How to restore remote photos from the Samsung phone

Many do not know that return the remote photo from your phone is real! On most computer devices, all deleted files, default, are transferred to the basket. Remove the device is irrevocably too, but it needs to be done manually. Basket, it is indeed a very important and convenient tool, since many remote files can be necessary, and if it were not possible to restore them, it would be a serious problem. But on the phones, mostly, the basket is not used, as it is necessary for it an additional place in memory, and the phone is limited in this.

Usually, most photos made using the phone are removed, since the photo do a lot, and only the most successful. But in the process of selecting the best photos, the user may accidentally remove that frame to be left. In this case, the photo needs to be restored, and for an inexperienced user, it seems impossible. But we will tell you how to restore remote photos.

IMPORTANT: If you notice that your mobile device starts periodically to fail in work, be sure to refer to Samsung smartphones repair specialists. It will save your phone from more serious breakdowns.

Backup and restore Android phone data using an SAMSUNG / Google account

If you do not know how to make a backup of Android phone data or restore them, read the instructions below.

Step 1 Log in to your Samsung / Google Account.

Step 2 Go to User Settings and Backup.

Step 3 Press Google or Samsung which you used to enter and back up Android data, and then select your email address.

Step 4 Click Synchronize All.

Step 5 Return User and Backup Section and click Reservation and Reset.

Step 6 Check the boxes behind backup data and automatic recovery.

Your application data will be automatically restored after logging in to the account you used to back up data if you checked automatic recovery.

Most Samsung users do not have the ability to regularly back up Android phone data. Thus, they will have to face the risk of data loss without recovery.

Can you imagine that you will lose all data on the Android phone, but do not know how to get data from Android device?

What do you think you can lose these data forever?

Do not worry, there is always a way out. Lost or deleted data are not actually deleted or disappear completely.

When you delete only the space occupied by the file, marked as accessible to reuse, but the remote data is still there.

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With FoneLab for Android you restore lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, video, files, call log and other data from your SD card or device.

  • Easily restore photos, video, contacts, WhatsApp and other data.
  • Preview data before recovery.
  • Android and SD card phone data available.

So what you need is Samsung Recovery tool to return them.

Google photo

Google photo is an analogue of the “gallery”, which is embedded in most Samsung devices. Only copies of images are stored in the Google cloud service, which means that you have an additional chance to restore them, provided that the autoload and synchronization function has been enabled.

    Run the application and first look if there are remote photos there.

Go to the “Library” tab, open the “basket”, if you are interested in the pictures of us, we allocate them and click “Restore”.

Go to the “Basket” tab. To return the photos contained in it, highlight them and click the “Restore” icon.

Instruction How to restore remote photos on Android Samsung

Just go to Play Market and there in the search indicate without quotes the word “superuser”. Found app need to install.

Next, going back to Play Market, you need to specify “Data Recovery” in the search string, again without quotes. After that, the huge list of applications will open. All of them are related to data recovery. Find and choose “Diskdigger Photo Recovery”.

  • Next application must be installed and enable.
  • For the start, click on the lilac button and wait until the search for files will be found.
  • After the huge list will appear with the files distant at a completely different time.
  • We are looking for the right and button “Restore” after the checkbox, restore.
  • After that, in the window that opens, the system will propose a selection of a location of the file. At the same time, the system itself offers the best option.

It is possible to update the program to the version “Pro”. But in fact, to restore remote photos with Samsung enough and this finished version, so it’s better not to wise.

Another, pretty good method is described in video.

How to restore the gallery on the Samsung phone using Google Photos

This recovery method is largely reminded by the instruction that was previously offered for the SAMSUNG Cloud cloud storage. Since the devices of the South Korean company are based on the Android operating system, Google applications are installed on them.

Among programs that can help return the pictures, you need to consider Google Photos. This application is a separate gallery that is tightly integrated into Google ecosystem. There is a private basket, as well as tools for recovering remote files.

Unfortunately, Google Photos will not help if it was not configured to synchronize with the internal memory of the device. In the case when the user is confident in the opposite or cannot give an accurate answer, you must try the following instructions:

For a few seconds, all previously deleted pictures return to the Google Photos Gallery. If necessary, you can move back to the standard gallery.

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Restore remote photos on samsung a50 or a51

Open the Gallery application, tap on the screen of three horizontal small lines in the top left part to open the available options.

