What are the ways to restore correspondence in Viber

Today, almost every person has a smartphone. This is no longer just a device for calls, but a full.fledged mobile assistant with various programs. One of these is Viber messenger, with which you can contact a person from a different point of the world. In addition to simple correspondence with questions like “How are you?”, Users often exchange important information. You can work with dialogs: save them, send, delete. It happens that the user accidentally erases important data and despair, thinking that they disappeared irrevocably. For such cases, information will not be superfluous how to restore remote messages in Viber. But this will work if they were preserved in advance.

Many were faced with a situation where the mobile device failed, and with it they “left” and all the chats, important information from them. You can restore correspondence in Viber by means of the phone itself or by installing third.party utilities on it. The procedure is simple, but it is required to make the user in advance steps to maintain correspondence.

If the Waibera user did not ask this question, respectively, did not make a backup (backup), then it will not work to restore the history of messages.

Synchronization of devices

It works like this. the user comes under the same account, but on different smartphones. And if access to one device is lost. you can see messages and files on the other. But here you need to consider the following moment: if the chats are cleaned, then when synchronization with a PC or tablet, they will also be removed. For this reason, the method is relevant only when a person does not have access to the phone for any reason.

For synchronization of devices, just download and install Weiber on the second smartphone. When starting, ask the mobile number, which will be nwiting SMS with code. The synchronization is automatic.

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How to see connected devices in Viber:

If you have connected some other devices, then they will be in the list.


This function, better known as a backup, retains chats and invested files for a certain period in the cloud. On Android this is a google disk, on iPhone. icloud.

How to restore chat in Viber after removal. load it from a backup copy. It is recommended to make backups more often, so the most relevant information will be preserved. The backup function is in most instant messengers how it works:

  • Open Viber.
  • Select “Settings” section.
  • Go to “Account”.
  • Select “backup”, click “Create a copy”. It will be proposed to choose the frequency of reservation. Recommended. daily.
  • If on the screen is the message: “There is no connection to the Google disk”, click next to the text “Settings” and select an account from which a backup will be created. Confirm the “OK” button.
  • Viber, as a third.party utility, will ask for access. click “Allow”.
  • Wait for file copying.

To make a backup and subsequently restore correspondence, a Google account is required. As a rule, it is created by most owners of smartphones on Android OS, since without accounting there is no access even to Play Market. If necessary, you can create a new account from the link https: // Accounts.Google.com/. Together with him, the user will receive an electronic box, access to Google disk and other Google services.

If there is a backup copy, then restore correspondence in Viber after removal will not be difficult. Fortunately, this option is provided on new and old smartphones. Return of messages using a backup looks like this:

  • Open the messenger, go to the main menu (button “Still”).
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Go to the point “Account”.
  • Select “backup”.
  • Click “Restore”.
  • The new window will have information about when the last backup copy was created. To download it, click “Restore now”.
  • Wait for data copying. on the screen it will be displayed as a percentage.

Backup made in time is the easiest way to restore remote correspondence in Viber. Reserve copying has only one drawback. only dialogs are preserved, and media content is erased irrevocably. The method is relevant when changing a mobile device.

Archives and transfer of messages

Not everyone knows, but in the messenger itself, if you have an old version, there is a tool that archives correspondence. How to save it in advance, so that later it is possible to restore:

This is one way to quickly restore correspondence in Viber. But it is also recommended to save the archive as often as possible, since remote messages cannot be returned.

There are no archives in modern versions, but if you have access to the old one, then this method will be useful.

Third.party software

You can restore messages in Viber using special utilities. One of these is Backup Text for Viber. What can she:

  • make a backup;
  • filter correspondence;
  • Send the archive with chats to e-mail, copy a disk or a microSD card to a Google;
  • Save dialogs in HTML format (with images and emoticons).

The program can be downloaded from Play Market. There, in the main menu, go to the “Appendix” section and select Viber. a copy will be saved.

Another utility that will help in restoration of data after reinstalling the messenger. Titanium Backup. This application is specifically for Android gadgets. Its main function: the creation of backup copies, both systemic and user data. Information is saved on the device itself or copied on a map-memory.

