We restore access to the account

First of all, let’s try to restore your Google Account. To do this, open this recovery form and enter your phone number or backup email address. Then click “Next” and follow the instructions.

If we ride, then you can restore access to the account, even if you do not remember the address Gmail. In this case, Google will remind you of username and help reset the password.

If nothing happened. it means that you did not point the phone number or backup address in Google account and it is lost for you. In this case, go to the second option.

What to do if you forgot the password?

Password installed on the phone can be useful in a variety of situations. He will save from the accidental unlocking of the phone in a bag or. protects from unnecessary curiosity of friends or colleagues, and at the same time, and your personal data will save while stealing the device. And all this, of course, wonderful. That’s just done if you forgot the password?

In fact, nothing terrible in this case will not happen. After you enter the wrong password in a row five times, the smartphone will ask you to wait 30 seconds before the next attempt. After which it will be offered two options to choose. either try to enter the password again, or reset it.


Click on the button “Forgot the combination?”Or” Forgotten Password “. The system will prompt you to enter the Google account data to which this device is connected. That is the data that you entered during the primary setup of the phone.

In the first line, enter the login (usually this is a mailbox on Gmail.com, but there may be a different mail), in the second line, dial the password. Please note that you need to enter the password from the Google account, and not a PIN code to unlock the smartphone.

If you forget the password from your Google account or can not remember which mail is login, then try to use the password recovery page on the official website of the company.

How to prevent device blocking

Unlocking the smartphone after several attempts to enter the wrong password. the procedure is long enough, albeit possible. Depending on the version of the operating system, the model of your phone and year of release, changes and a way to gain access to the device.

Be prepared that you will have to try almost all the methods, and only a few.

  • In order not to deal with such troubles, first of all, always remember or write down the entry data.
  • Try not to change the phone number or email address to which the device is tied.
  • Do not make a graphic key too difficult to play.

Also blocking may occur due to system operations with a telephone. For example, flashing, installation of an unofficial shell, improper receipt of root rights.

ways to unlock graphic password on android

Now proceed directly to practice. what to do if the smartphone needs to be urgently used, and the annoying inscription “Unlock This Device” or “This Phone IS Locked”?

First of all, stop panicing and remove the memory card through a special slot if it is present there. Next, make sure that the smartphone has access to the Internet: via Wi-Fi network or by mobile tariff (first option is preferable). Finally, prepare and start carefully and carefully follow the instructions below.


Excellent option for restoring a forgotten password. The only condition that is not suitable for everyone is the mandatory availability of the “superuser” regime. If you have root rights, you can safely choose this method.

SMS BYPASS is a utility that removes the locking of a mobile device through sending SMS messages. This is done like this:

  • You install the program on your phone. Loading from Google Play is not suitable, there is no this application. Choose proven sources from Internet spaces, but avoid viruses. Please note that the official version is paid, and its price is about 2.
  • Provide SMS BYPASS ROOT rights. Next, specify a keyword that will help bypass blocking.
  • When the smartphone is blocked, the program automatically sends an SMS with a secret encrypted code, and you are invited to re-enter a graphic password.

What to do if the program was not loaded before the loss of access to the device? Then the output is one. remote installation. It is conducted through a computer using synchronization.

Reset through Google Account (Android 5-)

Pretty simple option that is offered to the user after five incorrect passwords. Click “Forgot the entry data?”. A new window is displayed on the screen, where you drive in a login and password from the main Google Account.

That’s all, the user instantly gains access to its mobile device. But there is a huge deficiency for modern phones! In the versions of the operating system above Android 5, this function is missing. If you are the owner of a smartphone released in the last two years, this method skip. On Android 7 and Android 8 will have to look for an alternative.

Remove the gesture file.Key manually

Already a more complex way designed for experienced users. You will need to delete files responsible for blocking the device, and this method access to the smartphone will resume.

All actions with the apparatus you spend at your own risk! Do not proceed to this procedure, if not confident in technical knowledge and skills. With any problem that has arisen urgently contact the service center, otherwise you will get brick.

What is CWM Recovery and how to install it

What is CWM Recovery? This is a huge software project CLOCKWORKMOD, replacing the range of Stock. The functionality of this utility is much more extensive: using such a tool, you can install a variety of firmware, assembly, kernels.

Install CWM Recovery through a special Root Manager program. In the near future, a separate article will appear on our site on this topic.

Return to Deleting Lock Files. With a reliable source on the Internet (w3bsit3-dns.com) Download Aroma Manager. In no case unpack it and throw it on the phone.

Process Installation Manager Aroma

Go to recovery mode. This is done as follows: Hold the inclusion and decrease key / increasing the volume. On certain models, different combinations. There should be a vibrational signal, and the phone logo appears on the screen.

Now we see the blue screen and the white inscriptions located on it. Choosing an “Install Zip” item. Next, click “Choose Zip” and specify the path to the previously downloaded archive with Aroma.

