Convenient and quick recovery of remote SMS on Android

SMS messages on the phone may contain personal correspondence, contact details, Internet links and other important information. When they are accidentally erased as a result of a system failure, the effects of malicious software or careless actions of users themselves, the question is whether it is possible to restore remote SMS. It is worth noting that returning the lost text messages is quite simple, since several effective tools have been developed for these purposes. Let’s figure out how to restore remote SMS on Android device.

Unlike other types of data (music, video, photo), SMS on the phone are in a system catalog, so the restoration of remote messages is also carried out differently. Standard remedies of reanimation with the task will not cope. For these purposes, several specific programs have been developed, among which the most effective are:

You need to know that any restoring program for erased SMS will be effective only if the data removal was recently made and the phone has not turned off after that. This is due to the fact that even after erasing the information, it will be stored in the Cash folder for some time. And, as you know, the cache is self.cleaned after rebooting the device.

Recovery of text messages using a Backup file

The developers of the Android OS took care of the safety of the user data and provided several effective tools for backup SMS, contacts, notes and other important information. One of the most effective utilities in this area is SMS Backup and Restore. It works as follows:

  • Download this application to Samsung. This can be done absolutely free from the Play Market.
  • Open the program and enter its settings. In the window that appears in the “Backup folder” tab, indicate the storage place for the future copy, and in the “Backup on the schedule”, set the automatic reservation parameters.
  • Return to the main menu and click “Backup”.
  • Come up with the file, and then click OK, thereby turning on the copy. For greater reliability, the created document is recommended to be saved on an external drive or computer.

Now, after erasing Samsung Galaxy, important messages will be enough for you to re.start the Backup and Restore program and use the “Restore” function, indicating the storage place of the previously mounted Backup.

Another effective and application to restore SMS on the Android device is Super Backup: Smscontacts. The procedure for working with him will be like this:

  • Download from the Play Market a phone utility.
  • Run it and in the initial window select “SMS Save”.
  • Click “Save”.

After that, the utility in the internal memory of the device will independently create the SMSCONTACTSBACPUP folder, where all text messages will be signed up. In the future, they can be used to reanimate important SMS-OK.

You can also make a backup of messages through a computer and a program for syamsung’s syamsung smartphones, which is called Samsung Kies. To use the specified software, you need:

  • Download and install on PC this application from the official Samsung website.
  • Using a reliable USB cord, connect a mobile device to a computer.
  • After initializing the system of your gadget, go to the Backup/Restore tab, highlight the Messages item and activate copying.

After detection on Samsung, SMS is re.combined with PC, run the Samsung Kies and in the same Backup/Restore section use the Restore recovery procedure.

Using Android Data Recovery

Another program that is useful to restore SMS is Android Data Recovery. Before downloading, you also need to turn on USB debugging, which we wrote above.

How to use Android Data Recovery:

  • Download the utility on PC. Run it. Before the first use, you need to answer a few simple questions that will appear on the screen.
  • Connect your smartphone to PC. The utility will determine the new device, and then connect to it. At this stage, the program will ask for a resolution of a smartphone to search for data, this action needs to be confirmed by pressing “Allow” on the phone.
  • To start scanning, press the Start button. The process will take time, so gain patience.
  • After the scan is completed, you will see all the remote data. Not only messages, but also photos, contacts, programs and other information.
  • Select “Messages”. You will see all remote SMS, they will be highlighted by orange color. Select those that need to be restored. Please note that unstable SMS will also be on the list. They will be marked in black. You can set filters in the software so that only those SMSs that were recently removed are displayed.
  • Select those messages that need to be restored. Click on the “Recover” button.
  • Ready. SMS restoration is completed.

So that you do not have to restore deleted messages, it is better to make an SMS backup in advance. You can create a backup copy, for example, using programs that will help create a backup message in memory of the device or save SMS in the cloud service. Such programs as SMS Backup Restore, Titanium Backup will help make a backup copy. Many utilities also offer the opportunity to maintain a backup copy of messages on a computer or on a smartphone memory card.