How To Backup Viber Messages | Viber Account Chat History Backup | Viber App Backup Help 2021

In order to make backups, respectively, and restore messages, you will need to get on the Root-right phone. This is a separate topic that can be found out of other articles. Creating a backup at Titanium Backup:

  • Open the utility, in the upper right corner, click on the icon in the form of a page with a checkmark.
  • Select “Reserve Copies”.
  • In the list of applications, find Viber (if there is no backup in opposite it, there is no backup). Click and select “Save”.
  • How to return a backup. button: “Restore the missing software with data”.

Restore remote message or correspondence using a backup copy

The built.in means of the messenger allow you to restore the history of chat. There is a backup copy for this. Copying frequency can be independently configured depending on the frequency of use: daily, weekly, monthly. It is possible to create a backup at a certain moment using the “Create now” button. This method automatically saves text messages, as well as media files.

A window with relevant information will open: the date and time of the backup. On iOS, the messages are saved by separate files in iCloud, on Android in Google disk. The chats of the last backup will be restored.

Important! If the copying setting was not made (in the column “Create automatically! there is a “off” button), it will be impossible to restore remote messages.

Restore Weiber on the phone or tablet after removal is a simple task, the account is stored on Viber servers and is restored without problems. In just a couple of minutes, you can re.install the application and continue to use it. Link for Google Play. https: // play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Viber.Voiphl = ru.

The easiest option is Viber‘s return to the old phone immediately after deletion. This will need to take a minimum of actions. You need to go to the Play Market, call the application menu and slip the link “My applications and games”.

Now we need to go to the Library tab and find Viber in the list of applications.

Next, click on the “Install” button and wait for the end to the end of the application. After the Vaiber icon appears on the phone’s desktop, you need to start the application. Most often, the program automatically sets the phone number, but if this does not happen, then it will be necessary to enter it manually. After that, wait for a secret code and activate the application.

If the account was tuned on the account, then after entering the registration data, the possibility of restoring the history of correspondence from a backup copy will become possible. To start the process, you need to slip the link “Restore now”.

At the last step, Waiber will request permission to access the camera, microphone and files on the device. Depending on the goals and objectives, the user may allow these actions or reject the request.

After that, Viber is ready for use, it will be restored to the same state as before removal. All contacts will recover on a smartphone or tablet, the history of correspondence with interlocutors will be available.

Restoring the history of Viber messages on PC

Viber PC version, like a mobile one, stores the history of messages in a special file located on a computer system disk. The file with the file can be found at:

A file with the history of messages is called Viber.DB.

This file saves the entire history of the messenger’s messages, so if the user deleted the program or reinstalled the OS, it is enough to restore this file in any convenient way.

One way to restore lost or deleted files is the RS Partition Recovery program, with which you can quickly restore all the lost data, including the Viber file.DB necessary to restore the history of messages.

Universal solution to restore data

  • Launch the program and conduct a disk analysis.
  • Find and restore Viber file.DB
  • Replace the Viber file.DB for restored by the address C: \ Users \ User Name \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Viberpc \ phone number

This method is great for transferring the history of messages to another computer.

It is enough to save the Viber file.DB on any carrier and insert it along the way:

How to restore correspondence in Viber using special programs

Reliable method to return remote messages to Viber. use one of numerous applications. Below, consider two programs that are most widely used by users.

Titanium Backup

The Titanium Backup program is available in the application store. This is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to make a backup of all programs on the phone. With it, you can restore messages in Viber after deleting for several minutes. The program has more than 25 million downloads and spreads more than 30 different languages. This speaks once again about her reliability.

For use, it is imperative to have the rights of a super.player. Will not work without root!

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  • Put the application.
  • Select the option of creating a backup copy of the entire user on.
  • In the menu, indicate the programs that will need to be restored.
  • Click the icon at the top right and wait for a copy of the copy.

By default, the data is stored on the SD card, which must be inserted. With its help, it is easiest to transfer data and restore messages to Viber after reinterplification or flashing.

To return the correspondence, do the following:

Many people ask whether it is possible to restore correspondence in Viber after deleting without installing Titanium Backup for a new device. This is possible. To do this, take such steps:

  • On the old device, enter the SD card documents and find the name of the Titanium Backup folder.
  • Find a file with the name com.Viber.Voip-Iyyyyyyyyy.TAR.GZ, where y are numbers. Pay special attention to the first symbols, because you can see the day of copying information from them.
  • Enter the archive and go to the file folder. This requires a Root-right and file manager.
  • Find the Datadatacom section.Viber.Voipdatabases. where the folders of interest are stored, namely Viber_Data and Viber_Messages.
  • Copy them on a new device.

