Installing Google services manually

For users of Huawei Honor smartphones there is an additional (native) version of convenient services.

Before installing Google Play services on your phone, you need to confirm the installation of third-party programs in the device settings. The required option is in the “Security” section. Then it remains to open the APK file and press the coveted “Install” button, after which the Google applications will appear on the desktop.

Via Open Gapps Manager

For ease of installation on the Android Play Market and other Google services, the Open Gapps Manager (OGM) application is provided. It needs to be downloaded and installed on the phone via the APK file.

This program makes it easy to figure out how to install Google services on Android. But if difficulties arise in the process, an instruction will come to the rescue:

  • Open the OGM app.
  • Select processor architecture (automatically detected).
  • Specify Android version.
  • Check the package option “Stock”.
  • Click the Download button.

After downloading the package, click on “Install”, confirming the use of administrator rights. As soon as the specified actions are completed, the phone will reboot and the next time it is turned on, the system will automatically prompt you to enter your Google account information.

Installing Google Play on Honor and Huawei smartphones

On Honor and Huawei, the problem with how to install Google services arises for a different reason than on Xiaomi or Meizu. The devices of this Chinese company are simply not certified by Google due to problems with sanctions, and therefore it will not work to install Google Play services on Android in a standard way.

How to install Google services on Huawei and Honor

Popular models such as Honor 9A, Honor 9C, Honor 30i, Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Lite are shipped without Google services due to Google breaking the contract.

To install GApps on these and other smartphones, you must follow the instructions, but it is possible that even it will not help roll out Google Mobile Services due to the American company’s policy towards Huawei:

  • Download and install MicroG on your phone.
  • Through MicroG, log into your Google account and make sure that it appears in the device settings.
  • Download and Install GAM Fixed.
  • Remove MicroG (required).
  • Install Google applications one by one: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. All files are uploaded to Yandex Drive and do not contain anything dangerous.

After installing Google Market services on your P40, P40 Lite or another Huawei smartphone, you do not need to re-authorize. If problems arise in the process, it is recommended to roll back the smartphone firmware to an earlier version. You can also try to use the files for “Treatment”: 1. 2. 3.

Manually via Recovery

If you cannot install the Google Play service using the standard smartphone interface, you can try to perform the operation using the engineering menu (recovery). To do this, you need to upload the installation file to the device memory, and then turn off the phone.

Next, you need to go to Recovery. Depending on the smartphone, a certain key combination is used:

  • volume down power supply;
  • volume up power supply;
  • volume up and down;
  • volume up down power supply.

If everything is done correctly, the engineering menu in English will appear on the screen. Here you need to select the “Install zip from sdcard” item, specify the path to the previously downloaded file and click the “Install” button. Next, it will remain to reboot the phone, and Play Store will appear on the main screen.

ways to install Google Services on any Chinese Android smartphone (Huawei Honor, Xiaomi, Meizu)

Today it is impossible to imagine an Android smartphone without Google services. GApps is preinstalled even on Chinese devices, otherwise the owner will not be able to download popular applications such as YouTube or Instagram. But it happens that the user receives a phone with firmware for the Chinese market, and then he has to figure out how to install Google Play.

The problem with the lack of GApps is not new, and therefore there are several proven ways to put Google services on a phone with Chinese firmware. The problem is solved in a few steps and all that remains is to choose the most suitable installation option through a computer or without it.

After that, it remains to click the “Download” button opposite the services page, and then it will be possible to install Google services without a PC. The Play Store will appear on the desktop, as well as other applications of the American company.

How to use Huawei and Honor without Google Play

And if the situation is more or less cleared up with how to install applications without Google Play on Huawei, then a problem may arise with the accounts. The point is that some applications (like WhatsApp) use Google Drive to download the backup. Therefore, you will have to restore this and other accounts differently:

  • Download and Install Huawei Phone Clone on your old smartphone.
  • Launch the application on a new device and select the type of device (Huawei, Android, iPhone).
  • Scan QR code from old phone screen.
  • Disconnect the Internet on the previous device and connect to the local network of the new device.
  • On the old gadget, select the information to transfer.

