other methods

In fact, the above methods are official options from Apple that will help return the tablet to normal performance if it does not turn off, freezes or slows down a lot. But to troubleshoot problems, you can use a few more recommendations.

Owners of a gadget with Jailbreak installed can install the Activator program on their device, in which you can configure control of a tablet or smartphone using gestures. For example, if the button does not work, but you will not be able to go to the service in the near future, you can come up with a gesture that will bring up the shutdown menu. It is important to come up with such a gesture so that it is not accidentally activated.

The official Apple website offers an option for those situations when the device has turned off, but does not turn on, but freezes in the process. The procedure was updated with the release of new smartphones, but for all versions of the tablet (iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Mini and others) it remains the same. On the device, hold down the “Home” button and the power button and at the same time insert the cable connected to the PC. In this case, the recovery mode will turn on, and through iTunes you can turn on the gadget again, having previously restored it.

Among the fairly simple and tricky procedures that allow you to reboot the gadget, but provided that the sensor continues to work. changing the font, resetting the network settings. Both of these actions ask the user to restart the device, it is enough to agree, and the gadget will turn on and off itself.

Another option that will take time but still help restart iPad 4 and other versions is to wait until the battery runs out. It is recommended to resort to this method in a situation when the device does not respond to touches, and it is impossible to turn it off with physical buttons. It remains only to wait until it is completely discharged and then connect the device to the power supply.

All ways to restart iPad

When working on mobile devices, it happens that they freeze. This can even happen with Apple’s technology, despite the fact that their iOS operating system is considered the most stable among the existing ones. Interestingly, many do not know how the iPad reboots, or rather, how it can be started. There are several ways. standard and more stringent ones that will help if the device does not respond to the actions provided by the manufacturer.

Standard reboot

A standard restart for Apple means that you just need to turn off and then turn on the gadget. The method helps in cases where the device freezes, but at the same time reacts to user actions. To restart the iPad, just hold down the power button and wait until the screen dims and the shutdown slider appears on it. In some situations, the transition to this item already eliminates minor problems, so before rebooting, you should try to return to the menu and check if the problem is gone. If not, then you need to completely turn off the iPad and, if it gets hot, wait until the case cools down and turn it on again.

As practice shows, in most situations with iPad freezing, the user is to blame. Simple recommendations for those who do not want to face the problem of freezing. periodically turn off the device, do not run a large number of applications and turn them off when not needed. And, most importantly, you shouldn’t install dubious applications, especially in “hacker” ways from incomprehensible sources.

Force reboot

Many users wonder how to restart iPad if it is completely unresponsive. In such a situation, you will have to force restart the iPad. To do this, simultaneously hold down the power supply and the “home” button. After a few seconds, the device will turn off, all that remains is to restart it by standard pressing the “power” button.

It is important to understand that forced loading should not be used often, and you can resort to it only as a last resort, if the sensor does not work due to a failure, and it is impossible to turn off the gadget in the usual way. The fact is that a standard shutdown pre-terminates all processes, saves all information and unloads memory. If a hard reset is applied to the iPad, then the device simply turns off without any preliminary preparations. All this affects memory, it can fail over time, in addition, there is a high probability of losing unsaved information. It will simply be erased from RAM and not written to the main drive. Assistive touch

What if the tablet freezes and its buttons stop working? In this case, you can use another reboot mode. Assistive Touch. This method performs the same action as during a standard reboot. it unloads memory, saves data and brings the device into a state of normal operation.

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Important! It should be understood that if the buttons stopped working not because of a system failure, but because of a physical breakdown, then there is no particular point in such a reboot. The buttons will not work, and without them it is not very convenient to use the gadget, here you need a trip to the service center.

However, you can restart your iPad using Assistive Touch as follows.

  • In the settings, go to the “basic” item and activate “universal access”.
  • A system key will appear, you must press it.
  • In the window that appears, go to the “device” tab.
  • Select “Screen Lock” and click on it until the usual slider for turning off the device appears.

restart, ipad

restart, ipad

You can turn off the iPad in this way only if it freezes, but still reacts to actions, albeit slowly.

