[Taurus 7] How to restore contacts on Android

Losing one, several or even all the contacts of the phone book on the phone is quite easy. The user himself could accidentally choose the wrong option or hurt the “Delete” button when viewing contact information, and then regret his decision. The reasons can also be independent of the owner of Android devices, for example, the disappearance of telephone numbers after updating the system or resetting to factory, after loading malicious software or as a result of a conventional software failure. But no matter what leads to this outcome, the most important thing is how to restore contacts on the Android phone. In our article, we have collected for you the simplest and most effective ways to solve this problem.

How to restore phone numbers? Before turning to the procedure for restoring the telephone numbers of your address book, it is worth checking if they were removed from only one information carrier, for example, only from the memory of the device, only from the SD card memory card or only from the SIM card. Often, users copy the list of available numbers from the SIM card to the phone and vice versa, so that when changing your phone or SIM card, it is easy to transfer data about contacts. To check whether the required number has been preserved in another place, follow the following actions.

Call the menu and select the “Show Contacts” option. Here are the option “All contacts”.

Situation 1. Samsung-telephone has factory settings to get lost contacts from a backup copy

Restore remote contacts from the Samsung account

Samsung users will be given the opportunity to create a Samsung account for backup data from the phone to the cloud. If you have a Samsung account and backup copies of contacts in the cloud, follow the following actions.

Go to the “Settings” “Reserve and Reset” “Click“ Restore ”in the Samsung account, and all previous backups of contacts will return to your Samsung phone.

Restore Samsung remote contacts from Google’s account

To use this method to return remote contacts, you must make sure that you synchronized your contacts with Google’s accounting.

Now let’s read the steps one by one:

Step 1 Visit Gmail.COM, go into your Google account and password (Gmail or password accounts forgot? Restore Gmail here.).

how to recover and replace your data from your broken device ? Baayta review

Step 2 Press the Gmail contacts in the opening list to find the contacts press more exports to save contacts to the computer in the form of VCARD file.

Step 3 Connect the Samsung phone to the computer and drag the exported contacts in the VCARD format to your phone.

Step 4 turn off the phone, touch the “Contacts” “” “Import / Export” “Improve from the storage” to get exported VCARD contacts. Wait a few seconds for automatic detection, and it will show a backup copy of the contacts. Select the right one and click OK to import contacts to the Samsung phone.

Restore remote contact on Samsung from Google backup copies

Google Backups is a service that creates backups of your Google data, which is always available and available for your needs on different devices. Google backups work by saving your data via Google on the Google online server. In addition, this solution is an excellent option, since the contacts are one of the main Google priorities to backup data in the device. Using Google Backups, you can restore remote contacts from backups or basket folders, and then synchronize them back to the Samsung device.

Samsung remote contact recovery actions from Google backup copies?

Step 1 starting your computer, search and go to the Google account page in Google Chrome.

Make sure you entered the system with the same Google account as on the Samsung device.Google-CCCUNT-INTERFACE.JPG

Step 2 shortly after entering the system open people and exchange menu. After that, click the contacts then the saved list of contacts in your Google account will appear.

Step 3 Finally, press the menu basket from the left side panel. Subsequently, a list of all remote contacts and other similar data will appear. Select the contact you want to restore, then press the recover.

After that, remote contacts are again synchronized on your Samsung device. However, this solution will only work if there is a backup of Google. If you do not have a Google account or a backup account or you have not created a backup copy of your device through Google, this solution will not work for you. Better yet, use another Samsung service to restore remote contacts this time through a computer.

With Fonelab for Android, you will restore the lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, videos, files, call logs and other data from your SD card or device.

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How to restore Android contacts after reset

If, after resetting your phone settings, you found that all the contacts saved on it have disappeared, and you did not make a backup copy of the contacts before reset, there are two simple ways to restore them. The first is possible if, with the initial setting of your Android or later, you connected the Google account and establish data synchronization. Since after reset you did not go to your Google account and synchronization was not performed, the contacts from there will not be deleted, and you will just need to import them from your account to the phone.

Go to your Android to the “Contacts” section, select “Import/Export”.

Confirm the account G, with which the lost contacts will be made. Click “Next”.

Indicate the place in which it will be necessary to save the contacts: “Phone”. Press “Next” and wait for the completion of the process of copying the phone number on your Android.

The second method consists in importing contacts from the SD card (if, again, they were previously saved on the memory card).

Go to your Android to the “Contacts” section, select the “Import/Export” item on the menu.

Select “Import from the SD memory card”.

Choose the place of conservation of contacts: “device”. Wait for the completion of the process of copying the phone number on your Android.