Now app accounts using Google Drive for data storage will be fully transferred to Huawei Honor, Meizu, Xiaomi or any other Chinese smartphone running on Android. https: // / wp-content / uploads / 2020/11 / kak_ustanovit_google_servisy_na_telefon_kitajskij.jpg 2021-02-07T16: 16: 2906: 00 Alexander Smartphones google play, huawei, meizu, Xiaomi, applications, smartphones Today it is impossible to imagine a smartphone on Android without Google services GApps is pre-installed even on Chinese devices, otherwise the owner will not be able to download popular applications such as YouTube or Instagram. But it happens that the user gets a phone with firmware for the Chinese market, and then he has to figure out how to install Google Play. Problem. Alexander Alexander Administrator Reviews of smartphones and Internet services

Fast scan

For starters, you can try doing a Quick Scan. After all, it goes faster and preserves the directory tree (structure of folders and files). Wait for the scan to finish.

As a result, the program will display all the files that can be recovered. The red cross marks those that are deleted.

In the preview window, you can preview the recovered photos or videos. Transfer the necessary ones to the “Recovery list” window and click the “Recover” button.

Select the required file saving method and folder, and click “Restore“.

Click the “Restore” button and the files will be saved to the specified folder.

Data Recovery from Huawei Phone

The reason for the loss of photos or videos from a mobile device can be: intentional or accidental formatting of the memory card, virus infection, improper operation of programs, failure, cleaning memory in order to free up space.

Mobile phones or smartphones store their data in two ways: in the built-in memory of the device or on a memory card.

Deep Scan

If the program, for some reason, does not find the required deleted file on the scanned memory card, then:

Click on the Deep Analysis function. Using deep analysis, the program will search for deleted photos and videos by signatures, that is, by the contents of the files.

This is a more complex and time-consuming process than Quick Scan. Therefore, it will take longer. But, if the reason for the loss of your data is not a simple deletion, but the formatting or failure of the memory card, then this method will be more effective.

The process of saving the files detected by the “Deep analysis” is the same as with the “Quick scan”.

Huawei phone data recovery

Data Recovery in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Recover data from internal storage of Huawei phone

There are enough applications in the Play Market to recover photos or videos from the internal memory of an Android device. But, they all require Root-rights (or Super-user rights) for their work. Because of this, many difficulties arise: the need to root the device and enable USB debugging, which is carefully hidden by the developers.

Some applications provide the ability to recover data from the internal memory of devices without Root rights (or Super User rights). But the quality of data recovery with their help will be much lower.

Recovering data from a memory card

If your data was stored on a memory card, then:

Remove the memory card from your device and connect it to your computer or laptop using a card reader.

Note. In some cases, you can use a smartphone or tablet connected by cable as a card reader. But keep in mind that data recovery programs cannot always see the memory card connected to the computer in this way. There are reasons for this.

After the memory card is displayed in the This PC folder, start Hetman Partition Recovery. The program will automatically scan the PC and display all connected hard drives and removable media, physical and local drives.

Find the right one among them. that is, your memory card. Click on it and select the type of analysis.


We will be happy to answer your questions!

If you have any questions about recovering data from a Huawei phone, from the internal memory of the device or a memory card, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.!

Hello, phone mate 20 pro Global version. After installing Android 10, the music folder disappeared. You can find it by opening the Manager-Cleaning-Special cleaning. There, the audio section contains all the music, but there you can only delete it, you can’t even play it. Tell me how this could happen?

Huawei EMUİ 9.1 AppAssistant deleted | Recover System Apps |without install apk | How to recover it?

Please tell me, on the huawei p30 phone, all the notes themselves have deleted, how to restore them??

Mate 10, the standard notes have been deleted on the screen, I can not find it. Can be restored along with data?

Hello Huawei p Smart z, after updating the system, contacts are not found in the address book through the search, how to fix this?

