You should sync your devices using the Mi Fit app. Download from the AppStore and Google Play. After registration, go to: Profile My Devices Add device.

Mi Band 4 does not sync with your phone, endlessly searching for the bracelet and gives an error: Failed to detect the bracelet. Make sure the device wristband is charged and is close to your phone?

Why does the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 not connect to iPhone or Android for a long time? Here’s what needs to be done:

  • The bracelet needs to be 100% charged.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • It needs to work WI-FI or mobile Internet.
  • Enable Geo-location.
  • Allow access to geo-positioning of the phone in the phone settings.
  • The bracelet should be as close as possible to the smartphone.

If all the conditions are met, the bracelet should connect in seconds!

Reset the Mi Band 4 from the bracelet

To return the Mi Band 4 to its original state we will have to touch its screen and then slide to the section and tap this. Now we go back to find Settings” where we are going to enter and finally click on “Reset to factory settings”. You will then ask us to confirm this action as a security method.

Once we do this, the bracelet will restart deleting all store data and at the end we will be able to connect the Mi Band 4 to our mobile or new mobile device, having as soon as possible available battery saving options in our bracelet.

Resetting through the Mi Band 4 menu

The easiest way to reset through the settings menu of the bracelet itself.

To do this, you need to activate the screen and among the available menu items select

reset, xiaomi, band, bracelet

After that, scroll to the bottom and go to Settings.

There you will find the Reset Settings item and click on it.

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The system will warn you that after resetting the bracelet you need to reconnect it in the Mi Fit app.

Click on the red checkmark at the top of the screen and wait for a complete reset.

After the Mi Band 4 is reset to factory settings, the screen will display Pair first, which implies that you can connect the bracelet to a new mobile device. In this case, neither the time nor the steps covered such a bracelet will not count.

How to reset the Xiaomi Mi band 4 bracelet

It is known that for the full functionality of the fitness bracelet it is necessary to synchronize it with your smartphone, but periodically there is a need to disable it to sell or reconnect to another mobile device. How to unlink Mi Band 4 from the phone and put it on standby for a new phone?

Open Mi Fit app, in the Profile tab select the name of the bracelet and at the very bottom of the menu click Disconnect.

After that, in the window that opens, we repeatedly click the Disconnect button and confirm our intentions by clicking on the eponymous button.

If the bracelet was within range of your smartphone’s Bluetooh module and synchronized with it at the time of disconnection, the Mi Fit app will lose information about the bracelet, and the Mi Band 4 will display Pair first, which means that the device is disconnected from your smartphone and needs to be connected to a new (or the same) smartphone.

If at the time of unlinking the Mi Band 4 was out of range of your smartphone and was not synchronized with it, then the bracelet everything will remain in working order, but you can no longer synchronize it with the phone.

To reconnect or tether to a different smartphone, you will need to do a reset via the smartwatch’s settings menu. Read more about this in the article:

After resetting the bracelet will go to Pair first mode and wait for a new connection.

(3 goal., 5,00)

How to reset Xiaomi Mi band 4 bracelet

Nothing is perfect, including the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, which although it is one of the most popular of its kind, is not without flaws. For example, after getting out of the car after a long trip, you can find that the number of steps is unrealistically high, because during the movement of the bracelet mistakenly counts steps in the car, taking into account all the potholes and bumps, and this significantly affects the statistics making it unreliable. How to reset the steps on the Mi Band 4 and reset the value of the pedometer for the current day?

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The advantage of the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 before its predecessors is that this action can be performed directly from the device without having to run the application Mi Fit.

Call the application menu and go to the Advanced category.

After that, scroll to the bottom and click on Settings.

All that’s left is to click on the Reset button and confirm your intentions by clicking on the red checkmark at the top of the screen.

After that, the system will reboot and the value of the pedometer will reset to zero, but all other parameters will remain unchanged.

(13 goal., 4,92)

How to reset any Xiaomi Mi Band. Factory restoration

One of the most popular gadgets. Is Xiaomi activity tracker, We Band. And we are faced with a Smart bracelet, developed by an Asian brand for sports activities, which offers us at a very low price information about the steps taken, sleep quality and many other functions.

However, it is likely that at some point we will need to reset our Mi Band 4 back to factory settings, which we can do very differently than how we can restore our cell phone when it suffers a bug. By restoring the factory data on our wearable, we don’t compromise. our progress. because this data is stored on a remote server, protected by our account, which we will need to enter in order to use the sports bracelet again.

Although we must keep in mind that we may lose a few days of training or sleep, but it will be possible if the app has not been able to successfully retrieve this data. There are two ways to restore Mi Band 4, 5, 6 data First. is a quick and easy way with a color touch screen, which it includes, or we can choose a second alternative, in which we will need our mobile.

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Как сбросить настройки до заводских на Mi Band 4

Activate the menu on the fitness bracelet and select “”, then press “System”, then “Reset” and press the check mark to confirm.

You can also reset the fitness bracelet using the Huawei Health mobile app. The fitness bracelet must be connected to your phone when doing this.To reset, start the app, press the “Me” button, select HONOR Band 5, scroll down, select “Restore factory settings” and press “confirm”.

After the updates, many users have encountered this problem: The Mi Band 4 does not sync with the phone. And it gives out the following inscription:

What to do? First you should try to do this:

  • Rebooting the phone;
  • Disconnecting the device from Bluetooth (Forget this device function);
  • removing and installing the Mi Fit app from the AppStore or Google Play;
  • Allowing notifications and access to the phone’s geolocation;
  • Disabling and enabling geolocation on the samrtphone.

To reset your Xiaomi bracelet, you can use the “Mi Band Diagnostic” app. It’s compatible with the entire line of Xiaomi Mi wearable devices, including the Mi Band 2.

reset, xiaomi, band, bracelet

Mi Band Diagnostic” app is not available on Play Market and App Store. Therefore, to install it, you need to download it.APK file. (use a search on Yandex or Google).

  • Open the app and wait for it to detect the bracelet;
  • Click on the name “Xiaomi Mi Band (2, 3 or 4 depending on your model);
  • Select the “Restore factory settings” option;
  • Confirm the action by tapping on the notification that appears on the tracker screen.

After that, the Xiaomi Mi Band reset to the factory settings will start.