How to restart a phone or tablet on Android?

Having sorted out how to choose a smartphone and acquiring a dream model, the user is probably the first to do the installation of programs and games. And when all the primary affairs are completed, it will not hurt to find out for the future several subtleties of the Android OS-at some stage they will help the owner of Asus, Lenovo or Samsung restart the device in extreme conditions. How to restart a phone or tablet. let’s try to figure it out.

If the smartphone does not completely depend, but some system applications function incorrectly (for example, the Play Market does not work), the easiest way to restart the device will use the physical inclusion/disconnection button. The main thing is not to overdo it, pressing too much on the key: it is better to hold it a little longer, but with less effort than to be pushed by an already fragile laying, and then carry the device for repair.

Reloading a smartphone in this way is easier than turning on safe android mode; The owner will need:

Important: before restarting the phone or tablet on Android, it is recommended to get out of open applications. otherwise the user data processed by them may not be preserved.

How to enable a smartphone or tablet

The following methods will help to launch the operating system:

  • Connection to a computer via USB port.
  • The usual launch of the system in the download mode of the download mode.
  • Restore restoration. recovery.
  • Reloading from fast loading mode. FASTBOOT.
  • Loading on an installed alarm clock.

As an example, the smartphone Motorola Razr M was used. In smartphones/tablets of other lines and manufacturers, some actions will differ. Therefore, one option should be tried alternately for finding a working solution.

Connection to a computer via USB port

Most smartphones and tablets when connecting to a computer automatically run the system. In this case, it may be necessary to install drivers from the official site of the manufacturer.

When connecting a network adapter, the device is only charged and does not allow loading the OS in most cases.

The usual launch of the system in the download mode of the download mode

Squeeze the volume increase button or decrease the volume or both volume buttons.

Without releasing the volume button, connect the USB cable connected to the computer. Or first connect the cable, and then click the volume buttons. The procedure is not fundamental. It is important to synchronize both actions.

In most cases, such a combination allows you to start the menu for choosing a loading mode. For example, in Motorola Razr M, just such a boot mode with several boot options is launched: Normal Powerup, Recovery, Ap Fastboot, Factoty and BP Tools.

As soon as the loading mode appears, keep the buttons not necessarily. At the same time, 5 seconds are assigned to make a decision, after which the program activates the selected option automatically. To save the menu for viewing available options, you should press the volume reduction button.

In this case, you should choose the option Normal Powerup. To confirm the action, click on the volume increase button. And then wait for the launch of the operating system.

As soon as the system begins to load the power cable, you can disconnect.

It is worth noting that connecting the phone to a network or portable charger, in my case did not work. Perhaps with another smartphone/tablet is a connection with a network charger or UMB.

Restore restoration. recovery

Another option to launch the system in boot mode is to use Recovery, that is, the recovery mode. over, in some devices, this mode is loaded by default.

Squeeze one or more volume buttons, then connect the USB cable.

When the boot menu appears, select the recovery loading option.

As soon as a picture with an inverted robot appears on the screen, at the same time click on both volume adjustment buttons to display the menu.

Leave the dedicated item Reboot System Now.

After 15-20 minutes, a reboot with the usual launch of the system will occur.

In my case, the restart did not occur even in an hour, which is guilty of the guilt of the old version of the system. If you have a custom recover custom, for example TWRP, just press the restart button and wait for the operating system to launch the operating system.

Reloading from fast loading mode. FASTBOOT

The last option for launching the system in boot mode is to go to Fastboot, that is, a quick boot mode.

restart, phone, button, android

Squeeze the volume buttons and connect the USB cable connected to the computer via USB.

In loading mode, select Fastboot launch options.

Connect the device to the computer via USB cable, then start the ADB Run utility.

In Adb Run, select the 2nd point Reboot Android. Press the key 2 on the keyboard, and then the Enter key.

In the next menu, select Point 7, then wait for the system loading.

At the time of loading the operating system, the USB cable can be disconnected.

Loading on an installed alarm clock

Some models of smartphones and tablets are automatically loaded when the alarm clock is triggered. At the same time, it is important to install an alarm clock with a cyclic repeat in advance.

How to reload Android correctly

There are no special difficulties in rebooting the smartphone, but there are a number of features:

  • Check open programs and close them. So the device will quickly restore the functionality of the programs.
  • If possible, do not include rebooting while the application is installed, other software.
  • Limited to update once every 1-2 months. Too frequent rebooting the smartphone is not needed.
restart, phone, button, android

Any time of action, as well as the inclusion of the device after rebooting. Do not think that if you do not turn on the smartphone immediately after starting the program, it will deteriorate.