Hello! This is the problem that arose. I had an Honor 9. There were a lot of videos and photos on my phone. I was going to rewrite them. The memory was full. I turned off the phone, then turned it on, and emui popped up to me. And four options are either download the latest version and restore, or delete the second item, or reboot, or turn it off. I tried to reboot. The phone did not want to reboot. Then I clicked on the first item, but my phone was in the socket, and then I pulled it out. And the screen wrote an error to me. In short, it looks like something has gone astray. He turned on. But there are no dictaphone records, there are fewer photos of the enemy and there are only two videos in general. There were many of them. I don’t know what to do. They say that you can restore, but again you need to have time to try to restore everything no longer than a month. After all, they say that then a month will pass and nothing will be restored. And now the coronavirus is wandering and it is not known how long it will last. And I have no one to turn to. Hardly anyone is working in connection with such a situation. I don’t even know what to do. Maybe you need to restore or restart the phone again? And in general, can I pull out the SIM card and not use it for a while? And can it be restored later than a month?

You can restore it using a special application from the Play Market. Remember you activated the Google Photos application? If yes, then all videos and photos are uploaded to the application, that is, from any PC you go to Google using your account and go to the Google Photos service.

Hi, let’s take my situation. Half a year ago I drowned the mate 20 lite, there were a lot of important programs for me, photos, banks. These half a year later I bought the same phone in the hope that I would return everything by stitching it into my account. But no, you can’t?

How to Recover App on Huawei and Honor Phone after Deleting

Basically, the installation of software on smartphones is carried out through standard markets. IPhones provide the AppStore service, Android Google Play, and Huawei phones, in addition to Google, use AppGallery. With their help, you can easily delete, download or return programs.

Of course, if you downloaded the APK file from the Internet from a third-party resource, then there may be problems with recovery. In this case, you can only remember the name or see the history of visits in the browser (if you downloaded the software recently). Or go to the downloads section. To do this, launch the browser, go to the menu and select the “Downloaded files” tab.

Via Play Market

  • Open the Play Market first.
  • Then, on the main page, click on the image of the three stripes. This will bring up an additional menu. You can also use a swipe by swiping your finger from the left side of the screen to the center.
  • Go to the first tab where it says “My Apps & Games”.
  • Sections will be presented at the top. We need the one on the far right. Use a swipe to go to the “Library”.
  • A complete list of previously installed programs will be presented here. Scroll through the list and find the program you want to restore. Let’s say you want to bring back the Opera browser. Click on it in the list and in the window that opens, click on the “Install” button.

Thus, you can easily return any software to the device if it was installed from the Play Store. But, there is also a second way.

How to restore apps on Huawei and Honor smartphones after uninstalling

In fact, downloading a deleted application again is not difficult. But what if you forgot the name of the program? Smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer support not only the Play Market, but also its own AppGallery market. With the help of these services, you can return any software back. Consider How to Recover Deleted Apps on Honor and Huawei Phone.

With AppGallery

  • Smart selection. The service demonstrates to the user only useful and highly rated programs.
  • A system of discounts is provided. Users can get special coupons, activate VIP status.
  • Four-level protection works. The service quickly detects dangerous activity, independently checks the confidentiality of information and finds security vulnerabilities. All available software is tested and protected from viruses.
  • Launch AppGallery.
  • In the lower pane, click on the “Me” tab. This will open the profile page.
  • Go to the section “Purchase history”.
  • The list will contain all the software that you once installed from the service.
  • Find the name you want and click on the install button.

As you can see, the procedure is quite simple and does not require downloading special recovery utilities. After all, for example, you can return lost files from a PC only through the utility, and on the phone you only need to go to a special section and see what programs were installed on the system.

Retrieve Files on Huawei Phone

Selena Comez Updated on April 23, 2020

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Huawei P20? I deleted photos on my Huawei P20 smartphone, these photos are very important to me, does any Android data recovery software help me to recover deleted photos on Huawei P20?

