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Complete guide to the (hard) rebooting of the Samsung Galaxy phone

Not often, but it happens that the smartphone “freezes”, that is, it ceases to respond to pressing the touch screen or buttons. This is a failure in work that needs to be eliminated. The most effective and simple solution in this situation is to restart the smartphone’s operating system (or as they say “restart”, “overload”). Most often, this malfunction is caused by the failure of the “work” of some application, and the rebooting of the phone manages to restore its performance.

But this may be a breakdown of the smartphone itself as a result of a fall or moisture falling inside the case. In this case, with obvious external manifestations of this defect, you need to contact the service center and entrust its restoration to specialists. They will be able to identify a malfunction and repair it, if possible.

How to reboot Samsung Galaxy if you hang, we use two buttons:

If the phone is hung and does not respond to touch on the screen, then you can try to restart it with a rather old but time-tested way by squeezing 2 buttons.

How To Fix Hang Problem Samsung Galaxy A31 100% idq1009.official instruction how to restart the Samsung Galaxy phone in a simple way:

  • You need to squeeze 2 buttons. this is the “VKL/Off” button and the swing “volume reduction”, hold them together for at least 10 seconds.
  • Wait for the phone to come to his senses and the Samsung company logo will appear after which the normal load will begin.

This is a very simple but effective way that will allow you to use the phone further until the next freezing. If you want to get rid of this ailment, then you should read the article further.

Samsung phone hung. how to restart with a complete reset of settings

In the process of the gadget, a system failure can occur, which will lead to a complete freezing of the device. This problem arises is especially acute for smartphones with an inconspicuous battery, it is impossible to turn off them. In this situation, experienced experts recommend reset the gadget settings during rebooting. This procedure involves the implementation of simple actions:

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  • Squeeze the power button and reduce the volume at the same time and hold for 10 seconds. The phone will go into rebooting and the “Recovery” menu will appear on the touchscreen.
  • Click on the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item (see. The drawing is higher). Switching to the “Recovery” menu items is carried out using the phone volume button up and down, respectively.
  • Confirm the action by pressing the power key. The process of resetting the settings of the gadget will begin, at the end of which it will be necessary to slip along the line “Reboot System Now” to restart the smartphone.
restart, samsung, phone, hanging


If there is access to the settings, you can discharge through the menu. For this:

Resetting the parameters of the Samsung mobile phone involves deleting user information from the device.

How to restart Samsung Galaxy if it depends

What to do if your smartphone or tablet is Samsung Galaxy, that is, does not answer the actions of the user? First of all, do not panic, the process of forced rebooting is very simple. There are several ways to restart the mobile device and now you will learn about them.

How to force Samsung Galaxy forcibly if it is equipped with a non.removable battery? Many modern phone models, including tablets, cannot boast of removable batteries and when the device freezes you cannot just take it out and insert it back. If you are in this situation, then follow the instructions:

  • Squeeze the “volume down”, “power” and “home” buttons at the same time.
  • Hold them until the screen goes out

    Insert your finger into a special neckline in the back of the nail

This usually happens with inexpensive models such as Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7, Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. But this trouble, unfortunately, does not bypass the owners of the flagship devices, such as, for example, Samsung Galaxy S6 (Galaxy S6 Edge), Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 (Galaxy S7 Edge).

But what causes freezing? First, we recommend that you make sure there is enough free space in the gadget’s memory. For stable operation of the operating system, at least 1 GB of accessible space on the internal drive is required. If this is not the point, then, perhaps, you will have to complete a full reset. The corresponding instruction is present on our website, so don’t worry.

How to restart samsung if it is hanging?

If the smartphone suddenly hangs or does not react the screen, then for rebooting you will have to use mechanical keys.

First of all, try the following combination: click on the keypads and reduction of sound at the same time, holding them until the display goes out. This can take about 10 seconds, in some cases. longer.

An important point: as soon as the display goes out, immediately remove the fingers from the keys so as not to download the additional mode (the same recovery or Odin mode). This applies to all the following options below.

The smartphone will be rebooted automatically.

If it did not help, use other options: either turning off the volume increase.

Either press and hold the shutdown button.

If your Samsung smartphone has a Home mechanical key, you can press and hold its switches and reduction of the sound before rebooting the smartphone.

And don’t forget to remove the fingers from the buttons when the screen goes out!

If your device is a removable battery on your device from Samsung, you can do it easier-remove it for 5-10 seconds and insert it back again.

If the load does not start, turn on the smartphone familiar the method. by pressing and holding the inclusion key.

How to force Android to renovate on Samsung

The method is suitable if you decide to drop dependent applications on the phone, without waiting for the system to free a sufficient amount of memory for their work.

Squeeze the power button and the speaker volume decrease key. If it is hung, you have to wait 5-7 seconds, holding the buttons in the pressed state.

When the phone gives a request for rebooting or turning off, select Reload. The screen will go out, then a message will be issued about the start of Android loading.

Notification panel

In newer versions of the Android operating system, the shutdown menu is available on the notifications panel. Pull the curtain twice so that the menu is completely open. Slide at the top button in the form of a power icon. From the emerging menu you need to select a reloading point, then confirm the action. The option is suitable if there are problems with mechanical buttons.

Sometimes malfunctions and errors occur in the system, so standard methods will not work. The manufacturer provided for the possibility of forcibly restart the device, even if Android does not react to anything. The method works in most cases.

At the same time, click the two mechanical buttons located on the right side of the case: power and volume reduction. Keep them in this position for 10 seconds, and the device will begin to restart. How to restart Samsung

Reloading a phone or tablet Samsung

There are several ways to restart the device. Some of them are suitable for all devices, while others are suitable for smartphones/tablets with a removable battery. Let’s start with a universal way.

This method of performing a rebut device is suitable for most Samsung devices.

    Take the hung device in your hands and clamp the keys “Volume Down” and “Nutrition”.

How to configure automatic restart

To correct systemic errors, it is recommended to periodically reboot the mobile device. this will help to avoid hanging in the future. The new versions of the Android OS provides for the possibility of automatic rebooting at a given time:

The smartphone will not be rebooted until the SIM card is used or the screen is active.

If all the recommendations are irrelevant for you, the last option remains. wait until the smartphone is discharged and automatically off. After that it can be turned on, and it must start working in normal mode.