Two active keys for rebooting a smartphone

How to turn on Android phone without button

One of the most difficult situations in which the user can be with his smartphone is when the Power button (“power”) works with malfunctions or generally refuses to respond to touch. In this case, there are very few options for turning on the phone, and all of them are difficult in their own way. In this manual, we present to your attention all the ways by which you can try to turn on your Android phone even with a broken “Turning/off” button.

This is the most encouraging script. Most smartphones are activated when we connect them to the power source and the battery level is shown.

Some manufacturers add a button for turning on the phone from the charging screen. Others make support of the function that automatically turns on the Android phone at once or some time after you connected it to the charger. What case will you get with specifically your model, this is a question of good luck. If this does not work, use the method presented slightly below.

note! If the phone battery is completely discharged, you will probably have to wait a while, while it charges to the minimum mark before the device shows any signs of life.

We translate the phone into Recovery Mode

You need to try to turn on the device through the recovery mode. But how to go into mode, you say, if for this, most androids use a combination of the button of the increase or decrease in sound, “homo” and inclusion, which actually does not work in our situation?

restart, phone, button, android

After these actions, the recovery should start. It can be stock (ordinary factory) or custom ( recovery menu).

If you have a stock recovery

As a rule, control in it is carried out by volume keys and the power button. The sensor does not work here. You must find the “Reboot” or “Reboot System Now” section in this menu, which means to reload the system.

Since the operation confirmation is made by the “Turn on/Turn off” button, which does not work, it will not work to restart the device immediately. But there is a way out. Under such circumstances, to confirm, you just need to choose this menu item and wait a few minutes, sometimes for more than 10 minutes, but the smartphone should restart.

If you have a custom recovery

The situation is much easier with the custom river. The fact is that such a menu usually supports the sensor work. Thus, you just need to press the Reboot button with your finger, the system will begin to restart and turn on the phone.

We use Fast Reboot utility

If the upper methods could not help you, then you can install a special application. There are quite a few applications on the Play Market that promise to replace the inclusion button. To search for the desired utility, enter the expression “Reload the phone without a button” into the store search. You will see a list of various programs. Most of them need a Root-right.

One of these programs is the Fast Reboot program. Already from its name, we understand that the essence of this program is a reboot of the phone on the Android system. The application simulates the restart of the OS. The utility first closes, and then opens the core with the user process. In Play, the market has both a free version of the program (has a limited integration) and a paid version (expanded functionality).

  • Activate the dump function during blocking with the deviation unlock;
  • Reload according to the plan. at the right hour, day, or period of time;
  • The user is given the opportunity to choose the processes closed during the restart.

The program has a widget installed on the screen. In addition, she has a button that allows you to restart the phone.

If you do not have a Root right, then you can buy Pro version Fast Reboot. It costs only 1.49 and it is not needed for it ROOT-right.

How to restart Android without a power button if it is turned off

Connect the smartphone to the power source using a charger. Thus, he must turn on automatically.

Restart Any Android Smartphone Without Power Button | Broken Power Button |NO ROOT

If nothing happens, you can connect a mobile device to a laptop or PC using a USB cable. Although this method works through time and not every smartphone, experts recommend using this particular method.

Press the volume button and the home button at the same time. In a couple of seconds, a menu will open in which you can choose a reboot of Android.

Reboot Android without a power button (when the screen is turned on)

The methods discussed above can be used to restart Android without a power button if your phone is turned off. However, if the phone is still turned on, then it can be easily rebooted without a power button. There are many ways to restart the phone without a power button if it is already turned on. We brought here several simple alternatives.

how to restart the phone without the power button/recovery mode without power button android

Turn on Android using Home or Camera buttons

If the screen of your phone does not respond or is in sleeping mode (but still turned on), then you can always try to restart it using several simple methods. The first thing to do is connect it to a charger. This can violate the current sleep mode and turn on the device yourself. If this did not help, call the device from someone else’s phone. This activates your device, after which you can eliminate the problem.

In addition, if your device has a “home” button (and not a sensor for the “home” button), then you can press it for a long time to wake the device. It can also be done by pressing the camera button for a long time.

Use applications to replace the power button

If your phone is still turned on, then you can use the help of various easily accessible applications to replace the power button. After that, you can easily restart the phone without a power button, replacing it with any other key (for example, volume or chamber key). Use the following applications and find out how to turn on the Android phone without a power button as soon as possible.

This application is freely available and can be loaded from the Play Store. With it, you can use the help of your phone sensors to determine when you pick it up. As soon as you pick it up, the application will automatically turn on your device. The overall sensitivity of the sensor of your phone will determine the effectiveness of the application. You can calibrate the application by visiting its settings, and gain access to many other options.

