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There are tools that will help to find deleted files on Android: applications, pictures, PDF documents and other diverse information. But you should always try to warn the loss! Be careful, regularly backup on the schedule of your applications, games, contacts, messages, calls, settings, bookmarks, calendar records and so on.

I faced a harsh reality just yesterday, when in a fit of emotions, wanting to free a small amount of memory on one of my discs, removed a folder with 5 GB of data: images, applications. This catalog contained all the values ​​that I collected over the years and used daily. As you know, all documents are less than one gigabyte go to the basket, but if you are destroying a large file, it is erased at that very moment, you will choose “yes” in the Windows system dialogue. When I found out that 5 GB were removed forever, I was in complete despair.

Download the program to restore multimedia and other types of files deleted on a smartphone or tablet. Recuva. Instructions for the program are attached.

Launch this recovery application on behalf of the administrator on PC. Insert the memory card into the card reader and connect it to the computer. Update the window to see the disk of the memory card and the data on it. Select it and click on the “Start” button for scanning. Select images, sketches and press the “Recover” button to search for remote files on Android OS.

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How to find lost data on Android: images, music, APK applications on the phone? For example, Dumpster. such an application that works as a basket, only for the Android device. The main feature of the Dumpster program and the difference from monotonous analogues. Search for remote files is carried out in the internal memory of the mobile device.

Restoration of applications through Play Market

To restore applications to a smartphone or tablet, a standard Play Market application (Market) is suitable. It is not necessary to download it, since it is present in the composition of Android OS.

Find the Play Market in the list of applications on the phone. You can do this through the search line on the device.

Note. If the Play Play utility is not found on the phone, download the installation APK file on a resource like forum 4pda.

Entering Play Market, click on an icon with an avatar. The main application menu will open.

Go to the “Management and device Management” section.

The “installed” tab has all the ever installed applications. both remote and present at the moment. If the application has already been installed, you will see next to the inscription “installed” or “update”.

Not installed applications can be found in the application menu section not installed. You can switch by clicking on the button installed and switching to the “Not installed” mode “.

(In the early versions of the Play, the markete can be found remote applications according to the “Free” mark or by the button indicating the cost.)

Note. If the remote application or game is not found, make sure that you use the correct account in Google. Remember if you have other Google accounts and, if necessary, enter the necessary account.

If you need to find an old application, it is easier to navigate the date of its installation. At the top of the list there are recently installed applications, from below, respectively, the oldest. Or vice versa, depending on the method of sorting the list.

Find the required applications in the list and install them in turn, noting with a checkmark and clicking on the installation button. programs

If the applications are not restored in the standard way, the user can use programs. But here it is necessary to take into account the fact that all utilities must be installed on a smartphone before the deletion of a separate.


One of the most popular programs that controls all deletions on the smartphone will be Dumpster. It can be downloaded from Google Play.

After that, it is necessary to carry out the correct configuration:

  • Accept a license agreement.
  • Set the appropriate parameters.
  • Click on the “next” to start scanning the device and analysis of memory.
  • The scan will be completed as soon as it is displayed on the screen that the basket is empty.

This utility will make it possible to view all the applications that were deleted from the smartphone. They will be displayed in a special window. Here they will be able to restore them by clicking on the corresponding button. After that, the name will be deleted from the list, but will again appear in the memory of the device.

Android Backup Service

Also, the user can resort to a backup copy. Thus, it will be possible to restore all the applications that were installed on the smartphone at the time of creating a backup. The Android Backup Service utility allows you to create a backup copy of the Google account.

about the utility, you can watch in this video

After installing the software, the user can create a backup, and later restore all applications. Especially, it will be useful after the full discharge of the smartphone to the factory settings. However, it should be borne in mind that not all applications support this utility.

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It is recommended to make sure that the software is in the store itself and was installed under the account used. If the program is more unavailable, it can be found on the Internet and downloaded on a smartphone.

Play Market can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on the phone. After that, you should proceed to restore programs in a standard way.

Using Appgallery

The instructions for Appgallery are not very different from the above. Restoring the remote application on Android Huawei and Honor can be easily. Appgallery is an application market and is a standard store on all smartphones of a Chinese manufacturer. In terms of functionality, it is not inferior to Google Play and has a number of advantages:

  • Smart selection. The service shows the user only useful and high.rating programs.
  • A system of discounts is provided. Users can get special coupons, activate VIP status.
  • There is a four.level protection. The service promptly determines the dangerous activity, independently checks the confidentiality of information and finds vulnerable places in protection. All available software is verified and protected from viruses.

Previously, the service was available in certain countries, but the manufacturer significantly expanded this list and tries to distribute it in the territory and other states.

As you can see, the procedure is quite simple and does not require downloading special utilities to restore. Indeed, for example, you can return the lost files with PC only through the utility, and the phone only needs to go to a special section and see which programs were installed in the system.

