Safari is an official web browser for Apple products. As an iPhone user, you can easily access the Internet through a Safari. Like other browsers, if you are not in private mode, Safari will save your viewed sites in history and simplify the re.visit of these pages.

This is a fairly common situation when we accidentally deleted the whole history of Safari views today. The question is how to restore the remote story Safari?

How to view the remote story on the iPhone (IOS 12 is supported)

The first method with Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery. This is a highly recommended method, since it helps you view, check and restore a remote story with the iPhone, including a private history of views on a computer.

View and restore the remote history of views on the iPhone directly.

Find and view a remote story from iTunes and a backup iCloud.

View a remote story, including a private history of views.

Work for iPhone XR / Xs / X // 8/7/6/6, iPad under the control of iOS 12 /11 and t. D.

Download and install software on your computer with Windows or Mac free. Launch it and select the IPhone Data Restoration in its main intese. Thus, you will find yourself on the default page “Restoration from the iOS device”.

Connect the iPhone to your computer

Connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer. Since you want to restore the remote Safari history on the iPhone without backup, you do not need to switch to other pages. As soon as the program recognizes your smartphone, the name of the device will be displayed on the main intese automatically.

Find the remote Safari History on the iPhone

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All restored data types are displayed in the categories on the left panel. At this time, select the Safari History to gain access to the entire existing and remote Safari story. You can choose a specific one and view detailed information about it on the right side of the screen. Well, turn on the option “display only remote elements” at the top, if necessary. Just note the elements that you want to restore.

Finally, click the “Restore” button in the lower right corner to complete the process. The recovery history will be exported in HTML format, and you can view it in your browser on a computer.

The following methods are aimed at viewing the history of incognito on the iPhone. If you want to see the story of incognito on a computer, just visit it here.

How to restore the remote story of the browser on the iPhone?

Open iTunes and click the iPhone icon. Then select Restore a backup copy. Select a backup file containing your remote Safari History. Click the restoration button.

Safari icon is absent on iPhone or iPad

  • Correct the missing Safari icon on the iPhone from restrictions.
  • Correct the missing Safari icon on the iPhone by dropping the phone settings
  • Correct the missing Safari icon on the iPhone by restoring it from iTunes.
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The Safari mobile browser has an unpleasant bug, which is manifested as follows: all saved web pages, a list for reading and general links disappear from the bookmarks menu. Instead, an empty place remains in the appendix. It looks as follows:

If you are faced with this, then first try the following:

restore, history, safari, ipad

If this does not solve problems, then turn off the synchronization of data through iCloud. Apple cloud service allows synchronize bookmarks and unread articles, but sometimes it fails. Perhaps the problem lies in this. To do this, open the “settings” “iSloud” “Safari”. Disconnect synchronization and check the work of Safari.

If this helped, then try to configure iCloud synchronization on the device again. To do this, get out of your account in the service settings, then reboot the device and enter the iCloud again.

How to find a remote story on the phone?

Enter your Google account data and click on the “Data and Personalization” option; Click the “View everything” button in the “What are you creating and doing” section and find the Google Chrome icon; Click on it, and then click “Download data” to restore remote bookmarks and the history of views.

get a remote Internet history in Safari without a backup copy

  • Step 1. Download Enigma Recovery
  • Step 2. Connect your iPhone
  • Step 3. Launch iTunes
  • Step 4. Check the encrypted backups
  • Step 5. Turn on the encrypted backup
  • Step 6. Start scanning
  • Step 7. View the restored Safari Internet History.

Getting the remote Internet history of Safari from iTunes or Finder

If you have a reserve copy of Finder or iTunes, created before you deleted the history of the Internet Safari, which you need to restore, you can also use the Enigma Recovery program to extract data directly from the backup file file. It can also be used to select a specific viewing history for recovery, instead of restoring the entire Safari history.

Step 1. Download Enigma Recovery

Take your PC or Mac and download Enigma Recovery from this site. Install and open software on the initial screen.

Select “Restore my iTunes”

In the lateral menu, select “Restore my iTunes” and the program will display all the iTunes and FinderBackup files from which you can get data.

Step 3. Select a backup file

Select a backup file that you want to get data from. Use the date column to help you decide which one to choose.

Select Safari and scan

Select Safari in the data set menu and run scanning to restore the lost Internet history in Safari. Scanning time will depend on how much data is contained in your backup copy.

View the resulting story Safari

After scanning, you can view the history of the Internet in Safari on the Safari tab.

Step 6. Save the results

You can save scan results using the “Export and Restoration” parameter. “Export and restoration” “Export to the desktop” Select the location “Overview” “Export”.

How to see a remote visitor history?

To do this: go to your Google account and select my actions. This section will display the entire history of sites visiting and other actions performed by the user when the Google account was entered by the Google account. All actions will be sorted by the dates of implementation, starting from the last.

Clear Browser Data/History on Ipad Safari browser. Settings, Safari, Scroll down and click Clear H.

History contains information about the sites of the sites and the entry time on them. Fortunately, the answer to the question: “Is it possible to restore the history of the browser?”. yes, perhaps. all the information erased by simple deletion is lended to restoration.

How do I see Safari history on iPad?

How to find a remote story on the phone?

Enter your Google account data and click on the “Data and Personalization” option; Click the “View everything” button in the “What are you creating and doing” section and find the Google Chrome icon; Click on it, and then click “Download data” to restore remote bookmarks and the history of views.

Go to the page “My actions” in Google. Go into your Google account related to your Google Chrome browser. After entering the system, you can view the entire last story of views on the page “My actions in Google”. You can view days and months, check the recently visited web pages, etc. D.

How to see the story of a browser on the phone?

It is located here:/users/[YouRname]/Library/Safari/History. DB. On the data review tab, click the “table:” revealing list and select the history of_. Now sort by Visit_Time and find what you are interested in.