Power button. volume control button

If the power button of your phone does not respond to pressing, then this application is just perfect for you. It is also freely available and can be loaded from Play Store. As follows from the name, it simply replaces the action of the power button of your device for the volume button. You can use the volume button to download the device or turn on/off the screen. This will allow you to restart Android without a power button.

How to enable the Xiaomi smartphone if the power button does not work?

If the smartphone key has failed, believe me, this is not the biggest problem, since you can turn off the device using sensory keys, but you can turn it on can be turned on too! Not everyone just knows how to do it. In our example, there is one important feature of the sound adjustment key should be efficient.

Now to business. We have a turned off Xiaomi. If you connect it to charging, it will not turn on, but only begins to charge. This hack will help here: before connecting the smartphone to charging using a USB cable (you can also to a computer or laptop), click the sound increased key, then connect the smartphone to the charger. Do not let go of the sound enlargement key until the menu is uploaded. Choose English in it.

By the way, the smartphone can be turned off from charging.

Now just wait, because the Power button, responsible for confirming the action, does not work. A few minutes later, the smartphone is rebooted in normal mode. Remember that moving the recovery menu is carried out using mechanical keys in most cases.

Why you need to press the sound key, and not a decrease? Yes, because in this case the FASTBOOT menu will open.

How to restart the phone, even if the power button does not work (Samsung, Redmi, Honor, etc.)

Good day!

When various kinds of errors appear on the phone, its failures, freezes. one of the first recommendations. reboot. Everything would be nothing, but in the usual way it is far from always possible to do it. #x1f440;

over, the nature of the problem can be very different (from simple slowing down to a “extinct” screen. ), and depend on many factors: current applications, models of the device, its firmware, etc.

Of course, in this note (below) I will consider several alternative ways how to “force” the phone to go to the reboot.

I note that this “small instruction” will be universal and relevant for phones of different brands: Samsung, Redmi, Honor, etc.

Option 1

Not many people know that the power button not only allows you to call the service menu on Android (with the possibility of turning off or rebooting the device). but also send the phone to a forced reboot. T.e. The device will turn off and turn on again without any additional. questions and menu!

Of course, in order for this option to work-the power button must be kept at least 10-20 seconds. (in rare cases up to 40 sec.). over, you need to keep it even if you have a menu (as in my photo below #x1f447;).

Set the power button for 10-20 seconds. (Honor phone)

Option 2

On some devices, the first option (#x1f446;) may not work. In this case, you should try to clamp the power button simultaneously with the volume reduction button, and wait 20 seconds.!

Note! Also on a number of devices from Samsung, a combination can work: the VCL button. The button led away. volume.

Squeeze the v. Reducing the volume

Option 3

Please note that on certain phones firmware in the “General settings” menu (“Service of the device”). there is a special. Options for rebooting the device (#x1f447;). For example, you can install a timer and a phone without any “buttons” will turn off and turn on again.

Note: Of course, this method is relevant if your phone works somehow (and not “dead” hanging).

Automatic reboot / section “Reset” on Android / Samsung Galaxy / (Redmi)

Option 4

On some devices (for example, Sony), a separate “Reset” button is issued (sometimes it is labeled as “Power”).

If you press it once with a pin/pencil. the phone/tablet will go to the reboot (if you squeeze for. seconds. not only rebooting will occur, but also resetting).

Most often this button can be found next to the microUSB port, a slot for a SIM card.

Option 5

If your device has a removable battery. then, as an option, you can simply take it out for a few seconds to turn off the phone.

True, this is not quite a reboot, The device will simply turn off. And if you have a button on. does not work (from the word at all). then turn on the device may not work. #x1f440;

By the way, there is also a way out for phones with a non.removable battery: gently lift and raise the back cover.

Next, turn off the battery from the system board (for a while). Important: this method for an unprepared user is extremely dangerous, the phone can easily be killed completely!

Option 6

In Play Market you can find special. applications that allow you to restart the smartphone with one click on the screen. For example, you can recommend the following according to: Fast Reboot, Power Menu, Smart Menu, etc.

In general, all these applications are easy enough to find by driving the desired request to Play Market.

Note: For most of them, Root-right is required.

Play Market. search for an application for rebooting

By the way, a number of similar ones in the menu in English. language. Our current task requires a simple reboot (without resetting the parameters). usually it is a “Reboot” item (#x1f447;).

Option 7

Reloading the device can also be through the “Recovery” menu. True, this option for most users (I suppose) will not be useful in the framework of this note, To call “recovery”. the device needs to be turned off (the link just in case below).

#x1f449; To help!

How to open the Recovery menu for rebooting a smartphone. Instruction

Option 8

The most banal option (I thought whether it is worth it to include it in general?). just plant a battery. Having launched some kind of “voracious” game on the phone (or just leaving it without recharging for a while).