Start key

Try restarting your laptop first using the Start button. This method is the safest: all programs will have time to prepare for the termination of work. Here’s what the step-by-step instructions on how to use it look like:

  • If the mouse is working, click on the “Start” icon. You can also press the Win button on your keyboard.
  • In the menu that appears, at the bottom of it is the “Shutdown” item. Reach it with the keyboard arrows and highlight.
  • Press Enter, and then using the same arrows, select “Shutdown” or “Restart”.

How to restart a laptop using the keyboard

In cases of unexpected hardware or software failure, it may be necessary to restart the operating system. The touchpad may not work on a laptop, the mouse pointer may not move. All that remains is to use the keyboard. With its help, you can turn off or restart the device. How to restart a laptop with the keys?

The most drastic restart method is to hold down the laptop’s power button. But this is already an extreme measure, they resort to it only if all other safer actions have not led to anything.

The steps to take depend on the nature of the problem, whether there is a response to mouse movement or the device is frozen. In addition, the key combinations for restarting the system may depend on the operating system. The main thing is, try to use one of the safe methods described below, and only if they fail, go to radical.

Reboot features in Windows 8

In the Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems, another restart action option has been added. If you have such an OS, you can simultaneously hold down the combination of the Win and C keys. The right side panel will appear, in which you need to get to the “Parameters” item. After pressing Enter, all possible shutdown options will pop up. Select reboot and press Enter again.

Universal combination

There is one key combination that is constant for any version of Windows: Alt F4. It can also be used to turn off the laptop. If you press these two buttons on the keyboard at the same time, a pop-up window will appear on the screen, which contains options for shutting down. The desired item can be selected with arrows, in case the mouse pointer does not respond.

Task Manager

Here’s another way to shut down your laptop with no mouse cursor response and no touchpad touchpad action. You need to do the following:

restart, lenovo, laptop, using
  • Use the keyboard shortcut CtrlAltDel, which must be held down simultaneously. In this case, a special window with a menu may appear, in which you can change the user or open the task manager.
  • If you have an operating system Windows Vista or Windows 7, in this window, select “Completion Options” using the arrows at the bottom right. A list will open where you need to highlight “Restart”, and then press the Enter button.

What keys to restart the laptop if it freezes?

This can also happen for various reasons. The most common is the operation of a game or some other program. The laptop just stops responding to commands.

If the mouse and touchpad cannot be used due to the system freezing, you need to use one of the emergency reboot methods. Let’s list them:

  • Try CtrlAltDelete, and if a new window opens, select Restart at the bottom right using the keyboard arrows. You can also call the “Task Manager” here and remove the task that does not respond.
  • Try to open a command prompt using a combination of Win and R. In the field, enter the command: shutdown / r. Then use Enter.
  • Finally, if none of the methods helps, it remains to hold down the power button to perform a forced shutdown. Remember that this is not the correct way to shut down. Only use it as a last resort.

How to restart your computer through the task manager

If the previous method did not suit you, then you can use the capabilities of the task manager, which can be useful in many cases. System freezes are no exception. To restart, follow these steps:

  • Press the Ctrl Alt Del key combination at the same time. A menu will appear, which is used to change the user, but you can also use it to go to the task manager.
  • Use the arrows on the keyboard to scroll to the desired item and confirm the operation with the Enter key. If the keyboard does not work in this menu, then the task manager can be accessed by an alternative key combination Ctrl Alt Del. This does not require any additional action. The Task Manager window will open immediately.
  • Next, press Tab once and use Space (space is the longest key) to expand the window to full-size mode.
  • If you have Windows 7 installed, then use the arrows to also scroll to the “Shutdown Options” item and in the list that opens, select “Restart”, and then press Enter.

Laptop stuck: how to restart using command line

You can do almost anything with the command line. Including restart the system.

  • Press the Win R key combination. A small field will open in which you need to enter the cmd.exe command. The dot at the end is unnecessary. If you put it, it will give an error.
  • In the window that appears, enter the shutdown / r command and press Enter. The OS will reboot.

How to restart a laptop through the “Start” key

This is the easiest way, since it does not require running the built-in utilities, which, during the incorrect operation of the operating system, can additionally load the hard disk and the processor. And if the laptop is very old, then saving component resources is very important. Therefore, it is worth starting with this method.

  • Press the Win key on your keyboard. Located between Alt and Ctrl in the lower left corner. If the keyboard is gaming, then this key can be moved to another place. This is done so that during the gameplay, you do not accidentally press it and minimize all running applications.
  • Use the arrows on the keyboard to scroll through the entire list of installed programs and get to the shutdown icon, which is at the very bottom. Depending on the operating system, this icon may be in a different column in the menu that opens. If the mouse or touchpad does not work, then press the Tab key (located on the left side of the keyboard between Shift and CapsLock) in order to switch to the adjacent column. It may take a few Tab presses to get to the desired column. It all depends on how your Start Menu is configured.
  • Once the “Shutdown” item is selected, press the Enter key and select one of the offered options: reboot, shutdown, hibernation.

How to restart a laptop using the keyboard

System stuck and mouse or touchpad not responding? We tell you about the simplest hotkey combinations for safely restarting a laptop.

Computer freezing is a common problem that any user sooner or later faces. It happens that the OS slows down a lot due to a weak processor that cannot cope with a high load. But most often, system freezes are associated with a critical error that prevents Windows from functioning normally. However, very often the mouse or touchpad does not respond. In order not to resort to an emergency reboot, hot keys were invented. Depending on which combination you use, a specific system utility will be opened. There are several such utilities. With their help, using only the keyboard, you can safely reboot the device. Today we are going to show you how to restart your laptop using the keyboard. However, all these methods are suitable for stationary systems.