If you have neither synchronization with Google, nor copies of contacts on the memory card, you can restore deleted files using all the same special Android programs described above in method 1.

The ability to restore remote contacts on Samsung

In fact, remote data are not deleted forever. Remote content, such as contacts, is still stored in the phone’s memory, but invisible and inaccessible until you use a certain tool for this.

Thus, you have the opportunity to restore remote contacts from the Samsung phone before the data is rewritten. Therefore, you must stop using the Samsung device to add new elements if they rewriting the original.

How to restore contacts after the full reset of settings on Android 7, 8, 9

Updated, switched to a later version of the software? Or conducted wipes due to incorrect operation of the device? In any of these situations, all information is most often erased, including the phone book. What then to do? Do not despair, there is a way out.

Through Google an account

This is the most common and effective option. When the synchronization is turned on, the data is automatically stored in e.mail, and if you use the Google Contact application, then there will be no problems at all.

We launch this program on the phone, we pass the authorization if the system requires. Further, by the movement, we call the side menu to the right, where we click “Settings”.

The main screen of the application transition to “Settings”

We go down to the point “Contact management” and click “Restore”.

restore, remote, contacts, samsung

Point “Contact management” selection of recovery function

If you have several accounts, then select one specific and get into the new window. We pay attention to the column called “Reserve Copy of the device”. And if the backs of contacts were created, then they will be presented below.

Selection of accounts for recovery

Click on a certain backup, after which a new page appears. It shows the details of the backup, including the date of creation. At the bottom there is a large gray button “Restore”. Click. The recovery takes place in the background, after which the numbers can already be used. Ready.

Selection of a backup copy of the recovery process

Through Viber

This messenger knows how to create backups without problems, therefore, it would seem that the recovery process should pass without problems. But pay attention to an important detail: the backup is made only from text messages, but does not affect the phone book in any way.

Contacts completely disappeared on the Android device? In this case, Viber will not help. You can only restore correspondence, and there the numbers of subscribers are indicated. This is the only way out. For this:

    Open the messenger, call the side panel in which we click “Settings”. In the point that appears, select “Account”.

Transition to the “Settings” section Transition to the “Account”

Opening of the subparagraph “Reserve Copying” The beginning of restoration consent with the restoration

Copies by default will be saved on Google disk, where can you download them without problems.

restore, remote, contacts, samsung

Using Easeus Mobisaver

There are a huge number of paid utilities offering in a matter of minutes to restore lost information. Of course, they cope with their task perfectly, but if you do not want to spend money, take a closer look at the Chinese application called Easeus Mobisaver.

This software restores not only telephone contacts, but also videos, photos, text messages and even a call magazine. After installing the application, you can specify a specific type of information that needs to be found and then used either a quick scan or in.depth.

Quickly recognizes the materials that are deleted mainly about a week ago, and does not always exactly find the necessary file. The detailed search succeeds many times, but requires a ROOT-right. In any case, this is a great free solution.

How to restore remote contacts from SIM cards

Step 1 after installation, start the program and connect the Samsung phone with the SIM card inserted into the computer via a USB cable.

Step 2 The program will find your phone when your phone is on the USB debugging mode, and tape OK to allow debugging by USB. If not, open the USB debugging mode in accordance with the instructions on the screen. It’s easy, just a few finger presses.

Step 3 after the program successfully finds your device, you can choose different types of files. Mark the field next to the contacts and click on the button.

Step 4 The program should be privileged to scan data from your phone. Therefore, you should allow the program to install a safe application to get a ROOT right to scan data from the phone and from the SIM card. And then click allow / Grant / log in when a request appears.

Step 5 patiently wait for the completion of the scanning process. As soon as it ends, you can view contacts with detailed information. Press the contacts as a result of scanning and view the contact name, phone number and email address. Mark those that you want to return and click the recover to save them as a VCF / CSV / HTML file on your computer.

This is the whole process of recovery, very fast and light, is it so? This Android data recovery can also be used to restore deleted files from the Android SD card and restore Samsung WhatsApp images.

With Fonelab for Android, you will restore the lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, videos, files, call logs and other data from your SD card or device.

How to export Gmail contacts in Android

This often happens when people using the Samsung Galaxy phone delete important telephone numbers or Samsung contacts disappear for unknown reasons.

Restoring contacts on Android without backup.

If you synchronized contacts with Gmail, they are quite easy to restore.

  • Enter Gmail.com in the browser and enter your account Gmail.
  • Click Gmail icon in the upper left corner and select contacts in the opening menu.
  • Click also to export from the list.
  • Then you will receive a pop.up window with a request to export contacts. Choose all contacts.
  • Select the CSV format and click export the button.
  • Connect your device to the computer and transfer the CSV contact file to it.
  • Launch the contacts on the Android phone and import contacts to the phone.