Why iPad freezes

Any device freezes primarily due to memory load. The processor cannot cope with the volume of incoming information, and there is not enough space in the RAM to store the data that the chipset needs at the moment. This is often associated with a large number of running applications, especially when the owner uses several of them at the same time, forgetting to close the software at the end of the work.

Sometimes, the reason that the iPad freezes can be a system crash or a poor-quality update. The latter rarely happens with Apple technology, since most often the developers carefully check the operability of the firmware before sending it to the “masses”. However, even the apple brand has glitches. The biggest of them is a crooked update on iPad 2. Then many users were faced with a poor-quality operation of the operating system.

Another point that can cause a crash is the installation of the application. Despite the fact that only high-quality applications get into the AppStore, it happens that they can cause problems. If the device freezes after installing the application, you should remove it and check if the device works better after that. It is worth rebooting the iPad in a situation when it freezes, works slowly, does not launch applications, heats up.

IPad (mini, Air, Pro) glitches, freezes or slows down what to do?

What to do if: iPad crashes, iPad slows down and iPad freezes? We’ve put together 11 tips to fix these issues.!

If your iPad model is older (for example, iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, or iPad mini 1, iPad mini 2), then your tablet will slow down over time. The main factor why the iPad starts to slow down is the wear and tear of the internal storage on which the operating system is located.

In order for your device to work like new, you need to change the internal memory card, but before that, try to solve the problem with the following methods.

Dark screen with “apple”

There are several reasons why the iPad is frozen on an apple. In particular, the likely options are:

  • Crashes while updating the OS version
  • Incorrect installation of one or more applications
  • Ingress of foreign particles into the device (moisture, dust, etc.)
  • Software malfunctions of a recently installed iOS version.

The bad news for the user is that most malfunctions are due to the following reason.

What is iPad Force Restart

Despite the name, a forced reboot is also not scary, after it all saved data will remain intact, you can only lose unsaved.

To force restart iPad, follow these steps:

  • Hold the power off and Home button at the same time;
  • Withstand 10 seconds without releasing;
  • After that, remove your fingers and wait for the OS to reboot.

A forced restart will work if the tablet PC is frozen and the touchpad is unresponsive. In order not to lose important data after such a reboot, you should play it safe and periodically save the necessary information in the backup storage. This will especially save in case of serious damage to the software.

Use standard Apple apps

Over time, some third-party apps are not updated and slow down the device. So uninstall or update your old app.

How To Reset & Restore your Apple iPad Pro 3rd Gen. Factory Reset

If your device starts to lag, it’s best to use standard apps from Apple developers.

Apple iPad Standard Restart

Unlike a computer, the iPad does not have a reset button, which means that you cannot reboot the system with one click. For a normal reboot, so that the tablet organizes its work, you must turn it off, and then turn it back on manually. To do this, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until the screen turns off. This will sweep to the right, agreeing to be disabled. After this simple procedure, press and hold the same button again for a couple of seconds. The OS will boot itself with renewed vigor.

From errors in the operating system caused by a malfunction or unnecessary commands, a standard reboot of the tablet will help. But if the errors are more serious, this method will not help. It happens that the buttons simply do not respond and the usual reboot is not possible.

There is also a forced reboot, which is more crude than the standard one. They resort to it if it is not possible to perform the first method.

Why does the device freeze with a white or black screen

Often, the problem of a white or black screen occurs immediately after flashing an iPad. A system error occurs due to a crash while uploading iOS files. First you need to reboot. If it does not help to fix the problem, then you will need to restore the tablet to the state of a recent backup using iTunes and DFU mode.

Another common cause is a short circuit. Moisture trapped inside the device closes the contacts, and impulses are not transmitted correctly. The device must be dried and then cleaned the contacts on the printed circuit board.

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This should be done without using hair dryers, batteries and any other things with increased heat. It is enough to put the tablet in a package of rice, which will absorb excess moisture. After that, it is advisable to open the case and make sure that the contacts are not oxidized. Only then can you turn it on again. Obviously, before fixing the error, you need to forcibly turn off the gadget.

