main page of the program, select the “Restoration of Android data” mode.

Using a USB cable, connect the Xiaomi Mi phone to the computer. Then you need to turn on USB debugging on your mi phone.

Tips: Xiaomi Data Recovery will invite you to turn on the USB debugging on your phone if you do not open the debugging mode. He will determine your version of Android and teach you how to open the USB debugging mode on your Xiaomi phone. After completing operations on the phone, click the OK button to go to the next step.

Tips: If your Xiaomi Mi phone is connected, but not detected, you can click “The device is connected but not recognized? Get additional help “. on the DiaPlay integration to get more ways to install a connection with your device.

Now you can view all the data that you can scan on the page, such as contacts, the history of calls, photography, video, audio, SMS messages, music, history of WhatsApp and t. D. Select the corresponding type of file in accordance with your needs. After choosing, click “Next” to start the standard scanning of your device.

Note. Scanning time depends on the number of file types you have chosen. But Xiaomi Data Recovery will help you perform data scanning as soon as possible. Please wait patiently and follow the instructions to resolve the corresponding authorization and install the necessary plugins.

After completing the standard scan, you can view all specific elements of the scanned data on the page. Select on the page data that you need to restore on the Xiaomi Mi phone. After choosing, click “Restore” to restore lost or deleted data on your device.

Tips: If you cannot find data that you want to restore, do not worry, the program also provides another deeper scan mode, click the “Deep Scan” button to try again.

Recovery of data from a backup copy to Redmi phone

There are always proactive users who have made a backup copy of their Redmi phone before data loss. For these users groups, this software for data restoration allows you to extract data that must be restored from a backup file file. Let’s do it together.

On the main page of software, you must click on the option “Reserve and restore Android data”.

Just connect the Redmi phone to the computer using a USB cable.

There are two options for restoring backup files: one. “Restoration of these devices” and the other. “Restoration in one click”. Both of them can be chosen, but at the same time you can choose only one, just choose one of them in accordance with your needs, the difference between them is whether they can selectively restore them.

If you selected “Restoration of one click”, after selecting the backup file from the list displayed on the computer, then click “Start” to restore the selected backup on your device.

If you select the “Restoration of the Device”, after selecting the backup file, click “Start” to extract all files from the selected backup, they will soon be shown to you. After selecting the necessary data files, click “Restore” or “Restore” to save them back.

File manager

This method has a drawback. the quality of restored photos below the original, as they are restored from miniatures displayed in the Gallery appendix. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open a standard or file manager / file manager.
  • Open the Appendix settings and go to the “Display” subsection.
  • Allow the system to show the system files by moving the slider in the line “show system files” or withdrawing a checkmark near “Hide System Files”.
  • Find the DCIM folder in the internal or external memory and open.
  • Go to.
  • Note the necessary photos and copy them to another medium.

Recovery through a computer

This method is suitable for an experienced PC user. There are several special programs to help restore photos from Mi Cloud.

Through the Adb Driver

This software is distinguished by an expanded set of functions. The list of possibilities includes restoring pictures after removing. Adb drives are part of the Platform-Tools package. You can download these utilities on the official website of Android developers. Busybox is installed on the smartphone, you allow editing system files, click the “Install” button. The method does not give a 100%guarantee. After completing the procedure, it is recommended to connect the backup function.

Connecting the phone to the computer is not necessary. It is enough to set in the settings automatic conjugation with the Mi account or use cloud storages where copies of pictures, videos, contacts, documents will be placed.

Hetman Partition Recovery

This is a professional software tool for quick and convenient restoration of any images. The expanded version has great functionality, however, its installation requires the deposit of cash. Restored images have the original format. Scanning lasts a long time, and perform it as follows:

  • Download the program. Before starting work, deactivate the antivirus program.
  • Connect a smartphone to a computer. To do this, use a USB cable. After launch, Hetman Partition Recovery displays a list of hard drives and connected external drives.
  • Click on the phone icon, start a full analysis. Scanning procedure is launched, during which files to be restored are displayed. After the process is completed, the necessary pictures are highlighted, press the “Restore” button.


The application has a complex integration. Carrying out the help of an official site. The trial version is enough to steal from the cloud storage recently remote images. Before working with the application, you need to extract a memory card. Using a USB cable, connect the Xiaomi Redmi 4, 4x or Mi5 phone to a computer. After that, go to the Drive section, click on the name of the device.

After each step is performed, the “following” key is used. After the scanning is completed, the images are restored using the Recover button, confirm the action.

From the basket

Open the gallery.

Click on the Album tab.

At the very bottom of the page opened, click on the corresponding button.

It remains to highlight the necessary photos, then click on the “Restore” button.

What is the chance of restoring photos on Xiaomi

On the phone, restore photos that it turned out by accident is quite real. True, it is a little more difficult to do this than on a computer.

Additionally, users are offered a huge number of utilities and services, the purpose of which is the return of remote information. Finding a similar product in Google Play will not be difficult.

On a note!

The easiest way is to return the lost files to the mobile device if a person actively uses cloud storage facilities or Mi Cloud service.

Is it possible to restore a remote video

All Xiaomi smartphones have a cloud storage Mi Cloud. This is a kind of basket in which all deleted files are preserved. To activate it, you need to go to the MI account. The registration procedure consists of two steps:

  • Go to the site https: // Account.Xiaomi.COM/Pass/Register or in the phone settings Find Mi account.
  • Enter the requested data. This may be mail-in this case, the user must come up with a password and confirm the email address in the letter. If the procedure is carried out on a smartphone, a phone number, captcha and code from the SMS sent is entered.

To start the basket, you will need to go to the gallery application, then open the album tab. In the upper right corner, the drop.down menu is launched through pressing the ⋮ ⋮ icon. The item “Settings” is selected from the list, then “Basket”. To restore the video on any Xiaomi phone, select the file and click “Restore” below.

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Files are stored no longer than 30 days on a free basis. By default, the user receives 5 GB of space. To increase it is required to purchase a subscription.

We clean the memory from deleted files

For mobile devices, there are several ways to get rid of the above elements, but in all cases you will have to resort to the help of programs. However, the action itself is irreversible, and if important materials have previously been removed, then the methods of their restoration described in the following article should be considered:

Applications for smartphones

There are not so many effective options for getting rid of already erased files on mobile devices. Examples of several of them are presented below.

Recover Deleted Photos & Videos Any Redmi Phones without software | MIUI 12 Update Features in Tamil

A fairly simple program for working with files. The integration is convenient to use and does not require special knowledge to perform the necessary operations. To get rid of deleted files, the following is required:

    Install the program and run. The first window will have four buttons for choice. Click on “clean” to perform the desired procedure.

Perhaps one of the most effective programs to get rid of already deleted files. Work with it is as follows:

    Install and open the application. At the first launch, the user will show the main functions and rules of work. On the main screen you will need to click the “Further” button.

Programs for PC

The named tools are primarily designed to clean the memory on the computer, however, some of them can be effective for mobile. A detailed description is given in a separate article:

Read more: software for deleting deleted files

Separately, CCleaner should be considered. This program is widely known to all users, and has a version for mobile devices. However, in the latter case, there is no opportunity to clean the place from already deleted files, and therefore you have to contact the version for PC. Performing the desired cleaning similar to the description in previous methods and described in detail in the above instructions. But the program will be effective for a mobile device only when working with removable carriers, for example, an SD card, which can be removed and connected to a computer through an adapter.

How to move from Old to New with Xiaomi Mi Mover

The methods considered in the article will help get rid of all previously remote materials. In this case, it should be remembered about the irreversibility of the procedure and verify the absence of important materials among the deleted. We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem. Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.