How to restore remote contacts on Android

A telephone book is an integral part in any phone, whether it be a button apparatus or a touch phone. Modern devices can contain an unlimited number of numbers, but no one guarantees their complete safety. It often happens that you lose touch with the necessary subscribers, and then an important question arises: how to restore remote contacts on Android quickly and efficiently.

The answer is certainly positive. There are a huge number of methods that help return not only flew contacts, but also lost, for example, photo or video.

Below we will discuss the most common and convenient ways. But pay attention in advance: a successful restoration is possible only if the numbers have disappeared no later than a few weeks ago.

But to restore long.remote contact, it will be possible only using paid and inaccessible programs.

Disconnection of the display filter

One of the reasons for the disappearance of subscribers from the telephone book may turn out to be the included filter of display. This function has the property of sometimes turning on itself, which greatly scares Xiaomi owners.

Depending on the version of miui, the location of the items may change.

If you have contacts without a phone number, then deactivate the option “Hide contacts without a number”.

If you find it difficult to find filtering setting, there is an alternative path. We open a notebook and just above the list of contacts will be the filter we need.

If the filter is not found in the above place, then we press three points in the upper right corner. In the drop.down menu there will be the desired item. “Settings” (hereinafter see cam. paragraph 2 above).

Restoring contacts from smartphone memory

A backup copy of contacts can be stored in a smartphone memory. To restore it:

It will also be useful to check the presence of a file with contacts in VCF format. Perhaps you saved a copy earlier. Let not all contacts be there, but some useful information will probably be possible. This method is also suitable for restoring contacts from the CSV file exported from Google Contacts.

If you have not previously created a backup with the help of export, then it will not work to use this method.

Contact restoration using the 7-DATA Android Recovery program

This program allows you to restore deleted data very quickly and, moreover, it spreads free.

How to Recover Lost Data after Factory Reset Android

It may not be possible to restore data in full, but a significant part of them can still be saved.

  • We download the program from the official website by the link http: // 7datarecovery.COM/ Android-Data-Recovery/ and install on your computer.
  • Using a USB cable, connect your phone and computer.
  • A message about connecting and a list of memory cards will appear on the screen, you need to select the right one, and click “Next”.
  • Starting data to start data and when the process is over, you can see what exactly was restored.
  • You can choose yourself from the list that you need to restore, and what can be removed or saved to a computer disk.

This is how easily and quickly you can restore a significant part of the data, including contacts after resetting the telephone settings. If nothing is presented in the ways, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the articles in which other methods of restoration of contacts on Android are presented. Some of them will definitely help in your case.

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Use any method and continue to allow complete data removal, since no matter how good the programs are, all the same, all the data is completely restored.

other methods

You can try to restore numbers, I use alternative methods. Some of them will require third-party installations, some are almost not used on new smartphones.

From a backup

A backup is a cast of a system that is done just in case. A backup may be required if the smartphone breaks, or Android bursts and stop working. Including, Backup is necessary in the procedure of hard resetting of settings or flashing, as a backup option.

To create a backup on Android, you will need to install a special. For example: Helium Backup, Super Backup Restore or Folder Sync.

In iOS, the backup is stored in the cloud service iCloud. It can be restored with iTunes.

Copy from SIM cards

This method was used before, when there were ordinary button phones, and smartphones practically did not use. The inconvenience of this method is that the user is available a limited amount of memory on the SIM card. On average, no more than 200 numbers fit on a SIM card. And the name of the subscriber is limited in writing 15 symbols.

Go to “Contacts”. “Settings”. “Import and Export”. In the new menu, indicate the import with the SIM card you need. The database from the card will be saved in the phone memory.

Through mobile operator

This service is provided by some mobile operators. Sometimes they take additional payment for the recovery operation. Actual information can be found from a local telecom operator from which a SIM card was purchased.

Rooms will be restored in the operator’s office. You need to have a passport with you.

With internal memory or SD card

The phone book is stored in a separate file. Usually in the Android system this file is called Contacts.VCF. It can be found on the SD card or in the phone’s memory using a file manager. By default, a system file with contacts is stored in the directory:/DATA/DATA/COM.Android.Providers.Contacts/ Databases/ in Contacts file.DB or on some firmware Contacts2.DB.

Contacts on Android Contacts Super Backup Pro

You do not have access to the computer to use the above programs? Even in this situation there is a way out. installing the Super Backup Pro application on your smartphone!

The only minus of this application is that it restores previously created copies! This is an alternative to a standard copying service from Android!

  • Install the program on your smartphone and run. By the way, Root rights are not required for her.
  • Here you will need to choose a tab with a data type. In this case, you select “Contacts“.
  • To restore, click the item “Restore contacts“. If you create the next backup copy, then select the “Backup” item. When restoring, the user can choose one of several copies made earlier. For storage, a separate folder is created on the SD card, so all the data can be easily copy to another phone or computer.

Reasons for the loss of contacts on Android

Factors that have influenced the disappearance of contacts can be very different, and at all your careless actions have not necessarily led to this result (for example, after resetting the settings). The playful handles of their beloved child could still get to your smartphone and knock down the settings, deleting a telephone book at the same time, some Trojan wound up until all the hands reached the antivirus, unlicensed software, your second half, suspecting a firmly delayed (deleted) contacts on Android, but you never know what else! Let’s hope that not everything is so critical, and this material will help to avoid such problems, and if what happened, it will tell you ways to return the lost.

