How to restore remote photos and other data

I can’t tolerate memory cards. Even if my smartphone does not have enough space, I better delete part of the data, but not resserved to the external drive. Not only are the memory cards in 100% of cases work slower the built-in repository, because their manufacturers use less perfect standard, so they are also quite often fail with anything with this, depriving you of accumulated information. But all the voluntary deletion of data is not the best way out. In the end, together with an unnecessary slag, you can easily remove and quite valuable information. But it can be restored, and it pleases.

You can recover remote photos in several ways

Most often, users who want to free the place in the repository of their smartphone, delete photos. Not applications that can be downloaded from Google Play at any time, and the photos that are just not to restore. At least, if we talk about the staff of Android, which if exist, then work with a number of serious reservations.

How to restore remote SMS messages in Samsung phone

No matter what causes from your device all data. You can restore them. To do this, you will need a USB cord, computer or laptop and gadget itself.

Using a third-party program

In the market for android gadgets there are plenty of funds that are intended to eliminate the problem of remote messages. Some of them are paid and provide a more advanced feature set. And others are distributed free of charge and have a basic set of opportunities, which, however, does not diminish their effectiveness. The second includes, for example, Android Data Recovery, Wondershare DR. Fone, Coolmuster Android. At the same time, the last two are suitable for both Windows and Mac, therefore let’s stop on them, or rather, on Wondershare.

All similar programs are similar on functionality and inteeis. They are equipped with built-in operating manual, so even an inexperienced user will be able to deal with ease.

    To begin with, we need to enable the developer mode on the gadget. Go to the “Settings” menu, here are looking for the “About Device” section.

Restore remote messages samsung android

The section we are looking for is usually located at the bottom of the list

Again, descend at the bottom of the list

After that in the settings are looking for a menu with the developer parameters

In one touch, activate the USB debugger

After installing the assistant program, connect the device to the computer

After the scanning is completed, the program will propose to select the recoverable files

Keep in mind that the place where remote messages are stored can be overwritten by other files. So if suddenly your messages suddenly disappeared, hurry to restore them as quickly as possible. Until recovery operations, it is better not to copy any files and documents to the buffer, turn off the mobile Internet and do not restart the gadget.

How to return SMS without using a computer

You can restore data without PC help. But for this you need to download a special rescuer application, and sometimes root rights.

Before using this method, remember that receiving root rights to the gadget automatically deprives its factory warranty. For the devices on which the “superuser” rights were obtained, even specialists of service centers are often not taken.

GT Recovery

GT Recovery. almost “omnivorous” program, which in the teeth any model of the gadget of any company based on Android. Distributed through the Google Play application and is free. Allows you to restore the file of any format, whether photos, video or text. Requires root law, however, it also has an alternative version in which they are not needed (GT Recovery no root). The recovery process is extremely simple. you install the application, run it and scan the system for remote files of the desired format.

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“Dumpster” (dumpster)

“Basket” works on the same principle as the eponymous service on a computer. After removal files are moved to a specially dedicated storage, and if necessary, their recovery is simply moved from the repository to the original place. If the recovery is not required for a long time, the files are deleted independently. Works utility without root rights, but she has one substantial minus: if the data has already been overwritten, they cannot be restored.

We called one of the most popular applications, but in the “stores” there are much more. In general, the functionality and the action of all programs similar.

Programs to restore files on PC

This method is the most reliable and executed at the following steps:

It should be noted that the connection for this method is best done only with USB cable. If you use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you will not be able to run data recovery.

Now select the program with which data will be recovered. The instructions for this method will be reviewed by the example of Recuva. This program is one of the most reliable in terms of performing such tasks.

    In the welcome window, select the file types you want to restore. If you do not know exactly what type or other files belong to what type of files, then put the marker opposite the item “All Files“. To continue, click “Next”.

Causes of photo deletion

In case of eye disappearance due to software failure, there is a chance to restore them at home. But if it was done before, it was done with minimal strength and time costs, now it is necessary to dance with a tambourine to return files. Initially, almost all Android devices were recognized as USB drives. Data that was deleted from their internal storage facilities were restored by simple and free solutions supporting the work with USB Mass Storage. Now all the devices with a “green robot” on board work on the MTP protocol. For them, ways that operated earlier, no longer suitable. In this case, it is necessary to use heavy artillery in the form of debugging USB, root rights and special software that can work with the memory of Android devices.

It happens that SMS messages disappear from the smartphone for some reason. How can they restore them, learn in our next material: https: // samsung-galaxy.MOBI / VOSSTINOVLENIE-UDALYONNYIH-SMS-SOBSHHHENIY-NA-TELEFONE-SAMSUNG /

Preparation of the device

To “make friends” samsung-device with a program to restore files, you must perform preparatory work:

  • Get root-rights, this is a prerequisite. Without them, the program will not be able to contact all device memory sectors and return the data. Methods for obtaining special privileges for each Samsung device are unique, so this stage of preparation you must pass on your own.
  • Activate the developer mode and debug USB. This needs to be done so that the program can connect to the phone and perform the file return operation.

Enable the USB Developer and Debug Mode

To start the “Settings” application, you can use the icon on the desktop or the button in the notification curtain

You can find the “About Device” section at the bottom of the “Settings” applications

To successfully activate the developer mode, you need to quickly click on the “Assembly” field

If the “Developer Settings” section appeared in the list, try restarting the “Settings” application

One tap is enough to activate “USB debugging”

Image recovery using a computer

The network can be stumbled upon a fairly large selection of programs that can solve problems with remote files. Some extended free of charge, but possess a trimmed set of features. Others provide a wide selection of functions, but to access them you need to pay developers. The first category includes programs such as 7-Data Android Recovery, Remo Recover for Android, Tipard Android Data Recovery and Wondershare DR.Fone for Android. When writing this instruction, we used the latest program from the list of list. You can use other solutions, as they all have a similar set of functions, simple intees and tips.