You can find various software to restore remote SMS. It is important that they are checked. Many programs require a Root-right, so carefully read the description of the software before downloading them. A number of utilities have trial free versions that will only help you read the remote SMS with PC. But in order to transfer SMS to Android, you will need to buy a full version.

Tools for restoring remote messages

There are several excellent programs for both Windows and Mac. In fact, they do the same thing: scan the memory of the gadget, then determine and restore the lost text messages. Some of them are paid, and some are practically free.

To demonstrate the procedure, I use Wondershare, but most of these programs have similar steps.

Step 1: Activate on the developer settings smartphone. To do this, open the “Settings” application “On the device” and click on the “Build number” point until the notification “Developer mode is turned on”.

Step 2: Return to “Settings”, and then find the section “Developer Parameters” in the list. Install a daw there opposite “usb debugging”.

Step 3: Download and install the test version of Wonder a computer (or other recovery utility) and connect Android gagget to the computer.

Step 4: Follow the prompts in the program to identify your device and scan its memory.

Step 5: After the process is completed on the screen, a list of your deleted data from the phone will appear on the screen. It is worth noting that if the place of storage of messages was overwritten by other data, then you cannot restore them. Therefore, it is very important to act quickly in such a situation.

Step 6: Open the “Messages” folder in the left panel, select SMS you want to return and click the “Restore” button.

Please note: if you want to return the lost data without using a computer, then you need to get the rights of a super.user on a smartphone and probably buy a full version of the utility.

Smart Switch

This is a special program for owners of such phones. installed on a computer, completely free. Now we will tell you how to make a backup, and then we will talk about how to restore messages on the Samsung phone after deleting.

Ready! A copy was created, it is stored in a special folder on a computer. And how to restore remote SMS on Samsung through Smart Switch?

  • Connect the smartphone using the cord, open the application;
  • Click on the “Restore” button on the lower panel;
  • Choose the data you want to upload and click the OK button.

All! Now just wait for the completion of the process. after a couple of minutes (depending on the volume of data) it will end!

Good news. special Smart Switch is available not only in the desktop version, it can be used right on the smartphone. To figure out how to watch remote messages on the Samsung phone, you first need to make a backup.

Most often, Smart Switch is installed by default, but if there are no applications, you can download it from the store for free. An important condition is mandatory to have a memory card.

You can find the program in the settings of the device by going to the “Accounts and Archival” tab “.

Is it possible to restore the remote from the phone SMS

Message removal can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, a bug appeared on the phone, due to which the saved SMS took place. No less common reason. problems with firmware and forced return to factory settings. Sometimes the problem occurs after the system updates, and a number of cases, the user himself cleanses the phone from allegedly unnecessary information.

The main difference between messages on the Samsung phone is their storage in the system section, access to which ordinary users do not have. To restore remote SMS, special programs for PC or telephone applications will come in handy.

To be more accurate, SMS is stored according to the following path./DATA/DATA/COM.Android.Providers.Telephony/Databases/MMSSMS.DB. Watch this file without root rights will not work. As an option, you can use the SQLITEMAN program. It will not help restore deleted data, but will allow you to read sent and saved messages.

When asked if it is possible to restore accidentally remote messages on the Samsung phone, the answer is positive. The problem can be solved in the following ways:

  • With the help of a previously created recovery. For these purposes, you can use many different applications. The most popular includes SMS Backup and Restore, Super Backup: SmsContacts, MyPhoneExplorer and others.
  • Through special restorers installed on PC. Popular solutions for Samsung and other smartphones. Mobikin Doctor for Android or DR.Fone.
  • Restoration from a special cord application, which is installed on the Samsung phone and helps to return remote messages. A common solution. dumpster.

The choice of the option depends on the current situation and the availability of a backup copy.

Deleted messages from the phone how to restore

There are remote SMS folders on modern phones, this means that after removal from the incoming, you can still easily return them from packs remote. But what to do if there is no such folder or correspondence was removed and remote from the folder? There are a number of simple ways to restore data. One of the simplest and most convenient is using a special android program.