If restarting does not solve the problem, and when you turn on the tablet still shows a black or white screen, you need to check it for integrity. During a fall or strong shaking, the display parts could be damaged, move off the cable, in the worst case, the motherboard could crack. In this case, a white glow appears, or the backlight disappears altogether. The only way out is to replace the broken part.

Reasons and solutions

The very explanation of why the iPad freezes can be different for each user. Although in general it can be described as a lack of response to keystrokes and an attempt to wake up the device from sleep mode. Several cases fall into this category at once:

  • There is no response to user actions (pressing keys or touching the sensor screen)
  • Missing the required transition to the Home screen
  • Long delay in sleep mode
  • Unable to turn off the device, etc.

The ways to solve the problem will be extremely different from each other: it all depends on why the iPad is frozen.

What to do if iPad freezes?

The first step in fixing the problem is “iPad stuck: what to do, won’t turn off?” is to reboot the tablet. For this:

  • Press the “Power” and “Home” button at the same time.
  • After 8-10 seconds, under normal circumstances, a reboot should occur and a dark screen with an apple will appear.

It should be noted that this does not result in the loss of data stored on the tablet. The only thing is that programs open at the time of the crash may suffer.

Hard reboot

This reboot option is fine if the iPad isn’t responding to any of the commands. Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time. You need to wait 10 seconds. After that, the device should turn off. To turn it on, just hold down the Power button. and the iPad will work in the proper mode.

Using a hard reboot does not have to be permanent. Do not use this method for any application problem. Otherwise, you will only harm the file system of the device.

How to Restart iPad. Ways and Tips

It happens that iPad freezes while working with some applications. This can happen when many applications are open at once (which is a heavy load on the RAM). Especially if you quickly switch and collapse them with your fingers.

In many cases, users have no idea how to restart iPad. It also happens that the switched off tablet does not turn on by standard pressing the Power button. We suggest considering the main methods of rebooting, as well as some alternative options when a system restore is required.

IOS standard reboot

The standard iPad restart method comes in handy when the system crash is minor. To do this, you just need to hold down the Power button and hold it for a few seconds. Then the screen will darken, a slider will appear at the top with the words “Close”. You just have to swipe.

In some situations, holding Power and moving to such a window is enough for the iPad to “come to its senses.” In this case, there is a “Close” button. Press it first. If the problem is solved, there is no need to turn off the tablet.

After turning off the iPad, wait for the RAM to clear, the screen turns off completely. If it gets hot from use, wait a little. Then turn on the tablet while holding the same on / off button on top of the case.

iPad Pro: How to Force a Restart (Forced Restart)

Reboot with iPad Recovery

If your iPad freezes how to reboot, you do not know and it has many hints of poor performance, you can try to completely restore the tablet. After this procedure, there will be two options:

  • You will restore the iPad version from the saved backup;
  • You will use your tablet from scratch like new.

To do this, turn off the gadget in an acceptable way (see above). After that:

  • We connect the iPad to your computer. You don’t need to turn on your tablet.
  • Open iTunes (the version of the program must be fresh).
  • Press the Home button on the tablet and hold it.
  • Follow iTunes directions, click “Restore iPad”.
  • We wait until the recovery is complete, then choose the option to use the iPad.

The listed methods will help you quickly restart your iPad. Recovering a tablet is recommended in cases where it has a lot of unnecessary applications and their cache. It happens that the memory is occupied by unknown data. Even by removing programs and all files manually, it is not possible to recover the required amount of free space. Recovery solves all problems.

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Factory Reset Locked iPad with Synchronized iTunes

This requires your iPad to be synced with iTunes earlier so that it doesn’t ask for a password again when restoring. Please follow the instructions below.

Launch iTunes and connect iPad to computer with digital cable.

Click on your iPad’s icon, then go to “Output”.