To restore correspondence in Viber, put the Viber program on a new device and turn off the Internet. After that, copy Datadatacom.Viber.Voipdatabases. Next, connect to the network and start the program.

Backup Text for Viber

When answering the question of whether it is possible to restore remote messages to Viber, experts say in the affirmative and recommend using the aforementioned program. With its help, you can export data from the application and convert it to different formats. To use Viber, must have a version of 3.0 and above. Features of software. the possibility of sending to e.mail, filter by conversation, date or type of message. Exports are available to Excel, text version, HTML and other formats.

To restore the information in Viber and see the remote correspondence, the presence of a pre.saved copy is necessary. To use the program, do the following:

  • Enter Viber;
  • Click on the menu button;
  • press additional parameters;
  • Follow the settings section;
  • click on sending the history of email messages;
  • Indicate Backup Text for Viber;
  • Start sending letters.

The program is intuitive, so there are no difficulties with its use. Depending on the situation, you can choose the right option for saving messages.

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How to create a backup

Saving data in the messenger must be adjusted manually. Creating backups is possible only for Android and iPhone devices.

For Android

To save the data available in Viber, you need to click on the “more” icon on the lower screen panel. Then select “Settings”, “Account” and “backup”.

At the very bottom of the screen, you need to click on the link “here”. It will be proposed to select an account from the available email options for which the history of correspondence will be maintained.

It should be noted that when creating a backup, only text messages will be saved.

In the “Create backup” section, you can choose how often this needs to be done: daily, weekly or monthly. Immediately you can disable the creation of a copy.

Section “Create a copy” is necessary if you save data right now.

If the user does not turn on the backup, the application will periodically request a permit for this action. If there is no desire to create copies, then at the bottom of the screen you can turn it off by clicking on “no longer ask”.

Google backup is the only option available in Viber.

To allow copying data, you need to go to the Google disk settings in the “Reserve Applications” section. Then you need to turn on auto.reservation and configure it.

Select the item “Reservation Objects”, “Selection of Appendices” and mark Viber chick.

After removing the chat, the backup is saved. The main thing, then turn off the automatic creation of copies so as not to lose data.

How to return messages through a computer

Popular messenger is available for use with PC. For correspondence and making calls you need to register. Through the web version of Waiber, it is impossible to restore remote correspondence. The main version of the messenger is on the smartphone. Restore and delete messages, video, photo is possible only through the application.

Viber’s web version displays what is available for viewing in the application. To restore correspondence, use backup or use third.party applications. Read also.

How to create a backup copy of chats (correspondence) in Viber on iPhone and iPad

Launch the Viber application and go to the “” tab.

Open the “Settings” section and select “Account“”.

Go to the “Reserve Copy” menu.

Click on the point “Create automatically” and indicate the period of creation of backups. daily, weekly or monthly.

To create a backup right now, click on the “Create now” button. It can take a few minutes. At the end of the process, a message will appear above the “Create now” button about the latest reserve copy in the “cloud”.

How to restore deleted viber messages, photos and videos | How to backup viber messages, photos

Copy restoration

In case of loss of a smartphone or when buying a new device, it is available to restore text messages saved earlier in the cloud storage. For this, it is important to comply with two conditions. First. the previous phone number should be used. The second. recovery can be carried out on the operating system that was used to create a duplicate chat. For example, if a copy was saved on the iPhone, then it will not work to resume it on Android.


When reconstructing early correspondence on a new device, first of all, you need to take care of connecting to the Google account account. Next, you can install Viber and start it. When activating the messenger, select the option “Restore from a backup copy”.

Another method is applicable when the application has already been launched. It consists of 7 actions: 1. Enter Viber.

Go to the column “backup”.

Now it remains to wait for the completion of the process.

REFERENCE! You can choose the option of recreating the archive when connecting to the Wi-Fi network.


To return the history of chats on the iPhone, you must first connect on the smartphone to the iCloud account. Then you should install Weiber and activate it. The messenger will offer to restore the archive of the preserved conversations, which must be agreed to. A little patience and all correspondence will be recreated.

THE MOST IMPORTANT! Communication using text messages in Viber can be protected from irrevocable loss. This will help the function of creating a backup copy of chats. You can use it both on Android and iPhone. It can be launched manually or automatically. If you need to revive correspondence, apply the tips of this article.