There will definitely find the “Basket” option, press it, and then see inadvertently purposely remote elements.

Mark the desired and press “Restore” All selected photos will be restored back to the photo gallery.

Remote pictures and video move to the “basket”, they are stored there, and then automatically deleted. Therefore, hurry to restore quickly.

But it happens that the photo has been lost after the restoration of the factory settings, because they forgot the password of the lock screen.

But it does not matter for what reason you have lost your data with the Samsung Galaxy A50, but to restore can use the program “Samsung Data Recovery”.

Samsung Data Recovery is a universal SAMSUNG user software that allows you to return lost files, including contacts, SMS, photos, audio, movies, call logs, Whatsapp chat history, documents and more.

Universal way to restore photos on samsung a50

SAMSUNG A50 Gallery has built-in basket support. Before final removal of media files, all photos are moved to the basket.

restore, photos, samsung, galaxy, cloud

If the storage space ends or the specified amount of time passes, the basket is cleared.

It all depends on what gallery you use. So, start with the check to make sure that your pictures missing there are still there.

To do this, go to the gallery and press the Troetchy (as in the figure) they are top, and then find the “basket”.

I’m sure you will find a lot of pictures there. If you have found those that you need to press three points again, select them and downstairs click “Restore”.

They will be in the same place where they could use them, for example, send to friends or just to see.

Great? You can return them and headache. If there are no there, I invite you to the rest of the record.

How to restore photos with samsung with fonelab

All you need is a Samsung photo recovery program, which is called Fonelab Android data recovery, with this software you can restore deleted or lost data from Android phones and tablets.

Restored files contain photos, contacts, messages, message attachments, call history, documents, videos, music and so on. It is compatible with many Android brands, such as Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC, One Plus, Huawei, ZTE, LG and others. In addition, the program works on Mac and Windows computers.

Why not download the free trial version to try?

With FoneLab for Android you restore lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, video, files, call log and other data from your SD card or device.

  • Easily restore photos, video, contacts, WhatsApp and other data.
  • Preview data before recovery.
  • Android and SD card phone data available.

Step 1 Download the FoneLab Android Data Recovery software to your computer with the above link, and it will start immediately after successful installation. Then connect the samsung phone to the computer.

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Step 2 For this step, it is necessary that the USB debug mode is turned on on the phone so that the software can detect it. If you never included it before, you can follow the instructions on the screen or perform the following simple actions to open it. And then click OK authorize the connection.

For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to Settings USB Debugging Development.

For Android 3.0. 4.1: Go to Settings Options for USB Developers Debugging.

For Android 4.2 or later: Press the phone settings, then go to the Time Assembly tab for time 7 until the message “You are in Developer Mode” appears. Return to Settings Options for USB Developers Debugging.

Step 3 You can choose any files you want to restore. If you want to restore only photos, simply check the boxes next to the gallery and the image library, then click Next.

Step 4 Please go to SAMSUNG GALAXY and click Allow / Grant / Authoritable when it appears on the screen. Because the program should get a privilege on scanning data from your phone. If the query is not displayed, install the fonelab routing application and click Repeat Try again.

Step 5 Scan result will be sorted by groups. Press the Gallery and Library of Images on the left pane to you could view the found photos in detail. Mark the ones you want to return and click Recover to save them to your computer. Photos will be saved in JPG or PNG format and sorted by file types on your computer.

You do not need to study it, because it doesn’t have absolutely no theories, and everyone can do it.

You can not only restore remote photos from the Samsung phone, Fonelab Android Data Recovery can restore the chat history in whatsapp too. It is a really useful and powerful program that can help you save your Android data safe.

In addition, you can also use this method to print Text messages from Samsung.

Tips for preventing the loss of photos on samsung

Option 1. Backup and restore Android data

This is an efficient and safe tool for Samsung users, easy to back up and restore Android data, including photos, text messages, contacts, and T. D. You can save files to a computer and restore back to a mobile phone in several clicks.

Option 2. Samsung Cloud

As you know, this is a default cloud service for Samsung users, which saves data so that they can access files regardless of where and when.

restore, photos, samsung, galaxy, cloud

Option 3. Google photo

It is designed by Google and specializes in downloading and downloading photos and other data if you want. You can manage mobile data, computer files and other data using the correct Google account and password.

It’s all. If you have additional questions about this, please leave the messages below.