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    Download, install and run on your computer a program that will help restore lost files.

Main window Wondershare DR.Fone for Android

Computer connection to the phone

Click on the “Yes” button to allow the pairing with the phone

Set up search

To help the Phoenix to recover the remote files from the Samsung phone faster, specify the type of lost data. The program works with photos, videos, music, documents and archives. All that is required of you is to put a tick near the desired options, and from all the others. to remove.

In addition to the format, Phoenix makes it possible to specify the size of the files to recover in the Samsung phone. You can use the shared categories. small, medium or large files. or set the exact gap manually. To do this, click “Set your file size” and enter into empty rows the desired values ​​in megabytes. In this case, you can only enter integers, so round the volume in the biggest.

Is it possible to restore remote video with samsung?

Let’s be honest. There is a possibility that you think the same. In a nutshell. Yes, you can restore remote videos from Samsung or any other device. This is true for any other data, such as photos, documents. To understand this, you need to know how the data is stored on the device.

There is a primary memory distribution table in which a specific storage place is stored (and stand out). When the video is removed from the SD card or phone memory, it is not deleted immediately. Instead, its cell is activated in the memory table. This means that the place allocated to him can now be overwritten by something else. Therefore, if you do not use the device anymore, you can easily perform the SAMSUNG video recovery and get a positive result.

Android applications to restore remote files

Dumpster Image Video Restore

This application gives the user the ability to perform cloud backup of its data, and also gives them the ability to recover files, randomly deleted from Android devices. Software works as a basket on the PC, because all the files you delete will fall into the app. It usually works well with video and images, but is mainly aimed at working with documents, HTML and APK files. Files can be manually removed from software memory or configure memory cleaning after a certain period.

GT Recovery. Undelete, Restore

This is another software application that provides high-quality data recovery for Android platform users. The application will help restore many types of file types using the device procedural scanning. The file recovery application supports multiple file system formats, including AT, EXT3, EXT4. The tool also allows you to preview the files before they are restored. The tool supports the following file formats: MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WAV, ZIP, RAR, GZIP, APK, EXE, PDF, DOC (X), PPT (X), Excel (x), JPG, PNG GIF, BMP. The beauty is that this application is completely free!

Undeleter Recover Files Data

This is an excellent Android application that works wonders whenever you lose any data from your phone. It is also very universally in relation to file systems, as it supports a wide range of system files. Software is also sufficiently expandable by the type of data that it can restore. The application restores various formats as the GT recovery tool. It scans your disk to ensure that you restore all the internal storage data, mount OTG or SD card. You can get the app for free in the Google Play Store.

This software that fully implements the basket on your Android phone. Thus, the application manages files using system file browsers. Whenever the file is removed from the Android system, it goes to the application folder in which it is stored. If, for example, you mistakenly deleted the file and want to restore it, it will be easily restored from the application folder. The application can be configured in such a way that it worked as a traditional basket or even better! With it, you can configure that the files go to the basket with just one click.

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If you have a routized phone, then this application will suit you. If you do not know what ruting is, then, simply speaking, this is the process of providing users to Android Root-Right Privileges, which allows you to install applications that require full system privileges. But there is enough talk about ruting concepts, let’s see what can offer this application. First, it is important to note that this is a powerful tool created to restore photo and video files. This means that it will not necessarily work as well when restoring files of other types. The application is compatible with Android 2 devices.2 and above. The application can also be used for free.

SAMSUNG Cloud recovery

SAMSUNG Cloud service provides account owner up to 15 GB cloud memory. In the “Samsung” phones configured automatic synchronization of photos and video files, so all the contents of the phone’s memory is duplicated in the corporate cloud.

If the user has not changed these settings, then restore photos from the phone that has been removed will not be difficult. The only condition, the smartphone must be connected to the Internet, it is necessary for both timely synchronization and subsequent recovery.

  • Open the smartphone settings and select the section “Cloud and Accounts”.
  • Go to the Samsung Cloud menu. Check the synchronization activity for the gallery of the device, as well as the date of the last data exchange. If all is enabled and the photo is done before the specified date, we act further. Otherwise the method is not suitable.
  • Click the “Restore” command and wait when the device will find the last copy of the data.
  • In the list that opens, select “Photos” and wait for the completion of the process.

After some time, remote pictures will return to the device’s memory.

Removed photos from microSD

If the deleted data was stored on the map, it is better to use universal utilities to restore them, which can return erased files. Read about the work of such software, you can in the instructions on. If the smartphone is defined when connected to a computer, it is defined as two removable media, you can try using the same utilities to return the data deleted from the internal memory. The problem is that most modern Android devices are defined as a media player.

So, you have a microSD on which the photos were located before removal. Let’s try to find them using the free PhotoRec utility, which is part of the TestDisk package.

PHOTOREC app is known to many Linux users, but in Windows, it also works. Until recently, the utility did not have a graphic inteeis, scaring inexperienced users. According to the link you can download PHOTOREC for Windows with graphic inteeis (as part of TestDisk).

If you need to restore only the photo, then click on the “File Formats” button and select the desired file extensions. Click “Reset” to reset all marks. Look, in which format pictures are stored on the phone. usually it is JPG.

Return to the PHOTOREC Main Window and click Browse. Create a folder on a computer to which reconstructed pictures will be saved. Run the scan with the “Search” button.

After completing the scan, go to the specified folder. Inside you will see a bunch of files, among which you can detect the data, the existence of which you have long forgotten. Photos will have other names, but it should be opened correctly.