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Application recovery options

The Google Play cache stores all the information about downloaded games and programs, which greatly simplifies the process of recovery after random deinstal. And even if your Google account has been installed for quite some time, you can find absolutely all installed utilities and return them at any time.

restore, remote, applications, android, phone

This option is the easiest and will not take you much time. The mobile application is convenient in that you can use it at any time at the first need. It also sorts the entire software of your device by installation time.

restore, remote, applications, android, phone

    Launch the application on your mobile.

Now install the utility, as you usually do when using the Play Market. If when operating this program you created a backup copy, then all your data will recover together with the application.

How to restore data from Phonerescue remote applications for Android

We absolutely hope that you have successfully restored remote applications using method 1. But it’s good if you could not do this using method 1, since we have a way to help you restore important data stored in these applications.

What do you need is a professional Android data recovery tool. Phonerescue For Android, which is one of the best tools to restore Android data, which can help you restore the data of all lost applications with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition, it has such many outstanding characteristics that cover the highest recovery in the world and 100% security, the widest coverage of files that can be restored, the fastest recovery rate, simple work and much more. Having many advantages, you can download Phonerescue for Android and follow this leadership in order to easily restore data from remote applications.

Finally, I hope that you have restored remote applications using method 1, but if you could not find these applications back, you can also use Phonerescue for Android to restore lost these applications. Just recommend this leadership to your friends and relatives, if they have done the same and are now trying to somehow find the story of Android application deletion.

How to restore the preserved progress in the game

In order to be able to return the games along with preservations in the future, it is recommended to use or synchronization services. This will allow even after complete removal to restore all progress and personal achievements.

If the synchronization function has not been activated before, and also did not enter the account and no backups were made, then it will most likely not be able to return progress in games.

Through your account

All information about contacts, applications and games can be saved on Google Account. For synchronization, it is necessary to register an account, and then enter it. If this procedure was done in advance, it will be possible to return progress, as well as other important data. Progress will be restored automatically. You can also carry out the procedure manually by performing the following actions:

  • Open Play Market and find the right game.
  • In the description under it, find the inscription: “Use the Google account”.
  • Select the desired account at which the data was saved.

After choosing an account, you just need to enter the game. Progress will be restored independently. In order for the information in the future to be automatically, you need to go to the Play Market application, go to the settings and enable the parameter “enter supported games automatically”.

Synchronization with an account is carried out only if there is an Internet connection. As a rule, it is performed once a week or once a month (the exact indicators depend on the sets set). If desired, you can set more common synchronization.

Using applications

In some cases, it is possible to return deleted or lost data using specialized utilities. One of the best applications for data recovery is Titanium Backup. With it, you can create backups of almost every game. The only drawback of Titanium Backup is the need for ROOT right. The utility conducts an independent search for existing conservations. If available, you can quickly restore progress. You can also use other people’s conservations in order to return to the right place in the game or add the required amount of currency.

If the goal is to transfer data from another smartphone, then you can use the program called Tappour Wi-Fi File Transfer. It can be loaded from the market without problems.

When using this application, the necessary conservations are transmitted through Wi-Fi from one phone to another. The transfer procedure takes a matter of seconds. After a successfully completed program, you can immediately start playing. Tappouch Wi-Fi File Transfer acts as an alternative to synchronization through a Google account.

How to avoid the loss of progress

In order to prevent the necessary data to disappear, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  • regularly make backups;
  • Activate synchronization with Google’s account;
  • not install applications from dubious sources.

When activating automatic synchronization, it will be possible to restore progress even in case of force majeure situations (formatting memory, phone loss, failure of individual components of the device responsible for memory). Synchronization also allows you to move progress in any game on any other phone running Android OS, and then continue to play on another device.

Application recovery through Android Backup Service

Restoring remote utilities through Android Backup Service is considered commonplace. In Android gadgets, he is included in the list of standard programs. It stores data on the connected wireless networks, equipment settings and other Google profile information, creates copies of uploaded programs that the user independently installed on a smartphone.

Usually Android Backup Service is disabled, it can be turned on as follows:

  • Activate settings on the phone.
  • Select “Cloud and Accounts”.
  • Find the tab “Archive”.
  • “Change data backup” change to “inclusive”.
  • Create an account, information will be loaded into it.
  • Enable the function of “auto.operation”. So all the information will be saved for the user entry into the account.

note! There is a special software that successfully works without bugs with the current Android Backup Service, as it makes copies of account information and will not allow you to download the remote file from the Play Market. You can protect the device by downloading special utilities.

Recommendations after the restoration of icons on the Android screen

Temporary loss of any icon is almost never fatal. If there is an Internet, where you can find many solutions to the problem, any user will cope with the problem. But to accelerate the process, you can save in a separate folder description of the most popular methods.

Important! In order to avoid random presses, it is advisable to protect the device with a password. Then strangers, especially children, will not be able to bring confusion into the usual work of the smartphone.

In the modern world, smartphones have become a necessity. Any failure in the work of the gadget leads to certain inconvenience. In order to eliminate them rather, you need to study the most used techniques. Then the device will become an indispensable assistant in any situation.