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To insure yourself from irretrievable data loss, take care of this in advance by making backup copies of your contacts. After all, if applications, music and other content can again be downloaded even at the cost of considerable effort, then the loss of contacts can not only interrupt communication, but also make adjustments (sometimes with very serious negative consequences) in the business part of life). And in the case of the telephone book, the telephone book disappears as a result of a banal glitch of a phone or an ill.conceived backup, then resuscitation of information is still possible, but the loss/theft of the device reduces to zero the chances of restoration.

Backup backup and subsequent restoration

The first method is standard synchronization with the Google system:

  • We register on Google.COM account.
  • Open the item “Account”.
  • Having opened the Safety tab, in the indicated field we enter our phone number.

Now, in the case when the same fluffy animal loosens on the horizon, we act as follows:

  • We go to our account to Gmail (through the entry of the login and password).
  • Choose “Contacts” by clicking on the “menu” button. We find the field of import/export, put a checkmark in the @gmail field.COM “, then” Next “.
  • We note the item where to save the contacts (better “phone”).
  • Click “Next” (may “save contacts”):

The second method. Some manufacturers produce their own software that can be found on the official website. For example, Samsung offers for its phones and tablets an excellent Samsung Kies 2 program, which, in addition to creating backups, makes personal data management, messages, multimedia files, other. Among other things, using this software, you can view photos and videos stored on the phone, listen to music, t.D.

The program is installed on a computer with subsequent synchronization with Android apparatus. A detailed description and all the necessary actions are quite accessible to the office. site. Go to the site of the manufacturer of your apparatus, it is possible that you can also find a good offer there too.

The third way. It is possible that your contacts have not disappeared, and for some reason turned out to be hidden. Then you need:

  • Opening “contacts” on your smartphone, click “menu”.
  • In the list that appears, we stop the choice at the “Contact Filter” item.
  • In the menu that opens, put a checkmark opposite the “All Contacts” item.

We check, if the reason was precisely in this, then the phone book will again be displayed in full.

The fourth way. Some do not know that backup with subsequent recovery can be used using the possibilities of the phone itself. To do this, you need to find the “Safety” item in the smartphone settings menu, opening it, find the “Restoration and Reset” line, click and in the window opened, select “Copying Data” (if necessary, you need to open this item again and activate the saved data).

Important! Do not forget to periodically make a backup of any of the described methods, this will be a reliable guarantee that all numbers will not disappear irretrievably from your phone book, and you can return them to the place in a couple of minutes.

Contact restoration using a special application

This option is the ability to reanimate the phone book if backup copies were not created in advance. As a rule, for the use of such applications, Root rights (superpoler) will be required). Because in this case you will have to deal with system files, even hidden.

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So, to use this option, you will need:

  • Personal Computer.
  • Host or OTG cable (with a USB connector at one end and micro-es-bi on the other) used to connect a smartphone to PC.
  • Roused Android device.

How to Backup and Restore Phone Contacts | Hindi 2022

Step by step and in all details we have already described this method in a parallel topic on the restoration of the lost photos. The applications mentioned in it restore not only photo files, but also contacts. Therefore, with a clear conscience (so as not to repeat), I redirect you here with the best wishes of all sorts of successes.

And do not forget that we will always be happy to answer your questions, at the same time with appreciation we will perceive your wishes and the desire to share our own experience.

Contact recovery using phone settings

In Android, as mentioned earlier, the function of automatic data synchronization is provided, so that your contacts are stored in the cloud storage under the account. Even if you delete all the data from the phone, the contacts can be restored. But this is provided that the system was created by the backup!

  • Take your phone and open the Contacts tab.
  • Next, select “Additional Actions” and click “Restore contacts”.
  • Next, you will need to specify the approximate time when a copy of the data was created. For example, it can be half an hour ago, a day, a week, a month and so on.
  • Confirm the operation and select the place where the copy will be restored.

Through Google you can restore on the official website. To do this, you need:

  • Login on Contacts
  • Select the “” tab and save the file to your computer.
  • Then connect a mobile phone, throw off this file and indicate the path to it when restoring in the smartphone settings.

Easeus mobisaver for android

In this method, we are already talking about a program for computers. To use it, you will need to install a Root-right smartphone. With its help, you can restore almost any information from Android devices without using backups.

Instructions for restoring contacts using this program are as follows:

First you need to configure a smartphone. After receiving a Root-right, you will have to enable the “USB debugging mode”. Go to “Settings”.

Select “For Developers”.

In it, switch the parameter “USB debugging mode” to the “enable” state.

Now connect the smartphone to the PC using a USB cable.

Launch the Easeus Mobisaver program on the computer.

A notification will be displayed on the smartphone that the application is trying to get the rights of the user. You must allow him to get them.

The process of obtaining user rights can take a few seconds. After that, automatic scan of the smartphone for residual files will begin.

When the process ends, you will be invited to restore the found files. In the left.hand menu of the program, go to the Contacts tab and mark it all the contacts you are interested in there.

restore, contacts, android, reset

Click on “Recover”. The recovery process will begin.

Using the methods considered above, you can make the restoration of remote contacts. However, if you do not have a backup of their backup on the device or in the Google account, then you can only count on the last method.