The manager opens, and we have the final action. Delete files with such names:

Confirm the removal and simply reboot your smartphone. In the next launch, we enter any password, and the lock is automatically removed.

Deleting all settings via FastBoot

If problems arose with the above option, we recommend to conduct a full reset to previous settings. Of course, this is not the best method, because the user will lose all of its data and returns the smartphone to the “Zavodskoye” condition. But but the chance for successful unlocking is quite high.

I warn you in advance that the procedure is not easy, and beginners do not follow it to it! If you are an experienced user, start:

  • Install the FastBoot and AdB Driver. It is best for downloading to use the official website on the command line on behalf of the administrator we enter the phrase without quotes: “.\ adb reboot bootloader “and to confirm the enter.
  • Mobile device is translated into flashing mode. But since we do not need to install another version of the shell, we ereze the data by the next team “.\ FastBoot-W ».
  • Finally, reboot the device. “FastBoot Reboot”. Ready. If you entered everything in the process, the phone will easily start and prompt you to set the initial settings.

Reset the device to factory settings

If other options do not give results, it remains to return the factory settings. This will lead to the loss of all data, the copies of which are not survived in Google account and other cloud services. But you can remove the protection from the screen.

Turn off the smartphone and get a memory card if it was inside. Then try in turns listed below the key combination until one of them works out (you need to clamp the buttons for 10-15 seconds):

  • Volume Reduction Key Power Button;
  • Volume Enlarge Key Power Button;
  • Volume Reduction key Power button “Home” key;
  • Volume Reduction Key Volume Enlargement Key Power Button.

When a service menu appears on the display, select Recovery button to enlarge volume and confirm the volume button.

Then click the volume keys to select the Wipe Data or Factory RESET command and confirm the action by pressing the power button.

If none of the specified combinations work or you will not see the necessary commands in the menu, look for a reset instruction for your device model on the manufacturer’s website.

After that, the smartphone must return to factory settings for a few minutes. The device can request a login and password from a previously connected Google account, but you will not need to unlock the screen. After entering the old account, the system will restore synchronized settings and data.

How to unlock a mobile phone screen

Thanks to the hole in the Android OS software code, the same emergency call button can be used as a tool for deblinking your device. This method unlocking works on various Android phones from many popular manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus, Google, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, Meizu, Honor and others) running Android OS 5.0 / 5.one.1 (or below). If you have an early phone with such a system, you can quickly unlock your phone with a few simple steps that we give just below.

If your phone is running android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or a newer system, then the method using the emergency call button will not work.

Algorithm for using emergency call to unlock the phone if you forgot the password, it is as follows:

  • Turn on your Android device, and click on the “Emergency” button (Emergency) located at the bottom of the screen;
  • The dialer will be displayed on the screen of your phone, which can be used to set the emergency number in your region;
  • In the line of entered characters, start entering any character 10 times in a row on the screen. For example, enter the stars symbol 10 times;

What is the PIN applied for

The screen lock becomes the first barrier on the way of those who wanted to penetrate the “inside” of the gadget and to reveal the secrets of his host. In addition to photos and documents, on smartphones and tablets, usually full accounts, and access to them can lead to irreparable consequences. Including reputational and financial losses.

Juvenile children will not be able to accidentally delete data from a locked phone. If the device is stolen, it can not immediately use it. SIM card can also be blocked, and it will not give the chance to take advantage of a stranger number and balance.

Some models, especially Chinese manufacturers, immediately after buying or updating are asked: “To start Android, enter the PIN”. The default is simple, which is recommended to change what can be read in the manufacturer’s instructions. There must also be information on how to do it.

Why use password

That we just do not store on our gadgets! Here and personal photos, and documents and a lot more. Finally, the smartphone is already a full wallet, and protecting your own data. the most important task of the user.

Installation of the password significantly reduces the possibilities of ill-wishers and fraudsters. The first is unlikely to be able to bypass the password on Android and get access to personal information, and from the last only four-digit digital code is unlikely to save, but will force convince. Small children will also not be able to break peace, accidentally deleting important files. Yes, the reasons for the location of the mobile device can be mass, only here are the passwords we often forget.

USB debugging

The following way will work if a USB debugging was turned on on the device. Download the PC program AdB Run Install it.

  • Connect your device to PC. Inteeis Program is simple and understandable.
  • You will need only one command, click on the keyboard number 6. Unlock Gesture Key.
  • The device will restart and will need to enter a new password on the lock screen.

The method is also triggered not with all smartphones.

Service center

If you have tried all the ways to unlock the phone screen, if you forgot your password, but I did not help anything after buying a gadget, you have a warranty card and a check, then you can attribute your phone to the service center and will help you there. This pleasure will cost some amount, but you save the data on the smartphone. Another disadvantage. it may take some time.

This, of course, not all ways, here we described, probably the most simple. But for most devices there will be quite enough. And remember. remember passwords, and better write them to a notebook or somewhere in a reliable place so that in such situations do not break your head and not risk precious photos, hundreds of SMS contacts and other data stored on the phone.