How to Recover Lost Contacts and SMS on Huawei Mate 20? Yesterday I am trying to root my Huawei phone, so I use Huawei HiSuite to back up contacts, messages, photos and videos from my phone to my computer, I don’t know what happened, all contacts and text messages are lost, how to recover missing phone numbers and text messages from Huawei phone?

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Huawei P30? I have never copied WhatsApp messages, how can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Huawei phone?

HUAWEI has been an active and well-known brand in the smartphone industry in the past two years, HUAWEI smartphones are becoming more and more popular, especially Huawei Mate 20, Mate 10 and P30, P20, P10, P9, etc.

Nowadays, more and more mobile users are changing their vision to Huawei phones. Huawei phones have been stable in the millions every year and seem to be trending towards the growth of Huawei phones in the mobile market. Data loss is a common problem experienced by most mobile phone users these days. Most users may feel helpless when they lose their important files on Huawei phones. They ask if it is possible to recover lost and deleted data from Huawei phones even if they have no backup.This article explains three effective methods to recover deleted data from Huawei phone.

Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Huawei Phone with HUAWEI Data Recovery Software

Need HUAWEI Data Recovery software to recover deleted data on Huawei phone? Android Data Recovery is a useful program that offers you the easiest and most convenient way to recover deleted and lost data from Huawei phones without affecting the current data on the device. It is the most reliable data recovery software I have tried. Android Data Recovery, a program that can recover all types of files that you accidentally deleted or deleted, or those that are missing due to accidents with Huawei phones, a broken device, submerged in water, get a virus or crash the system. Data including contacts, SMS, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp messages, notes and document. HUAWEI P40 / P40 Pro / P40 Pro Premium, Huawei P30 / P30 Pro, Huawei P20 / P20 Pro, Huawei Mate 20/10 (Pro), Hua Honor P9, Honor P8, Honor 5X, Honor 6, Honor 6 Plus, Honor 3X Honor 4X and other Huawei models are applicable with Android Data Recovery.

Recover Lost Data on Huawei Phone from HUAWEI Cloud Backups

If you have backed up data through the official HUAWEI backup app before, please follow this guide to restore data on Huawei phone from cloud backups.

Open the Backup app on your home screen and click the Restore option.

Select the backup history you created earlier and click Next.

Enter the password to log into your Huawei Cloud account, then select the data you want to recover to your Huawei phone. Tips. You can choose a location to restore backed up data from videos, photos, audio, contacts, messages, call log, documents, apps and other places.

Just click “Start Recovery” Start to recover selected data on your Huawei phone.

Note: The HUAWEI Cloud backup service has not been completed yet. Currently, only the latest version of Huawei mobile phone is supported. When creating a backup, follow the on-screen instructions for the backup function on your phone. The data will be supported in different formats due to the backup process for different brands of mobile phones. If backup and restore fails, check your phone. If you are looking for a safer way to back up your Android phone, check out this guide on how to backup and restore your Android data safely.

Recover Lost Data to Huawei Phone from HUAWEI HiSuite Backups

If you have used Huawei HiSuite To back up your phone, follow these easy steps to recover data on Huawei phone with Huawei HiSuite.

Launch HiSuite and connect your Huawei phone to PC. After launching HUAWEI HiSuite on computer and then using USB cable to connect Huawei phone to computer, it will detect your phone immediately. Then click “Recover” to access the recovery interface.

Select the data to restore At this step, you can view your entire backup history, select the data you want to restore and click “Restore” to start restoring the selected data on your phone.

Restore App Settings in HUAWEI P20 / P30 – How to Reset App Preferences

When you get the data back to your Huawei phone, please click on “Completed” and disconnect the phone.

Tips: If you’ve never backed up your data via Huawei Cloud or Huawei HiSuite, or can’t find the backup you made before. Don’t worry, you can use a third-party Huawei Data Recovery To recover deleted and lost data from Huawei phone without backup, please see below Huawei data recovery solution.

recover lost and deleted data to Huawei phone from backup

It is a good habit to back up your device regularly to protect your data, you can restore previous data no matter if your phone is broken, damaged, lost or stolen.