Click on “iPad Recovery” “Recovery”. iTunes will erase your iPad and install the latest iOS software. When you’re done, your password will be removed at the same time.

Back up iPad before resetting it

Backing up iPad is never too late to prevent accidental deletion and other occurrences. Compared to iTunes or iCloud backup methods, iPad backup with Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup Restore is the best choice for one-click backups.

You can browse and select files to back up to iPad without data loss. Most importantly, the new backup file will not overwrite the old one. Alternatively, you can make an encrypted backup to protect your privacy.

As a result, if you need to back up iPad before resetting iPad to factory settings, you shouldn’t skip iOS Data Backup Restore.

use recovery mode to reset iPad without password

You can also reset iPad without password by putting iPad into recovery mode if you’ve never synced iPad with iTunes before.

Connect your locked iPad to your computer via USB cable, then launch iTunes.

When connected, force restart iPad by pressing and holding the Home button and the Sleep / Wake button at the same time until the Connect to iTunes screen appears.

Then iTunes will automatically recognize it and display the following prompt. Just click the “Restore” button to reboot your device.

When it’s complete, your data will be erased and your iPad will be accessible again without a password. You can set up and use your iPad.

Use UkeySoft Unlocker to Reset Locked iPad without Password

Launch UkeySoft Unlocker

Click on the installation package above to download and install the UkeySoft Unlocker program on your Mac. You immediately receive the screenshot below and select “Unlock Screen Password” to start the reset process.

On the next page, you will learn under what circumstances you can use it to unlock the password screen. Press “Next”.

Put iPhone into Recovery Mode

When your iPad is completely unresponsive, follow these steps to put your iOS device into recovery mode. Different device models have different methods, please read them carefully.

If your device is successfully detected, it will provide the latest firmware package normally. You can click “Download”. Or click “Copy Link” to download the firmware package through your browser. Then click “Select” to find your downloaded package. The program will then start downloading the firmware package of your choice, which may take a while, please be patient.

Reset iPad without password

When the process is complete, tap “Start Unlock” and then double-confirm to start unlocking your iPad. UkeySoft Unlocker software will unlock your screen and reset your iPad without password. When it’s over, you should be able to access your iPad without any problems.

Key Features of iPad Backup Tool Before Reset

  • One click to backup data from iPad to Windows / Mac
  • Preview iPad data after backup or before restoring
  • Selective restore from iPad from backup to computer
  • Backup & Restore iPad without Data Loss
  • Compatible with all iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad models

Way 2: Reset Locked iPad without Password via Find My Phone

You may not know that when you forget your password, you can use Find My iPhone to erase data on your iOS device, including the locked screen. Make sure Find My iPhone is turned on, you can reset locked iPad without passcode.

Sign in to your iCloud account at www.iCloud.com Click Find iPhone Select the iPad you want to erase.

Click on “Erase iPad” to completely reset the device and remove its password, after which you may need to log in again.

Note. This method will only work if your iPad is online.

iPad Pro. HOW TO RESTART & SHUT DOWN (11 & 12.9-inch)

How to demolish iPad to factory settings?

  • Choose your language:

[Summary]: If you don’t know how to reset iPad if forgot password, please check this guide to find 4 ways to reset locked iPad Pro / Air / Mini without password.

“How stupid I am, I forgot my password and now my iPad is locked. How to reset locked iPad without password? “

If you also face the same situation as above and want to reset iPad without using a password, you will get help from this article. In general, you need to restart your iPad if you encounter the following:

You need to delete all existing data on iPad before selling or giving away You get a used iPad, but it is locked and you don’t know the password. You forgot your password. Your iPad is disabled or unresponsive, then you need to reset it to factory settings.

Do you want to perform a factory reset to fix some software problems on iPad.

Setting a password on iPad is one of the best ways to protect your privacy. However, this can sometimes be tricky because if you haven’t used your password for a while, you might forget it. Locking iPhone can be caused by entering the wrong password multiple times. If your iPad is locked and you don’t know the correct password, don’t worry, read on and find four effective ways to factory reset iPad without a password.