Laptop freezes: how to restart with ALTF4 keys

The last keyboard shortcut on our list that allows you to restart your computer without using a mouse. Works in all versions of Microsoft operating systems. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Press Alt F4 at the same time. You will see a small menu offering several shutdown options: shutdown, reboot, hibernation.
  • Select the desired option and confirm the action with the Enter key.

How to restart a Windows 8 laptop

In Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems, reboot is performed by a special restart command. Press the Win C keyboard shortcut and you will see a sidebar that contains Options. Traditionally, you need to select it using the arrows and confirm the selection with the Enter key. Next, you will see a familiar menu with several options. Here similarly select reboot and press Enter.

How to force restart a laptop if it freezes

Restarting the device in some non-critical cases corrects the situation. The easiest way to force shutdown of the OS is to hold down the power button, which on a laptop is located above the keyboard block in the left or right corner. Sometimes it can be located on the side, next to the drive or various ports. On a stationary machine, the power button is located on the system unit. Depending on the manufacturer, it can also be located in different places: on top, on the front panel, on the side, and so on. It should be noted that this method is completely universal and is suitable for all laptop models, be it Asus, Lenovo, Acer, HP or any other.

However, it is worth resorting to such a radical method only as a last resort, when the operating system is completely frozen and does not show any signs of life. Keep in mind that many data opened in programs may not be saved, so it is better to try less categorical methods, if this is, of course, possible.

How to restart a laptop using a shortcut

It’s best not to wait for a problem to catch you off guard, but to prepare for it ahead of time. In any version of Windows, you can create shortcuts that, when launched, will execute specific commands. There is also a command to reboot. Thus, you can perform a reboot simply by running a previously prepared shortcut. For this:

Standard reboot

First, you need to make sure that the laptop is frozen, and you will not be able to reboot it in the standard way. A standard reboot is done via the Start menu or the Charms bar if you have Windows 8.

How to reset Lenovo from your keyboard

restart, lenovo, laptop, using
  • Open the start menu.
  • Click on the arrow next to the “Shutdown” button and select “Restart“.
  • Move the cursor in the right corner from top to bottom to bring up the Charms bar.
  • Click on “Options”.
  • Click Shutdown and select restart in the pop-up window.

If the laptop does not respond to mouse or touchpad input, it is most likely frozen. However, there is another option: you may have accidentally turned off the touchpad by pressing a combination of buttons on the keyboard (for example, FnF7 on an Asus laptop). If the touchpad is not working or the laptop is really frozen, try restarting it using the keyboard.

  • Press the Windows icon key.
  • If the Start menu opens, use the arrows to navigate to the Shut Down button and press Enter.

If the laptop is not responding, then it is indeed frozen. Wait a bit, the computer may start working on its own again. If it continues to hang, try other ways to reboot the system.

Rebooting the laptop using the keyboard

Minor laptop glitches are often resolved by rebooting. But what if it freezes and the usual methods of restarting the system do not work, or the touchpad does not respond to your requests? You can try to reboot using the keyboard. The main thing is to know which buttons to press to restart the laptop.

Other ways to restart

You can call the “Shutdown” window not only through the “Start” menu. If you press AltF4, the active windows will be closed first, and then a list of options for shutting down Windows will appear. You need to use the arrows to highlight the “Restart” item and press Enter. The laptop will restart if, of course, it still responds to requests from the keyboard, and does not hang completely.

Another shortcut to help reboot your laptop if it is malfunctioning is CtrlAltDelete. If you press these buttons at the same time, a blue screen appears with available options for further behavior of the laptop. What can you do here:

  • Locking the computer is not suitable, it is already frozen.
  • Change user. may help if there is another account with administrator rights.
  • Logging out is an effective way, it helps to fix small mistakes in work.
  • Change the password and start the task manager. in this case, almost meaningless options, although through the manager you can see which process has loaded the laptop so that it freezes.

If you want to restart your system from a blue screen, use the arrows or Tab key to highlight the shutdown button in the bottom corner. You can simply turn off the laptop and then turn it back on. If you don’t want to, highlight the arrow next to the shutdown button: there is an option “Restart” in the drop-down menu.

If the keyboard works, you can restart the system through the command line. It is easy to do this:

How to Restart Computer using Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 10. GuruAid

  • Press WinR to bring up the Run menu.
  • Type “cmd” and hit enter to open command prompt.
  • Write the command “shutdown / r” in the interpreter window and press Enter.

How to Restart Computer with Keyboard in Windows 10

Perhaps there are other ways to restart the system from the keyboard, but if the listed methods do not help you, then there is no point in using other keyboard shortcuts.

Emergency shutdown

If the laptop freezes and cannot restart the system using the keyboard, you can perform an emergency shutdown. It can be done in two ways: by long pressing the power button or by completely disconnecting the laptop from all power sources. Both methods should be used only as a last resort, when other methods have been tried and found to be inappropriate for solving the problem.

To perform an emergency restart, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds. You should hold it until the laptop screen turns off and its coolers stop making noise.

restart, lenovo, laptop, using

When you are satisfied that the laptop is shut down, press the power button again to turn it on (single press, as usual, you do not need to hold anything). Restarting by holding the power button for a long time is implemented at the hardware level, so even if the laptop is frozen tightly, in this way you will be able to turn it off.

Another emergency shutdown method is to remove power from the laptop. To do this, it is necessary to disconnect it from the mains and pull out the battery (turn the cover down and move the latches). After removing the battery, the laptop will turn off. To turn it on, replace the battery and press the power button. If restarting does not fix the problems with the computer, you need to look for a specific reason for the freeze or contact a service center.