Most mobile phone manufacturers now offer their own data backup software or cloud backup services. For example, Apple provides iTunes (a local backup application) and iCloud (a cloud-based backup service); Samsung provides backup for Samsung Kies, Samsung Switch and Samsung Cloud; and Huawei also offers a local backup app for Huawei phone. Hisuite and cloud backup service. HUAWEI Mobile Cloud.

If you have backed up data from Huawei phone to local computer or Huawei Cloud before, you can easily restore the backup and get the deleted data back to Huawei phone, no matter if it was lost or deleted by accident. Let’s show you how to recover data from Huawei Cloud backups and how to recover data to Huawei phone from HiSuite backups.

How to Recover Deleted Data from Huawei Phone without Backup

Launch Android Huawei Data Recovery and connect your Huawei phone to your computer. Download, install and run Android Data Recovery on your computer. You will see three main features: “Android Data Recovery”, “Android Data Backup & Restore” and “Android Corrupted Data Extraction”.

Android Data Recovery: Recover Deleted and Lost Data from Android Phones / Sheets.

Android Data Backup & Restore: Backup & Restore Data on Android Devices.

Broken Android Data Extraction: Fix Broken / Locked Android in Normal Mode and Extract Data from Broken / Damaged Samsung Phones.

To recover deleted files from Huawei mobile phone, please enter “Android Data Recovery” function.

Launch it and connect your Huawei phone to your computer with a USB cable. As soon as you connect your phone to your computer, the application will detect it and display it in the main window.

Enable USB Debugging on Huawei Phone To enable USB Debugging, let the program enable USB Debugging on the device. You can find suitable ones according to your Android OS. details are included in this guide: How to enable USB debugging on an Android device.

1) For Android 4.2 or newer: go to “Settings” click “About phone” click “Build number” several times until you see the note “You are in developer mode” back to “Settings” click “Developer options”. Check “USB debugging” 2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: go to “Settings” click “Developer options” check the “USB debugging” checkbox. 3) For Android 2.3 or earlier: go to “Settings” click “Applications” click “Development” check the “USB debugging” checkbox. 4) For Android 5.0 or newer: Tap Settings About Phone to tap Build Number seven times for You’re a developer now! signal. Then go to Settings Developer Options to enable USB Debugging.

Select file types to scan Here you can select different types of files to scan. If you have lost almost all types of Huawei data, you can click Select All to scan all of your phone’s data. Here you can choose a filename to go to the next step, including Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos, WhatsApp Messages, Call Logs and Documents.

Root Phone for Deep Scan (Option) When you see the screenshot below, the software tells you, “Your phone is not rooted, so we cannot continue with deep scanning, which can scan more data than a regular scan. Click Normal Scan to continue or Root Tools for rooting recommendations. “.

This means the software is asking if you need to root the phone as Huawei deep scanning requires root permission. If you want to root your device to deep scan more deleted data, click Advanced Root and download an Android root tool called KingoRoot This tool is recommended by our professional experts to help you root your Android device quickly and securely.

If you want to know more about the root process, check out our article on How to Root and Root an Android Device Using KingoRoot. After recovering deleted or lost data from your Android device, you can restore it to its original state.

Once you get root access, it will initiate a deep scan of your device. The process will take a few minutes (approximately 15 minutes). Keep the connection between Huawei Android phone and computer while it is working.

Allows you to scan and analyze your Huawei phone After the program detects your device, the following window will appear on your device. Click “Allow” so the program can scan your Huawei phone for files.

View and Recover Deleted Files from Huawei Phone When it finishes scanning, you will see all recoverable data files shown in the main window. You can search for the data you want to recover one by one. Or select all. The selected data will be restored and saved on the computer.

Download Android Data Recovery and start recovering deleted and lost data from Huawei phone.

Warm Tips: If you want to import received contacts, messages and more to your Huawei phone again, you can use this Android Manager tool to transfer files from PC / Mac to Android devices easily. How to Import Files to Huawei Phone

By setting a password

In older versions of the EMUI shell, you could hide applications in the corresponding section of the “Security and Privacy” section. Now this feature has been removed, but users can put a lock code on certain programs. For this you need:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select the section “Security and privacy”.
  • Select subsection “Blocking”.
  • Enter unlock code.
  • Select a program and drag the slider to the “On” position.