But what if you have no habit of synchronize contact information with Google accounting or computers?

In this case, you simply cannot wait to find various online methods to restore your lost contacts, but in the end it was not possible.

In fact, do not worry too much when your contacts, photos, messages, videos, music or other files will be lost on Samsung Galaxy S6 / S4 and other smartphones or Android tablets.

Because the data themselves will not be immediately deleted until they are overwritten by new files. This means that you definitely have a chance to restore remote contacts from your device. All you need is a professional data recovery software for Samsung.

Fonelab Android Data Restoration is a powerful Samsung contact recovery tool.

Software allows users to restore Android remote text messages, contacts, photos, music, video, call history, documents, etc. D. without any backup copies when randomly removed, formatting, ruling, restoring factory settings, system failure or other situations.

He supports almost all android phones and tablets. Just keep in mind that do not work on your Android device and do not update anything after loss of data. Otherwise, your lost files will disappear forever.

If you want to restore remote contacts from Android, what you have to do, it is to install this practical and useful program on your computer.

With Fonelab for Android, you will restore the lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, videos, files, call logs and other data from your SD card or device.

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Is it possible to restore remote contacts?

Having learned the reasons, I believe that everyone should be very concerned about whether remote contacts can be restored? The answer is certainly positive. There are many methods that will not only help you restore your phone number, but also help you restore photos and videos. Below we will discuss the most effective and convenient method.

Restore contacts with Google Account

This is the most common and effective method. If you have previously synchronized your data with your Google account, all your contacts will be saved on the server. Please note that this method is valid only if you always have a data synchronization function. Let’s see how to restore contacts with the Google account (take as an example Samsung):

  • On your Android phone, open the “Settings” application “Google”.
  • Select “Installation and reset of settings”.
  • Next, click “Contact restoration”.

How To Get Your SIM Contacts Back Easily On Android Phone

Then select the desired backup, and click “Restore”.

Restore remote contacts through Google Contacts

In addition to the first method, the second method is also simple. All android phones and Google accounts can use it. The fact is that by default, Google retains all your contacts in its “Contacts” service, and after removal they are stored there for another 30 days. To restore the remote number, steps below:

Go to the Google Contacts service. https: // Contacts.Google.com using any browser on his computer.

Enter the account used on your smartphone.

In the left side panel, expand the list by pressing the point again.

Then select the item cancel the changes.

Select for what period you want to cancel the changes. The period is limited 30 days. Next, click the confirmation.

Now you know how to restore remote contacts on the Android phone within 30 days using Google.

How to restore remote contacts with SIM maps

Some users often get used to keep contacts on the SIM card. If the contacts on the phone are lost, you can also try to restore from SIM card.

  • Open the contact application and go into the settings by pressing the “three points” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select the Import/ Export item.
  • Select import from SIM.
  • Select to save numbers on the phone.

After that, all your contacts with SIM cards will appear on the phone.

Restore remote contacts through messengers

If you use messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber, then your contacts with phone numbers are also preserved in them. This is because when registering in messengers, the mobile phone number is attached to the account, and the phone number is automatically saved in the account. Thus, using these messengers, you can find the phone number you need.

4.1 through WhatsApp

After that, information about contact will be available, including a mobile number that can be copy and add to the smartphone phone book.

If, for some reason, the contacts from WhatsApp were deleted, it will not work to use this method. But if you have previously created a backup, you can restore data in the application, only you will need to go into the settings and click on the “Restore” point from the copy.

4.2 via Telegram

You can also restore the remote phone number in the Telegram messenger:

Click by the name of the person you need. After that, additional information will open. including the mobile phone number.

4.3 via Viber

If you used Viber messenger before removing one or more contacts, this method is also suitable for you. To find out the number of the subscriber in Viber, you also need to go to the information about the contact. To do this, select the desired interlocutor from the list in the “Challenges” or “Chats” menu. Then click on the avatar of the user and you will see the phone number.

Restore remote contacts using Tenorshare Ultdata for Android

How to restore contacts after resetting Android settings? If the methods are not helped by the above, you can try the Tenorshare Ultdata for Android utility. This program specifically helps you restore deleted data on Android, such as restore remote photos, videos and files. In addition, it also restores the remote data of WhatsApp and WeChat. Tenorshare Ultdata for Android supports more than 6,000 types of Android phones and tablets, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, LG, etc.D.

    Download and install Tenorshare Ultdata for Android on a computer.

Connect the smartphone to the computer using the USB OEM cable. Then start the program and in the main menu select the option “Restore lost data”.

After that, on the Android device, it is necessary to enable debugging by USB according to the instructions.