Tenorshare Ultdata for Android program is compatible with all mobile devices and different versions of Android. Models of telephones and tablets operating on the Android 2 operating system are supported.1 and above. To read the remote SMS on Android, we must prepare the phone for restoration and, upon completion, you can save all the messages received on your computer in text format, which is supported on any computer without additional Utli.

You need to take 4 steps to restore SMS.

Having downloaded and installed the application, you will be welcomed by the program of the program that says the need to connect the phone to your PC.

After connecting the device, you will see a request for connecting your computer on the screen of the phone you connected, you must allow access to proceed with data restoration. In the next window, you can choose the necessary functions and click “Next”.

The program will begin the process of restoring messages. You can read the remote messages with the phone number and m directly in the program. If desired, you can save SMS ligaments on your computer in text format through the “Restore” button.

If you have a backup copy, then you can download it from the computer in several clicks, or if you used the cloud storage to restore data from it. Restoring remote messages can even be done after such actions as reset to factory settings with personal data deletion, when breaking the screen or after water enters the phone.

Thanks to a wide selection of technology, we can find a suitable way for ourselves. As the easiest option, you can use the recovery from a backup, but if it is not, then the Tenorshare Ultdata for Android program will restore the displayed SMS. Both Windows and Mac users can download the program. Using your computer, you can connect your phone using a USB cable and restore the necessary data, for example, photos, videos, contacts, etc.D.

Ultdata for android remote data recovery program

The Tenorshare Ultdata For Android program has a high speed of work and an integral use of an integration. The distinguishing features of this program are as follows: the pre.viewing function of lost or deleted files to select the required file recovery; work with both the internal and external memory of the device; support for absolutely all mobile devices with Android; the ability to create a backup of data and synchronization of data with PC; A variety of file types of file types: in addition to the function of restoring messages that we will use, the utility also restores photographs, audio, video, call stories, contacts, office documents. The program has a free trial version that can be installed on your Android and test its functionality, after which you can purchase a paid version of the program with advanced capabilities.

Download programs from the official site and install it on your PC. Connect your Android to a computer using a USB cable.

Launch the Ultdata for Android program on the computer. If the Ultdata For Android computer or program cannot recognize your device, it will be necessary to enable USB debugging on the phone.

After detecting your device, a request to access to root-right will appear on the screen. Click “Allow” for further work with the application. Click “Next”.

After the scanning process is completed, all available files will be displayed on the application screen, including deleted ones (highlighted in red). You can also select the function “display only deleted files”. At this stage, it is possible to pre.view files to determine the need to restore them.

Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Remotely Retrieve Calls / Messages

Mark the files that you want to restore and click “Restore”. Save these files in the desired folder on your computer. Restored messages (as well as contacts, call history) can be saved in TXT, XML, XLS formats

How to restore remote messages in WhatsApp using

If any of the above methods has helped you restore WhatsApp correspondence, then read the Tenorshare Ultdata For Android program. You will solve such a problem as restoring remote messages in WhatsApp without a backup using the Tenorshare Ultdata For Android program in just a couple of clicks without much effort.

Its main advantages are that it restores WhatsApp deleted messages on Android without backup and Root, and also restores remote text messages, videos, contacts, voice messages, call magazines, etc.D. Supports more than 6 thousand models of smartphones and tablets Android.

Let’s see how to restore messages in WhatsApp using Tenorshare Ultdata for Android.

    Download Tenorshare Ultdata for Android and install on PC or Mac;

Samsung Galaxy S9: How to Retrieve Call / Messages Remotely (Find My Mobile)

Run the program and click on the option “Restore WhatsApp data”; Then connect the Android device using a USB cable to the computer;

Then turn on the USB debugging according to the instructions;

After that, the program will find your Android device and you will go to the next screen. Click the “Start” button to find the remote data of WhatsApp on your device;

Log in the WhatsApp account on your device. If you have already done this, click the “Yes, I want to continue” button;

Note: To avoid data loss, follow the instructions on the screen for backup WhatsApp;

After backup, Ultdata for Android will start scanning WhatsApp data on your device;

After scanning is performed, all WhatsApp data will be displayed, including remote data. Select the file that you want to restore, and then click the “Restore” button. Then your deleted messages are restored to your computer.