Now, each time you start this application, you will need to enter a code that only the owner of the phone knows.


  • Launcher Android
  • App to hide Android app
  • Hider App
restore, huawei
  • Android app lock app
  • Storage
  • App lock features built into apps
  • Storage

    A free app called Vault lets you hide photos, videos, messages and apps with a password. After installation, grant permissions and follow the instructions of the setup wizard. Enter your password and confirm it.

    Now select the App Lock option and select the apps you want to password protect. Then select the Lock option. Then select the Basic App Lock option and click Ok. Then set up administrator rights for the application to work correctly.

    You are finished. The apps you selected will be blocked correctly. When you open it, you will see Vault “intrude” by asking you to enter the PIN that you configured.

    Through phone settings. without root rights

    The above method removes the downloaded program from the main panel only. To restrict access to it, it is really possible to set a password in this way:

    Modern versions of phones that are equipped with fingerprint scanners allow you to lock not only a pin, but also a fingerprint scan, in some cases even Face ID (photo unlocking) is available on the user’s face. It is unreliable only in one respect. your close relatives, who are very similar to you, can access the utility if the system considers that this is the same person.

    Now, each time you start this application, you will need to enter a code that only the owner of the phone knows.

    Practical methods for hiding programs and games from the desktop on Honor and Huawei phones running EMUI or Magic UI.

    Through the application menu

    This method allows you to disable only some of the pre-installed services. The icon will disappear from the screen, but the program itself will be stored in the phone’s memory and can be turned on again if desired. The procedure is as follows:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select the section “Applications”.
    • On the page that opens, select a service.
    • A window with information about the program will open,
    • Press the “Disable” button, if any.

    Ready! Now you can return to the desktop with icons and check if the program is gone.

    Apex launcher

    Open the program, and there, guided by the menu, select the necessary parameters:

    • hide or remove icons;
    • change them;
    • block apps.

    How to install the app on Honor

    Often, owners of Honor smartphones can face a number of difficulties when using the device. For example, when installing applications. Although, as practice shows, it is very easy to accomplish what you want using one of the methods.

    Installing applications through the Play Market

    This method is characterized by maximum convenience and ease of implementation. Play Market is a standard application and is included in the smartphone by default. To install applications on Honor using the Play Market, the user will need:

    • access to the Internet;
    • mail with username and password registered in the service.

    If you do not have a mailbox, you should register.

    When you have access to the Internet and e-mail, you can proceed to the procedure for installing applications on Honor.

    • After selecting the application, click on the “Install” button.
    • The download will start and then the app will automatically install.
    • At the last stage, you can open the application by clicking the corresponding button.

    The method of installing applications on Honor using the Play Market is the safest and most reliable, since all applications are moderated and verified by the administration.

    Installing third-party applications via File Explorer

    Situations arise when the desired application is not in the Play Market, what should the user do then? In this case, you can use the application search in the smartphone browser. Any Android application has the.APK extension. You must take this into account when downloading the application from the browser to the Honor device.

    This method of installing applications on Honor is also convenient, since there is always access to the downloaded file, which is very easy to find. The scheme of actions is as follows:

    • You should find “Files” in the phone menu, press.
    • Next, you need to go to “Downloads and Favorites”.
    • Click on “Downloads” if the file was downloaded using the built-in browser.
    • All downloaded and third-party applications can be seen here.
    • You need to select the application you want to install.
    • Click on it.
    • Click on the “Install” button.
    • After the installation is complete, you can open the application by clicking on the “Open” button.

    It should be remembered that when installing games, you also need to install the attached cache, which is an archive with game materials.

    There are other ways to install apps on Honor. For example, these include the method of installing applications through a computer. But the most popular methods are those described above: installation via the Play Market or Explorer on an Honor device.:

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