Restarting browser Yandex

Browsers based on chromiummomum differ rather stable work without failures and freezes. Yandex.The browser applies precisely to this number, however, as in any program errors happen.

As a result, the cherished inscription “The program does not respond” and the only way out of this situation is a complete restart of the program. Let’s deal with how to restart the Yandex browser, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

What to do if none of the ways to restore the browser helped

If none of the above methods eliminated the error when starting “Yandex.Browser, “then you need to contact Support. This can be done as follows:

Questionnaire for Support Support

Fill out the questionnaire and send to Support

Browser developed. gained wide popularity among users. This contributes to the fact that it has many such integrated services as “Yandex.Money “,” Yandex.Maps “,” Yandex.Taxi, and perfectly synchronized on all devices. If “Yandex.The browser does not start or stop downloading web pages, users are recommended to consistently apply to solve the problem all the ways specified in this article. One of them will definitely lead to the desired result.

Saving open tabs when restarting the browser

In addition to the knowledge of how to restart the browser, many users are interested in how to restore the last session not to lose important tabs. You can do this in several ways.

First, you need to change the browser parameters. To begin with, go to the “Basic Settings” menu. In the menu that opens, find the item “When you start opening”. With standard startup, the browser opens homepage. But the user can change it to “previously open tabs”. Thus, the accidental closure of the program will not lead to loss of tabs.

Also open the previous session, you can also with the CTRLSHIFTT key combination. During browser startup, pressing the data of the keys will lead to the opening of the last session. During further work with the browser, this key combination will open earlier tabs.

Each Internet user is necessarily resorting to the use of a web browser. It is he who allows you to go to various sites, that is, use Internet resources in full. Like any other application or program, the browser is periodically updated. This is done in order to eliminate some flaws that occur during operation.

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Of course, Google Chrome does not differ from their twin, from time to time and it overtakes updates. On how to update the Google Chrome browser, and it will be discussed further. And how to spend this operation in Internet Explorer, for example, told in this.

How to update the browser on the tablet?

Find a mobile device in the system. Open the “Settings” or “Main” section. Select “Check Updates”. Click “Download and Refresh” the principle is the same here as in Play Market on Android:

  • Click on Copp Start.
  • Go to the control panel.
  • Choose the “Install and Delete Programs” section.
  • In the list of programs find “Chrome”.
  • Allocate the program and click “Delete”.
  • After a few seconds, the browser will be completely removed from the computer.

Reinstall the Opera browser without data loss

Sometimes it happens that you need to reinstall the browser. This may be caused by problems in its work, or the inability to update with standard methods. In this case, a very important issue is the safety of user data. Let’s find out how to reinstall the opera without losing data.

Standard reinstall

The operator browser is good because the user data is not stored in the folder with the program, but in a separate PC user profile directory. Thus, even when removing the browser, user data does not disappear, and after reinstalling the program, all information is displayed in the browser, as before. But, under normal conditions, it is not necessary to even delete the old version of the program to reinstall the browser, and simply can be installed on top of it new.

We go to the official website of the Opera On the main page we are offered to install this web browser. Click on the button “Download Now”.

Then, the installation file is downloaded to the computer. After the download is completed, close the browser, and launch the file from the directory where it has been saved.

After starting the installation file, the window opens in which you want to click on the “Accept and Refresh” button.

The process of reinstallation begins, which will not take much time.

After reinstalling, the browser start in automatic mode. How can you make sure all user settings will be saved.

Reinstalling a browser with data deletion

But, sometimes problems with the work of the browser are forced not only before reinstalling to delete the program itself, but all user data relating to it. That is, fulfill full removal of the program. Of course, few people are pleased to lose bookmarks, passwords, history, express panel, and other data that is quite possible, the user collected a long time.

Therefore, quite reasonably, the most important data will be copied to the carrier, and then, after reinstalling the browser, return them to the place. Thus, you can also save the opera settings when reinstalling the Windows system as a whole. All basic data Opera is stored in profile. The address of the profile may differ, depending on the version of the operating system, and custom settings. To find out the address of the profile, go through the browser menu to the “About Program” section.

