Step-by-step instructions, how to restore call history on the phone android

On the Internet you can find many programs whose developers promise to fully restore call history on your smartphone. This is a profitable cell application, because the owners of gadgets often face a problem when urgently need to find a phone number from the call list.

IMPORTANT ! Chances of restoring call history are extremely small. In rare cases, it is possible to restore only part of remote numbers.

In this material we will try to return the lost numbers, and also learn how to avoid their loss. You will learn whether it is possible to ask the details of the mobile operator, and is there meaning.

What can you recover from Android device

Just connect your Android device to the PC with the DataKit Android Data Recovery installed, you can scan and restore all kinds of files you want to get, including:

Restore any data on Android

Call log recovery with my Android phone

If you use Android phone. Then there is a possibility that there is no such service on your phone as iCloud on the iPhone. Thus, your phone will not automatically back up the call log on the server. So this will only give you one decision. That is, use Android data recovery to recover data directly from your phone.

In fact, there are two more ways for both iPhone and for android. Some applications on your device, such as. can always upload your call log on your server with or without consent. So you can try happiness on this site. Secondly, some of your cellular service providers such as Verizon may have saved part of your call history, you can also ask them for help.

Buy recovery of phone call history now!

Restore remote call history, photos, Whatsapp, SMS, contacts and more with iPhone or Android phone.

Instructions for recovering remote history of calls on Android

Now let’s start the recovery process. Follow the simple textbook to learn how, for example, to restore the remote call log on Samsung.

Step 1 You need to download Android data recovery (check the link specified above), then install it and run it on your PC or Mac. Select Android Data Recovery Then you will be in the intees reporting that you need to connect your device to a computer. Connect it via USB cable.

Step 2 Click OK in the pop-up window to allow the detection of your device using the program and enable USB debugging mode on your Android device. If the window is not displayed, turn off the device and install it again. But make sure your phone is in USB debug mode.

Follow these steps to enable USB debug mode if you have not yet done.

For Android 2.3 or older: Go to Settings. Applications. Development. USB debugging. For Android 3.0-4.1: Go to Settings. Development parameters. USB debugging. For Android 4.2 or newer: Go to “Settings”. “About phone”. Click the “Assembly” number in about 7 until the message “You are developer” appears. “Debug. USB debugging “.

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Step 3 You will see an inteeis where you will choose which type of data you are going to get. Check call logs and then click Next.

Step 4 When a message appears with a query, you need to click Allow / Grant / Authorit. Click repeat if the message does not appear on the screen of your phone. This will allow the program to scan your device and, of course, proceed to scan.

Step 5 You will see the preview of your lost challenges logs. So select the items you want to restore. Click Recover To save them on your computer. The resulting call history will be saved as HTML file.

And it is done. You have already restored your remote call logs.

Step-by-step action

To find a telephone number that for some reason has been erased from the memory of the mobile phone, you need to use the Super Backup Pro program.

  • Install the service in your phone;
  • Run it;
  • On the main page, a window will appear with possible actions, select “Bacup” and go to “Call Backup” item;
  • Confirm the selection;
  • After that, the information window will appear, where the path to which the recovered calls will be stored.
  • Click “OK”.

And now, acting in the same way, you can restore the phone book.

Restore remote audio files on Android (internal storage and SD card)

Android Data Recovery must be your best sound recovery software, with which you can restore lost data on Android without expert skills. There is also a free version with which you can restore lost contacts and find the call history, in addition, secure access to your Android device is also a free access function. To successfully restore audio files from Android phones you need to first update it to Android Data Recovery Pro version.

  • Restoring remote text content with Android, including text messages, contacts, call history, etc. D.
  • Remove lost media content from shot pictures, video recordings, WhatsApp and much more.
  • Backup Android data on a computer while saving original files.
  • Correction and backup of the broken hanging android phone only on Windows.
  • Get the backup service and restore Android data on Windows and Mac.
  • Restore data from internal memory and SD card on Android phone.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS X 10.7 or newer (MacOS Big Sur).

So Android Data Recovery. This is not only a tool that can help you return remote audio files back to the Android phone, but also your reliable Data Defender Android. Just feel free to transmit your Android’s safety in the data recovery program on Android.

How to restore remote audio file with Android

No need to access sound recovery using backup files, you just need to prepare a USB cable. In fact, deleted files still exist in your Android phone in an invisible state. The main job that Android data recovery tool. Restoring remote audio files from Android phone and prevent their overwriting.

Step 1. Connect Android to a computer to restore sound

Download Android Data Recovery software on your computer with Windows or Mac by clicking the Buy Now »icon on the Aiseesoft website. Or you can click the “Free Download for Win / Mac” button below to update it later. Use a USB cable to connect Android to a computer. The Troubleshooting window will appear in which you will be invited to confirm on Android.

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Open your Android phone, you will see the “Allow debug by USB” window. Mark “Always resolve from this computer” and click “OK” to establish a connection between Android and Computer. If you failed to confirm on Android, disconnect the USB cable and connect it again to repeat the attempt. Or to accept a request manually, open the “Settings”, find the “About program” option, click the “Assembly number” 7 times. Return to “Settings” and click Developer Settings, uncheck the USB debug mode checkbox and turn it on again to find out if you can connect Android to a computer to restore remote sound. Or maybe your USB cable is to blame, if necessary, replace the cable to the new.

USB device is not recognized? Check this message to fix it!

Step 2. Select the audio file type to restore on Android

There is a menu in which you can select file types for recovery, check “Audio” in the “Media” category. You can rely on it to restore deleted photos, contacts, messages, attachments to messages, call logs, WhatsApp, attachments WhatsApp, gallery, image library, video, audio and documents. Select a specific file type that you want to restore, and then click the “Next” button in the lower right corner to continue. Android Data Recovery software scans your Android device with a specific file type that you choose.

Step 3. Restore remote audio files on the phone android

Select “Audio” in the list “Multimedia”, and then you can see all the audio files that existed in your Android before displaying. This means that remote audio files and your existing audio collections will be mixed together. To quickly find a remote sound, you can enable “Display only deleted items” at the top of the right pane to access only remote sound fragments. Select a specific audio file and click “Restore” to selectively restore remote audio files from the Android or SD card phone memory.

People who installed Android Data Recovery on PC with Windows are lucky to access existing data in the “Extraction of broken android data”. This allows users to click the Start button to recover data from damaged Android tablets.

Windows users have another unique feature. “Backup and restore Android”. You can easily create backup copies of all important Android data, and then restore remote audio files and other data types from the backup easier than before.

How to restore the remote call log on the iPhone

For iPhone users, the remote call log is also a simple task with the recovery of iPhone data, there are three recovery modes that provide you with the ability to recover your files. You can recover data from iOS devices or from iTunes backup file and even restore the iCloud backup file. In this case, you must select recovery from iOS devices to get a remote call log. Meanwhile, it supports multiple devices, including any iPhone, iPad and iPod, and you can restore various data as you want. The most important thing is that this is a reliable software that can guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data. Just download this wonderful software and start recovering the remote call log on your iPhone.

Step 1. Download iPhone data recovery

Open the official website on your computer to first download iPhone Data Recovery. Then install it in accordance with the necessary instructions.

Run the application on your computer, there are three modes that you can recover your files. Now you need to choose the first method called “Restore from the iOS device”. You can see the inteeis that requires connecting your iPhone to a computer first. Now you must connect the iPhone to a computer via a USB cable.

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When your device is connected to a computer, the program will automatically detect your device. Click “Start Scanning” after detection to start scanning your iPhone. If you are using iPhone 4 / 3GS, you must first download the plug-in and perform the specified actions to enter the scan mode.

When this software completes scanning, it will display all your backups and deleted files in the intees. If you want to find out detailed file information, you can choose it from the list on the left.

Step 5. Start searching for a remote challenge log

Now you can select the desired call logs, and then click the “Restore” button to restore the remote call log. Then select destination to save these recovered files on your computer. Click “Restore” to start the process. You can also rely on it to restore remote notes on the iPhone.

Two applications that we mentioned in this article are the best ways to restore lost data on your devices. With this powerful software android and iPhone users can extract the remote call log in a simple way. I hope you can get something useful in this article. If you have other thoughts or you want to learn more details, share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to remove recording conversations

There are hundreds of ways to lose records from the phone. Sometimes it is an intentional deletion, but later you understand that you need records, but in most cases it is unintentionally.

In general, there are common ways to lose recording conversations. And their knowledge helps prevent similar circumstances in the future.

  • Installing a fraudulent third-party application that has access to phone records, which leads to damage.
  • Restoring Android factory settings without taking into account that this action will erase your records from the phone.
  • Availability of viruses on your smartphone.
  • Interrupt android update due to device battery discharge.
  • Error formatting your smartphone.
  • Accidental actual removal of telephone conversations.

Steps to restore deleted phone calls with Android

Step 1. Connect Android to a computer

Load and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. Use a USB cable to connect Android mobile phone to a computer. Return to your Android phone, open the “USB debug” and click “OK”.

Step 2. Restore remote call logs with Android

Select “Call Logs”. You can see the whole history of calls that existed on your Android phone before. Turn on the “Display only deleted items” button to access the history of remote calls only from the Android tablet. Check the items and click “Restore” to restore call log with Android. Set destination to output recovered call log logs.

Select “Messages”, you can get the recovery SMS on the phone Android directly.

For Windows users broken Android phones can also be successfully removed. In addition, you can also use backup or recovery services with one click.