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On the page that opens, you can find the full path to the opera profile.

Using any file manager, go to the profile. Now we should decide which files must be saved. Of course, this every user decides for itself. Therefore, we call only the names and functions of the main files.

  • Bookmarks. bookmarks are stored here;
  • Cookies. Cookware Storage;
  • Favorites. This file is responsible for the contents of the express panel;
  • History. the file contains the history of visits to web pages;
  • Login Data. Here the SQL table contains logins and passwords to those sites, the data to which the user allowed to remember the browser.

It remains to simply select files whose data the user wants to save, copy them to a USB flash drive, or to another hard disk directory, make a complete removal of the Opera browser, and set it again, just as described above. After that, you can return the saved files to the directory where they were previously located.

As you can see, the standard reinstallation of the opera is quite simple, and during it, all user browser settings are saved. But, if you even need to reinstall the browser along with the profile, or reinstall the operating system, then it still exists the possibility of saving custom parameters by copying them.

We are glad that you could help you solve the problem.

How to restart the program on the computer

The easiest way to restart the program on the computer is to turn off and turn on. a restart will be restarted.

Only depending on the program there are options better. Turn off and enable perfectly suitable, for example, for Ultraiso.

If you need to restart Skype, then read it here, and if the browser is here

But restart the conductor in the usual way will not work. You will need to press three keys at the same time: Ctrlaltdel and click on the line: “Exit the system”.

Can be different. Click Start, Load the cursor as in the picture below, to the “Shutdown” option and click “Exit the System”. the conductor will reboot.

Much more difficult to restart the antivirus, for example avast. In this case, you will have to restart the computer completely.

How to reload the computer on the computer

In Windows 7, and more often Windows 8 the program may hang. So that you do not do, she does not react to anything.

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Reboot the computer completely in such cases is not necessary. there is a faster way.

To do this, press three keys at the same time: Ctrlshiftesc. Turn on Task Manager.

In it, select the desired program and downstairs press: “Remove the task”, as shown in the example of the Internet Explorer (picture above).

Next, just run the application again. it will be rebooted. Success.

What to do if the Yandex browser files are spoiled?

To do this, it is recommended to use a uninstallator program, for example, Revo Uninstaller, which is one of the most convenient solutions for this task. After starting the application, find the list of Yandex software in the list. Browser, highlight it, and then click on the “Delete” button.

  • If you want to restart the web browser, you will lose an open page with all tabs, but if you update, then everything will be saved.
  • You need to simply press the F5 key, sometimes you may need a combination with another one. CTRLF5.
  • In my case Internet Explorer.

Closing the program

All programs installed on a personal computer and displayed in the window can be closed by simply pressing the corresponding button in the upper right corner. Like another software, Yandex.Browser closes in the same way. After pressing the button in the form of a black cross on a red background, you need to start a browser again. After making a restart, the user will receive a newly working web browser.

Program restart methods

There are the following methods of restarting applications from Yandex:


To restart the browser with this method, follows: 1. In the upper right corner, click on the icon with a cross to close the program.

Through hot keys

In Windows, there is a set of keys, when you click on which a specific action is performed. For example, Alt F4 closes the current system application. You can restart the browser like this:

Through the console

Everyone knows how to call the task manager. Although sometimes it can not open. Then you have to call the command line and work with applications through it. To restart the browser through the kom string, follows:

In the window that opens, print the CMD command.

Register in the Console Taskkill / F / Im Browser.Exe, where / f forcibly completes the process, / IM is the process name indicator, and Browser.EXE. the name of the completed task.

Through the browser label to open the properties of the program.

Insert copied data to the command line.

Through DZ

Restart Yandex.Browser through DZ is carried out like this:

Click the Ctrl Alt Del key combination.

Click PKM to the task of Yandex.Browser.